Washed Clean In A Palace Of Love – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes, Mentor and Friend

This is a guest post prepared my friend Cliff Gomes who has been a light for me since last spring. I hold his teachings close to my heart. Whenever things get too overwhelming, I remember Cliff says there’s a gathering in the valley of love for everyone. We may have to walk through the zombie apocalypse to get there, but we will make it together. On this journey I have been blessed to travel with amazing companions who bring immense gifts and share them with such generosity.

Cliff’s gifts include compassion, clarity, groundedness, and experiences in realms that have important lessons for times such as these when the material world feels more and more impossible. Consider subscribing to Cliff’s channel. It will be good medicine for the months ahead. The following talk built on a comment Cliff shared on social media, and I thought it merited a wider audience. Share it with friends to give them some new tools for their toolbox. We’re all precious antennae trying to tune into the right signal. This is it.

“There’s a door that leads into the darkness, to a place down in the basement of life where things that prefer the darkness live. Down there are people that are listening to and entangled with some sick ideas. They’re ideas that suggest establishing domination and control of all the life in the world. Those listening to them don’t want to be exposed because the light of our awareness means they have to answer to us for what it is they’re up to.

I think a road home, a road that leads to a beautiful life, leads us first into and then through that dark basement. We can disrupt the activity going on there by showing up with a bright clean light. We may need to pick the lock that would keep us out, but we can, and then in the company of a few trusted companions we walk fearlessly down into the dark. We’re not intending to battle what’s down there, we’re not going to crucify anyone, and we’re not interested in doing anything that entangles us with them or in any of their ugly ideas. We’re going to show up and say calmly and openly with the power of a storm, we do not consent. We won’t live in the world they’re cooking up down there and won’t be impeded by them from building a palace of love.

We don’t go down there intending to get entangled with them by going to war with them over the next horrible iteration of a social game board they dreamt up while under the influence of something unkind that whispers to them in that darkness.

And right there in that place we’re going to establish a light of awareness and keep it lit. We’re going to plant seeds right there in the good earth and start tending to a lovely new garden. We’re going to plant and grow beautiful networks of friendship and community and nurture each other. We’re going to be loving, supportive and kind to each other.

We’re building a palace of love and care right there, right where we are, not in their darkness, but in our own light. We’re building it together with our friends, and we refuse to live in fear of what goes on down there in the dark.”

Cliff Gomes


5 thoughts on “Washed Clean In A Palace Of Love – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes, Mentor and Friend

  1. BanjO—:: says:

    Yesss!! Cliff means business !
    Love it. And The Ever Increasing amounts of spiritual power/awareness energetic/granola wisdom In McDowell talks / interviews / and blogs has been a real treat. So validating. What a journey .
    The return of the light … of our awareness…. which is Love.
    Thank you all who are working to Bring more Love to these spiritual engagements here 🙂

  2. Kata List Productions says:

    Well said Cliff.. I have been sharing the heck out of Alison’s videos and information… she is a formidable mama bear!

  3. Ann Yonce says:

    Thank you for being such a bright light in the world as we walk together through the darkness. Your words of love and light is a much needed encouragement to help keep me on course.

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