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If you were to climb around in my brain and make yourself at home for a bit, when you climbed back out these are fifteen concepts I’d want you to take away with you:

1. Power and wealth are becoming ever more concentrated.

2. The masses have been fractured by identity politics to take the pressure off a global billionaire class intent on continuing to run our world on war, debt, toxins, and extraction.

3. Information needed to make informed individual and collective choices is being suppressed.

4. Technological advancements have outstripped our ethical frameworks, though admittedly those frameworks were never all that robust.

5. Strategic investments have hijacked civic, academic, and faith-based institutions. These entities are busy repackaging surveillance capitalism as data-driven stakeholder capitalism. We’re to be good digital-citizen subjects of e-government solutionism run through public-private partnerships (or fascism).

6. The elite aim to remake the earth as a planetary computer under their total control.

7. That virtualization will be coded into existence with coerced, unfree labor: children, prisoners, refugees, people with disabilities, and the global poor.

8. Satellites and sensor networks will track and predict the actions of populations made disposable by Globalization 4.0: platform labor and digital scrip / programmable money.

9 The future of “work” for many, in the planned Fourth Industrial Revolution being rolled out now, will be assigned pathways of “self-improvement.” One’s level of compliance will inform hedge fund bets made on portfolios of human capital. This is pay for success finance tied to outcomes-based contracts in privatized education, healthcare, housing and food assistance. Universal Basic Income is the cheese for this panopticon mousetrap. Don’t take the bait.

10. The elite view life, spirit, and consciousness mechanistically – electrical engineering challenges that can leveraged to generate profit for themselves.

11. Medical passports, digital systems of enclosure and dispossession, are reframing natural life as a security threat.

12. Spatial reality, life experienced through deepening layers of data, are poised to radically magnify historically oppressive systems.

13. Life in the cloud emerged from military research and is an imperial project.

14. A centuries-long program of colonization and eugenics, taken to the cellular level with bioengineered gene therapies, is reaching its conclusion. Sophisticated targeting techniques are gradually conditioning people, especially children, to accept being transformed into sites of data extraction, ending natural life as we know it.

15. In my heart I believe we can grow a global peace movement to counter the planned Artificial Intelligence coup. We can refuse to play the billionaires’ militarized human capital hedge fund game, and in taking responsibility we can begin to heal. Restoring right relationships between one another and the planet is the imperative. Uniting with our magnificent sibling beings we will continue to write our own symphony, an ode to the creator, to mystical, natural life. That is the work. We welcome you.

Spring will come.

The transhumanists will fly too close to the sun.

In the meantime stand in your truth from a place of love.

This poem, Landscape With The Fall Icarus, goes with the featured image, a painting of the same name by Pieter Bruegel c 1558.

According to Brueghel
when Icarus fell
it was spring

a farmer was ploughing
his field
the whole pageantry

of the year was
awake tingling

the edge of the sea
with itself

sweating in the sun
that melted
the wings’ wax

off the coast
there was

a splash quite unnoticed
this was
Icarus drowning

By William Carols Williams 1962


16 thoughts on “Welcome To The Work – Alison’s Lens

  1. tasykes says:

    Thanks for all you do, Alison. Auden’s take on Brueghel’s Fall of Icarus is my favorite. (apologies for the long comment)

    Musée des Beaux Arts

    About suffering they were never wrong,
    The Old Masters: how well they understood
    Its human position; how it takes place
    While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along;
    How, when the aged are reverently, passionately waiting
    For the miraculous birth, there always must be
    Children who did not specially want it to happen, skating
    On a pond at the edge of the wood:
    They never forgot
    That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course
    Anyhow in a corner, some untidy spot
    Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer’s horse
    Scratches its innocent behind on a tree.
    In Brueghel’s Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away
    Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman may
    Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry,
    But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone
    As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green
    Water; and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen
    Something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky,
    Had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on.

    W. H. Auden

    • Simon Abbott says:

      Ha! You beat me to it! And where are the poet-seers of our time? The antennae of our nation? Truth-tellers to power? Ezra ostracized, imprisoned. Auden publicly ranted and raved against the darkening of the light.. As did, in his painful final days, Pinter… And now? Why are they all just self-obsessed or silent? De-platformed or scared? It takes an industrious courageous and insightful teacher to reassure us that spring will come and that tyranny always produces and sows the seeds of its own destruction…

      • tasykes says:

        I taught American and British Literature briefly at a community college where instructors and students were forced to interact with Blackboard and Canvas. I’ve watched as STEM education is prioritized and valorized, not so students can develop compassion and creativity but so they will be able to follow instructions. What’s happening to education has broken my heart precisely because I believe so deeply in its power to advance the most important qualities of the human experience. That’s why I return to Alison’s work, listen to Bach’s Cello Suites, read poetry and literature: it’s my poke in the eye of the technogiant who wants us to be unable to distinguish truth from mere information.

  2. NanC says:

    “10. The elite view life, spirit, and consciousness mechanistically – electrical engineering challenges that can leveraged to generate profit for themselves.”

