A “Green” Populist Synthesis – Environmental Warrior + Health FreeDOM Warrior = Web3 Regenerative Ag Finance Warrior?

This morning someone forwarded me an article that was featured in Children’ Health Defense’s online publication “The Defender.” “Can we reboot the environmental movement so it protects freedom, too?” was written by W. Aaron Vandiver, a conservationist author who lives just up the road from Aspen (Aspen Institute), Colorado (the blockchain / e-government state). The piece extols the potential for an “eco-libertarian” environmental movement to bring together populists from the Left and the Right. I can definitely see this fitting into a Transpartisan “third-way” platform.

The press around Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doing a public launch of his candidacy at Miami’s 2023 Bitcoin conference has me pretty rattled.

Whitney Webb will be there, too.

Source Link: https://b.tc/conference/speakers
Source Link: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/whitney-webb

During the Children’s Health Defense conference in Knoxville, TN last fall she presented on censorship of journalists. She wrote an article on this topic for Bitcoin Magazine during the summer of 2022.

Source Link: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/2022-censorship-resistant-issue
Source Link: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/the-war-on-dissent


Whitney Webb is a supporter of blockchain media, having been an early adopter of the Rokfin platform where content creators are paid in Web3 RAE tokens. In the video below, she and her Slow News Day colleagues are talking about me, implying I only took a stand against blockchain to disparage her and her friends. I guess Webb’s investigative prowess didn’t extend to entering “blockchain” in the search bar of my blog. Had she bothered to do that, she would have seen I’d been writing about my concerns about blockchain and impact finance since 2017, long before I’d ever heard of her. There are more details in the description block of the video (accessible here) if you want the backstory. To be honest, influencer spats are not a good use of my time, but I did think it was important to document her behavior. In the end I trust that most people are adults who can make informed decisions about what information they consume. I don’t expect her fans to resonate with my blog, and I’m fine with that.

In the meantime, someone claiming to be Webb said the talk at Bitcoin 2023 Miami will be about “The WEF Partnership Against Cybercrime and how it is a major intelligence effort to threat destroy financial privacy.” I haven’t confirmed the identity of the person who left the comment. There was no way to verify it was posted by Webb, the name was @cool22fire “kunjabihari adhikari.” Still, I’m happy to give the benefit of the doubt. If this is not the real Whitney Webb, and the real one wants to contact me at timpsila@proton.com to correct the record, she can. This person also said Webb’s participation in the event was simply educational and not an endorsement of Bitcoin. Take that for what it’s worth. The title of her video about me was titled “Whitney Webb on Bitcoin 2021-05-23.” There’s also a clip of her discussing the possibility that Bitcoin could be banned and her admiration for Bitcoiners, whom she says are on “the frontier of fighting a lot of these encroachments on basically what is the end of privacy for Americans.” The clip was featured on the Swan Bitcoin youtube channel in April of 2023.

Source Link: https://rokfin.com/unlimitedhangout


Source Link: https://twitter.com/TheRokfin?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

My site visit to the Rokfin office in Austin, Texas in the fall of 2021. 

Combined with this op-ed pitching a thinly-cloaked web3 tokenization of natural capital, I realized I needed to spend the morning pulling together my thoughts. Of course natural capital and ReFi (Web3 “regenerative” finance) is Leo Saraceno’s wheelhouse, while mine is more human capital. You can read his recent article on the topic at Silicon Icarus here.

Check out this pair of tweets pulled from Robert F. Kennedy’s account over the past few weeks. It’s hard for me to believe these are his own words. The “ecology of currency” language is straight up lifted from Bernard Lietaer, creator of the Euro. When viewed together, the statements demonstrate an affinity for social impact tokenomics, “free” market investing using digital assets to optimize “wellbeing” for “the common” good. Of course that’s the kind of language they’ll use to sell it.

My take is they are crafting a new Bobby character to replace his two previous roles, now conflicting. Combined, these archetypes will be positioned as a populist freeDOM superhero whose assignment is to convince you that a living gamified existence inside an out-side in “optimization” robot (Jeremy Pitt’s cyberphysical-sociotechnical system) is the future we’ve always dreamed of – rather than a life sentence served in a Skinner Box with soul-sucking energetic parasites that is actually is.

