How Engineered Pandemics And Poverty Profit The Elite – Truthiverse Interview, October 2020

Alison McDowell is an independent activist, researcher and blogger who has a laser beam focus on what and who is behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Great Reset and what the future entails if the Technocrats get their way. If you want to know what the bigger agenda behind the pandemic is this is a great watch.

In this video Alison touches on a number of subjects including:

– Davos, The WEF, and Agenda 21 sustainability goals

– Social impact markets that will emerge

– Data mining of humans for profit

– Weaponising the food system

– Biometrics, including nano tech and smart wearables

– Social engineering and eugenics

– Digital Nations the D9 and digital identities on blockchain

– Education…goodbye brick and mortar schools hello virtual reality digital nightmare

A vaccine tomato even gets a mention. Yikes!

For those uninitiated into the agenda behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the information in this video may go over your head, but you have to start somewhere. I would recommend watching this a couple of times and then familiarizing yourself with Alison’s other videos that expand in depth on these areas. You will soon understand the topics and lingo.

A good place to start is a video with Dr Tom Cowan (Conversations Dr Cowan and Friends Ep 18 Alison McDowell). Tom says, “you may not understand what Alison is talking about but you instinctively know it’s true.” I could not agree more. The more you watch and listen, the more it sinks in and you realize quickly that Alison cuts straight through the flowery language of “Build Back Better” and lays out the dystopian future the technocrats envision like it really is.

By Maz Dunne

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9 thoughts on “How Engineered Pandemics And Poverty Profit The Elite – Truthiverse Interview, October 2020

  1. shocker says:

    Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to bringing this horrendous, crime syndicate agenda to light.

    I generally don’t watch many videos or podcasts; I prefer reading articles.

    Do you know of, or have you written, a succinct summary of the issues involved in the great reset?

    It might be helpful for more people to grasp what’s going on here. Including me.

  2. Karen Bracken says:

    Great interview. Glad to hear you start bringing A21, SDGs and the Wildlands project out of the dark. The Great Reset is A21 merged with Technocracy. I have probably the only copy of the actual Wildlands project publication. Many people know what it is but they do not have the actual published plan. It took me 2 years to hunt down a copy of the special edition magazine that published the actual plan. I bought it from someone in the UK. Even the Wildlands Network didn’t have a copy. I have a pressing question about all of this and hoping the next time I come back to Philadelphia we can hook up.

  3. thegreatfallout says:

    I have learned so much from your work. Thank you for all you do. It is reaching the right people. I truly think most decent people would cringe if they knew the architecture and machinery was this vast, this Machiavellian, they would not comply. Let’s hope.

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