Stormy Weather: Jason and Alison Discuss Steered Consciousness and Fractured Relationships

Last night Jason and I streamed a four-hour discussion. Our focus was the intersection of Dave Snowden’s work on complex adaptive systems with Patrick Ryan’s ideas about manipulating psychological grammar fields using digital media, ChatGPT, and large language models. Ryan details how our linguistic “home bases,” mathematical representations of our “souls” and interior states, can be charted over time to steer our behavior through online social interactions. The backdrop of this conversation was the recent news that my husband wants a divorce, even as I remain (at their request) estranged from my young adult child, and my mother can’t understand or support what she views as my “hobby” of wanting to get clarity on what is happening to us and our humanity. I’m taking it in stride. The fact that I have come to understand the mechanics of worldview manipulation help me not take these fractures and misunderstandings of my being too personally. Most people are looking through a glass darkly as I work to rub off the fog.

Feature image from ESRI on “Human Weather” and IoT. Article here.

Playlist of clips here.

Kumu map of sources I referenced in the first hour here.

If you missed my post about a new chapter, here’s the link.


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      • Rodrigo says:

        You’re welcome.

        This biomimetic API design inspired in complex adaptive systems seems to match perfectly with the Bank for International Settlements’ “Blueprint for the future monetary system” as the ultimate layer for the underlying “ecosystem of multiple currencies and purpose driven tokens”, all relying in Application Programming Interfaces for interoperability.

        «Multiple ledgers – each with a specific use case – might coexist, interlinked by application programming interfaces to ensure interoperability as well as promote financial inclusion and a level playing field.»

  1. Amy Harlib says:

    Ugh! All this boils down to TOTAL SLAVERY!

    I have a landline and a wired laptop and a wired monitor – all the tech anyone should ever want or need. I never had or will have any of those infernal mobile devices that are intentionally designed to addict you and enslave you to them.

    How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY!


    Bless you Alison and Rodrigo for the heroic work you do and success in the struggle. We the People must always be aware of the existential threats lurking behind this fight!

  2. Raven says:

    Yes, I agree completely with you Amy – ditch the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology Phones at the very minimum. Pay with cash every chance you get. Be human with other humans, trees, animals, spirit beings. Whoever you meet in the street.

    Alison, I would love to see more of your quilts, although maybe you don’t want to feed them into the machine. But I do think they are the solution, if people want you to be offering solutions. Handwork, lifework, realwork. Dandelion refusals.

    For the people who don’t understand what is happening, maybe they don’t need to. Maybe we just need to connect with them offline and maybe these online communities of understanding are the nodal points for an evolution in the real world by which we can offer in our own lives the solution of choosing not to participate in the SMARTworld. Could it be as simple as enough of us leaving the machine, refusing the machine? (I know it might not be that simple in practice, and yet, it seems to be truly the only solution we have.)

    EM Forster wrote a story call The Machine Stops in 1909. It’s a chilling read for its vision of the world we almost live in. Everything has its entropy, but our offline real lives have a life force that is beyond any machine we can create.

    Alison, your online work means so much to many people, myself included, but it’s a paradox. The more time we all spend online finding out about the insanities of the online world, the less time we spend being real in the real world. So I wish you many wonderful realworld adventures with gardens and quilts and fires. I love that you are holding space for your family to reconnect. I hope you are able to meet many of your online people in their offline real humanity when you are out in the world finding a new sense of how to be you. If you were leaving Turtle Island and swimming to the Antipodes I would love to meet you real-ly too. I am lucky in my life (and also I have created this consciously) in that I work every day with food and with people, my child is still young and makes crafts with our friends, I am surrounded by herbalists and gardeners, my book collection is rich with imagination and ideas, my paintbrushes are coloured with layers of pigment. Time is all we have. Let’s all spend as much time in real life and as little time in online life as we possibly can.

    Big love through this magical machine to all the beautiful humans out there who follow your work. Big love to you in this adventure of life.

  3. kocotube01 začasni says:

    With David Snowden I (too) immediately thought of that other snow-job Snowden we were served some time ago. Looks like another Phoenician spook family is very active on both sides of the pond.

