How Will You Choose To Resist Digital Slavery? An Inquiry Into Spirit and Patriotism

A year ago, on my birthday, I spent hours waiting for a turn to speak at a meeting of Philadelphia City Council’s Poverty Committee. The topics were education and the workforce, and I was there to shed light on the pending roll out of decentralized digital learning ecosystems, surveillance education, and human capital bonds tied to a planned regional workforce and career pathway profiling. There were numerous attempts made to shut down public comment that night, in general and mine in particular. I had no idea that three months later, public health would be weaponized as a trigger to turbo-charge their agenda. Blogged here.

So, when a rather last minute invitation was extended a week ago Friday to speak at an event protesting lockdowns at Independence Mall I was intrigued. The planned date was my birthday, which felt auspicious. So I called the person who’d emailed right away, and we had a long chat. My lens is not typical, and I wanted to make sure the event was aligned with my values. I didn’t want to present anywhere that was not a good fit. The woman assured me she’d been involved with progressive activism for decades. I shared my concerns that their slogan “Make Freedom Contagious” with Independence Mall as the backdrop might not strike the right tone, especially in Philadelphia. After ringing off with her I went back to my computer and clicked through to look over their flyer.

For me this flyer has serious issues.

I’ll tell you why.

I’m doing this NOT to be divisive.

I’m doing it, because it’s important.

This upheaval has presented all of us with chances to grow.

I offer the following analysis in the hope that it may serve to catalyze a movement against tyranny firmly grounded in justice.

To fight digital slavery and dispossession, we must be clear on the past.

The fate of Indigenous nations and enslaved Blacks is the fate of white America under the terms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With this understanding we can advance powerful strategies of resistance.

As a Philadelphian it is my responsibility to speak up.

I want us to rise together, in truth and in love.


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin.

First, this flyer channels nationalism. We know transnational global capital interests through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are perpetrating the “Great Reset” against humanity and nature. If you’re still not sure, check out the 2,000+ practitioners of ESG investments at the Impact Management Project. We are up against the most powerful hoarders of wealth on the planet. Their avarice and access to elected officials knows no bounds. The rich don’t have borders. Companies don’t have borders. Borders are for managed populations, livestock. To the Davos crowd, we are livestock to be tagged and managed by satellite from space.

The technological, financial, and policy apparatus that will scale this agenda has been refined through “humanitarian aid” channels and social impact pilots targeting the poor here at home. Life on the planet will not be served by humans retreating into our respective borders, but rather by our intentional choice to look outward and join in solidarity with those who have been most oppressed by the IMF and World Bank’s structural adjustment programs and ongoing colonization. With the planned mRNA injections that colonization is now advancing to the cellular level.

It is those who have suffered the most who are leading the way in throwing up roadblocks to the implementation of the global prison planet. The farmers’ uprising in India is a testament to that. They are on the front lines standing against the roll out of Rockefeller’s planned reset of the food system. One that would use bioengineering and abominations like 3-D printed “food” aligned to our genomics on blockchain to optimize us, dehumanize us, to their industrially engineered society.

Until we recognize that we are part of a rich, complex web of relationships with all of humanity, in fact with ALL BEINGS, we will not prevail in our quest to overcome the World Economic Forum’s techno-fascist program. While it may be comforting to pull Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin out of the closet, I think patriotic framing is insufficient for the task at hand and will ultimately lead us down the wrong road.

We are in the midst of an epic struggle. Will natural life prevail against the billionaires’ plans to push us into the machine, into virtual reality where they will digitally nudge us and bet on our compliance? We don’t have vast numbers of resistors right now. What we DO have is SPIRIT. Therefore, it is vital that we be very intentional about advancing our cause from the heart space.

To do that, many Americans are going to have to undertake deep internal work. That isn’t going to be easy, especially since the media has conditioned us into nationalist boxes and partisan ones, too. Please know I am not coming at this from a position of identity politics. In order for this to work, we have to go much deeper – a soul-searching really, a reflection on faith and the future. It will take time. Time to see and grieve and process the guilt and get to a point that you are not immobilized by it. I know. I started this journey three years ago in a whirlwind of realizing this planned future, watching the raid on Standing Rock, finding Justin Leroy’s work on Social Impact Bonds, knowing the place of my city in all of it extending from Wharton Business School all the way back to Ben Franklin. There is no short cut but to do it. And since time is short, best to jump in with both feet. Know we are with you supporting you along this challenging journey. Take a deep breath. Go deep.

Independence National Park is a highly symbolic space. Consider that the ideals of freedom and liberty have never been fully extended to the Black and Brown people upon whose lives and lands this country became rich and powerful. That was by design. It was not a mistake. And just as our nation left a trail of broken treaties with Indigenous nations, our Constitution is becoming a broken treaty with white America. As John Trudell notes in his poem, Cry Your Tears, “way this story is unfolding, we may end up crying together.”

