Conscious Gardeners – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes

What seems saddest to me is that the impoverishing and enslaving nature of the Global Financial Reset in progress won’t be understood by the bulk of humanity. As it unfolds it will just seem to be how things are being done now. They won’t be able to see their imprisonment coming.

As far as I can tell, capitalism hasn’t really been considered to be a big problem by the general population of the world, but rather a game or system they want desperately to win by being good at or smart about it. Honestly, how many people do you know who were appalled at the basic capitalist agenda before Covid? How many were attending rallies or protesting in the streets about the systemic brutality of it?

Social impact bonds are the new business model. I think that until the prison door they represent slams completely shut and people have little or no rights, they’re going to just go along with the new normal business as usual. It’s what they did before, go along. It’s what they’re doing now and likely what they’ll be doing next.

I don’t hate those who can’t see the old or new systems for what they are, and I’m not blaming them for it. This new economic model is being brought to us by a very small group in league with demonic ideas. I’m not going to despise the general population for being unaware of what’s happening and for being in the thrall of celebrity billionaires, scientists, and other authority figures, because the general public has been under that spell as far back in history as I look. Every regime on earth has had its majority population under control through the propaganda of fear, imposed or threatened scarcity, through religious, scientific, or economic dogmas. This is neither humanity’s first crisis, nor the most compelling. All past systems of domination and control were profoundly traumatizing to those living through them. The only difference I see is the central bank digital currencies and digital ID’s on blockchain will enslave the largest group that’s ever been enslaved.

Everyone who was playing along in the recent and ancient past as if some form of capitalism was a game, while in fact it was only a kind of brutality, will likely try to make the best of it and to figure out a winning strategy on whatever the new game board looks like. They will not succeed.

Some day in a future planetary prison environment, when the brutality of the ideas that have always informed ruling class minds has reached its peak of expression, dark ideas will be met by a kind of consciousness that is able to see them, and their insanity, for what they are. This consciousness will be able to see them naked and completely exposed, to see past the ugly posturing and arrogant claims of total domination and to see a wide path through it all to a better day. The people who stand up in the light of that new consciousness, a light in mind, will dispel the dark idea of a global prison system for control of humanity. Then we will all share in a new vision.  It’ll be a vision so accessible and clear, so comforting and empowering, that the general population will listen and finally shake off chains that were only ever in their own minds. The new vision won’t despise them or blame them. It won’t blame anyone. It will only help them see that they can unlock the chains of their own mind. They are free. They’ve always been free to walk forward into a better day.

I think the answer in this moment is you. When that day comes, we will collectively ask only for goodness and reciprocity. When it’s so clear and apparent to the great mass of humanity that it’s what we truly desire, then a handful of elites won’t be able to buy the loyalty of jailers, because they, too, will be among those asking for another way. I think that day comes, because people like you hold the possibility of it in mind. Cherish it, nurture it, and pass it on to the generation that will eventually embrace it.

It won’t be discovered all anew one day and go off like a lightbulb. It’ll push its way slowly but surely through a crack in the concrete like a bright yellow dandelion amid a garden of despair, because it was kept warm and alive in the hearts and minds of people like you who refused to let it die, no matter what atrocity or which iterations of dark ideas held sway for a while.

Deliverance will come not from on high in a worldly or celestial sense, but from within each one of us. People who can see clearly are vital to our awakening. They help break the spell of dark ideas by pointing to their presence. These dark ideas are being purposefully cloaked in everyday affairs as good ideas and touted as the way forward. Without the ability of people to see how the spell is being insinuated into our lives, we’d be lost. Some of us can feel it, can sense it. Some can see it so clearly, they’re able to articulate how it’s operating and point exactly to where it’s being rolled out. That ability strengthens everyone who follows their insights. The clarity of such writers and activists enhances our own clarity.

We must be able to see dark ideas emerging, from seedling to eventual fruit. These ideas will become policies our children will be forced to live by. Sharing that kind of clear vision is vital to birthing a new vision. New ideas need to be able to adapt to their environment. They need to be able to see the world ahead, and for that someone must inform them, equip them with an understanding of the reality they’re being born into.

I’ve been struggling with the level of vitriol aimed at a populace that’s addicted to and befuddled by constant fearful propaganda. There’s a kind of blame and scapegoating of the general mass of humanity going on that I feel misplaces the responsibility for what’s occurring onto them. It’s a view that is smugly self-assured and self-righteous as it generates withering and eviscerating commentary to cast low the bulk of us all. It’s a mistake.

Those masses, the bulk of humanity, are precisely who will set us free. They’re the collective strength of humanity. The smartass vitriol of newly minted cultural critics isn’t. Ordinary people will lead us out of hell. It’s when ordinary daughters and sons wake up that we’ll all walk free. Their awakening is something to be held dear, to be held tenderly in our hands like a precious seed.

