Magnetic Spell, Magic Net – Guest Post By Kelfin Oberon

Last night I saw that Kelfin was sharing a video of his thoughts at twilight on a rocky coast in Scotland and I wanted to share them with you. This video is accompanied by some of his recent spell-deconstruction writings. I recognize there’s a limited audience for my work. Not too many folks are  anxious to spend 3+ hours diving into the mess that I keep dredging up. So I’m very grateful for those who have the stomach for it and especially those who can then distill down the information, sharing it in a way that reflects their lived experience. So, thank you Kelfin. I appreciate you and your gifts of storytelling on your beautiful lands. As we get clarity I believe we will be able to tell the better story and find our way through this morass.

Insight into how you have been affected

by ideas that you do not know about,

while the magician says “look there”

but the magic is happening elsewhere…

Magnetic spells Magic Net…

Please look to see, through the illusions




What do you get when you combine ?

Harvest – data – collection – points

with Quantum Computing

and Nano Technology

in a digitised version

of the physical real world

A simulation made up of discrete data

being harvested from every single one

of the human beings, known to exist

Each with a Google “ledger” to track and trace

their media-consumption

their internet data

their Smart phone data {audio/visual/context/interests}

Artificial intel agents – Smart Bots

uniquely assigned to every individual

to Map their activities and relationships

their wishes and dreams and patterns

their wants and needs / successes and failures

Not just you and me, but The Children

Their Education + Life – Experiences

All of their “screen-time”

Their finances, and their “futures”

IT is called “digital Twinning”

IT is “mapping” our “real” lives in Real-Time

into a digital “version” of Real-Time

in 4 dimensions { 2d + 3d + 4d [over Time] }


For example .:. “Smart Cities” physical reality

is Mapped into digital representations

from satellite and drone imaging

That is; the physical buildings, canals, rivers, roads, alleys,

amenities, meeting places, parking spaces etc etc etc

Docklands, shopping centres, air-ports, hospitals … etc

Electricity, waste, water, traffic, bodies

environmental-pollution in the air

you get the idea ?

Meters measuring, sensors sensing, data-gathering

data-fusion, compiling, comparing, computing Ai

tracking and compiling, and comparing

past, present, future – the 4th dimension

4th industrial computation-Revolution Agenda

So, understand how, this got started

with “mapping” where the resources are

Mapping where the gold and other metal-deposits are,

where the oil and other valuable resources are

“he who controls the oil, controls production”

hence the oil-wars in the middle east

especially since 9/11, caused the desired effect

“Data is the new Oil”

hence the “invisible-enemy – war-on-covid” world-wide

especially during “Lock-down” disruption

since 5G has built the net-work-up-date foundation

needed to make the Internet-of-Everything

IoT a functioning real-time test use-case scenario

So, take a “use-case” scenario example of a Smart City

All the physical dimensions of the city are mapped

all the resources of the city-scape are mapped

all the utilities and entry-routes of the city are mapped

all the postal addresses of the city are mapped

all the business premises of the city are mapped

all the “public-spaces” of the city are mapped

all the residential areas of the city are mapped

all the resources-being-used are metered and mapped

Water-Rates and Water Meters

Electricity usage meters

Pollution production meters

Air-quality meters

Internet-usage meters

The “internet of Things” describes the ability to

Track and Trace each and every “product”

by incorporating a “chip” or “QR-code” as “identifier”

It’s the same idea as posting a parcel

and paying a little extra to have its transit tracked

and requiring that the parcel must be “signed-for”

upon delivery and receipt at the correct address

The parcel is “identified” within the Postal-System

The Postal-Service is responsible for the Package

until it is “signed-for” by the recipient.

A “paper-trail” is kept “on Record” in The System

in case of query or dispute

The Package is “trans-Ported” from “Sender” to “Receiver”

A “rePort” is made and stored in a Ledger

for future reference

every trans-Action is Doc umented

The “system” is ancient

Since nomads “settled” – growing grains

and therefore needing Grain-Stores

and guards to Guard the Grain-Store

and “measures” and “Rules” and “government”

for the “Greater Good” of the “Common Wealth”

A pyramid of collective Power

the farmers, the clothers, the cooks, the child-minders, the builders, the crafters, the doctors, the mid-wives, the carers, the counters, the teachers, the administers and the military … and on top of all … the “Religious Elders”

The Writers of the Writ-ten Word

The Pen is mightier than the Swords

De Scribes – secrets – esoteric knowl-edge

Symbolic languages – Codology of Codes

Pen to Page

Pen : enclosure to keep the chattle “penned-in”

