Culture Jamming A Blockchain Summit In Texas

This is a short (20-minute) video introducing the fieldwork we did a few weeks back in Austin and Houston, Texas. Lynn Davenport and I spoke with Jason Bosch outside the Texas Blockchain Summit at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT Austin campus. We undertook several dozen site visits, and Jason will be releasing footage of those gradually over the next few weeks. This video is posted on my back up Youtube channel, which you might want to consider subscribing to if you haven’t already. We’re considering setting up a crowd-funding effort to be able to place a larger order of the Nephele brochures to mail out to folks. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Raul Diego of designed a black and white half-sheet that can be printed on a home computer and photocopied.

Download that version here.

For additional context see my visit to Tulsa and Dallas in January 2020 in which I presented at several venues on blockchain education transcripts here
Also a piece I wrote in the fall of 2020 on blockchain ushering in educational indenture here.

Click here for an interactive map of the places we visited.

6 thoughts on “Culture Jamming A Blockchain Summit In Texas

  1. poul says:

    🌻🐝❤️ Thanks for this I’m.looking forward to more, as we watch bitcoin and Cardano duke it out on the exchange right now.
    I don’t think these people can imagine a world without money, They are having trouble comprehending that Cardano is a data mining op disguised as a token pretending to be worth US$

  2. Patty says:

    Thanks so much Alison for your work..I know your pamphlet means well but it a bit to wordy for most of us..I think ..please simplify your message for most of us to be able to speak your message,which is so important for our babes and us..a message about the dandelions and their connection to blockchain and AI is a simpler way to start your wonderful work..thank you again..whispering a prayer for your work..Patty.

  3. Hithere says:

    Alison, have a look at the website secretenergy dot com -using new age spirituality to mine for coins/data. Reminds me of the manipulation of biblical values in the last age. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  4. Kata List Productions says:

    Facebook is changing its company name as it shifts its focus to the “metaverse” and confronts wide-ranging scrutiny of the real-world harms from its various platforms after a whistleblower leaked hundreds of internal documents.

  5. Kata List Productions says:

    I have been keeping an eye on this group too … “Co-working” “Commons” “Start Ups” “Vaxx promoting” etc… the local government promotes them too … this is a university town – Sackville New Brunswick Canada – home to Mount Allison University – first woman in the British Empire graduated here Grace Annie Lockhart in 1874 … thanks Alison, I have been really blown away by your efforts… so far ahead of most others at this point… Sackville is one of the older towns in Canada dating back to the 1760s.. the Maritimers are an interesting bunch to say the least.
    Check this one — food rationing bags too — for your research

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