Do You Wanna Play A Game?

After a month hiatus, I’m back east for the winter. Last night we streamed the second part of “Do You Want To Play A Game,” which explores the psycho-geography of gamified bio-hybrid relational computing. Check out the CV of Michael Mateas, a professor in computing and game science at UC Santa Cruz, for links about research into automating communication between players and agents in interactive drama sessions. Or poke around the map below. In the next week or so Jason and I plan to present insights from our journey from Denver to Arkansas and back. Stay tuned.


Part 1

Part 2

4 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Play A Game?

  1. Kelley says:

    William burroughs invented a immersive world using cut ups method to induce dmt trips called Third Mind with brian gysion.
    Psychedelic use in hi tech has well known history.

    Hackable animals???

    “Being you: new science of consciousness. Anil seth”

  2. TJinAK says:

    Just incredible. You’re doing amazing work Amy.

    It ISall about radar. Variations on the concept and point of it. Which is knowing what is where, and when, at all times. Now it’s being done in more sophisticated and subtle ways, with people and ideas and potentials being tracked instead of bombers and battleships. But it’s all the same thing, newly tweaked for more insidious and perverse purposes.

    “There’s something not right in this oak-paneled room” indeed.

    1:01:40 was particularly good.

    Watch your back. You are the only person doing what you’re doing, to the degree that you are doing it. You’re the infection they’ll want removed. Be careful.

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