Flow Life Part 3 – Health, Re-Skilling and Refuge in Dallas with Lynn Davenport

Last night I streamed the third installment in our “Flow Life” series examining themes related to the new collaborative venture of Adam Neumann (WeWork) and Marc Andreessen (a16z). I was joined by Lynn Davenport, a close friend and diligent advocate for children, who is based in Dallas. In this episode we discuss issues of education privatization (including pre-k debt), affordable housing, and the planned role for faith institutions in administering the Web3 global behavioral experiment. This is a link to the slide deck. Part 3 starts at slide number 128.

Yesterday I was working on basting a quilt, listening to a talk that Jason shared with me a few weeks ago by Augustin Carstens of the Bank of International Settlements on plans to create a unified ledger system – a “heart” to pump the blood of innovative programmable money around the world. I’m pasting in a short clip below.

The BIS is hosting an innovation summit next week, March 21 and 22 starting at 8am Eastern Time. Registration is free. I just listed myself as an independent researcher, and it seemed to go through. I’d encourage as many people as possible to watch. I’m thinking it would be useful to do a debrief. If any of you out there want to watch, at least some of it, and talk about it later, shoot me an email to timpsila@protonmail.com. Check out the agenda here. Second on deck after Agustin Carstens is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Much of Leo’s research into regenerative finance and biodiversity seems to lead back to the Netherlands. The same goes for my investigations into complexity theory and emergence.

Watch the full one-hour talk here.

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  1. Amy Harlib says:

    UGH! That gross obese pig Agustin Carstens from BIS – a quintessential technocrat globalist predator psychopath megalomaniac control freak, should be one of the first criminals along with his buddies Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Yuval Noah Harari to be tried and jailed for life. Such a repulsive specimen who wants to enslave everybody can go fuck off and disappear off the face of the earth!

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