Pharma-Banking Consultant Andrew Pek Landed in the Executive Suite of Children’s Health Defense this February – What Happened?

Last night I did a stream outlining the work history of Andrew Pek, a long-time corporate consultant specializing in design thinking whose client base centered high-profile multinational pharmaceutical and financial firms. Pek was selected to become Chief Operating Officer for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) in February of 2023 according to an email sent out to supporters on April 6, 2023. Two months later Pek was not yet featured anywhere on the CHD website, and his LinkedIn profile had not been updated with his new employment status.

At the end of the stream a person commented in the chat that Pek was no longer with the organization. This came as a shock, since Michael Kane had just interviewed him last Friday, April 28 for Good Morning CHD TV. That short interview, which confirms Pek’s former position at Pfizer, is on Spotify, but not on the CHD TV page. Update: As of this morning, the interview has been removed from Spotify. Fortunately I recorded a key minutes of the audio, which you can listen to here.


Before putting together this presentation, I attempted repeatedly to confirm that the former Pfizer executive and pharmaceutical consultant was indeed the same man who had been hired to join the executive team at CHD. I got an initial reply last Thursday, that someone would check with Andrew and get back to me. I’d asked if he’d come to the organization from DxD Partners. No one ever replied to my follow-up texts.

If Pek is no longer with CHD, that would be an abrupt turn of events, since Kane had only done his “welcome our new COO” interview on Friday (interesting timing). In any event, I feel this information still has value, because it speaks to how the organization is being run. Note that the hire was made in February before Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mary Holland went on leave to run the campaign. Surely they were aware of his employment background. What led them to choose Pek above other candidates, if there were other candidates, is not known. If Pek is no longer an employee it’s worth asking what led to this unexpected change of heart? Robert F. Kennedy is now running for president of the United States. I think this episode speaks to his management approach and that of his executive staff.

I mean no ill will towards Mr. Pek. He seems like an accomplished consultant who clearly enjoys the work of flying around the world to rub elbows with c-suite executives, guiding them in unlocking their creative potential to expand the growth of their companies and generate handsome profits. Unfortunately, many of these firms are deeply embedded in the structure of Web3 human capital finance and precision medicine. This is the same structure that seeks to weave natural life into a gamified web of digital extended reality. Thus, as capable as he may be as a “consultant’s consultant” it is hard to imagine Pek was the best fit to steer CHD during a time of transition. Unless, perhaps his hire speaks to issues I continue to raise about social impact finance, “personalized” medicine (vaccinomics), innovative revenue streams for repurposed drugs, and managed wellness protocols related to chronic illness. 

Last night someone in the comments replied in response to another comment noting how hard it was to find information on Mr. Pek and CHD, “…I hope when you Google him and CHD nothing comes up. That would be the best case scenario.” To which I replied, “Maybe the best case scenario is that we all better understand how CHD operates.” I’m sure people are busy scrubbing Mr. Pek out of the picture as we speak. The question is what led them to make that hire in the first place?

I’m pulling out a select group of screen shots that should pique your interest in watching the 1.25 hour long presentation. You can explore the material I presented by clicking your way through this diagram. Simply choose a circle, and a sidebar will open up with pertinent screen shots and links. 


Explore the resources gathered here.

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Scroll to April 28 – That episode has been deleted.


Source Link: The interview wasn’t posted on CHD TV.


Source Link – Interview Deleted’


This is the link to the April 28 interview by Michael Kane of CHD COO Andre Pek. It went dead on the night of May 3, 2023 after last night’s stream.

My text to confirm employment history of Mr. Pek. The interview happened within 24 hour of my inquiry.


26 thoughts on “Pharma-Banking Consultant Andrew Pek Landed in the Executive Suite of Children’s Health Defense this February – What Happened?

  1. kocotube01 začasni says:

    I’m missing recent RFKjr hilarious video on YT channel in which he ‘promises to eradicate chronic disease’ by the time we reach the Moon. Not because of his rhetorical proves, but for the link that was int the comments section about pay-for success program dealing with allergies in homes, founded by certain PRISMA children’s hospital.
    I didn’t know that PRISMA is an acronym for ‘Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses’.
    I.m watching the Pharma-Banking consultant video and just there is RFKjr video at 44:45 minute.
    Wow, that is good:Munchausen syndrome wellness economy.