Source Link: https://twitter.com/RobertKennedyJr/status/1648733650001752064

Source Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20230503184338/https://twitter.com/RobertKennedyJr/status/1653808786577010697
Source Link: https://embed.kumu.io/fa2bfdd8fb89e5bbecbecdb9dae43f38#untitled-map?s=bm9kZS1UYXJQVU8yaA%3D%3D

In retrospect I see how the pieces fit together – why I got so much pushback for my opposition to blockchain from resistance influencers like John Bush and Derrick Broze who featured RFK Jr. at the Greater Reset. I understand better why coverage of the struggle of India’s farmers got squelched even as the Canadian truckers’ convoy saga was uplifted. A spiritually authentic, culturally grounded resistance to techno-life, the kind demonstrated a great personal cost by India’s farmers, could NEVER be allowed rise to prominence. No, the era of the Web3 tokenized freeDOM “commons” was meant to be driven forward by emerging-tech-loving enthusiasts. In programmed reality the Sikhs didn’t stand a chance, but my gut tells me this engagement is unfolding in realms far beyond the coders’ binary ones and zeros. Keep your soulbound tokens and crypto, my heart remains aligned with theirs despite the challenging odds.

Today’s livestream is the first in a series I’m calling “Camelot Corner.” I’ve created a playlist for it on my channel. I’ve spent much of the past week going through the IRS 990s and audits for The Mercury Project / Children’s Health Defense. I’ve looked into the board members. I’ve used the Foundation Directory Online to find grants via other funders, including one for $586,000 in 2020 from Greater Horizons Kansas City, a black box community foundation that specializes in managing hundreds of millions of dollars in donor-advised-funds, or DAFs. Click this link and search for “Children’s Health Defense.” Through this philanthropic mechanism donations can’t be traced back to the source, a practice that is actively promoted on the CHD donor website.

So much for government and corporate capture – did you think somehow non-profits were exempt? Those who follow my work know that the non-profit industrial complex has a central role to play in social impact finance and impact data collection. We just want to believe “our team” wouldn’t be in on the grift. Would it surprise you to know Children’s Health Defense used donated funds to buy access to Republican Attorney’s General? Don’t worry; the recipient got caught and had to return the illegal contribution, but don’t you think Bobby, the lawyer, should have known better?

Money is power and power corrupts. It behooves us to continue to ask questions and hold the institutions into which we put our trust accountable. 

Here’s the link to the map. Go explore. There are many embedded resources, including some provided to me by fellow researchers. If you have items you think would be appropriate for me to add, you can send them to timpsila@protonmail.com. Those suitable for inclusion will have substance – no ad hominen. My focus is on finance and policy, not personal or family drama.


Source Link: https://embed.kumu.io/f8fce32a9824a81f2615bff8ec0f4717#untitled-map?s=bm9kZS1FVnZnQVJkeg%3D%3D


29 thoughts on “A “Green” Populist Synthesis – Environmental Warrior + Health FreeDOM Warrior = Web3 Regenerative Ag Finance Warrior?

  1. nutritionbyquinnie says:

    thank you so much for your research and attention to detail. something doesnt sit right with me about RFK Jr and your posts have helped clarify it for me. in regards to whitney webb, can you point me to where she talks about blockchain for censorship? I dont recall her stance on using blockchain for anything. i do know a number of people think blockchain is great, Dr. Mercola for one which is disappointing, but anything you can direct me towards in regards to Whitney is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all of your hard work!!

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      I had a run-in early on with Whitney Webb. She was part of the first-wave Rokfin influencer crowd, which is a blockchain-based media platform. She tried to imply I only started speaking out about blockchain to harm her and her friends group, when any investigative journalist would have simply put “blockchain” in the search bar of my blog to see that I’ve been writing about my concerns with it since 2017, long before I’d even heard of her.