White people are not exceptional; we are expendable. That is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is in the process of ushering in. The civil rights we thought we had are about to be superseded by a digital wallet of “rights” and “privileges” governed by blockchain smart contracts. Everyone will be a data commodity – a digital brand – white, black, brown, or indigenous. Those in power will seek to play us off against one another, and sadly it seems to be working well for them so far.

The Fourth Sector, public-private partnerships, corporate fascist state, is on the ascent. The deep state steeped in the founding fathers’ freemasonry has brought chickens home to roost. We have to attain clarity about our past, about what really happened, in order to advocate for a future where the lives of ALL humans are cherished as sovereign, natural beings, not debt instruments. In my heart I know we can’t go forward until we look back. We must look back with intention to set things right and start down the path towards collective healing.

When I first moved to Philadelphia I was captivated by its colonial architecture and the narrative of enlightened progress. But I know now those were myths. It was only in pursuing activism around education and finance that I came to learn all was not as it appeared. Admittedly, I still have much to learn and am grateful to my many teachers. I give thanks to elders like Mama Gail and Jackie Wiggins who fight to surface histories that discomfort the comfortable. Had I not come to know these women and their steadfast efforts to honor the ancestors and link present injustices to past harms, I would not be prepared to do the work I feel called to do today.

Tourists enjoying carriage rides through the cobblestone streets of Independence National Park are rarely told there is a rich fabric of ongoing resistance to social domination threaded through the crumbling, redlined neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Resistance asserted through music, through oration, through documentation, through bodies on the line. William Still, WEB DuBois, Paul Robeson, John Coltrane, Marian Anderson, Cecil B. Moore, MOVE, and Russell Maroon Shoatz are among the many who have left their marks on this city. Their stories spin out against a backdrop of inequality created by our founding fathers’ word spells. When resisting slavery we must think carefully about which role models we choose. Are we to side with the enslavers or the enslaved? The choice matters; the intention matters. It is not a question to be lightly brushed aside.

Most don’t know the history, because it’s not taught. I’m sure the organizers of this event had no idea that 50 feet from the spot where the speakers presented, was the site of the first President’s House where George Washington kept nine people enslaved. I told them, of course. I spoke with several people about it. Yet, the messaging did not change. We can choose to grow or shrink back into old paradigms. There’s always a choice.

Even when we misstep, we can course correct.

Below are images from a ceremonial procession a group of us made on Saturday December 5, 2020. The “Contagious Freedom” event had been postponed due to weather. We went out to the space to set an intention that would lift up the stories of Washington’s slaves. We lay down our banners, acknowledged Lenape land, and shared a circle of gratitude. We each took a pebble with the name of a slave and set it against the wall where it could be reflected into the “free speech” space, and then took small bundles of evergreens and placed them on the mantle.

We said their names: Hercules, Richmond, Paris, Moll, Ona, Christopher, Giles, Joe, and Austin. We spoke in appreciation of their memory and the role they had to play in the story that is unfolding. We closed with a reading of John Trudell’s poem Cry Your Tears, which includes the line: “The bill of rights becomes collateral damage, making the constitution another broken treaty.” Trudell, indeed, was a prophetic voice for our times.

Philadelphia was a city of free Blacks, and if a slave resided in the city for a certain period of time they had the right to petition for their freedom through Pennsylvania’s 1780 emancipation law. The first president of the United States was so calculating that he planned to move his human chattel back and forth to Mount Vernon so they could never become free. One of his slaves, the seamstress Ona Judge, escaped before being sold to an abusive new master. Though she made it to New Hampshire the Washington family paid informants to try and trick her, unsuccessfully, into coming back.

Here is an excerpt from a letter, now at the National Archives, written by George Washington in April 12, 1791 before moving to Philadelphia:

The Attorney-General’s case and mine I conceive, from a conversation I had with him respecting our Slaves, is somewhat different. He in order to qualify himself for practice in the Courts of Pennsylvania, was obliged to take the Oaths of Citizenship to that State; whilst my residence is incidental as an Officer of Government only, but whether among people who are in the practice of enticing slaves even where there is no colour of law for it, this distinction will avail, I know not, and therefore beg you will take the best advise you can on the subject, and in case it shall be found that any of my Slaves may, or any for them shall attempt their freedom at the expiration of six months, it is my wish and desire that you would send the whole, or such part of them as Mrs. Washington may not chuse to keep, home—

For although I do not think they would be benefitted by the change, yet the idea of freedom might be too great a temptation for them to resist. At any rate it might, if they conceived they had a right to it, make them insolent in a State of Slavery. As all except Hercules and Paris are dower negroes, it behoves me to prevent the emancipation of them, otherwise I shall not only loose the use of them, but may have them to pay for.