    • kocotube01 začasni says:

      I found that link i was looking for in the kumu map:

      Thoughts about D X D
      The logo reminds me of IX-X-XI (also known as 9-X-11):
      The X marks the spot, point of no return, at which we are located right now (time and space) when/where one phase is morphing into another.
      DXD partners promise us:
      “No more organizational breakdowns. Only breakthroughs.”.
      That human silhouette is completely stretched, as in being dismembered in all (possible quartering) directions, and the head is detached and ’empty’, human_1.0’s head has already been ‘broken’ down.
      The first D = for the continuous Disruption in the past 500 years of human_1.0 breakdowns and …
      the second D = for the pioneering Design of the future 500 years of human_2.0 broken through emergence.

      This Disruptive X Design logo suggests that the Disruptive Design Method by Dr. Leyla Acaroglu – – is being applied:

      The Disruptive Design Method is an approach to understandings, evolving and solving complex problems. It employs systems thinking, sustainability, cognitive and behavioral sciences along with ideation and design thinking to create activated approaches for making a positive impact on the planet.
      Developed by the Disrupt Design founder, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, the applied method involves three key phases: Mining, Landscaping and Building. Combined, these are used as approaches for inquiry, discovery, and development, in addressing complex real-world problems. The method is based off a more in-depth 12-part methodology of several change-making, creative and science disciplines.”.

      Dr. Acaroglu is also ‘unshooling’ the disruptive design:

      Experiential learning programs and brain-activating online classes supporting a global community of creative changemakers who are helping to disrupt the status quo for a sustainable and regenerative future.
      We only work with pioneers willing to positively disruptive[?] the status quo to active change, and we give away 20% of all our content for free.
      We created the unschool of disruptive design to help design a future that works better for all of us.

      Well as long as this disruptive design works for all of them, the pioneer class, … then it is all OK.
      And as long as they are sharing 20% of their profit (sorry, content) … it is also a OK.
      As long as their active pioneering allows them to maintain their status in a sustainable and regenerative manner … then it is OK.
      I just wonder what will this pioneering class do when their creation begins making changes to their newly created status quo and ‘unschools’ them out of the picture.

      Just a thought. Or two.

  2. Randall Bettencourt says:

    I’m really not sure why RFK, Jr. is in the crosshairs here, but allow me to say that I’ve watched closely this man over time do some remarkably courageous work. He is an honest man with a Lion’s Heart. Over the last 15 years the man has been terribly maligned by the corporate media, but he has carried himself with great dignity.

    The powers-that-be murdered his father, his Uncle, and their close compatriot, MLK, Jr.. Those were the political assassinations of the 60’s – a Coup by the Deep State and, undoubtedly the period we are still struggling through.

    Interestingly, the Cybernetic God, or, call it what you will, figures prominently for the dark forces arrayed against us within this period of history.

    All this is to say, that the above force (whatever it is) is hydra-headed. RFK, Jr. may, or may not have, pondered some of the deeper long term consequences of Cybernetics, but he does know how to fight the good fight against other tentacles of the beast.

    Indeed, RFK, Jr. could, if allowed, become one of the greatest Statesmen of our time.

    Sadly, though it is not likely they will let him live/win the presidency, but that never was/is the point: the real point is always the Hero’s Journey in each us. Leave this good man to make his destined pilgrimage and we, our’s.

    I will campaign for him. For whatever the faults of he, or any of us, RFK, Jr. can provide Truth and Hope to folks in a broken and demoralized land. To carry on, we as humans desperately need this as we need light and air.

    • David Elliot says:

      I still admire RFK Jr. He has shown a lot of character during his life, Won’t condemn him for what
      I see here as a pretty poor organizational misstep. At a minimum, the optics are poor, to say the
      least. Why am I not surprised that the current admin will not debate. The ‘referee’ would have to
      step in and end the fight before Bobby completely destroyed the guy. In any case, it’s good to
      see the ‘minority report’ aired during a campaign, however fixed that is in reality. Can’t even rule
      out voting for the challenger. After all, elections are really about voting for the least awful
      candidate oftentimes. Unfortunately, I am left with now having to completely rethink what I
      thought I knew about Bobby. I am beginning to think there are perhaps a goodly few ‘posers’
      lurking among the ‘loyal opposition’ (health freedom movement). Is he one? I never would
      have seriously entertained that question until quite recently.

