Questioning “The Greater Reset III” – Where is this Resistance Headed?

My presentation outlining my concerns regarding Derrick Broze’s support for children as sovereign digital laborers and the play to earn blockchain gaming pilot in Morelia, Mexico. All of the speakers for The Greater Reset III have been notified of his position. Is this what their “freeDOM” movement is built on, child labor? I ask that you hold those who support this view or are content to look the other way out of convenience accountable. Click image for slideshare.

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  1. haederpaul says:


    And, Google-NSA-DoD!

    The United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’

    The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: NSA mass surveillance, a permanent state of global war, and a new initiative to transform the US military into Skynet.

    Here, INSURGE INTELLIGENCE exposes how the Pentagon Highlands Forum’s co-optation of tech giants like Google to pursue mass surveillance, has played a key role in secret efforts to manipulate the media as part of an information war against the American government, the American people, and the rest of the world: to justify endless war, and ceaseless military expansionism.

    The war machine

    In September 2013, the website of the Montery Institute for International Studies’ Cyber Security Initiative (MIIS CySec) posted a final version of a paper on ‘cyber-deterrence’ by CIA consultant Jeffrey Cooper, vice president of the US defense contractor SAIC and a founding member of the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum. The paper was presented to then NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander at a Highlands Forum session titled ‘Cyber Commons, Engagement and Deterrence’ in 2010.

    MIIS CySec is formally partnered with the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum through an MoU signed between the provost and Forum president Richard O’Neill, while the initiative itself is funded by George C. Lee: the Goldman Sachs executive who led the billion dollar valuations of Facebook, Google, eBay, and other tech companies.

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Who else to sell the inception of the Borg machine mindset then a Stanley. Children being belted inside the Cube by the “Stanley belt”: Honi soit qui mal y pense. First Stanleys belted down the UK throne and now they proceed to squeezing their belt around the whole globe by pied-piping the youth their way. Always perfectly key-positioned to impose their merchant culture onto the public and always imposing their hidden agenda under the radar. Quite right by turning the table on Stanleys and calling out their actions as shameful. Their imaged future portraits a sick culture.

    Compare William Stanley’s coat of arms with Royal coat of arms of the UK. See the Stanley belt fastening the UK:,_KG.png

    Where is it possible to find the source video by ESA’s CEO Stanley?

    • kocotube01 začasni says:

      Resistance is not futile, since we are not dealing with the Borg here, we are dealing with the Ferengi cloaked as the Borg. Impostors trying to maximize their profits.

  3. Freelance_Philosopher says:

    Here’s Broze’s long-form response-video, where he and some dude cosplaying as Albert Einstein take turns selling crypto and blockchain with tall tales and glittering generalities, including the laughable fairy-tale that “crypto is going to destabilize all governments”:

    (Broze “disagrees” by saying…”just holding crypto is not enough! We need to use it to support freedom!”)

    The thing that’s funny is that not a single thing they say about it over two hours sounds valuable, appealing, or attractive to me or my needs at all, so I’d just as soon ignore crypto altogether and go about my life free of worrying about the “lightning fees” and “wallet exchanges” and so forth. No thanks.

    Yet I know, with certainty, that I will be subject to a government mandate, forcing me to trade in blockchain digital currency, within five years.

    That should tell you very clearly what “side” these guys are on.

    Oh yeah, and the best part is the commercial, halfway through, where Broze sells his viewers on the “Holistic Online Psychological Assessment” where people are encouraged to upload a psychological self-profile by disgorging their deepest, most intimate fears, insecurities, and emotional vulnerabilities.

    This guy is a carnival barker for the Machine, tricking well-meaning fools into running away from the claws of the Machine, directly into Its maw.

    The Einstein guy then says, “We are edging into a symbiotic relationship with technology and I think its a beautiful thing.”

    Indeed he will.

    • Sonny Skies says:

      I tried to follow this. I really did. What I gleaned is that Agorists want to get rid of nations (so does the WEF) and replace it with city-states that are apparently accessible to people with enough new style cash to be able to participate (sounds like the WEF) and that I guess will be defended against other city states to the limit of the cash of whatever kind you have available to do so (isn’t this the game the WEF is playing and will always win at because they own the printing presses and most of the valuable commodoties?) I was really uncomfortable with the characterization of “people who don’t think children are sovereign” (Who is that? Alison certainly never said that — she said we need to examine the meaning of sovereignty and the role of adults in protecting children so they can develop properly and be safe) — apparently people who don’t think children are sovereign are the same people who physically beat them up — believe in corporal punishment. What? This is so off the rails. Also Derrick isn’t looking so healthy – his eyes are getting pretty sanpaku. What’s going on over there in Morelia, Mexico? Where’s the positive, coherent vision we’re supposed to be getting inspired by?

  4. Ian says:

    This is absolutely one of your most resilient episodes to date. Incredible insight. That guy selling the game, framing the game) & so much more…Still have to watch the last quarter. Brilliant, thank you.