If upon taking good advise it is found expedient to send them back to Virginia, I wish to have it accomplished under pretext that may deceive both them and the Public;—and none I think would so effectually do this, as Mrs. Washington coming to Virginia next month (towards the middle or latter end of it, as she seemed to have a wish to do) if she can accomplish it by any convenient and agreeable means, with the assistance of the Stage Horses &c.

This would naturally bring her maid and Austin—and Hercules under the idea of coming home to Cook whilst we remained there, might be sent on in the Stage. Whether there is occasion for this or not according to the result of your enquiries, or issue the thing as it may, I request that these Sentiments and this advise may be known to none but yourself & Mrs. Washington.

From the following expression in your letter “that those who were of age might follow the example of his (the Attorney’s people) after a residence of six months”—it would seem that none could apply before the end of May—& that the non age of Christopher, Richmond & Oney is a bar to them.vI offer Mrs. Lear the child and yourself my best wishes—and with Sincere Esteem I am Your Affecte Friend (George Washington)


So consider this letter. Also consider that Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, had sexual relations with Sally Hemings, his slave, from the age of fourteen when they travelled to Paris. Hemings was the caretaker of Jefferson’s youngest daughter. In discussing a new exhibit on Hemings at Monticello, a 2018 New York Times article “Monticello Is Done Avoiding Jefferson’s Relationship With Sally Hemings,” noted:

“At a time when sexual abuses by powerful men have dominated the news, curators struggled for months over how to describe the relationship between Hemings and Jefferson — and in particular whether to use the word “rape” in the exhibit. The foundation held conference calls and meetings with historians, board members and descendants to discuss the question.

“There are a lot of people who believe rape is too polarizing a word,” said Niya Bates, a public historian at Monticello. “But it was a conversation that we knew we could not avoid. It’s a conversation the public is already having.”

In the end, historians opted to use the word “rape” with a question mark, knowing that some would criticize them for including the word, while others would have criticized them for leaving it out.

The question is asked on a plaque on the wall outside the Hemings exhibit titled “Sex, Power and Ownership.” It spells out the power dynamic between the two: Under Virginia law, Hemings was Jefferson’s property.”


Beyond stolen bodies, our nation’s wealth was built on land often fraudulently acquired. The settler predisposition towards taking advantage of the good will of indigenous people is exemplified in “The Walking Purchase” – Philadelphia has ties here, too. This agreement was hammered out at Stenton, home of James Logan in Germantown a few miles northwest of Independence National Park.

After William Penn’s death, his sons, deeply in debt, sought to acquire more land they could sell to immigrants to pay their bills. They told the Delaware that their father had purchased land along the river, but had not yet paid for it, lacking a proper survey. An arrangement was made through Penn’s agent James Logan that the colonists would have the amount of land that could be walked in a day and a half. What the Delaware did not know was that representatives of the Penn family had been preparing for this for months – surveying the land for the fastest route and arranging for runners who had extensively trained for this task. The amount of land covered that day was twice what the Delaware had expected.

The following except is taken from the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission’s description of the Walking Purchase.

“The Delaware’s charged that the deal was fraud. It is very likely that the reason for the Indian’s ignorance of the 1686 deal is that it never happened. Logan could not produce an original copy of the deed, nor does the sale appear in Pennsylvania’s provincial land records. Consequently the outraged Delawares refused to leave the land, and the Pennsylvania officials called on the Iroquois to force them out. This they did in 1741, informing the Delaware that as a people who accepted rule by the Iroquois they had not right to sell the land in the first place. The Iroquois rounded out their ultimatum with insults, calling the Delaware “women.”

The deed and the Walking Purchase that implemented it were revealing. Certainly a person more skilled in the English language than any Native American of the time had prepared the document, but it included not only English legal terminology but also typical Native American phrases that showed respect for elders and their own primitive way of calculating distances. More important is what they disclose concerning the attitude of the Europeans – the Proprietors and their officials – towards the Indians. William Penn’s sons John and Thomas, as well as James Logan, indicated clearly that they had abandoned William Penn’s policy of fairness towards Native Americans. They seemed to have had no qualms about using one group of Indians to cheat another out of its land.”

Land theft, fraud, and slavery were the norm with the Constitution in place. The Constitution did not protect Harriet Tubman, nor did it protect Sitting Bull. The Constitution was not written for them. To our “enlightened” leaders they only mattered as objects in so far as they could be controlled for the financial gain of those in power. Now, with the dawning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is our turn to walk in their footsteps, and it’s scary.

