Community Currencies As Signals of Social Computing

Tonight Jason and I did a stream discussing how the biophysics of cells and semi-permeable membranes relate to the econophysics of smart contracts and social cybernetics. Jason made a short teaser clip this morning for my channel, and someone by the name of Persepolis22 left a nice series of comments. I think the exchange provides a useful overview of the discussion, so I am sharing it below. 

Comment by Persepolis22:

“If money will be replaced by tokens, and the vision for the next iteration of this game is based on community/ complementary currencies, how exactly will they be able to implement it? This is where I get stuck. Wouldn’t it lead to inflation‘ if everyone is able to drop their token? And how will they make sure that your token will be accepted by certain stores or whatever it is that you want to access/ purchase? I feel like there is something extremely important that we are still missing, and it makes me kind of nervous to be honest.

Perhaps this might be the link to the CBDC? There’s a talk by Hyun Song Shin from BIS, and it gets quite clear that CBDC will serve as a settlement between the banks/ institutions. So at the end of the day, all the tokens (or the ones that will make it) will need to be approved and backed by the CBDC.

There’s something else I wanted to mention, a project called web of energy. They’re still quite off the radar, but what they will do is build the foundation for the energy transition, integrating every single piece into the grid. So, when there isn’t enough energy in one area of the city, it will simply be deployed from a different area, keeping everything in balance. This is the end goal, and it can be applied elsewhere. Not necessarily regarding technical resources, but rather ‚human networks. I’m still not getting to the core of it. What are your thoughts?”


Alison McDowell’s Response:

I wrote a long response, and unfortunately it disappeared. I would suggest watching tonight’s stream live or later. Here are the highlights of what I wrote. The goal is a networked global super-intelligence for bio-hybrid computation. The decentralized energy grid and economics based on token engineering (programmable currency) is part of the operation of that system. Embodied intelligence integrated with invisible ubiquitous sensing is what is needed for the computation tasks. Perhaps the system running the programming is not embodied? That system, as I now see it, desires to tap into humans as tools for problem solving – creativity, emotion, imagination, soul, and social relations. That is what is driving the internet of bio-nano things.

We are being turned into manipulatives. Picture a kindergartener using blocks for counting. I think this is related to the rise of addiction, social impact markets in “recovery,” and adoption of psychedelic treatments in that space linked to remote brainwave monitoring and video gaming. To me, it’s starting to feel like some disembodied system wants to use our bodies and consciousness to access information from altered states for the larger program.

However, in order for the computer to operate effectively, there needs to be a homeostatic governor at the top, which is likely the BIS and its ultimate ledger. That fact will be obscured by nested levels of settlement clearing. Cross border payments are not really just about countries. Borders can be among established community currencies. In this scenario, as I see it, most people could be accessing something that looks like “community currency.” Remember, Bernard Lietaer, creator of the Euro, wanted an ecology of currencies. It is this variety that is needed for game mechanics and signal robustness for prediction and social steering.

Why do you think the “resistance” narrative has been focused almost exclusively on CBDCs? Why was Catherine Austin Fitts uplifted as a thought leader? Why are most of the influencers accepting and promoting crypto as liberation? This is all by design. Computation based on social signaling will not work under authoritarian control. It is “choice” and “freedom” that makes the “wisdom of crowds” visible to the machine. “Choice” reveals the complex patterns that the AI is seeking. Sure, the “choices” will be from a limited list of options, but the narrative has been set up for progressive and conservative populists that freedom looks like a local programmable coins.

This talk features Fennie Wang of IXO Foundation, the folks who financed putting preschoolers on blockchain in South Africa, so they could build social capital. IXO was also behind the development of “smart” social impact bonds and collaborates with Shanzhai City, the organization that digitized the Hong Kong time bank. Wang talks about regional federated coins. This may provide some insights for you on what it might look like. IXO Foundation is at the center of deployment of this new token-engineered model. 








15 thoughts on “Community Currencies As Signals of Social Computing

  1. Amy Harlib says:


    I can’t repeat this often enough!

    How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY!


  2. Amy Harlib says:

    All digital ‘money’ is a complete fraud! It is a lure to get the gullible enslaved to technocratic neo-feudal overlords.

    How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY!


  3. Igor says:

    Hi, Alison. I’ll try to translate a May 2003 post of the gone Russian philosopher Konstantin Krylov about “Matrix” movie, where to my humble opinion he envisions just like what you hint numerously trying to explain the unexplainable rush to connect everything, everywhere, every time.
    Translation: “The most ambivalent moment of the movie is the known explanation of Morpheus, why the Matrix needs people – as if it needs as batteries to harvest energy. The insanity of this explanation is obvious. Meanwhile, why the Matrix needs people is quite understandable – it uses their brains for cheap computation. It is quite possible there is no “machines” in Matrix – only several supercomputers and peoples brains like distributed nodes of them. Why not? The “meat” is cheaper than “hardware”. Then Matrix uses 90% of each person computational ability entertaining the left 10% (where the rudimentary personality resides) by views of the “modern developed city”. BTW, it can explain rather extreme idiocy of the modern “mass person”: he is really almost unable to think because his brain is utilized for “rather different tasks”.

