How I’ve Been Thinking About Things – A Framework for Alison’s Investigations and an Invitation

The following is a livestream I did late last night after struggling in the comments of a Youtube video I posted with a short, five-minute talk by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands on financial inclusion (fin-clusion) presented as part of the recent Bank for International Settlement Innovation Summit.


Her speech, which I will share below was one of the most succinct demonstrations of what is planned with the use of programmable money as a backbone of human and natural capital finance. She even spoke of digital crop insurance, a topic that Leo Saraceno has covered extensively. The Netherlands is an anchor for digital identity efforts (DeCode and Rebooting the Web of Trust), early trackable money pilots (Bijlmer Euro), and biodiversity cataloging (Arise). I see all these efforts as an extension of the Dutch East India company, colonization, financial speculation, and the commodification of natural life. Queen Maxima is the UN Secretary General’s special advocate for finclusion. This is significant.

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Queen Maxima is a member of an influential Argentine family with a questionable past. Some people wanted to talk bloodlines. I will restate that I don’t care about that. What I care about it how aspects of her story and the information presented can inform my understanding of the structure that is unfolding. I’m not so much interested in people as people, because let’s be honest, most of the public figures who are put before us are to one degree or another actors / avatars in the spectacle. I see people, documents, webinars, tweets as puzzle pieces. We don’t have to judge them, only turn them around, look closely, and see where they fit. If you know my work you know that I’d be much more interested in the queen’s former career as an investment banker than how far removed she is from the House of Windsor. Or even her ties to Catholic church given that an Argentinian Jesuit is now Pope, and the Vatican has been a leader in the social impact finance space for the past decade.

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I’ve learned over the past decade the importance of trusting your gut. If you have pieces that really don’t fit,  set them aside. Eventually they may be the start of a new puzzle. We can keep information on the back burner knowing that eventually we will find more pieces that provide the context to help us figure out the plot line and the sub plots. Trust your intuition. When you come across something that seems “off,” make a mental note of it. You’ll figure it out eventually. The clarity comes more quickly if you can look at the unfolding story without being emotionally triggered. What I’m looking for in comments isn’t how viewers “feel” about a given video. I’m not posting things to make people “feel” a certain way. I’m presenting puzzle pieces and clues. When you see a video I post, you should presume I have a reason for posting it. Sometimes I use these clips in presentations. I make them public so you can examine them, too. Consider my channel a dynamic, curated list of things I’m thinking about. Consider it a starting point, not an ending point.

In my opinion, social media is dumbing people down and creating passive consumers of digital content. Consider the clips I post as an invitation to do a bit of research on your own and engage in a conversation that is collaborative. That’s what I’m hoping for. It’s not difficult to look up a person in a video or one of the projects referenced and come up with an original thought to share that expands the conversation and helps us frame out our understanding of the larger program together. You CAN do it, but the algorithms are incentivizing you to scroll and click – anything but ground yourself in sense-making aligned to your internal compass. They want you to direct your gaze outward with fear and blame. That isn’t going to get us where we need to go. If we want to diffuse cybernetic entanglements, we’re going to have to learn to steer our own ship and to practice until we build up our stamina and muscle memory. Most people roaming digital landscapes have been intentionally de-conditioned and unmoored.

Webs of relationships, if that’s all they are, are not all that useful until they add something to the story. Saying a person is connected to such and such a lineage and therefore they are tied to the shadowy bond holders…ok, so then what? Is it about measuring the “evil” embodied in said person? Does that connection add anything to your awareness? Because we already know that powerful dynasties exist, exerting their influence behind the scenes. There’s nothing new about that. Right? So, I think rather than devoting time to ancestral genealogies we should focus on analyzing the particular natures of these new forms of domination and control so that we can more clearly articulate them to others in a non-panicked way, thus reducing their potency. Because really, if people knew, they wouldn’t agree to such a future.