In the face of this terror it perhaps feels easier to hold onto myth rather than venture out and create a new reality; even though what we most need right now is a NEW reality. We’re either going to accept one imposed on us by Davos or fight for our own vision. Therefore it is vital that we critically reflect on the ideals of American “liberty” and “freedom” that have been embedded in our consciousness as we go forth.

After leaving the president’s house site, our small group walked north to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Building on 6th Street. At the end of the block was a marker telling the history of Pennsylvania Hall, a building built by abolitionists for their organizing and burned down three days after completion by anti-Black rioters. Left as a ruin for a year it became a pilgrimage site for those fighting slavery in nineteenth-century Philadelphia.

Outside the gates we burned sage from Lakota land, we held our banner, and took turns reading the lyrics of Utah Phillips song “I Will Not Obey.” We lay down dried branches as a rebuke of the dead, digital twin world being offered to us by hedge funds / virtual reality coders and lay down evergreen boughs symbolizing vibrant life on top of them. We revoked consent to our participation and that of future generations in the central banks’ human capital bond program. We closed by singing Simple Gifts and continued on to the home of William Still, conductor on the Underground Railroad.

William Still helped 692 enslaved people to escape to freedom and sheltered some of John Brown’s men after the raid on Harper’s Ferry. He was a free Black man and small business owner who took it upon himself to not only save people, but to write down their stories, so they could be reunited with their families. Harriet Tubman was a friend who visited the house. When we arrived a pool of water from rain the night before was cupped in the dip of the limestone step. Even though the façade of the house has been made over, the depression of thousands of feet can still be seen in that step, in that puddle. We put our fingers in the water and touched history.

At the end of Delhi Street is a Whole Foods, now owned by Bezos. Resetting the food system, of course, is a major element in the Fourth Industrial Revolution / social impact agenda. So it was satisfying to be able to set an intention on Delhi Street within sight of the store. We sprinkled lentils around the base of the sign post and held hands, eyes closed, sending our positive energy across the oceans to the millions of farmers gathered in peaceful protest in the real Delhi. Amazing synchronicity. We read an essay prepared by Mark Bignell of the UK for the solstice. We acknowledged the importance of William Still and the relevance of his work as many revisit the need for networks of support for those dissenting against the biosecurity state. We closed with Amazing Grace.

There was not the fanfare of a big protest event, but it offers a model centering spirit, right relationships, healing, and empowerment through an intimate gathering of like minds and like hearts. Resistance takes many forms. It was beautiful. It was one of the best birthday presents ever. Most of us had never met before. Crisis can bring us together in community.

In order to follow the path towards collective liberation, we must be willing to face up to our past. We can’t sweep it under the rug. We can’t pretend it doesn’t matter. It matters. And yet we must not let shame paralyze us into inaction. Let it put a fire in our belly to walk the road towards freedom in deference to those who have been living this struggle for centuries.

Know the flip side of the “enlightenment;” know cultural erasure; know family separation; know theft of economic independence – and in that knowledge be strong. If we can see this work that must be done, the creator has given us the gift of living our lives at a time when the choices we make truly matter. Let those choices be principled ones.

Maybe Philadelphia will get a do-over.

Perhaps this is our moment!

I posted on my social media this week:

I’m no patriot. I’m a mom who hopes to be part of a global peace movement that will begin to dismantle fin-tech’s prison planet infrastructure. It is our charge to face the bitter truths of history and begin to heal past wounds to make a better future for all.

Care to join us?

Let’s talk over soup and sewing at my place this Saturday 12/12/20. Drop in between noon and 4pm. We’ll have a fire in the woodstove.

Email me through the blog for this address if you’re in the Philadelphia area and want to come.



29 thoughts on “How Will You Choose To Resist Digital Slavery? An Inquiry Into Spirit and Patriotism

  1. Pam says:

    Wonderful . It’s hard to accept the past and keep walking toward the future. It’s hard to find a center point of calm in all of this
    While I accept all allies in this fight for justice I will not ignore the past.
    I will not lie and I will not be silent but I will also not be divisive I will be inclusive
    It’s not an easy road
    We must make it up as we go along right

  2. Robin Eleanor Gaura says:

    Beautiful. Thank you Alison. I will be with you in spirit. I did a sweat lodge in dream last night with one of my spiritual teachers. I woke singing, ’tis a gift to be simple…We have been preparing all our lives for this freeset. Time to make our vision known, to educate and inspire. We can do better! The spiritual poverty of the ridiculous proposals of WEF are so sad, just a shadow of death amidst the beauties of our world. We are for Life, for Love, for Beauty, with Justice for all.