      Her actions toward me were not kind, but what is expected of tokenized media influencers. Here is a clip of her bad-mouthing me. I think she even did a three-hour podcast about me, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxZW0-H4-NE

      This is the link to her presentation on censorship at the CHD conference. I presume she will be presenting on the use of blockchain platforms like Rofkin to avoid Big Tech censorship. The deplatforming narrative is totally intertwined with blockchain media / distributed ledger technology. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/whitney-webb-government-truth-distortions/

      I talk about blockchain media in this post from 2018. https://wrenchinthegears.com/2018/09/30/dont-let-impact-investors-capture-the-non-profit-activist-media/

      • wrenchinthegears says:

        This is the text of the description on the video I shared.

        Original Clip Here:

        To access go to vimeo

        This is the video /556146346 “Whitney Webb on Bitcoin 2021-05-23.mp4”

        I am saving this for archival purposes, because people still don’t get that these people lied about me. I wonder what this crew has to say about Broze’s support of “Play to Earn” crypto gaming for children in the global south? I oppose blockchain media. I have been researching the negative aspects of blockchain since 2017. I would not go on their Rokfin show because it is against my principles. I did offer to answer that guy’s questions if he had any as a courtesy. I do not feed into spectacle. The only contact I had with Webb was in September 2020 when she asked me to write for her and I pitched a story about blockchain government in Rhode Island related to her Israel research. People need to get clear about who they align with moving forward. If you condone the behavior on display here, juvenile voyeurism; if you condone the token-based attention economy; if you sit silently by and let people like Broze promote child digital labor under the pretense that it’s liberating, please do me a favor and stop following my work. I’m not about any of that. You’re going to have to choose.

        Tuesday September 1, 2020 10:59am

        Hey Alison,

        I hope this email finds you well. I was recently turned on to your great work by a few of my supporters on Patreon and my good friend and colleague Vanessa Beeley. I wanted to see if you’d be potentially interested in contributing to my site unlimitedhangout.com with something related to the so called “fourth industrial revolution.” My colleague Raul Diego and I, who run Unlimited Hangout, also cover 4IR issues, but since the topic is so vast and so timely, we are looking for a small handful of contributors who could help us expose aspects of this agenda that are drastically undercovered, even by independent media, before the deplatforming wave is fully upon us.

        Would you be interested in writing an investigation for us? One area we haven’t been able to cover yet (but are interested in helping to expose) is the educational aspect of the 4IR and how the Covid-19 situation has been used to implement a lot of pre-existing plans and products funded by Gates, among other billionaires. Let me know if you might be interested and we can set up a time to talk.

        Thanks for your time!


        Tuesday September 1, 2020 12:44pm

        Hi Whitney,

        Thanks for reaching out. I have kind of a crazy week coming up. Heading home to take care of some things with my elderly parents tomorrow first thing. I am back next Tuesday. Can it wait until then?
        My cell / signal XXX-XXX-XXX.

        I actually have some thoughts about what is happening in Rhode Island, which has been targeted by Zuckerberg as the personalized learning state. The state’s Covid reopen is being managed in close partnership with the Israeli Health Department and the state is moving towards BLOCKCHAIN ID. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pusJKBGF6hU

        I have been pulling together info on this webinar, which intersects with some of your recent work. https://littlesis.org/org/381705-Israel_and_Rhode_Island_Digital_Government_During_Pandemic_Webinar

        If you want, I can send you some links to some of my related writings. Not sure how much time you have to spend on this.


        Tuesday September 1, 2020 12:53pm

        Hi Alison,

        Not sure if you saw this article of mine, but I wrote about the very Israeli company at the heart of what is going on in Rhode Island, Diagnostic Robotics. Here is the link, I think you will find it of interest: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/meet-israeli-intelligence-linked-firm-using-ai-profile-americans-guide-us-lockdown-policy/

        And, yes, next week is absolutely fine, there is no rush at all! Just wanted to see if you’d be interested in contributing sometime in the future 🙂

        I’ll reach out to you on Signal at some point soon.

        Thanks for your response and take care,


        Tuesday September 1, 2020 1:18pm

        Yes – if you watch the webinar there is a great deal of time spent on plans to set up BLOCKCHAIN digital ID in Rhode Island. It is not just about surveillance, but about human capital data markets. They are working with Infosys and modeling it after Estonia.