    What happens when the whole field of the so called changeable constraints – left of the counterfactual line on his graph, minute 44 of the video at – is populated exclusively with hexagonized-complex systems (minute 48) and, given time, the whole field of myriad of complex systems ‘rearranges’ itself to become single, energetically optimally rationed, oscillatory machine balancing its efficiency and its effectiveness?
    What happens when this field becomes one giant globally coherent, but autistic ‘hexi’ bee-hive?

    There is danger of getting:
    Malkovich sens-making, endless variations of individual stories on a Malkovich theme (or by Malkovich triplets of all ages and professions), Malkovich experimenting, Malkovich experiences, Malkovich visions of the future, Malkovich innovations, Malkovich rearrangements of the system, Malkovich l’art pour l’art, Malkovich-Malkovich of well-being initiatives buzzing all around and endless internal Malkovich-Malkovich monologue flow inside people’s heads. Constantly buzzing and dancing, moving the bar by pushing the limits of the work-time continuum (alluding to his hand drawn graph of energy in time), but ultimately unable to break through that counterfactual line.

    What happens if/when this global ‘hexi’-hive realizes that true (non systematized) incoherence is the way to go forward or the way to be is to simply be, that non-bee is the only guarantor for true (non simulated) emergence which can’t be forced into existence by being systemized?
    What if all our emergent properties currently held by our consciousness (emergences of our past life experience on the planet, from protozoa onward) are actually at the pinnacle of conscious achievement?
    What if this push to reign in the complexity of all natural processes is nothing more then an extremely autistic ‘technique’ to dominate nature that will bring more autism into people’s lives?
    What if all the systemized complexity of diligent, efficient and effective honey-gathering will result, in The next million years, only in emergence of pure Nothingness, a gaping hole inside every atom of our body, loosing its spin and hollowing us from the inside out?

    It seems I have a problem, therefore I will signal for Malkovich to rearrange itself to make the problem go away.

    This smells like the global Phoenician (phony) leader-ships are preparing the ground that would make people accept with ease the novel (con) system of cast purpose-made drones (alphas, betas, …) and the Cybernetic Networked Financial Industry – the CyNeFIn, minions of international old money controlling families – is positioning itself to continue servicing the needs of soon to be established global scientific dictator-ship, maintaining ‘world peace’ (ask any beauty pageant miss what she wants and you will get an answer that is obviously a method to and result of predestination of the masses) by making all opposition too expensive to be sustained. Peace by standardization.
    Some people though will retain the privilege to remain wild, while the majority will be androgynized and droned till death (hiding under ‘humane euthanasia’ mask).

    Aldous Huxley, from “Brave new world revisited” book:
    “Conditioned from earliest infancy (and perhaps also biologically predestined), the average middle- or lower-caste individual will never require conversion or even a refresher course in the true faith. The members of the highest caste will have to be able to think new thoughts in response to new situations; consequently their training will be much less rigid than the training imposed upon those whose business is not to reason why, but merely to do and die with the minimum of fuss. These upper-caste individuals will be members, still, of a wild species—the trainers and guardians, themselves only slightly conditioned, of a breed of completely domesticated animals. Their wildness will make it possible for them to become heretical and rebellious. When this happens, they will have to be either liquidated, or brainwashed back into orthodoxy, or (as in Brave New World) exiled to some island, where they can give no further trouble, except of course to one another. But universal infant conditioning and the other techniques of manipulation and control are still a few generations away in the future. On the road to the Brave New World our rulers will have to rely on the transitional and provisional techniques of brainwashing.”.

    • kocotube01 začasni says:

      Cynefin: “Place of Your Multiple Belongings.”.
      For thee, lord Rothschild, and us, your faithful scientismic minions.

      Direct epub link to Dave Snovden’s and Zhen Goh’s book, titled “Cynefin – Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World”, below:

      As Sonja Blignaut introduces the name Cynefin in the book, it “means different things to different people, […] it is like water that can take many forms, […] it is like an empty vessel that we can pour our contexts into […] The Framework […] at its core is a set of principles[…]. There are two […] to highlight here:
      Bounded Applicability (most things have value if we understand the boundaries within which they are valid) and
      Coherent Heterogeneity (embracing as much diversity as we can without fragmenting or becoming incoherent).”