  3. Carol Brouillet says:

    Thank-you Alison for your heart-felt words and actions, for sharing pieces of history that I was unfamiliar with. Wish I could join you for soup and conversation, but I am far away on the other side of the continent. I find my comfort with the trees, the wildlife, the clouds, hiking generally by myself, unmasked, finding peace in the sheer beauty of the place where I have lived and raised children. I appreciate your analysis and understanding of the current situation; I just wish I could break through all the mental barriers that prevent my husband, sons and so many friends from seeing through the Psy-Op that has blinded them to the genuine threats to all of us. I am grateful, however, for the many, many, people, my friends included, who, like you are committed to challenging the Great Reset and seeking to heal ourselves and the world from the Imperial Disease which has driven the ruling elite “stark raving mad.”

  4. Daniel says:

    Thank you. Truly beautiful. In my view this is indeed profoundly important to go into, as the whole struggle against the great reset and 4IR seems to being taken over by far right interest groups and conservative Qanon type of mentality (strongly aligned with religious fundamentalism and with the military worship mentality which are often what hides behind their use of the word “patriotism”).

    For the far right Qanon type of mentality to take over the struggle for freedom would be absolutely disastrous and can never ever lead to a beneficial outcome.

    I think it extremely important to be clear that the alternative to the global capitalists who drive the great reset and 4IR is NOT more extreme right wing capitalism or religious fundamentalism or military worship, which is often what the right wing groups are pushing when they use the word “patriotism” (a word very frequently used in the extremely misguided and deceived Qanon evangelical circles).

  5. NC Liberty Belle says:

    You have amazing fortitude & insight on what’s going on around here (there: PA, USA, The World). I think my own sentiment is similar in that… my post would likely be more along the lines of: “I’m no rebel. I’m a mom who prays to be part of a peaceful, real-life, community-based network which expands personal connections that can reach other like-minded free people across the globe – in any and every effort to work together to undermined & work around the unwise “SMART” prisons we’re expected to help build for ourselves and our posterity. Those who do not learn from history are NOT “delightfully surprised” to repeat it. To avert such doom, is to start by learning (real) history and paying attention to the current events that will shape the history of our children’s future.” Thanks for posts & activism. ~ NC Liberty Belle

  6. Lulu says:

    What a wonderfully informative and moving piece, and such a lovely warm invitation to join you!
    Your words and recent action are most inspiring, and while I’d certainly love to join you in person, it’ll have to be in spirit, because I’m up in Canada. There is a growing awakening happening here…
    I found each of the posts made in response to your article quite touching, and can feel the connection between us. Maybe we are privileged to be here at this time?

    • Laura Baker says:

      Lulu I too am Canadian residing in Ontario. Looking for recommendation to connect with like minded individuals or groups in my area. This information is overwhelming but feels more like the truth that my own research is revealing. Always grateful for helping hands and hearts. Allison…. thank you from all of us!
      I add my email here for transparency and convenience. Peace and light be with us all!

  7. Thomas Groover says:

    Dr. Gerald Horne in his Counterrevolution of 1776 says Washington and gang shaped the narrative for the revolution to be about the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness declared by the grassroots. In fact it used the Declaration of Independence to start a revolution which was primarily about protecting that gang from England’s pending abolition of American slavery, and from democracy “of, by and for the people”.

    The Federalists wrote the Constitution to give property inviolable rights, rights which are transferred to the property-owner which allow them to extract, exploit, produce, market, and externalize liabilities (harms) of their actions upon people, communities and nature with impunity. The Federalists idolized British law with its monarchy, but knew “We the People” would object. So they disguised their totalitarian rule by making it appear to “represent” the people. That government was constructed to serve the super-wealthy. It’s system of “checks and balances” are there to protect property and commerce of the super-rich from democracy. That system is what Chris Hedges calls the “inverted totalitarianism.

    By the way, the constitutional convention was attended, by secret invitation only, and held in secret with doors and shuttered windows locked and guarded. Attendees had to agree to keep the convention’s secrets thereafter, and to keep the records of its proceedings secret for 100 years after the death of all its participants.

    As such the adoption of the Constitution was a counter-revolution to the Articles of Confederation and not an improvement of those articles as was advertised.

    • Alma Tierra says:

      Dear Alison McDowell, I’m an indigenous, African/American Indian person, still relatively free. Two things: 1) Thank you for all you’re doing, and for being so clear in your insight & understanding of the beginnings of all this, and of who was targeted first, here on Turtle Island and on the continent of Africa. Please, as you list that history (genocide, kidnapping/human trafficking/generational enslavement, and land and resource theft), remember to indicate as well, that these atrocities never ended & are still happening right now, with “new” wrinkles and permutations. 2) Indian and African peoples grow up learning & deeply knowing what’s in store for us; knowing not to trust the “mainstream” on any level. So I’ve known the deal since I was a kid. What’s changed is that in 2008, I finally found time to start researching the subject of the financial system, and that led me to keep paying attention and to keep pulling more threads, ultimately unraveling the whole fabric of what’s now being fast-tracked for all humans & our non-human relations here on Mother Earth. Ms. McDowell, at this current juncture, I feel guided to speak out much more. As is true of many indigenous people, my social fabric has been rent, and I could use a bit more back-up, as I become more visible. I hope you’ll contact me via my pseudonymous account: alma con la tierra at protonmail dot com. And thank you again, so much. You are doing the same work I feel called to do: speaking up to our white relatives, inviting and encouraging them to do the work of facing the truth of history, and grieving what needs grieving, then forgiving the forebears who started this ball rolling downhill, and uniting with the rest of us to reclaim and create a healthy, positive Present and Future for all life, and for seven generations to come.

        • Dan says:

          What is expressed here:
          seems to me like one of the wisest, profound, most psychologically-mature, loving, freeing, and truly human response we could engage in, in the face of technocratic tyranny on the one hand and of the traumatised and violent right wing immature mindset on the other hand (as expressed by the immature unaware violent commentor ‘tradition of liberty’ above) of conservative/religious dogma and fascist tendencies that always involves forcing and violence and brutality and subjugation and ‘power over’ and blindly taking out one’s rage and trauma and frustration on others, and never listening or considering

          Please do read it through (the second part is where it gets more practical). This is truly one of the wisest, insightful and most humanly beneficial suggestions I ever come across.

          • alma tierra says:

            Dan, thanks for sharing the above link. I’m just seeing your Reply today, and will check it out. Also, I invite you to see my comment below (dated 1.16.21), in Reply to Tony and to Julia.

  8. William Skink says:

    Hello Alison, I just listened to your appearance on THC and it blew me away. I’m in Missoula, Montana, and have been writing for many years about local corruption as it relates to homelessness (I worked at our local homeless shelter for 7 years) and your perspective has connected so many things I’ve been researching myself, and the way you present it…wow.

    I would love to communicate more. My email contact is willskink at yahoo dot com. I can contextualize what I think the role of a college town like Missoula might be in this transhumanist dystopia. There is even a Pritzker lurking north of Missoula who I have placed in a fictional narrative I’m writing to better understand myself what is going on, because this IS a spiritual battle. Thank you again for the work you are doing, it’s making a difference and, hopefully, will help galvanize resistance to their psychotic plans to enslave us.

    • almatierra says:

      Yay, Wiliam! Another peaceful warrior joins the fray! I just want to thank you, sir, and also chime in to say that I believe what’s good and positive will prevail, but what will actually ensure that, is for all of us who ARE positive, to step up, speak out and actively defend and exercise our rights! Along with encouraging all our Sisters and Brothers to join in as well. It’s going to take a Global Village acting locally in affinity groups, to make this work out right!

  9. Julia Konmaz says:

    Alison, I’m writing from Istanbul, Turkey. I am desperately worried, and it looks like things won’t get better any time soon. I am curious about finding out ways to educate those around us who are blind to what is happening, and genuinely think this is *all about* the virus. Where to start? Any hints you might have would be appreciated, as part of what is so disturbing about this all is the sense that one is all alone with one’s thoughts. I guess I’m asking what you think a good primer would be for this all. Without going too far back, or getting too involved in more liminal aspects of it; just a good starting point that neatly would avoid the inevitable accusations that one is a “conspiracy theorist”.

  10. Tradition of Liberty says:

    There will be no negotiation with the global elite power structure by the populace. The eleite conscience has been blunted by Malthusian, Darwinian, Platonic and Communist belief systems, which they have adopted completely. Liberty must be TAKEN, and unfortunately this will require force. Force will require willing Men. Women will be required to wholly support the actions of these Men, for it is largely they whom they fight for. Expect no help from cops. They exist to keep the elite in power and as mercenaries for the State, will go to any lengths they are told to to subdue the populace. They will have to be dealt with. There are many, many veterans in the USA which have been used and cast aside by the government which they served. Large numbers want to get even. When your boot is planted on the neck of Klaus Schwab and the like, then see if they’ll come around.

