Flow Life – Adam Neumann and Marc Andreessen on Smart Housing and the Singularity

Last night we streamed the first in a six-part video series examining the business model of We Work (data analytics) and how Adam Neumann’s new venture in the rental “experience” market is likely to intersect with a16z’s Web3 investment strategy. Future installments will feature discussions with Leo Saraceno, Lynn Davenport, Cliff Gomes, and Brandi Hartley. We’ll be exploring how “sustainable” pay for success finance in affordable and workforce housing will advance social computing within the context of Neumann’s vision of a capitalist kibbutz. I’ve created an extensive slide deck with links that you can view here. I plan to run part two with Leo Saraceno next weekend. Be advised that tropes like the 15-minute city are meant to keep people at the surface. “Flow Life” will be a deep dive into the structural aspects of the system with a focus on data, finance, and complex emergent systems. Stay tuned. There’s much more to come.

Slide Deck

Source Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EoorV600wnPpuZqshHpzK7Xf-1lCGV922OVu0PT-tG0/edit?usp=sharing

7 thoughts on “Flow Life – Adam Neumann and Marc Andreessen on Smart Housing and the Singularity

  1. Freecus says:

    “a16z”, that’s an interesting way to create a metadata tag for any number of Metaverse agents, groups or archetypes.
    (a)ndreessenhorowit(z) contains the 16 letters between the first & last of the complete string entry.

  2. Tom says:

    I abhor anything or any concept with the word “smart” leading the way. This always means control and snooping.

  3. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Those Babcock Ranch ‘smart’ homes reminded me of a movie Vivarium (2019) –
    A very depressing movie packed with symbolism – https://collider.com/vivarium-explained-lorcan-finnegan/.

    Actually now that I think of it, all such smart environments should be called vivariums.
    After a particular cuckoo (domestic AI system) has sucked up all of its host’s lifetime experiences, it is filed away and replaced by a newer iteration. Of course … going in … hosts have to be of a just the right kind (the life unexamined), quite-quite lost, dreamy and lacking spirit in the first place.

  4. kocotube01 začasni says:

    I found this read by Ben Goertzel, Matt Iklé, Alexey Potapov, Denis Ponomaryov:
    “Artificial General Intelligence: 15th International Conference, AGI 2022, Seattle, WA, USA, August 19–22, 2022”. Latest overview of what ‘they’ are up to.

    Direct link to pdf:

    They’ve been organizing these conferences from St. Peterburg, Shenzen, Melbourne, New York, Berlin, Quebec city, Oxford to … Seattle.

    Ted Goetzel, Ben’s father, was mentioned by Alison in connection with his ‘conspiracy theory’ research. I found this WP site – Overdue Revolutions – which aims to offer some statistically substantiated insights into conspiracy theories: https://overduerevolutions.wordpress.com/2023/03/05/the-factor-structure-of-conspiracist-beliefs/

    🙂 https://overduerevolutions.wordpress.com/2023/03/05/conspiracy-survey-discussion-my-answers/
    🙂 https://overduerevolutions.files.wordpress.com/2023/03/the-factor-structure-of-conspiracist-beliefs.pdf
    🙂 https://overduerevolutions.files.wordpress.com/2023/03/supplemental-materials-the-factor-structure-of-conspiracist-beliefs.pdf

    Landscape and conspiracists’ swarming is made a little more predictable.

  5. TWIN-punk says:

    Trumpy announced his new campaign schemes (e.g. bribes for votes): BUILD 10 NEW “FREEDOM” CITIES , “BABY BONUSES”, “BEAUTIFICATION” & MORE — Forbes, Mar 3, 2023

  6. kocotube01 začasni says:

    When browsing through Dawn*** DAOist sponsors – https://www.thedaoist.co/sponsor – my attention was roused by the name The Medici Collective. The Medici Collective is brainchild of JamFactory which is an Australian** elite families ‘thing’, but I was surprised to find our boy, Adam NEO-man, there mingling and scheming in 2021 with these top southern families – see a still image in the first few seconds of this video*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkzWlG9PynU .

    From the JamFactory’s site claiming to be part of a New Renaissance we get this:
    “The Medici Collective are educated investors who are part of a growing culture of giving. Their influence as a contemporary collective directly supports emerging creative talent by providing residency opportunities, mentorship from leading designers and craftspeople and career and business development.”
    [Re-birthing old ideas anew.]

    Here is a pdf that somewhat illuminates how are such ‘residency opportunities’ pooled together:


    ““You can’t be a customer forever”… ensure your support will continue beyond your lifetime and consider leaving a legacy.
    Through their vision, influence and support of the humanities, the Medici family played a major role in the renaissance – but it is their influence and legacy that is still felt today. If one family can influence culture over 500 years of lineage, so can a new generation long into the future.
    Making a bequest to JamFactory is a visionary way to influence and support a new renaissance of skill, innovation and creative entrepreneurship beyond your lifetime.”.
    [Creative entrepreneurship? What might that be, … I wonder? … Oh, of course, .. it’s plain old money laundering scheme. Legacy beyond one’s lifetime.]

    It is obviously a small and well connected circle (walled enclosure) when it comes to these influential global families. They coordinate, act, think and scheme globally and then spread and promote their globally tested ideas locally, using influence of their (mirage) status on unsuspecting people.

    “The Medici Business Circle is based on the idea of collective corporate philanthropy, JamFactory sees an opportunity to grow a network of visionary business and industry leaders with global reach, who want to support creative entrepreneurship and enterprise.
    We invite you to join a collective of influencers, visionaries and leaders of change who want to invest in possibilities.”.
    [Possibilities? To invest in possibilities? What might that be? Hmm … oh, yes, gambling by betting on the outcome of people’s ‘career and business development’.]

    * It is hard to tell from that still image in the video if that is actually our Adam (Neo Man) in Adelaide in 2021, doing a new/old type of business (this time as an investor?) while circling the world. The only indication I could find that he might be connected to Adelaide (Medici inner circle) collective is the following paragraph from the article by The Edge Markets (https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/tech-weworks-bad-boy-adam-neumanns-second-act): “Creating a portfolio of high-end shared workspaces in key cities globally is different from sticking a label across apartment blocks around the world. True, hospitality giants such as Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons have high-end branded apartments in a couple of dozen cities. But that’s different from putting your logo on second-tier apartment blocks in Fort Lauderdale and Nashville or, for that matter, Shenzen, Adelaide, Johor Baru or Calcutta.”. [Adelaide gives him up … and that blue-ish shirt, but I might be wrong.]
    ** “On Adelaide … Nowhere else can you do this. It is a Renaissance city. It’s just like the old walled cities, where all the wonderful advances were made in society.”.
    *** Incidentally, the fifth and the last opening for DAWN Ambassadorship has been lately filled by Q.org. (https://q.org/) who brought to the table their Q Protocol: “The Q Protocol is based on three pillars: The constitution lays down the rules of the system; the system’s architecture – both on-chain and off-chain – ensures that these rules can actually be enforced; and a dispute resolution mechanism is in place to resolve conflicts if and when they occur (and they always do).”. [Constitution, ey? Would like to read it, but it is intentionally made hard for an end-looser like me to do that on the Q site.]

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