Blockchain Keys To A Murky Metaverse – Interview With Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter WBAI

Hello everyone! I recently got back from spending a week in Texas with my friends Lynn Davenport and Jason Bosch doing fieldwork around blockchain, artificial intelligence, predatory finance, and human capital futures. We filmed at several dozen locations and are working on that editing now. Along the way I was fortunate to soak my feet in Onion Creek at McKinney Falls State Park. The pool at the upper falls is featured above. Immersing myself in a primordial timeline of ancient cypress, rock shelters, and water helped me to ground and reset after experiencing the frenetic pace of high-tech, disrupted life in Austin.

Before I left for this trip, I did a one-hour show with Bonnie Faulkner. This was my second appearance on Guns and Butter. Listen to my first interview from March 2021 here (transcribed here). I wasn’t sure how this second show would turn out, but Bonnie was awesome pulling it together, and I think it ended up being a really good encapsulation of the moral questions regarding living life on the blockchain ledger as a cyborg avatar. We are nearing the end of a centuries-long game of domination, Manifest Destiny, and erasure of natural systems. I really had no idea the final struggle was going to end up within the confines of a video game created by militarized hedge funds. I hope you find my insights useful and will perhaps share this interview with your networks. This is a key part of the story that relatively few people are talking about.

Both interviews are audio only.

2 thoughts on “Blockchain Keys To A Murky Metaverse – Interview With Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter WBAI

  1. teatrodelfindelregimen says:

    Check with Catherine Austin Fitts as to the central bankers’ concern, prior to the start of the Covid psyop (August – october 2019), for the threat on cental bank independence, the euphemism they use to designate the private money system we live in. Blackrock economists were instructing central bankers on the ways to ensure retention of the privilege in the coming downturn. A key document is SUERF Policy Note, issue no. 105, October 2019, “Dealing with the next downturn: From unconventional monetary policy to unprecedented policy coordination”.
    Your work is excellent but you miss the money game below the threatening scenarios that also have, as you know, their entertainment, smoke screen, and globe probe component.
    Good luck with your research, findings, and heart.

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