  5. haederpaul says:

    And so it goes — Google is sending me to the blockchain — lovely email this a.m.

    SIMBA Announces New Leadership, Discusses Digital Badging, and More!

    SIMBA Chain

    Again, old school, last century ways to hobble entire countries and regions — shekel masters after every last drop of blood, sweat, tears and alimentary canal products from humanity they deem semi-useful breathers, eaters, breeders:


    On Monday, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez revealed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) seeks to impose on his country a program of fiscal restrictions as a condition to refinance the payment of debts for over US$56 billion.

    “The IMF statutes establish that this institution must analyze the macroeconomic program that the country proposes. In reality, however, what the IMF Fund tries to do is impose a program on us once again. And we do not agree,” Fernandez explained.

    Currently, there are two macroeconomic programs being discussed: on the one hand, the proposal made by the Fernandez administration, which is oriented to the economic growth of Argentina, and on the other, the IMF program that chooses to demand the adjustment of fiscal resources.

    Since October 2021, Argentina has been trying to reach an “extended facilities agreement” to refinance the debts contracted by the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019). According to the 2018 agreement, whereby the IMF offered this South American country a loan of US$56.3 billion, Argentina must pay US$19 billion in 2022, US$19.2 billion in 2023, and US$4.8 billion in 2024.

  6. Pippi says:

    Have you followed the money? The UN gives lots of grants to intentional communities. They come with conditions (like implementing Agenda 21). It is Reflexive Law. Is Derek’s community receiving money from this joint venture? He is wise enough to understand the beast the UN is. I know Allison is busy. Maybe one of the readers has looked into this?

  7. Iqlia Hungerford says:

    Allison, I applaud you for stepping up to the podium and calling out the gaming nonsense. I have been a follower of Anthony Patch for years and as he noted back in 2016, Blockchain is all about achieving “granularity” for Artificial Intelligence. There is no “grey” area…. this problem is Black and White. Blockchain is BAD. Period. They are luring the young ones into it Primarily through gaming and they openly admit that.

  8. Jeffrey+Strahl says:

    Some notes on the presentation, which i sent my email lists. Sorry If they seem jumbled, that’s how they are, i was taking them while listening, making breakfast, making dinner. And a part of me was self-chiding for even bothering, since very few people will bother reading this, all the energy is being drained by the biomedical sphere “superstars,”, people seem to have a hard time paying attention to anything else. But maybe that’s why i’m bothering, this stuff needs to go out, damn it!

    Regarding what she is willing to accept, she draws the line at child labor, reminds viewers that what is going on is not a medical event, but an economic one. Others are willing to overlook ‘minor differences” such as stance on child labor, most often because they see the biomedical as the main event, even the only event, and even think they can stop the process from proceeding if they can stop vaxx passports from becoming universal (Catherine Austin Fitts explicitly told her that!). The info covered here will blow such notions out of the water. Common sentiment in the “resistance” community of caring relatively little about the impact upon communities far from where we ourselves live. Confusion in the resistance community. The notion of “sovereignty” of even kids vs the reality of 400 years of colonial domination

    A key concept she repeatedly stressed: Interoperability of data-blockchain, platforms can be shifted. Another was the military context of pay to play and gaming in general. They presented a 3 minutes video from the WEF. Cory Doctorow’s book about gaming came into the discussion. This is not simply about digital currency, as some would have us believe (the dominant view in the “resistance”) but the tokenization of everything in the digital world. “Rainbow’s Reality,” in which the real world is falling apart while our attention is all caught up in the digital world.

    Splinterlands and Glenn Greenwald make the question be a choice between children engaged in gaming vs engaged in begging, not understanding the parallels between the two or the context which forces children in places such as Morelia, Mexico (where Broze’s friends are pushing child gaming) and Brazil into such a choice.

    Geofencing, social impact investing, digital twins, biometrics blockchain. Interesting origins of Sesame Street as a project of MIT with involvement by Peter Peterson, prominent person in the Council on Foreign Relations, Blackrock. Alison’s blog entry from January 2018 about Sesame Project. Linking digital information and value to real world assets via digital wallets, including for children too young to really understand everything that this implies. By having a digital wallet, you’re part of the internet of bodies, impact investment social system, regardless of what people like Derrick Broze try to tell us. Public/corporate partnership, global impact investing, not just a health project but a social impact commodity. High proportion of blockchain-linked speakers at the Greater Reset III, such as Broze’s friends Brandon Wallace, who also has extensive military intelligence links.

    Pokemon Go a CIA game, Afro Games trading vs behavior compliance. Deep meanings of “sovereignty” and “freedom,” terms rooted in the notion of being ruled (reign, dom, as in domination). Contracts and “freedom,” “smart” contracts. The Metaverse runes on smart contracts (and stuff like smart toilets which track your bio-indicators).Metaverse cannot exist without blockchain. All run by biometric identity. Limiting the narrative to it all being about vaccine passes (as Catherine Austin Fitts does) flies in the face of this reality.

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