    BINGO! The cumulative reason why Icarus (the pathetic fools) will fly too high…and burn themselves, unaware of the hot wires by which they will get caught in their imbalanced flight of pride.

    Enjoying the painting at the top of this post reminds me of a time before things got too complicated by materialism divorcing spirit. Being a buff of Western Civilization history trying to put all the pieces together, I surmise about the 13th century marked a pivotal point that has led to the nightmare of today. Then the Black Death had served as cover for vast changes, much like the covid plandemic serves today. Yes, humanity needed to grow beyond Middle Ages’ paradigm, but now it needs to grow beyond this adolescence wet dream ejaculating far too long into insanity burnout. Leave it to Spring Resurrection, a time of rebirth out of the old, waxing to our own Life Spirit Consciousness in the warming Sun of Love til we turn round right into full blossom. Together we’ll be graced to create an amazing bouquet, the likes of which the elite have no capability to fly to this height of imagination.

    • Deborah says:

      I’m reminded of a time where body-mind could have taken another path instead of Cartesian reductionism. Which seems ironic that this view turned on the church (that supported the study of this separation) with a view that the Pope and religion were no longer needed; because isn’t the Universe just a giant machine? I didn’t study Descartes, so maybe I’m wrong. But my understanding is that we have him to thank “or not” for being reduced to machines.

  3. D. says:

    Yes, the technocrats, like Icarus will be defeated by Natural forces.
    Their diabolical plan will not stand.
    Like the Tower of Babel was destroyed by forces on high, here we are again, a moment of truth, the reckoning.
    We must stand tall and claim our divinity, self assured of our place on Earth.

  4. Skeye says:

    Thank you Alison for this breakdown and for exposing your brain like that, a good way to put it. This, along with the most recent writings and interviews are great concise pieces to inform people with. Another key piece of the ‘covid-reset’ puzzle is the perception around tests and whether or not ‘sars-cov 2’ has actually been purely isolated, and this video I just watched today clarifies this well I feel:
    Covid-19: Dr Sam FAQs

  5. Anne Manusky says:

    Alison, another remarkable passage of our current day with relevant poetry and art!
    Waiting for the flight…and many to fall when the truth is revealed.
    God’s hand is on your shoulder.

  6. shocker says:

    This is excellent. Good to have talking points to outline and emphasize your work with. Thank you Alison.

    Honestly, I’m not familiar with Icarus, but I did like the poem and I think I get the gist. I’ll look it up.

    I appreciate the way you communicate, in the last point, the fact that we absolutely have the ability to overcome this crime syndicate, artificial intelligence coup.

    We see the hopelessness everyday in people’s faces (well, in their eyes anyway) and we read it online. I often have doubts that we can overcome the evil agendas of the robber barons, but those are just thoughts. They’re not reality. I know in my heart that spring will come.

    Human beings have an amazing ability to heal ourselves and each other. Though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, we are, actually, excellent problem solvers.

  7. shocker says:

    All of the concepts are on target, I just wanted to emphasize this point about NGO’s:

    “5. Strategic investments have hijacked civic, academic, and faith-based institutions. These entities are busy repackaging surveillance capitalism as data-driven stakeholder capitalism. We’re to be good digital-citizen subjects of e-government solutionism run through public-private partnerships (or fascism).”

  8. shocker says:

    (I looked it up.)

    “a splash quite unnoticed
    this was
    Icarus drowning”

    Ahh, hubris. Like Icarus, may these fascist agendas of the crime syndicate, drown in obscurity, along with their pride and self conficence.

    Let spring be upon us.

  9. Markus Allen says:

    Respectfully, Alison…

    I have heard you mention space satellites a lot. Yet, I have yet to see any evidence of any. (I conclude that blimps, balloons and cellphone towers are the real “satellites”.)

    Is there any proof that satellites exist? I have yet to find any proof – and I have been looking a super long time.

  10. Victor Alan Pate says:

    Thanx for giving a good, simplified and concise outline of your position and work. It really helps me to explain your efforts.
    As far as the Icarus, analogy, I am beginning to envision a deeper concept that presents an ominous challenge. I am starting to see some of the “wild conspiracy theories” that David Icke presents as something that should not be dismissed so easily. The anti-human behavior coming from the global Oligarchs is so extreme and ultimately illogical with regards to humanity, and life in general, that I question if those who are truly running this agenda are in fact human beings… or even earthlings of any kind. If this is the case, we should maintain optimistic that we can win, but waiting on wax to melt from the heat of the sun may not be the best analysis…. the Sun is an answer, because it produces light….

    • BanjO—:: says:

      I’ve been following icke since the 90’s and I really wish his theories were still “theories” 🤦🏽😂✨

  11. Grace says:

    Hi Alison, I am deeply grateful for your work, which I’ve only recently come across. Would you be willing to point me towards articles of yours that highlight and suggest empowered action for global peace and vitality? I’d appreciate reading your perspective🙏
    Thank you,

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