  11. robingaura says:

    Hi Alison, I just watched your interview with Sayer Ji. I thought you might be interested in the work of a recently deceased Russian scientist; Dr Peter Gariaev. He discovered that the genome is coded in the form of a language, he calls it genomic linguistics. So that’s why all this gene manipulation, and crisper doesn’t work and just scrambles the gene expression. I think it has the complexity of a language, its like a song. He found that you can record the sound of a gene sequence related to a specific organ, and play it to a rat with a damaged organ, and it would regenerate. So, I went online and there were all these nuts saying we can live for hundreds of years using this technology. I think that would not be the best use. But apparently, the genes sing this language pattern, and its expressed electromagnetically out as a torus, and scalar fields. So, it actually broadcasts us, like a hologram. So, like John says, In the beginning was the word….
    This came to mind during your discussion of linguistics, or use of `magical´ words. I am often distressed at the breakdown of language by the anti-culture through advertising and media.
    I wonder if some of our especially long lived politicians or billionaires are already using this regenerative technique. If they were planning on living hundreds of years, no wonder they think there´s too many of us.
    This could be used for a new vibrational, non invasive medicine/healing modality. Sometimes when I do hands on healing, I ask the person to remember the original perfect pattern of themselves, like when they were 15, and visualize that when I work on them. It seems to have an effect.
    Anyways, thanks for your work. Awesome, informative!

  12. juliemwithers says:

    Thank you Alison, I love your story of your Day of Honouring, and on your birthday too, it all chimes with the honouring of your own love and commitment to this cause. Beautiful. I am right (t)here with you, the tears must be cried, the the work of grief chosen and carried out together. This IS re-membering in the fullest sense of the word, I can feel the techno-fascist spectre falling away, chased back into the shadowlands… 💖

  13. David AJ says:

    Alison, thank you. I enjoyed this beautiful article, your discussion with Sayer Ji, and the previous interveiw that appeared on Greenmedinfo a few months ago. I connected with your insight about putting yourself in a place to connect with nature and others, and then being open to where things take you–rather than being impatient to make change happen in a preconceived way. I am especially grateful for the connection you made between the quiet wisdom of indigenous elders, and the search for a grounded and sane response to all of this organised crime. I love Jordan Petersen’s rule number 6, “Seek not to change the world until your own house is in perfect order.” Bless you, and the healing spirit that clearly guides you. I am very inspired.

    • alma tierra says:

      David AJ, I too, deeply appreciate the message and info that Alison is sharing with all of us, and with the practice of connecting with nature and with other humans in real ways, and of being open to the natural unfolding of the path, etc.

      I would be cautious, however, about any dictum stating that one should first have one’s affairs in “perfect order,” before organizing and acting to bring about needed change in the world. It’s in no small part due to the rampant inhumanity being foisted upon most of us, that we struggle so mightily to return to or to remain sane, sober and at peace within our own selves, our own families, our own communities. Yes, the healthier folks among us will be the best folks to be the most outward-facing people in our movement to change and improve the world. But we each play our own part, not by needing to first attain “perfection” in any way, but by remaining committed to and sincerely Practicing our Dedication to sanity, sobriety, peace and respectfulness, within our own self, within our relationships, within our homes and our communities. Blessings to you and to us all, and may the Healing Spirit guide us all.

  14. David AJ says:

    This sounds truly perfect to me: “…by remaining committed to and sincerely Practicing our Dedication to sanity, sobriety, peace and respectfulness, within our own self, within our relationships, within our homes and our communities. Blessings to you and to us all, and may the Healing Spirit guide us all.”
    “I would be cautious, however, about any dictum stating that one should first have one’s affairs in “perfect order,” before organizing and acting to bring about needed change in the world.” I see where you are coming from. Perfectionism isn’t what I am advocating, it is a humble connection with a healing spirit that leads to an ordered house. So I think we see things mostly the same way. The caution I recommend is the likelihood that collective action fuelled by fear, resentment or anything less than love, and the sobriety you rightly note, is most likley to make things even worse. Purely identifying with a righteous cause, or talking back to negative power, isn’t potent in the absence of a positive individulity. I think it’s possibly a conservative way of thinking I am trying to express here, which is needed to ground the progressive side.

    • Alma Tierra says:

      Thanks, David. And yes, our sentiments would appear to be compatible. The words “conservative” and “progressive” that you used in your reply, seem – to me – to currently be loaded with baggage that could potentially slow down our collective achievement of needed mutual understanding and unity. Accordingly, I would humbly suggest that we carefully consider utilizing alternative descriptive terms, as we “feel” our way and find our way to the common ground we truly share. For it is by standing together and acting together on common ground, that we will succeed in nurturing, strengthening and bringing into being, the collective freedom and the wisdom to reclaim and reassert our rights to create, share and enjoy a sane, healthy, just and peaceful world for everyone.