      • wrenchinthegears says:

        The system have given the “resistance” the “hero” they imagine they want, only he’s a Rockefeller-Foundation funded impact investor with his hand in militarized emerging tech like ocean drones and personalized jabs. They sure do know how to push people’s buttons don’t they? Can’t blame him for the fact that so many want to believe, believe so hard that they choose to set aside all of their cognitive dissonance and cling to a narrative that a Kennedy had come again to “save” them. Alas, that doesn’t make my analysis incorrect – only very uncomfortable for most health freeDOM people.

        • Rodrigo says:

          If I was a “resistance” True Believer the one thing that would give me the most cognitive dissonance is this: how is possible for a man to receive a salary from the very “Dark Forces” that killed killed his own father.

          People are so easily dragged into the fog of collective illusions.

          • blue579 says:

            Rodrigo, I had the same thoughts. On a parallel note, I learned a few years after Gaddafi’s brutal death British newspapers were reporting his son Saif developed a close personal relationship with the Rothschilds, often visiting them at their homes. Looking into Saif’s history, noticed he earned a PhD from the London School of Economics, known to be elite ideological NWO globalism training ground (As an aside, coincidentally, JFK enrolled there but became ill explained in an article titled “LSE’s almost alumnus”, and his brother attended). Saif’s thesis was titled “The role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions: from ‘soft power’ to collective decision-making?”. He had been named one of WEF’s Young Global Leaders and invited to Davos by Schwab. Seems like there’s a strong grooming aspect to political leaders with many “sleepers” ready to be tapped and sometimes volatile contrasting energies encouraged to manifest on the political stage, accepted and viewed as the black and white squares in Masonic symbolism.

            RFK Jr’s father also seems to have had close elite connections to Hollywood that reflected a similar sharp contrast of bright popularity and extreme darkness. A very different level of thinking, perhaps, that accepts certain forms of darkness as tools.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      They know how to use mythos to pull the levers of the psyche. Your are the kind target the system has been hoping for all along. This spectacle will run its course. I only offer information – lots of it. Each of us chooses our path. If you respect my research on impact finance and Web3, you will see the many problems. I can’t make anyone see what I see. We are living in very different stories.

    • kocotube01 začasni says:

      “O where ha’ you been, Lord Randal, my son? And where ha you been, my handsome young man?”
      “I hae been at the greenwood; mother, mak my bed soon, For I’m wearied wi’ huntin, and fain wad lie down.”

      Shell I begin with “our pilgrimage”? Why not, it is as good a place to start as any. Lets get to know the pilgrims first. Are ‘us’ and ‘we’ journeying in the footsteps of our post-modern wanna-beekeeper hero because he is the prophesized Hero in the making, or are ‘us/we’ the Mayflower Pilgrims following the latest incarnation of their purest Father?
      Or maybe both?

      “OUR” CAVE
      ‘Our’ cave needs fresh air because the light is dimming and shadows are loosing their sharp edges. Without sharpness at the edges ‘we’ loose our focus, ‘we’ loose ‘our’ purpose and scripted chaos permeates ‘our’ cosmos in the cave. Without light Hero is lost and with him all of ‘us’. Fresh air for more light, so that “our” pure Hero can perform his acts of battling the darkest shadows on the wall. And more air for ‘our’ fire so that ‘we’ can see them shadows clearer and may forewarn Him of ‘their’ malevolent shadowy presence, so that Hero can fight ‘them’ shadows harder, for ‘us’, more light so that ‘we’ could find again ‘our’ common purpose, heal ‘ourselves’ of aimlessness and raise our fallen ‘land’. Let the light in action reinvigorate ‘us’ with hopium and the fresh air oxygenate ‘our’ spirits with Hero’s moving Holy ‘Truth’, but let the light be not too bright, lest the Whole truth projects throughout ‘our’ cave and brings real Chaos and ‘we’ are forced to leave the cave.

      But besides ‘us’ and ‘we’ there are also ‘they’ in ‘our’ cave, those translucent shadowy ‘them’, who impress on ‘our’ subconscious and express through ‘our’ dreams and nightmares, who have ‘their’ job cut out for ‘our’ Hero. Hero’s story is destined to transition from mythos into eternal ritual and ‘they’ provide all the help needed. ‘They’ are the ones who are there poised to burn ‘our’ mythical Warrior Hero on the pyre so that He could finally rise as an eternal god, rise again and again in stories told to ‘our’ children at times ‘we’ embark on ‘our’ pilgrimages of salvation. ‘Their’ part in this saga projected by the light onto the walls of the cave is to play Hero’s counterpart, as enablers of ‘our’ Hero, shadowy enablers who help with transitioning from playing the role of cave Warrior into the role of a Sovereign, another shadowy silhouette on the wall, when, and only if, ‘our’ cave-collective’s silent unexamined desires and unconscious prayers come through and Hero’s destiny is focused into morbid fulfillment. While ‘our’ Hero posthumously transitions into ritualized eternal role of Sovereignty of the gods, in death finally equal to ‘them’ who regained long forgotten function, the role which yet again invigorates ‘their’ Fertility. Shadowy ‘they’ leaving their primary Sovereign role, and holding for a while the temporary warrior character, have as well transitioned into the role of Fertility through ritualized and repetitive reruns – up on the wall of ‘our’ cave – of ‘our’ Hero’s brightly burning warrior story, called for and demanded by impulses of ‘us’ the cave dwellers.