  4. Jill says:

    Allison, I notice a real difference on this issue between people. I’ve never heard CAF say bitcoin was the way to go, just the opposite. I do know she associates with people who worship bitcoin but people should be allowed to associate with those with whom they disagree as long as they don’t hide that disagreement.

    I find her annoying as she is constantly evangelizing Christianity and especially after joining CHD, her class consciousness has dropped precipitously! It’s not down there with “my husband and I just keep buying houses” Polly, but it’s not good. So yes, I have problems with her but I truly have not heard say that bitcoin is the way to go–far from it.

    There are many people who understand any kind of electric/computer based currency is a loser. Seeing as it’s an intelligence start up and it requires control over a grid, it doesn’t seem like a working proposition, unless you don’t mind being spied on end to end! Some people say if you want to keep some around for certain transactions, go for it, but don’t rely on it and most certainly don’t think it can be used as an alternative currency.

    People can have a good will and be really different from us, that even includes people who worship bitcoin. Some seem like scam artists (most) but others seem genuine and I’m making the decision to associate with genuine people with whom I disagree and stay away from people who I may agree with, but who do not have a good heart.

    • Rodrigo says:

      The problem with Bitcoin is that it is a full blown Cult and bitcoiners behave like fanatics capable of digest enormous doses of cognitive dissonance, I’ll give one example: how is possible that someone affiliated to the Mises Institute that preaches the evils of the State like Saifedean Ammous ends up becoming an “ad honorem” advisor for a brutal Dictator of a Totalitarian State like Nayib Bukele?
      Ammous is an intelligent dude with a PhD in Sustainable Development from Columbia University. He knows what he’s doing.
      Bitcoiners who see this kind of behaviour at least should be questioning the whole “libertarian” narrative of Bitcoin but they choose to make excuses.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Perhaps you misunderstood me. My point is that community currencies, which I believe she does promote are being set up as the antidote to CBDCs. I don’t talk about Bitcoin. Not sure why you are bringing that up.

  5. Ondra says:

    Hi Alison, the connection that your making between cellular biology and the tokenized economy is very interesting to me, the cover of your video (masking threshold) felt apropos to the research I’ve been doing in regards to the body’s biology and the creation of the fictional character that’s being chartered in the ‘game’.

    I wanted to share Kurtis R. Kallenbach’s Raw audio from his book ‘Right of Way’ in reference to the clamping and cutting of the Placenta or the place of center which began in 1933, he uses etymology, quotes from the bible and blacks law to de code or uncover some very important secrets that I feel would tie into your work atm, he also offers some potential solutions its a work in progress.

    Thank you for your work and authenticity,

  6. Alexander says:

    I think the system that’s doing the doing is very much embodied. A system of people doing what people can do when they acquire lots of power and have warped beliefs.

  7. Nullius in verba says:

    Thanks; An important take-away here was your mention of ‘scrip’ e.g. cotton enjoyed unlimited demand as the prime raw material needed to feed Europe’s coal powered spinning and weaving machines, the coal miners, cotton pickers and mill workers were paid in scrip, this essential limitless free labor, which allowed slavers to capitalize on the amazing convergence of favorable factors to create a money-making machine to which the entire nation became addicted. Scrip is a relevant example of what they have always done: Industry & asset class creation to increase currency velocity to continue to indebt & enslave hummanity.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    «The combination of the tokens and the clay cuneiform writing led to a brilliant verification device: a hollow clay ball called a bulla. On the outside of the bulla, the parties to a contract could write down the details of the obligation – including the resources that were to be paid.

    On the inside of the bulla would be the tokens representing the deal. The writing on the outside and the tokens inside the clay ball verified each other.»

  9. Dean says:

    Just the fact that these intricately tiresome and volatile constructs are occupying our brilliant minds tells me they are born of a callousness belonging to the insecurity of pompous and cruel uber wealthy, self appointed elite and have nothing to do with the best interests of humanity. This trajectory which industrializes freedom, pre- conception, and desperately endeavors to harness mind surveillance beyond the psychological abilities of present (spiritual) evolution, with the intention to conquer and control, guarantees the greatness and infinite potential of free people will never be realized or even imagined.
    There’s a an increasing bias toward fear based realities. Give me the red pill.

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