Halftime Super Bowl Analysis – Collective Intelligence, Stigmergy, and Pheromones

This week I created a map featuring Jim Rutt’s “Game B.” It included links related to transmedia storytelling and laid out the interests behind the creation of the Game B Initiation animated short. Then, in collaboration with Stephers, I expanded the map to include Rihanna’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl as an example of immersive steganography, encoded story. We both saw the production, staged in Phoenix, as a showcase for a theme of rebirth, human life fusing with emerging technology. The goal of of this union is to manifest a eusocial, dynamic, complex, but steerable, human computing system. The ultimate purpose to which such a system would be put remains unclear to me.


This is the map. Click here to explore interactive version. Click on a circle and a sidebar should open up. If that doesn’t happen, look for the three grey dots located midway down the left margin. The sidebar has links, images, and clips related to each dot.

Interactive Map Link: https://embed.kumu.io/963c6131d99a5d4bd083e12c6f10981c#untitled-map?s=bm9kZS13NzV0UUUyQg%3D%3D

This is the discussion of Game B and transmedia storytelling.