        Once the blockchain ID is set up under the cover of “health passports” they can begin to layer in other “social investment” deals like digital vouchers tied to “education” and “workforce training” pay for success deals.
        Dallas and Tulsa both have blockchain transcript programs underway already. Be sure to scroll to the end for the Deep State Dallas photos. https://wrenchinthegears.com/2020/02/03/dallas-and-tulsa-a-tale-of-two-blockchains/
        I wrote this on ed-tech and the “blended learning” model in 2017. RI is an incubator for Boston tech, much of it with ties to Israel and the military. https://wrenchinthegears.com/2017/04/02/dear-rhode-island-that-april-fools-day-blended-learning-conference-is-no-joke/


        I never heard from Whitney Webb again until she went on her tirade 9 months later.

  2. washington sean says:

    Speaking of podcasts, another of Peter Diamandis (X Prize, Singularity University, etc) projects is his private ‘members only’ podcast called Abundance Digital, which runs a hefty $1495/year if your application is approved. In November 2019, Diamandis interviewed Jules Urbach and offered the following comments in his description for the episode:

    “I just witnessed one of the most extraordinary displays of technology in the VR/AR arena. When I tell you that the Star Trek Holodeck is coming, I mean it.”

    “In this webinar, I chat with Jules Urbach the Founder/CEO of OTOY – from his LA Facilities to dig in and learn more. Jules is backed and supported by some of the most extraordinary giants of Hollywood from Ari Emanuel, to Steven Spielberg, to JJ Abrams.”

    “Jules is truly building the Holodeck, and what he is creating will change your life.
    Even better, OTOY has figured out how to utilize the world-wide supply of “Crypto Mining Computation” to help render the real Holodeck so we’ll also be diving into their RNDR Tokens.”

    “This is one of the best examples of a token economy that I’ve seen.
    Bottom line, this is a webinar about Convergence and exponential technology like none-other!”

    Confused yet? You should be. Without joining the Abundance Digital community, I was unlikely to hear the details of Diamandis’ interview with Urbach. Thankfully, in a twenty minute long video from June 2018 at the Augmented World Expo (AWE), their YouTube channel featured Urbach as a presenter and clued in on what he might have meant when he spoke with Diamandis about RNDR tokens and the metaverse.

    Video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ezflgWMfK0

    Notable quotes from his presentation are captured below:

    1:00 Photorealism is going to become not only cheap and fast but built in, a commodity, something that every single game kit needs will look as real as the best Hollywood visual effects that you can put into a film.

    8:06 We have all the tools necessary to deliver holographic reality at an affordable cost. And what I mean ‘holographic content’, in reality I’m actually talking about a ‘white light’ hologram.

    8:55 The ultimate goal of having a metaverse where you can, you know, mistake that for reality, is that we can render enough of these cubes where we can do these things in real time and we can then connect that to holographic display surfaces, and in the interim we have things like phone based AR, we have goggles, those things are interim steps towards experiencing this kind of holographic content until we get to the point where holographic panels are cheap and inexpensive.

    12:33 Glasses free is really important. Phone free is really important. That’s one of the things that we think are going to make this, you know, the entire mixed reality ecosystem really, really, really mainstream. When you have to wear nothing and things are ambiently projected from ambient surfaces – its pretty awesome.

    13:15 We built a cloud service that already handles rendering these light fields, these holographic streams and Amazon is a partner on our network, but we actually run out of GPU’s (Graphic Processor Units) all the time, on the public cloud. So RNDR was introduced last year on the Ethereum backed token system, that allows us to take the same exact GPU jobs that customers actually pay for on Amazon and send that out to anyone with a GPU that is on the network, and what we found was that, if we just take that cost of rendering on Amazon to a GPU miner with a 1080, mining Ethereum, the payout for RNDR is, is 10x, 50x over what the Ethereum payout is. And also, it is an awesome system because there’s no hashing numbers – it just uses the blockchain and it uses all that compute power to actually fulfill work that users and content creators need and ultimately these first three phases, of which we’re about to enter phase two are all about replacing and decentralizing what we’ve built, commercially for years, on the centralized cloud.