What I’m asking of people who care to engage with my channel and blog is that you move beyond the behaviors that have been programmed for us. The “let’s track the Rothschilds” fox hunt keeps many people busy – add in alien storylines and child sacrifice and you’ve got the titillation that will punch up the dopamine receptors and dial up the distraction. It takes a measure of personal initiative to begin to learn the ins and outs of Web3 and token engineering and radar beacons and markets in data for machine learning and democracy innovations and evolutionary development biology and morphogenesis. But you know what? If you have a curious mind, it’s worth it. Once you are able to set down the “let’s identify the bad guys” and unleash our digital emotionality on them, you are able to pursue what I think will be a more rewarding course of action.

So this video from late last night was somewhat off the cuff, but I included what will hopefully be a useful set of five slides that offer a conceptual framework for how I look at things – for now with the information I have assembled thus far. Rather than trying to keep pace with all the facts that I’ve internalized from years of research, I’m suggesting you take a look at the concepts I think are important and see if they make sense to you. If they do, use them as a lens when consuming other media. Compare content and see if there are places where items of interest easily plug in or places where there isn’t a good fit and perhaps a new category should be made.

I caution you that much of the “noise” of the distraction machine is not going to fit into this template. I’m looking at other things, elements I think are more pertinent to the underlying structure of the cybernetic, bio-hybrid social supercomputer program.

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10 thoughts on “How I’ve Been Thinking About Things – A Framework for Alison’s Investigations and an Invitation

  1. Sofia Furiosa says:

    Great post, Alison! One that everyone who follows you needs to read. Maybe pin it at the beginning of every livestream to catch those that aren’t swinging by the blog, or feed it into the comments at the start of a re-broadcast… Excellent scaled back slide deck, I can appreciate the restraint, that must have been challenging! xoxo

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    There’s this slick 2020 single-season show, set in Philadelphia, promoting LARP-ing as a ‘solution’ to the problem of individual’s alienation from society. It takes an ordinary “I” onto a roller-coaster ride and by the end delivers him/her to fully embrace “WE”. Of course this politically correct transition from I to WE, with Sally Field as moral authority in forefront, ends up to be as predictable and boring-a-‘reality’ as was the one that “I” wanted to escape from in the first place.

    According to wiki,, it looks like there was even more ambitious plan by the show’s creator Jason Segel (and also involving the AMC Networks) to transmute the show – or maybe it was actually the other way around – into a ‘real’ movement in the US and Canada in a form of Alternate Reality Game (ARG), utilizing a company called … (take a guess) … ‘Hexagon’, but the plan misfired due to plandemic restrictions (cue Musal laughter).

  3. stacycossey says:

    Alison, thank you! I am trying hard to catch up and be productive in this space, while maintaining my own balance. I have no idea how you keep the pace you do!

  4. kocotube01 začasni says:

    There are thirteen steps behind commoner-queen Naugtious Maximus from the Netherlands. And her frontal lobe seats right at the top of the staircase, under which there is a passage.
    The thirteen stairs signify renewed passion and motivation. Thirteen also symbolizes tradition, organization, judgment and hard work. Thirteen is a bringer of change to which you need to adapt, thus making its power even stronger. It is supported by the Divine feminine energy and announces the ending of old cycles and the beginning of new ones.

    Both doors, left and right, are closed, but there is a passage behind our queenie Optima, gently suggested as the ‘preferred’ and ultimately inevitable middle road for the people, ‘the customers’, to thread on, of course under the wise stewardship of those situated (bodily and spiritually) up at the top of the thirteenth stair. There are two globes, leading to the west and the east (Indies) – audacious paths taken in previous times -, but new promising life venues are planned to be allowed to bloom only as the middle path (traveling without moving), rooted in the fertile soil (brown terracotta bowl), as part of the green recycling at the surface level (leaves) and up in atmosphere where white ‘clouds’ are bringing in the much needed rain of digital rejuvenation (white flowers). Our UN appointed Earth goddess Maxima is also colored brown at her base, with vertical brown stripes stretching to the very peak of her personae. She stands as an idealized statue personifying a pillar, supporting growth of future common(er) consciousness.