      I stand firm on my opinion that name Cynefin is simply Cybernetic Networked Financial Industry by the rich for the rich and read the given explanation of the name, a “Place of Your Multiple Belongings”, as a misdirect intended to bamboozle Framework’s willing followers (useful idiots).
      ‘A place’ here is a doublespeak for a global digitally controlled tokenized stakeholder economy working for the benefit of the international financial elite eating the juicy steak while elite’s ‘multiple belongings’ – a doublespeak for stake-holding slaves (agents) of different strata (alpha-, beta-, …stakeholders) and heterogeneous provenience (carbon and/or silicon based) – are unwittingly toiling to survive the rigged Framework.
      And some thoughts about the two main principles that enable the game:
      the first, Bounded Applicability, is to valorize and include into the Framework as many agents as possible (alive, objects and ideas that can have their price verified in real time);
      the second, Coherent Heterogeneity, is to adaptively shift meaning for the ‘framed’ agents by reducing quality of sens-making in real time, so that an illusion of sense is maintained continuously ensuring artificial coherency for the Frame-workers.
      It doesn’t need to be real as long as it seems real enough. Agents don’t need to seek and agree on the real reasons behind their actions as long as the reasons agreed upon are good enough to pass the 5% (input data) cutoff margin required in decision-making real time interactions.

      One giant global accounting ‘undertaking’ with vague sensibility, for the masses.
      Making lots of nonsense while getting even more powerful, by the few.
      Now … what could possibly go wrong in a long run with this Framework con?!.

      The coauthor of the book, Zhen Goh, writes:
      “Both Complexity and Daoism are Naturalistic approaches that seek to explore and uncover the ontology of things, and to work with the system as it is, rather than to impose rigid and unnatural constraints.”.
      Her words – ‘to work with the system as it is – confirm my view that these people are not positioned where they stand in order to rock the boat, but their role is to prevent any real changes within the system emerging globally. And when she writes the approach is to ‘seek to explore and uncover […] rather than to impose rigid and unnatural constraints’, she bamboozles us into thinking that she does not partake in imposing unnatural constraints by omitting the fact that ‘the system as it is’ already has rigid and unnatural constraints. Working with the current system as it is means imposing rigid and unnatural constraints. Pretender at work. At best.

  4. Megan Sigler says:

    I’m still wrapping my head around all of this and trying to understand. I just read a post from CHD regarding a roundtable that RFK just hosted.

    Interesting terminology from Kennedy during the roundtable:
    • “ all of our objectives on actual metrics that show better health…”
    • “…rooted in localized processes and contexts…”
    • “climate change is an existential threat…”
    • “Kennedy proposed a ‘market-based’ rather than top-down approach to dealing with climate issues, where the cheapest and most efficient energy sources would be rewarded.”
    • “‘I’m not against vaccines any more than I’m against medicine,’ Kennedy said, adding that he would support a vaccine if there was evidence it made people safer and healthier.”

    Thank you for the work you are doing. It matters. Hang in there. Much love and prayers for you and your family during this rocky period in your life.

    • Rodrigo says:

      «The coeval emergence of calligraphy and algebra represented a bifurcation, a fork in the road in which one line moved into entrancement with notation and the replacement of the concrete with code in a very introverted form of cosmic solitude, while the other line of descent moved in a more extroverted manner toward the Galilean Dynamical mentality with its movements of global capital and ballistic artillery that transformed the world in what became the shift from medievalism to modernism. One path led into the solitude of cabbalistic magisters who thought that they alone understood the world, and the other to the military-industrial complex of those who sought to rule the world and not simply understand it in some esoteric notation. And not until the cabbalistic notation of a small band of mathematical physicists transformed the outer world with the atom bomb did these roads reconverge. Now in the new mathematical mentality of chaos dynamics, it would seem as if all the historical mentalities are being synthesized in algebraic formulae in which the phase portraits of the geometry of behavior of complex dynamical systems are creating a new evolutionary niche for Artificial Life in which mathematical entities and mathematical domains have their own ontological uprising. Like the holes in space in which other ontological domains leak into ours in the paintings of Adolf Wölfli, other realities, Virtual, Virtuous, and perhaps Unvirtuous as well, are leaking into our conventional world.»
      William Irwin Thompson (Self and Society, 2009)

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