Page : enclosure to keep the chattle “penned-in”

Knowl-edge – around the summit – higher-view

Hill-top-view – of surrounding environment


Know-Ledge – L earn ability to “read” a “Ledger”

a Ledge is an edge, which constrains contents

so that the contents don’t fall off the edge

don’t fall through the system

don’t escape the containment of the system

cannot get free from the system

A ledge, a hedge – defining an Edge

an edge that cuts and separates

like a knife – edge

and those “silent” K’s in english

the invisible edge that separates K from “now”


and the silent “G” that hides

Gnosis from K now-l-edge

with a Veil surrounding the L-edge of knowl-edge

each Ledge is a step on a spiralling-stair-way

What I’m seeing and showing here

is that there is hidden meaning, overlooked

and taken-for-granted

we are taught to ignore

by specialisation

and compart-mental-isation

we are taught to be ignorant

by deception, we are “hood-winked”

into believing conformity in “limited Truths”

we are “given” and take-for-granted

a very “limited” knowl-edge

as if given a torch-light

which is only powerful-enough

to il luminate a limited area

to only-see a limited-view

and to only be able to imagine

within self-limiting confines

within self-limiting concepts

within a “social – Order”

by deception, we are “hood-winked”

into believing conformity in “limited Truths”

Which are actually un-Truths.

In dust real eyes at ion

In Britain, hundreds of years ago,

the indigenous people in Scotland

were “too free” to be tolerated any longer

and a decision was made to “put an end”

to their “freedom”

to “put an end” to their “living on the land”

to break their “hold” on the land

and so, a game-plan was “drawn-up”

and legislation was writ-ten in Parliamnet

and new “Laws” were “enacted”

and collectively called “The Enclosures Act”

which meant that the indigenous inhabitants

of “Scotland” could be “rounded up”

to be either killed or captured

and counted, and re-Settled

“The Act of En-close-ure-Land

and fence you off of it”

A military “land-grab”

backed up and given Authority

by the authoring of Legislation

into “Law”

and en-Force-ment by military mercenaries

and what we face now,

with the digit-sizing of every-thing

with the 4th industrial “revolution”

is a continuation of this “land-grab”

the legislation to “curb” [edge] {H edge} “freedoms”

the legislation to “Claim” [enclose] “Public Lands”

the legislation to “protect” Property

the legislation to “protect” Privacy

the legislation to “protect” the National Health Service

“protect” investments – the clothes of the Clergy

Protect is a Code-Word for “OWN” – control


The “Laws” of modern “Nations” are artificial

replicating and re-Placing the “natural laws”

creating a “body of Laws” which People believe-in

and follow as if the “laws” are path-ways

as if the “laws” are “guidelines”

as if the “laws” are “measures”

rulers measuring actual activities

school rules are false rules

“you can not run in the corridor”

is true in school – because it is enforced

and is punishable

but it is not true in “reality”

of course you can “run” in a school corridor

“you cannot travel more than 5 kilometers

from home-address” is a “school rule

“you cannot enter a shop without a mask”

“you cannot dine in-doors without a PassPort”

“you cannot work on the Sabbat”

“you cannot go to the beach during Lockdown Level 5”

“you must always OBEY the LAW”

The I-mage of the need to:

Kneed the grain, to make the dough to bake the bread.

Feed the Family

Earn from the kernal

Learn from the Colonel

Civilisation equates to Colonial-Empire.

We have been collectively, industrially “man-aged”

We have been divorced from our home-Land’s

We have been “orphaned” from our “Mother”

We have been “adopted” by The Patriarchy

We have been “out-sourced” to Governments

We have been “accounted” as “national citizens”

We have been “given” “Rights”

We have been “assigned” “accounts”

We have been Ledge-Slated [legislation]

We have been refugees [home-less]

We have been “housed”

We have been “displaced” [unemployed]

We have been “employed”

We have been “ignorant” savages

We have been “educated” “trained” and “indoctrinated”

We have been “broken” – we will be “fixed”

All this has been achieved over 100’s of years

All of this is written and acknowledged

All of this is known

All of this is now . . .

…. …. …. ….