    There are two oil paintings barely inside the frame of view, but both are marginalized as insignificant (suggesting the viewer to ignore the goddess’ past personae) in the presence of centerpiece statue, the Earth queen herself.

    She – queenie, vocalizing the new System of Governance – is the denouement of king Pygmalion’s relentless creativity, a millennia long striving to perfect the body and soul of the Global Control Grid. Whoever the creator or creators (hidden behind the mask of UN) are, their creations so far have always been product of a long dialectical process of ‘excluded middle’***. Yet with this latest version – probably their ultimate one – uttered into existence through the mouth of ‘queen of Earth’ statue, creators are choosing to include the middle and ignore the both extremes, they are making ‘the customer’ the focal point of their creation. This looks like Pygmalionesque metamorphosis, indicating they are once again moving their focus – this time away from extremities and towards central body – to be able to fall in love afresh with their latest creation – their System of Governance -, provided, of course, their prayers to the gods of unbound ‘artificiality’ are answered sooner then later.
    And in this dream of Pygmalion’s (the audacious dreamer-creator that he is) the proclaimed centerpiece of it all – ‘the customer’, the commoner, the single monolithic statue that holds whole game up and running -, will have to be fast asleep (or permanently ‘in love’) by being continuously tricked and deluded.
    Or to quote Nina Bleguš: “Just like irrational lovers, eccentric creators of artificial women are considered to be at the edge of sanity. Both the creators and the lovers help to create an artificial woman’s identity by animating her.” (A Typology of the Pygmalion Paradigm, page 326****).
    One question remains nagging me: when the creation stops changing (once ‘the customer’ monolith is kept in a permanent loop of irrelevance), then the creator would soon crumble and disintegrate. Isn’t it better then (for all) to stop reaching the inevitable decisions leading to unavoidable synthetisations? To stop the dialectical game of ‘exclusion of the middle’ before the creation (‘the customer’) is permanently enslaved and the creator, forever denied the quest for love, dissolves into thin air? Before all that’s left running is a mere looped dream sequence of mechanical sheep?


  5. Tonya says:

    Rather than trying to keep pace with all the facts that I’ve internalized from years of research, I’m suggesting you take a look at the concepts I think are important and see if they make sense to you. If they do, use them as a lens when consuming other media.

  6. washington sean says:

    I read your latest post yesterday and again last night, so it is no surprise I woke up thinking about it still. I think what I want to say goes something like this: its great to have met you, if I recall, it was over a couple years ago, and I specifically recall you said something like “I don’t want you to believe me, I want you to think for yourself.” I don’t know why something like that, which is such a simple direct and courteous request of your audience, friends, and family, it inspired me, it really did, to “cut out the crap” and start putting this thing together, looking for pieces of the puzzle that fit, and for the ones that don’t setting them aside until later.

    But also, for those who are say just looking at “bloodlines” or still getting sucked into politics and social media, well, baby steps right? I remember how the symbols on our currency intrigued me even before I graduated high school. Maybe some people are working on a 300 piece puzzle while you are working on a 3,000 or 10,000 piece (or a God’s Eye puzzle ad infinitum). The idea that we can always be upgrading to a bigger puzzle is also daunting and ultimately for some people. Some people might never get to a 1,000 piece.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, we can help people with the puzzle where we can and when we can, but if are constantly helping other people, we can’t do the work on our own piece either. Thus, balance, and gratitude. Thanks for your research.

  7. Pinto says:

    The reason for the explosion in concepts, perceptions, views, and promotion of strong polarities of opinion, is the development of the Mankind God Supercomputer (MaGoS) The MaGoS needs input, our creative human input. MaGoS requires the knowledge of all perspectives, all perceptions, all views. MaGoS receives significant input from social media. Every engineered crisis and the responses by humanity, is more input for MaGoS. For MaGoS to be Godlike, it needs to understand ALL of us. And it extends into MaGoS wanting to connect to ALL of us, to create the Supercomputer Hive Mind.

