New York, London, India, and Australia – Recent Interviews On Human Capital Finance And The Great Reset

I just finished updating slides for a talk I gave in Upstate New York a few weeks ago. It’s a long talk at one hour and forty minutes with over 200 slides, but I hope having a wide breadth of information compiled will be of assistance to folks sorting out what is happening with the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” and the rising biosecurity state as health passports become more widely adopted. You can access the slide deck here.

I decided to include a few other recent talks that show the breadth of this topic. It literally touches every aspect of our lives, our relationships to one another and to nature. It is imperative that people around the world begin to do the work to understand the danger we are in and to reconcile this current criss within a context of colonial domination.

The machine has all of us in the crosshairs now. As I’ve said before – no one is coming to save us, but us.

Scrappy moms against artificial intelligence unite!


Conversation hosted by Jason Bosch of “If We Were Honest” with Cory Morningstar in Canada and Deepti Datt and Varun Mathur in India.

Conversation with Yogeeta Mistry of “Awakening Nation” in London.

And with Brendan Murphy of “Truthiverse” in Australia.




24 thoughts on “New York, London, India, and Australia – Recent Interviews On Human Capital Finance And The Great Reset


    Thank you Alison McDowell, seen your slide on Google Drive, because you dropped it in a shared folder so it is visible. I just want to appreciate the effort you have been putting into the research. I’m from Nigeria by the way, and I’m following current events back-to-back. I don’t have much to say than let the best team win. We have two events ahead of humanity now, the great awakening versus the great reset. America is just the final piece in both agendas.

  2. Ryan says:

    Scrappy dads too ;).

    I have tried hard to connect with folks here in Tokyo and found a very dedicated and active community! I attended a demonstration this past weekend with a friend and his daughter. It was the first demo we had all ever been to in our lives, and to be honest we were quite nervous about outing ourselves due to fear of reprimand at work if we were spotted associating with such “communities”. Well, stand by no more. If not me, then who? If not now, then when? Thank you Alison for inspiring me. Your groundwork fills me with confidence – it is not conspiracy theory. I will continue to get the word out here in Japan.

  3. Karen Bracken says:

    One day Americans will realize what President Trump tried to do by telling the WEForum to stick their Great Reset where the sun don’t shine and for getting the US out from under the Paris Accord which is the funding mechanism would use US finances and private property to fund the reset. Of course all the other countries jumped on board to get a piece of the American pie but little do they know none of this has anything to do with climate or environment just like lockdowns and mandated vaccines have nothing to do with health. The only people that will get a chunk of the American pie will be the global elite and Quid Pro Joe (Obama) has us all lined up for the slaughter.

  4. hansykash says:

    Thank you for your forthright and well researched presentations. I believe there is a force, concerted and purposefully directed and behind the world historical direction whose countdown started about 1897. This force was behind the leap culminating in the first industrial revolution, forced the transition from pax Britannica to pax Americana and is now poised to transit from pax Americana to pax Judaica. The major force behind the scenes is an entity created to design and executes its project with engineering precision. His minions and executioners are enduring, very powerful, corrupt, and corrupting humans. What you have so well described in your analysis of the fourth industrial especially the transition to digital currencies is a means of soft landing to easy the implosion of the great America now riding into its sunset. Bravo for the great works!

  5. Julia Konmaz says:

    Alison, your talk is beyond tremendous and one of the few I’ve listened to that actually manages to string it all together. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and my children go to an international school where I’ve been fighting, along side a small group of parents, against Google Classroom for the past 2 years. It has been like taking on a Leviathan. Like you, I KNEW within a week or so of the announcement of this Corona pandemic what it really was. What can we do at this point? The worst thing of all is seeing friends and family who aren’t able to/don’t want to see this all.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Julia,

      I commented above. I am happy to see parents like you who are keen to the downsides of such things as Google Classroom. You might also be happy to know that myself and the other man pictured in my post above are teachers at international schools. We are wide awake and I know other colleagues are too. I am mandated to use Google Classroom for At Home Learning. In school I have reverted to paper-pencil. However, the customer has all the power in such private institutions. Please continue to resist. There may be a silent cohort who appreciates your voice. 😉

  6. Julia Konmaz says:

    Alison also, my question is: do you know of any globally-based organisation that would bind us those of us who see what is actually happening together? Something that would allow us to resist or escape or push back against these things?

  7. WEF says:

    “Authority” without transparency, full disclosure, and accountability – is tyranny. (multiple sources)

    “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” (Henri Bergson). If one is not willing, able, and motivated to think, investigate, and question – well, what do you expect?

    • tasykes says:

      And I would add that the educational system has been programming its citizens for at least 2 decades for just this moment. I’ve taught at the highest ranked state universities as well as at community colleges and critical thinking has gone the way of the dodo.

  8. Ida says:

    This is overwhelming, stimulating, and engaging. Thank you. I sent you an email, you are possiblt overloaded by people contacting you, but I hope you have the chance to read it,

    Love, Ida

  9. J says:

    I truly wish a major trades union somewhere in the world would watch, listen and learn from these videos. A trades union on board with the resistance would be a huge ally to humanity

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