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God’s Eye View Part 1 – Mathematical Theories of Life

I started the new year doing a deep dive into Cold War game theory, which led me right back into human capital futures trading and guided evolution via bioinformatics and social systems modeling. I’d like to extend my appreciation to Raul Diego for his article, “The Big Bluff: Online Poker, Crypto, and Western Capital’s Last […]

View from the Labyrinth – Slussen Robots, Stockholm

Vidar Francke “Made by Humans” installation. “Illustrator and animator Vidar Francke uses the robot’s anonymous expression to look more closely at human behaviour. Two robots are on a date, one sits and plays video games, another helps with a move. The robots have taken the place of humans and perform their tasks with a familiar hand.” The […]

A View from the Labyrinth – Morro Rock, California

Guest Post By Christopher Roth Leaving San Luis Obispo and heading northwest on Highway 1, you travel through several canyons – where the hillsides are decorated with a wonderful peppery scented mix of sagebrush and chaparral.  The steeper canyon ridges are interspersed with gently sloping pastureland that is studded with the captivating elegance and expansive […]

Dear City of Brotherly Love, We Really Need To Talk (About the Constitution, Smart Contracts, and Extended Reality)

I live in Philadelphia, home of Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, and the Liberty Bell. While I have my reservations about the actual intent of these documents, see Tim Scott’s article on the Constitution here, I would love to see a public discussion of the nature of Constitutional rights in the twenty first century against […]

A Tucson Labyrinth: Ants In An Age of Artifice

Last night we had a nice group in the chat to watch a stream Jason edited from the presentation I gave in Tucson in late November, plus follow up Q&A. The focus was on simulation modeling, artificial societies in social media, cybernetic steering, consciousness studies, eugenics, aerospace research linked possibly to blockchain mindfiles, and sociobiology. […]

Future of Work Playlist

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting clips on platform labor, reputation scores, human capital finance, and coding the Web3 global smart contract layer. I just finished pulling together a twenty-clip playlist, which can be reviewed on my back up channel here. I also created an interactive interface using software – below. Click […]