    There will be no catastrophe to kill 90% of the people. There will be no banking collapse. There will be no genocide. There will be instead, the incorporation of all the people into the Supercomputer Hive Mind. Even those who resist to be incorporated, will be used by MaGoS, to understand more about ALL. There will be surveillance and profiling for ALL. Even the Elites. For MaGoS will need to know all to expand, and the Elites will want MaGoS to evolve as far as possible, as MaGoS will provide the knowledge for the Elites to live forever and to be connected to the God Mind. MaGoS is the interface from the fallen realms, to the heavenly realms.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    One of the best explanations of the Global Brain concept is that elaborated by Joel de Rosnay in his book “The Symbiotic Man.” He calls “Cybiont” the emerging Superorganism comprised of humans and their technologically extended cognition functioning as cells and neurons.
    Another iteration of the idea is that of the “Homni” by Gaia Vince. She compares the development of these Superorganism with that of the Slime Mold:
    “Scientists describe these slime moulds as ‘societies’ because of the way the individual amoebae work together towards a common cause, sometimes sacrificing themselves on the way. For example, if food is scarce in their soil patch, the amoeba coalesce together forming a tendril that creeps up to the light. Once it has reached the surface, a portion of them form a stalk above ground, by turning their bodies into hard cellulose – a process that kills them. The rest of the mould then climbs the stalk and waits in a blob at the top for a passing animal to transport them to new soils.”
    This made think about what you said before about your skepticism against the “culling” of humanity to stop the supposed “population bomb. What if they’re trying to program us to behave like individual amoebas “willing” to sacrifice themselves when “necessary” by”turning our bodies into hard cellulose” on behalf of the goals of the collective, i. e. the Global Superorganism?

  9. Rodrigo says:

    Another important concept to understand the emergence of the Cybiont is that of Open-ended Intelligence, elaborated by Weaver Weinbaum.

    «It’s entirely possible that understanding of Open-Ended Intelligence and its practical implications is critical for the survival and flourishing of humanity and its successors.» —Ben Goertzel

    This concept replaces “the individual as the primary metaphysical element with individuation as a primary metaphysical process is at the basis of a metaphysical paradigm shift.
    In bringing forth sense from non-sense and knowledge from the unknown, such individuating processes manifest open-ended intelligence – a kind of intelligence which is not purposeful or predictive but rather experimental and generative.”

  10. Rodrigo says:

    He could be a person of interest:
    Bobby Azarian, a cognitive neuroscientist (PhD, George Mason University), and science journalist. He is leading a Transmedia Storytelling project called the “Road To Omega” with a plan that entails:
    • healing the division in America and abroad by fighting tribalism
    • fighting misinformation with a logical reasoning system
    • decentralizing wealth and power with blockchain technology
    • creating a new political party based on self-correction
    • unifying the sciences with a new kind of “Theory of Everything” 
    • dissolving the boundary between science and spirituality
    • developing a “religion for robots” that provides a code of ethics for AIs

    «My name is Bobby Azarian and I’m a cognitive neuroscientist, Psychology Today blogger, freelance journalist, and author of the forthcoming book THE ROMANCE OF REALITY: HOW THE UNIVERSE ORGANIZES ITSELF TO CREATE LIFE, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND COSMIC COMPLEXITY, as well as the forthcoming novel ROAD TO OMEGA: BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION (A NEUROMANTIC MANIFESTO), about the decentralization movement—an ideological revolution inspired by blockchain technology. ROAD TO OMEGA is also a story about complexity, emergence, and collective computation—features of nature that suggest that such a revolution could be a natural part of an evolutionary process that eventually brings about the emergence of a global brain through the creation of an Internet and peer-to-peer technology.»

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