    OTOY currently offers a monthly subscription service for its OctaneRender Studio+ software for $19.99 €/month (or about $20 USD). The ‘RNDR Token’ is an ERC-20 compatible utility token used to pay for animation, motion graphics, and VFX rendering on the distributed RNDR Network, which is a peer-to-peer GPU compute network that connects creators in need of additional computation power for rendering their scenes, to providers that receive RNDR tokens for their GPU power.” Therefore, we can see how anyone in the entire world with the right kind of computer equipment and a cheap and abundant supply of electricity can take jobs on the RNDR Network. The RNDR Network “allows complex GPU-based render jobs to be distributed and processed on a P2P network, making the transactional process of rendering and streaming 3D environments, models, and objects simpler for end users.” According to the RNDR website, the Network was founded in 2016 by Urbach as “the next step in his dream of an open metaverse.” Why, you might ask, should we “democratize” the building of holographic reality in the wealthy, technologically enabled first world (with 1 billion people) by tapping into the cheaper labor sources available in other parts of the planet (aka the 7 billion people who still live in the third world)? Well, “Because the future is being built today” the RNDR website declares, “and hardware limitations should not be what keeps you from being a part of the new digital renaissance” [emphasis added].

  3. brysonmk1984 says:

    As far as I seem to get is they’re really into impact investing, and impact investing is bad because if you connect 1000 dots, it might lead to a global ant computer.

    The following two paragraphs from your Brazil post really help define your stance:

    “Surely it is twisted to view communities as resource deposits of untapped data, but that is the logic of end-stage capitalism. The infrastructure needed to scale human capital finance profit are ICT (Individual Communication Technology) devices including phones, tablets, and inexpensive computers like chrome books; wearable technologies and biosensors; and 5-6G used in combination with data-dashboards that verify impact data against predictions and success metrics laid out in the terms of the deals. These are all things one finds in recreation centers in the United States now, and given inroads made by the Aspen Institute, Stanford, Harvard and the like, they will very likely become standard issue in the favelas, too. Not because any of it is good for children, but because the children’s data has value, and their compliance has value.

    The Metaverse will be populated by compliant avatars. Beyond social impact, the conditioning of the young to cyborg life is going full throttle. Meanwhile for portfolio managers, children’s futures are just tranches of investment – data commodities. It’s only business.”

    But how do we nail down their end-game motives?

  4. DaveNItUp says:

    Would love your perspective on this: https://aeon.co/essays/the-distinctive-paradox-of-swedish-individualism

    Talks about how Sweden is unique in its fierce protection of invidual but also provides many state services. Says how the state is there to free the individual from burden…provides childcare, elder care, etc…no joint taxation individual only…parental income irrelevant in college aid. The state attempts to free individuals from their parental, church, family, etc should the individual wish.

    Slippery slope. I very much like the ideas, but can see the nefarious forces you point out about separating the individual from their support structures.

  5. Rodrigo says:

    Reading “Money and Sustainability” by Bernard Lietaer et al. I found a mention of Erich Jantsch, he was “an Austrian-born American astrophysicist, engineer, educator, author, consultant and futurist, especially known for his work in the social systems design movement in Europe in the 1970s” and also a member of the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome and co-author of one of its foundational documents titled “THE PREDICAMENT OF MANKIND – Quest for Structured Responses to Growing World-wide Complexities and Uncertainties.” But his most interesting book is “The Self-organizing Universe” where he talks about this new Paradigm Shift of the Systems view of life and the world in general.
    I bring some quotes that I thought to be pertinent to our analysis regarding complex adaptive systems and consciousness as an emergent property of group dynamics.

    «The self-organization of information is an aspect of the self-organization of life and the gestalts it produces are the gestalts of life. They are autonomous, as are the gestalts of other autopoietic system dynamics. They form their own world of symbolic representation of reality and are capable of emancipating themselves from this reality. Thus they can change and redesign reality. Self-organizing pragmatic information may interfere with and coordinate energetic and material processes outside of the system in which this information becomes structured. Usually, this is expressed in the phrase: Mind over matter. But this is true only to the extent that the matter/energy system to which this kind of mind belongs, namely the brain, remains excluded. The mind of the human organism controls the inanimate and certain aspects of the animate world, but the mind of an ecosystem does not dominate its members—their dynamics is the mind of the ecosystem, just as the coordinated dynamics of ants is the mind of the ant colony. Control and domination are dualistic notions—there is always a controller and a controlled. But mind is a nondualistic notion which is inseparable from the matter in whose dynamics it expresses itself.»