  15. Tony Conway says:

    There are two plans not one. Besides the technocracy plan, hatched long ago within cells of secrecy, and fueled on fantasies of supremacy, there is a deeper gentle plan for the Earth. In this other plan, all the griefs and sorrows, all the abuses and neglects, of the past, are being compost for the creation of World Peace. The Peace that will be realized is not only a cessation of conflict, between power hungry oppressors and the dispossessed – whether framed by race, creed, nation, economic class, gender or order, but a transcendent state for humanity in which war and all her allies – judgement, betrayal and subjugation- will be no longer possible. Humanity will pass through this destructive adolescence, and recognize the truth, that we are all born of the Earth, that all of Creation is our family, and that when we hurt any part of this precious Earth, including her rivers and soils, the so called inorganic realm, it is felt by all, including ourselves. The basic truth that we are one, which is the source of all spiritual teachings, the world over, will become self evident to all, and the disconnect that allows us to live in our current hollow illusion of separation, and which has provided the ground of opportunity for cruel, self-annihilating, delusional and preposterous violations of the natural law – such as technocracy – to gain such a hold, this disconnection from Nature, from our own limitless power, our own dignity, wisdom, and truth, must and will be healed. We have work to do. The pulse of change is quickening. This is the time to live life fully, with an open heart, to trust our own being, and to seek out those who are with us on the journey. Many are being woken by the call for change. The awareness that the time is now is dizzying, but also confirming, for it confirms what many have always felt in their hearts. We must walk our talk now. The time of separation is over. Thank you Alison for your valor and spirit. You are an inspiration, and a natural leader.

  16. Julia Konmaz says:

    I’m truly grateful to read your comment here Tony. It is one of the first openly optimistic and, in that sense, soothing and calming outlooks on everything that is happening of late. Speaking as someone who had sort of been blindly trundling along for the past years, raising kids in this world and not really paying attention to the larger picture, this Corona-Covid er and the sudden shift in direction has been a rude wake up call. Many nights I find myself staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep because of dystopian visions and worries about what sort of world my children will be inheriting. But it calms me to imagine what you are saying, because what you are saying has a deep ring of truth to it. People like Allison are indeed inspirational and important leaders right now, but I also love it when people like you step in to soothe our frayed nerves. It really helps.

    • Tony Conway says:

      Thanks Julia. Rude or not, it is certainly a wake up call! And your gratitude is a powerful healing force. The sharing of gratitude and appreciation, truly felt from the heart, will be the force that truly reunites us. This force, the progeny of love, is beyond the reach of rational discursive reasoning. It is the glue that binds us all together, and to the source. In gratitude to you too…

      • alma tierra says:

        I agree with the above expressions by Julia and Tony. But as a Black woman, an indigenous woman, and an intelligent, hard-working person who never found a mentor to assist my “professional” worklife (ergo, I’m financially “poor” and also now retired), I would ask that folks like Tony make sure their soothing expressions are also converted into helpful actions, to assist the many folks who struggle mightily amidst the continuing death-throes of the Technocrats. The technocrats may be destined to fail (due to our combined efforts to uphold and propagate all that’s positive and helpful), but they’re still causing much hardship on their way down.

        So, I hope that Tony and others in similar circumstances are doing all you can to take action to help those of us who are much closer to the heel of the boot that’s still aiming for us all. If we truly unite and help each other, then yes, we’re going to collectively create that positive future. But creating isn’t just speaking or writing words; creating means actively engaging with and getting to know the hearts and the needs and the inherent wisdom of those who struggle hardest, due to conditions created by centuries of racism, sexism, homophobia and other long-standing destructive practices. And though I have fewer material resources than many others, with which to survive in this material world, I share as I go, and also give my time and energy to help others. I suggest that we each offer concrete examples of how we’re actively building the unity, the “Oneness” that folks rhapsodize about.

        I’ll go first: I’m actively helping to sustain a small affinity group with White folks who are my friends, and I’m also helping provide meals to some Black elders who can no longer adequately feed themselves. And I’m planning a trip to visit with American Indian folks in several communities where I used to live, to brainstorm with them about how we might further strengthen our cross-cultural networks of support, this year and beyond, to create the liberated and peaceful world we want and deserve.

        And a last word to Julia, the mom, above: Many indigenous peoples share their prophecies, which describe how life moves and evolves in cycles, cycles of time and cycles of energies. The elders who spoke when I was a young one, explained that we are currently coming to the end of a long, negative-energy cycle, and that the coming cycle will be a long, positive-energy cycle (at least a thousand years). The elders explained that the way we can best facilitate the full emergence of this new, positive cycle, is by nurturing the original positive energies within our own selves (energies of love, acceptance, respect, humility, peacefulness and sharing), and by reuniting with all others, across all artificial boundaries (boundaries of race, ethnicity, color, class, nationality, species, etc.). The elder I remember most vividly, explained that by collectively (and also one by one) unifying across these boundaries, we will activate the collective access to a power and to a wisdom that we can’t truly imagine, until we actually do Unite in Respect and Love, with all of life. But once we do this, especially at the Collective Level, we will fully emerge into the new cycle of Respectful, Loving Life. Please share this with your children, keep your spirit up, and get your sleep!

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