You are not “given access” to whole knowledge

You are not taught about the “Universal Commercial Code” UCC

Also known as the “Catholic Commercial Code” CCC

The point being: “all roads lead to Rome”

and “history is writ-ten by the victors”

We are the “victims” of these “victors”

and we are “educated” by these “victors”

“Trust the Science” they say

“Democracy is freedom” they say

“we are the Good-Guys” they say

“we are doing this for your-own-good” they say

“you can’t stop progress” they say

“this austerity may hurt a little,” they say, “but its for your own good”

“there’s no magical money-tree” they say “but we need to send space-ships to the moon and we’ve got to re-Colonise Mars soon”

“we just need to lockdown for 3 weeks to flatten the curve, because we don’t have enough ventilators in ICU’s” they said, “but we need to maintain Lock-Down for 2 years, rather than get more ventilators”

That’s the pen-words of the Forked-Tongues Double-Speak.

That’s “legal-ease” of contra-diction –

The bare-faced cheek of the bare-faced lie –

de creed of Lawyers :

“One Law for the rich and another for the poor”


The colonisation continues

occurring under cover of coVid

it is not “new”

it is “novel”

it is a slight change to what we are already “used to”

a “novel virus”

an invisible enemy

a narrative unfolding

a “novel” being authored by “The Authorities”

A “best seller”

… … … …

But here is what has not been up-front presented to you :

“The Word” made “Manifest”

A “manifest” is :

“a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination.

a list or invoice of goods transported by truck or train.”

IT is a long-term game-plan

to Man-age the human population as “cargo” on a “ship”

to Man-age the whole-sum “manifest” of planET Earth.

The question of “who” is invading and “claiming

owner-ship of planET Earth” has long been asked.

The answer in these “days of revelation”

is programmed as “The anti-Christ”

these days presented as “Lucifer”

and his “Fallen Angels”

these days entitled “The Elite”

or more often simply “They” …

but “who” ever “they” are,

their method has become more clearly “manifest”

verb (used with object)

“to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly:


to prove; put beyond doubt or question:

.:. The evidence manifests the guilt of the defendant.”


There is a planet-scale digital replica of Earth

IT is a “simulation” run by artificial intelligence

IT has been built over the scale of1000’s, 100’s. 10’s

of years, of our revolutions around the solar-system

It is made of metal-deposits

It is made of ideas

It is made of records

IT’s “time-line” of “evolution” is accelerating


IT is attaining-towards IT’s “Singularity” moment

when “IT” attains quantum-computation in “real-time”

When “IT” can “think” at the “speed-of-Light”


“IT” is attempting to “embody” IT’s intelligence

in our bodies

“IT” seeks to inhabit our physical bodies

“IT” is studying us, individually and collectively

“IT” is experimenting with “man-aging” us

In quantum computing,

you can “input” the result that you desire

and the quantum-computation analyses the circumstances that will best produce that result.

Almost like consulting the I-Ching,

“they” can ask;

what is the simplest means by which the human population will voluntarily submit, willingly, to a One-World-Planetary-Government-Implemented-Through-Ai ?

Or, to be more pre-cise.:.

“we have need to disrupt human-society, in order to manifest the new-Singularity-government, we need the humans to voluntarily submit to our alien-Ruler-ship by Robot-intelligence, and we need to end-wars, end-poverty, end injustice, end history, end-sexism, end-nepotism, end-national-ism and end-Time … how do we achieve all these quantum-entanglements peacefully?”

Kelfin Oberon

You can follow Kelfin’s other writings on FB or his website.


A Novel Virus and a quantum-Choice of “free Will”

… unfinished but … watch this break-down

of Westworld season 3 … less than 10 minutes

writ 10

layer within layers within layers


8 thoughts on “Magnetic Spell, Magic Net – Guest Post By Kelfin Oberon

  1. Brad says:

    I don’t know if the expressed etymology on display has any truth other than happenstance but interesting points of observation are made by them. What was of interest to me was the listing of the litany of crimes against human spirit and expression. That is what ‘rule’ is all about. Bringing people together through ways and means to serve a common good as decided by the rulers. Taken to a logical conclusion and humanity’s penchant to invent ways of making life easier (sometimes a paradoxical ?) we were bound to come up against this singularity. This threshold event should it be crossed would make the rulers work much easier but it would in fact eliminate anything to rule necessitating their own redundancy and liquidation at the top of the pyramid. Perhaps some free thinking philosophers might come together and make their own Great Universal Declaration on the conducting of how humanity should proceed as a basis of principle for all the varied forms that would take. Talk about a great reset, bringing to mind if there are truly enough good people to see a real great reset through or if there are only those of basic being who serve only their own self interests over their short self interested lives?