      If one replaces Hera in the paper below with ‘them’ and Heracles with ‘our’ Hero, one has entered ‘our’ cave system that is playing ancient prequels to the ‘Statesman’ show on the wall-screen. Ancient and long forgotten Hero, in his time ritually resurrected in poems and panhellenic games, this role-model for ‘our’ post-modern warrior, can be seen on the wall ‘fighting:the good fights’ with shadowy figures. ‘They’, the assassins are reinvigorated through Hero’s destiny’s fulfillment, ‘they’ become fertile again, but the Hero, too, and all of his kin, is rewarded in perpetuity. His role is hoisted up onto pedestal of Oscar material performances and his star is glittering on the Boulevard of the cave. In order for ‘our’ Hero to stand out bright, so that ‘we’ are given new focus, He has to be given a deeper perspective and His depth can only be achieved by ‘them’ as a shadowy mise-en-scene.

      While in ‘our’ cave most of the wall-screen production is costly – though, frankly, in the previous modern and current post-modern times of post-truth reality there is a high probability that any and all terminality depicted in the production was being simulated – the box office return on investment provides for ritualized eternal rewards for the top roles featured on the wall, both those shining bright or of the shadowy nature. Heroes transcend mythos by entering Valhalla, shadowy, out of focus characters, are regenerated and the cave dwellers’ hopes are rejuvenated. Win-win-win situation. All still stuck deep inside the cave by their own volition, anchored to the wall, but nevertheless winners after all.

      Except … there is also another possibility, … ignoring the seemingly suicidal wanna-beekeeper Hero and leaving the false assassin-gods of human cyber-control behind in the cave. For good, for … good. Remember, the ‘our’ cave itself is a mental construct, hoisted on people in ancient times, to mesmerize the people with convenient security.

  3. David Elliot says:

    Here’s another url linking Pek to CHD.
    I also saw several ‘Page Not Found’ types. Certainly does appear they are trying to sweep this
    under the rug, Alison. I took a screen shot just in case. Kudos to you for fighting back after
    someone tried to marginalize and discredit your work. They picked the wrong fight! (grin)
    Saddening for me personally to see this unravel, but my confidence in the CHD position and
    mission, as I perceived them, has been shaken- and the damage probably cannot be undone
    at this point. Pek’s connection to Pfizer alone is damning, but there is lots more, as this post
    has shown. Servant to banking. As I have mentioned, my distaste for social impact investing
    is strong indeed. This seems a pretty poor choice for COO of an ostensibly health freedom
    oriented organization. Managed care a playground for craps shooting gambling addicts. Ugh!
    We can do better than this.

  4. Holt says:

    “In a paper published in JMIR Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Gross and colleagues argue that NFT technology could have helped avoid many of the problems highlighted by the story of Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman who sought treatment for cervical cancer in 1951. As part of her exam, doctors at Johns Hopkins University took tissue samples of her tumor—but then they sent those samples to another researcher without Lacks’s knowledge or consent. Because the so-called HeLa cells were able to survive and thrive in the lab, they became essential to a wide range of medical research. Unbeknownst to Lacks, her contribution led to breakthroughs in immunology, cancer research and even the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. If someone in Lacks’s position owned an NFT of their cells, that person could track how the cells were used. Gross sees HeLa cells as a perfect fit for an NFT because these biospecimens are both finite (they have unique, physical characteristics) and infinite (they can replicate and be copied just like a digital asset). ‘Their replicability and their ability to be distributed widely, it’s really that they‘re like a chimera of those two entities, of the physical and digital,’ she says.”

    Does CHD, Vanguard and/or RFK Jr have ties to Massachusetts Biotechnology Council or Thermo Fisher Scientific?

