Future of Work Playlist

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting clips on platform labor, reputation scores, human capital finance, and coding the Web3 global smart contract layer. I just finished pulling together a twenty-clip playlist, which can be reviewed on my back up channel here.

I also created an interactive interface using Kumu.io software – below. Click on any dot, and a sidebar will open with the corresponding link. About half of the clips are under two minutes. The longest is ten minutes.

Later tonight I’m planning to do a watch party where I walk through them and talk about my concerns for a future digital economy where life is lived on the blockchain ledger and your “bosses” are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. For me it’s less about crypto and more about tokenized “governance.” Remember when you see “govern” think steering and cybernetics. I’ll be aiming for 8:30pm EST if you want to join it. It will be on my main youtube channel.

Thoughts and observations welcome. Feature image pulled from Intitute for the Future’s Blockchain Lab map 2017-2027 here.

PS: Another blockchain short story from 2018: “Unchained, A Story of Love, Loss, and Blockchain” by Hannu Rajaniemi in MIT Technology Review.

One thought on “Future of Work Playlist

  1. Tantramarshire says:

    Just watching the video you did called “Boiling Frogs Read Aloud – Videos on Digital Reputations and the Future of Work” – you are simply amazing! I remember 11/11/11 when Foster Gamble launched his “Thrive” movement on Facebook and I had left a comment about SEG Magnetics.. John R.R. Searl’s work and my comment was removed and I was blocked.. since then I have kept an eye on the millionaire Foster Gamble and his communitarian movement [ Proctor & Gamble ] – as you know its always about controlling the narrative for these people and steering us into their pens as I had questioned much about the Thrive movement back then as I do now with all these online movements. SEGmagnetics.com was something I became aware of when I lived in Halifax through Jason Verbelli who I think I found through the Zeitgeist Movement.. Jason had his youtube and facebook removed last year for some odd reason — he is on Instagram and worth following.

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