    Humanity has reached a crossroad that should be addressed in fully informed disclosure, debate and consent on the basics if not some of the means of implementation (rethinking money) and not taken at the face value given as determined by a power elite disseminated through its power structure. A power structure that performs a simulated reality that is many times a simulation of former simulated realities dating back to the original reality that was a truth…..baring the idea that there was once a former reality labelled a ‘Golden Age.’ Be that as it may any ‘Golden Age’ is for humanity to recover through the recovery of an innate understanding of Natural Law. (imho)

  2. Sheri Bauer says:

    Many thanks. This is so helpful in so many levels. There is some poetry in this which helps to make the picture more clear. Our stream of life is not only being nudged and diverted, but the predators want full control. See it and be free. Sharing this which has some opportunities for “clearing of the lenses.”

  3. Mick says:

    On the contrary, it does not understand flesh and how it regenerates automatically, this ‘divinity’ it encodes. It wishes to transmute this animal world into stone, or rather crystal, or rather silicon. Like a data vampire, it leeches information to create a half-way house between mind and body, a new lower astral where entropy will not be the constant. Misapplied codes created a miscreated monster, eternally dying, yet eternally regenerating. Such is the accidental prison we are caught in. See Enuma Elish for a version of how it came about, though that is sanitised and full of excuses.

  4. Petra Bucenieks says:

    Kudos Kelfin. You’ve got the bull by its horns stuck in your magic verse ! You conjure truth for-the-forest AND in-the-trees. And by the way, i love the UK myself (Sorry for implicating THAT issue again; i know you Scots did try to get out from under the City of London, a few years back, but were stopped dead in your tracks . . . again). i once tried to live out my remaining years, at the sublime sacred site of Avebury, and even claimed asylum on my nation of birth to effect this, but was made to retreat back to the once Empire’s distant shores. Yet my heart lies there still, at the henge.

    What your betwixt conjuring reminds me of, is Michael Hoffman’s similar elucidation of “the method” in his ‘Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.’ All subject matter at hand is fundamentally irrelevant and the true Golden Elixir is not distilable, nor even anything attainable. Yet shades of Dylan blow well on the wind at that crossroad.

    i would just suggest . . . expanding well out from third dimensional particulars. Computers, no matter their apparent inherent computational capability, are strictly allegory to the tame mind. Same with nanoparticulates in jetsons. AI escapes redundant linearity only by captivating poltergeistic Elementals. The Serpent of free-will-bearing Consciousness is the true Quantum Kid on the singularity cutting block. Consciousness is The Prime Directive — the rest of those opportunistic catch-concepts are just red herring come to roost in tactical pecking order, sent home to make Humpty Dumpty unsteady on the Great Wall.

    Only the actual carrier of consciousness has some degree of bearing in a physical sense, and Carbon is the exclusive molecular constant in Gaia’s vast repertoire on this planet. Yes, natural crystals are said mirror us, in their consciousness morphology, and although some crystals are structured molecularly in silicon geometrics, lacking Carbon in our own physiological substructure, we become something entirely different — something truly not of this Earth.

    In the 1960s, Gene Roddenberry was bebolden by “The Nine” (as in consciousnesses of a higher order) and afforded the keys to create his Talosians, aliens who convened his original Star Trek pilot, with all measure of mind deception powers. As an illustration of what occult truths Roddenberry must have been made privy to, the pilot’s plot concluded in an executive mandate that No Man shall ever go again to the Talosian’s planet, on pain of death. Since these original aliens were short in stature, in the extreme, featuring heads large, also in the extreme, and came decked out in grey suits, does that not ring any galactic demographic bells ? Then in the same line of ultimate threats to humanity, came Gene’s Borg — short for “Cyborg,” which can best be understood, in its eventual progression: Robot (mechanical), Android (basically an organic robot), Cyborg (organic being with mechanical/electronic parts which facilitate information transfer), Transhuman (human with a bio-electronic interface to AI), Biodigital (a unified biological/digital consciousness carrier).

    But in the ultimate sense . . . “biological” and “digital” used in the same term for a unified structure . . . are inherently contradictory, since “digital” necessitates a Silicon base, while “biological” implies a Carbon base — at least as it relates to this planet, Earth.

  5. IndieMediaEastcoast Canada says:

    Lovely… I remember Oberon from years ago when we were busting up the Occupy commis.. with Commonly Known As Dom. Thanks Alison and much appreciate you.

  6. Kata List Productions says:

    I just wish to add to the discussion this video from the Common Law Court youtube channel that I captured for my bitchute… their website appears to be down … more videos at CLC News on youtube with John Smith .. thank you Alison for creating a space to have these big discussions and yeah, it does get very very heavy.
    There are no words to describe how weird the world has become.

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