    «The notion of neural communication, too, may be generalized in such a way that it applies to communication within organisms as well as between organisms. Electrical and chemoelectrical processes play the major role here. They act in fractions of a second and are therefore in typical cases about a thousand times faster than metabolic communication. Within an organism, these processes use a nervous system or its predecessors. I call neural communication between organisms the direct, face to face visual/acoustical communication, which is greatly enhanced by language, on the one hand and the electronic transmission of information in the modern human world on the other. The result of the former both in the human and in the animal world is a group dynamics which may lead to a self-organization dynamics of the group as may never be attained by fragmented communication. This holds, for example, for collective decision-making processes from insects to man.»

    «The systems approach to planning which continuously tries to match the direction taken with the environmental conditions would be the sociocultural equivalent of the epigenetic process—the process which selectively and in a synchronised way retrieves and utilizes conservatively stored information in relation to the needs of the system in coping with an ever changing environment which itself is in full evolution.»

    «Process planning in an evolutionary spirit ends the dualism between the planner and the planned, organization and environment, corporation and society, culture and nature. We have not fallen from grace by developing the capability for rational thought—if we use the latter in its proper context. On the contrary, we are called upon to enhance the evolutionary process within and around ourselves by assuming responsibility for it at our appropriate level of evolution, the sociocultural level. Planning becomes an instrument of evolution, not just of our technological environment, but, more importantly, of our own evolution as well.»

    And especially this. This is the decentralized centralized Blockchain/Web3 CONTROL SYSTEM:

    «Social systems, corporations and states are natural multilevel systems and accordingly should not be organized as control hierarchies, in which decisions and orders are handed from the top down. A rigid and centralized world government is not the proper solution for the emergent world problematique. Elsewhere (Jantsch, 1972) I have elaborated on the principle of decentralized initiative and centralized synthesis in the management of complex human systems, as it already works in well organized corporations.»

    I find very interesting that the Self-organizing Paradigm is used and abused by Libertarian and Anarchist ideologues and that one of its most prominent proponents is not an Ancap but a member of the neo-malthusian Club of Rome.

    By the way, someone else made the connection between Erich Jantsch’s work and the development end evolution of Blockchain technology, talking about DAOs as a new form of life.


      • Cat says:

        Really looking forward to your thoughts on the bitcoin conference. Must say I nearly lost it once I heard Amiti Uttarwar’s presentation about ants using pheromones to signal group advantage to the rest of the collective.

      • Rodrigo says:

        It’s very telling that according to Galia Benartzi, co-founder of Bancor, Charles Eisenstein was one of Lietaer’s favorite authors.

        But as you have said before, the monetary aspect of the Ant Computer just scratches the surface of the whole programme.

        «ANN-based AI enabled recent advances in autonomous mining (e.g., Li and Zhan 2018; Hirayama et al. 2019), smart manufacturing (e.g., Kusiak 2018; Wang et al. 2018), autonomous driving (e.g., Li et al., 2018; Elluswamy et al. 2020; Talpes et al. 2020), and in conjunction with global, satellite-based internet (e.g., Su et al. 2019) make it possible in the near future to close the loop and enable blockchain-based organisms that are fully self-sustaining, self-organizing, self-regulating, self-repairing and self-reproducing (Fig. 5) entirely independently of any human intervention.»


        • Cat says:

          On the last day stream of the btc conference, they had one session called something to effect of “do androids dream of Bitcoin” or something like this. The nature of the discussion had to do with deconstructing the academic debate around AI qualifying as a boom event and if it could in fact surpass human evolution, etc. The “foom debate” indeed goes into fascinating depth and does show an interesting dimension to the AI problem. Worth looking up this debate to grasp it. In essence there is a question of how these optimizations made by the thing being optimized would result. The recursion of such a selection process seems to imply,(in my own words and way of summarizing a more logical theory type argument) a consolidation of what most would think of as free will and stratifying this decision making process into the decentralized system of systems. The problem is seen as a values based issue, but even with well tailored value systems that are imparted into AI(like an asimovian robot code of ethics), there is still the question of how these encoded values would actually translate into reality and be carried out. As well as if it is even possible to make these values sufficient enough to keep AI from “taking over”. Being a lover of both Asimov and pk dick, I def lean more to the side that these imparted values would not be sufficient to ensure anything with much comfort. If AI is such a boom let’s say, the self optimization aspect accelerates as it layers and layers self referential selection processes, thereby making authority, agency and “free will” (of humans) more of an abstraction. If you are an Anarcho communist this may sound like something so decentralized as this would yield a “utopia”, which is part of the crowd btc appeals to. Seems to be that they attract ppl within both political poles that share the idea that big power influences should keep out of our affairs. Ironically enough that is what lures them to the btc crypto arenas in the first place and keeps them attracted to the decentralization carrot on the stick itself. the more I’ve dived into the debate, the more it seems like probable chaos and authority/agency/free will evaporating from the social construct and at best maybe just some fake stimulus layered over that to make us feel better about it. Ive noticed that this debate and the sides of the issue contained in it can be seen in many current conversations about AI and seems to be central in more recent and current work being done around the topic of imparting value systems in AI. There is a camp that believes AI is inextricably linked to the economy so AI would by default be responsive to our rules, but they think there is less of a chance of AI enslaving humans if we put special focus on encoding these value systems now and work to avoid those possibilities. There is no good way they could metric out this value based issue and imbibe it into AI to carry out exactly as we would have in mind, even if we could agree on some base values. The weird part is that crypto and btc are waved under a freedom banner, but the decentralized and self optimized/recursive rewriting facilitated by AI is essentially suggesting emergence of the opposite. And in that btc conference session the bloke that brought up the foom argument goes on to make a point about how we need to “cooperate with AI” to I guess keep ourselves relevant in the game…like lol very funny bro.

  6. Kato says:

    Looking forward to hearing more analysis about Charles Eisenstein’s recent promotion of Bobby.

  7. Rodrigo says:

    «In the early days of the Internet, there were many who saw its potential to become a global nervous system, connecting us like cells in a brain, bringing distributed flows of information into a coherent yet unimaginable whole, so that together we could evolve into a wiser, more resilient collective organism. Would this kind of organism be smart enough to finally recognize its interdependence with the rest of nature?»

    «We need to fundamentally rethink our most basic institutions — the institutions that determine how we define and reward “productive” work, how we use our resources, and how we organize, communicate, and make decisions. For institutions (or decentralized collectives) to be sustainable, they must recognize that there are limits to growth. They must recognize that viable ecosystems cycle nutrients, creating zero waste. They must recognize that humanity is not an exception to the laws of nature, but part of a complex living system of interdependent beings.»

  8. TT says:

    With all the talk about “decentralizing the Collective” (oxymoron?) by hook or by crook, by, among other things, programming the heir waves, I am musing over the famous JFK line about ”splintering the CIA into a thousand pieces and scattering it into the winds.”

    I can’t quite get a handle on the Kennedy Legacy but do realize it is weaponized.

    • TT says:

      Funny you say this. I’ve been calling RFK Jr the MIC Key Mouse candidate.

      MIC – military industrial complex
      Key – aka crypto keys
      Mouse – Middle English mous, from Old English mus “small rodent,” also “muscle of the arm”

  9. Selim1948 says:

    RFK Jr. has a built-in story, a personal appeal for the creation of ”Healing Centers” to help addicts.
    He mentions the $42billion/year recovery industry and plans to get a cut of it through his version of his uncle’s Peace Corp program. The Centers will offer, community, spirituality and ”reparenting”. Again he’s targeting rural communities with his generosity and using the tax/fin apparatus of registered charities to do so. I’m glad he mentioned the Peace Corp. It was instrumental in developing the modern personality of the young, narcissistic aid worker who helps build oppressive systems while insisting s/he is working against it –in exchange for special passports, exotic adventures and a lifetime enjoyment of the ‘do gooder’ identifier. Bitcoin is the new PeaceCorp/UN.

    about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEO5hlsO8lI

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