    Just as they might purposely contaminate water supplies to get nuclear products into us, maybe they purposely treated Henrietta with radium not because they thought it was a cancer cure but for the long, long game.

  5. meandering myrmidon says:

    -The Once and Future Thing-

    Just before cock crow,
    in a darkling hotel lobby,
    the spectral father cries:
    “The hour’s come, avenge me, Bobby!”

    And from his crystal palace,
    the dynastic chosen son,
    doles oxytocin tokens,
    to the wronged and innocent ones.

    Nobly wounded, audibly shaken,
    from scores of giants that he’s felled,
    he whispers to the multitude,
    what his father’s ghost did tell:

    “The salmon will be hooked,
    the well of wisdom will be plumbed,
    naught will remain unknown,
    if we blockchain everyone.”

    “Let us now praise famous men,
    may their interest forever accrue,
    we’ll accept all colors and proclivities,
    we can tokenize them too.”

    “In our liberated markets,
    everyone will have a share,
    on this side we’ll make solutions,
    and we’ll make problems over there.”

    “With tokenized revolutions,
    we’ll spin them round and round,
    and the energy they generate,
    will power the cities and towns.”

    “Join us, the Impedance,
    all free agents and entrepreneurs,
    just donate your extra electrons,
    oh, mega machine, we’re yours!”

    “Come now, let’s reforge,
    the pact that was broken,
    and pay for this succession,
    with this non-fungible token”

    Meanwhile, in his tower,
    high above the broad Potomac,
    Merlyn gazes in his Palantir,
    muttering spells alchemical, gnomic.

    Director of the spectacle,
    playwright extraordinaire,
    Merlyn moves his players about,
    charging waves hidden in air.

    But Little Alice, scrappy mom,
    from the City of the Broken Bell,
    raised her voice among the throng,
    warning all was not so well:

    “They say I’m nuts”, said Alice
    “they say I’m not quite sane,
    for thinking people are not pawns,
    and that life is not a game.”

    “I’ve been into the labyrinth,
    and gathered many threads,
    I’ve woven them together,
    and this is what they said.”

    She then unrolled a tapestry,
    showing the lords of every land,
    hunting for a quarry,
    that they could not understand.

    In the center was a unicorn,
    the quested after game,
    in magenta script thereon was stitched:

    Merlyn, in his tower,
    quickly consulted his chart,
    of every outcome and income,
    to find Little Alice’s part.

    He directed a trusted knight,
    of the Children’s Health Crusade,
    to entice Little Alice,
    with the sums she could be paid.

    Alas, to no avail,
    the crusader wooed in vain,
    stubborn and immovable,
    Alice’s tale remained the same.

    Merlyn, in his wrath, demands:
    “who let this thistle grow?,
    this pissabed that’s sprouted from,
    my neatly tended row”.

    So the master of illusion,
    broadcasts more at which to stare,
    he invokes his spell most tried and true:
    “Hey, you, look over there!”

    Spectacular scenes emerge,
    like toadstools after rain,
    hairy men in queenly drag,
    war, disease, exploding trains.

    All the tricks long utilized,
    to hypnotize the peasants,
    and I don’t know what happened next,
    this hasn’t passed, it’s present.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      This is so lovely. I’m touched. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to share this as a separate post on the blog here. I tried to email you, but it bounced back. If you’d rather me not do that, please contact me here or at If I don’t hear back in the negative by midday tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and share it. I’m very touched. You have perfectly encapsulated hours of talks into such a charming poem. Thank you.

  6. T Cell says:

    Alison please continue to inspire us. I cannot escape the intuitive feeling that RFKjr gave me when he called for all Climate change sceptics to ‘Face Jail Time’. The energetic imprint it made on me has not diminished with the passage of time nor the plea’s of being previously gullible. It speaks even now of a certain darkness in his psyche. I get the uneasy feeling of Q Anon (Warp Speed) Mk 2 in both himself and CHD. I questioned CHD to explain or assuage my feeling that they appear never to declare WHAT THEY BELIEVE. They had said they “only Report and don’t engage in polemics.” to which I asked “Do you take no Editorial stance on anything?” No reply…..

  7. amanda4321 says:

    Thank you so much for all of your research. I’m not surprised by any of this. I’ve been highly suspicious of CHD for quite a while.

  8. arcadia11 says:

    thank you mm and alison – it’s charming and inspired my first laugh of the day. thank you also for not being blinded by bobby’s carnival light.


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