There are conscious gardeners who’ve tasted the soil of where we are today to see what it needs. There are those who carry and nurture the seeds of awakening in preparation for planting time. We’ve paid close attention to passing seasons, the phases of the moon. We’re singing songs of encouragement at the waters’ edge together with our friends. We’ve supported each other while carrying small offerings and placing them at the feet and foundations of the old dark ideas to let them know we’re coming. It’s a kind of courtesy to the dark, which only ever sponsors fear, so that it will not be made afraid when our light suddenly appears. The tactics of fearful propaganda aren’t part of our repertoire, and so we don’t use them.

Stop spitting on those who one day will discover how to free themselves of the chains that only exist in their minds and find a way round to helping us empower them to become their own salvation. Dignify them with the awareness that no outside authority will ever lead them to freedom. The tools, the poetry of beauty, and the action of kindness are freely shared. Place into their care, with trust, the seeds that will one day grow such a light in mind as to gently dispel the old dark dreams.

Cliff Gomes

17 thoughts on “Conscious Gardeners – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes

  1. Gary Weglarz says:

    I have been recently contemplating the similar notion that psychologically it will be those who have been completely taken in by the official covid narratives, who accepted the dangerous “vaccines,” dutifully masked, social distanced, isolated from family and friends and perhaps even lost their employment or small business – who when the blinders finally come off will be the most instantly radicalized members of society. Maintaining the realization that we “common folks” are not each other’s enemy – no matter how the elite propaganda tries to depict otherwise, will be crucial to the future solidarity that will be needed to stop capitalism’s latests Holy Inquisition. As capitalism literally devours itself and everything it touches we’ve reached the absurd “reality” in which capitalism has literally turned enslaving the entire planet into it’s latest – “money making proposition.”

    • Cliff Gomes says:

      Thank you Gary. Such a seemingly simple statement, we are not each other’s enemies, but for me it shines a light on the deepest wound that clouds our hearts and minds.

      • washingtonsean says:

        excellent post Cliff! Thank you. And I agree with Gary.

        I will be mulling a more formal response as I process your insights deeper but my first reaction, in part to Gary’s statement, is this quote I included from author Tom Robbins in our family Christmas letter in 2020:

        Tom Writes: “The enemy of the black is not the white. The enemy of capitalist is not communist, the enemy of homosexual is not heterosexual, the enemy of Jew is not Arab, the enemy of youth is not the old, the enemy of hip is not redneck, the enemy of Chicano is not gringo and the enemy of women is not men. We all have the same enemy. The enemy is the tyranny of the dull mind. The enemy is every expert who practices technocratic manipulation, the enemy is every proponent of standardization and the enemy is every victim who is so dull and lazy and weak as to allow himself to be manipulated and standardized.”

  2. Amy Odean says:

    Waiting for everyone to realize the fact that we’re all Indians now, or admonishing the obedient can’t be our only choices.

    • Cliff Gomes says:

      I agree. Admonishment is only one of the choices we can make. I’m choosing faith in us, however messy it gets. I’ll hold faith in the possibility of our collective awakening no matter what unfolds and work towards it in any way that it seems might be helpful.

    • Cliff Gomes says:

      Entering into community with all beings and lending a hand however we can… Alison says we all have our gifts. Sharing them seems like the a kind and inspired way to meet all that’s happening.

  3. robingaura says:

    Thank you Cliff, so well and compassionately put. I try to think about everyone caught up in this mess, they are holy beings, worthy of reverence and respect. I can see their actions or motivations as terribly hurtful and destructive, but the person is obviously operating out of ignorance. With every breath there is an opportunity to awaken, to leave behind the dream of separation and domination, and enter into community with all beings, to realize how precious is the gift of life. Still, I believe in striving to prevent this blasphemy and the suffering it entails. Its so good to know we have a team!

  4. G. Barnes says:

    Thanks for this. Totally grappling with trying to stay in Loving Kindness and Forgiveness while actually feeling salty – a bit Vengeful and Spiteful towards the blind masses as over 90% of NZers hand over their arms in return for a QRcode (and jobs, livelihood, homes, etc). I am without a QRcode and therefore unable to participate in that society much anymore. I feel free about this funnily enough. But a catalyst for awakening is required. Everyone must go through a crucible/dark night of some sorts, in order for there to be an evenhanded and authentic justice on the other side, where forgiveness and freedom are easy. I suppose taking the long view and being patient is what is needed right now. To stay true to our authentic selves, and encourage others to remember their continuous and permanent self, their “seed” away from the parasitic smartphones and instagram moments.

    “Is it not possible that the rage for confession, autobiography, especially for memories of earliest childhood is explained by our persistent yet mysterious belief in a self which is continuous and permanent, which, untouched by all we acquire and all we shed, pushes a green spear through the leaves and through the mould, thrusts a sealed bud through years of darkness until, one day, the light discovers it and shakes the flower free and – we are alive – we are flowering for our moment upon the earth. This is the moment which, after all, we live for, the moment of direct feeling when we are most ourselves and least personal.” Katherine Mansfield (NZ writer)

    • Tess Cummins says:

      Thanks so very much for describing your confidence in folks. I’m with you!

      I consider the stone soup story. Perhaps this vision “punches holes in the egregore” as Alison put it recently in an interview. She said it might not take a lot of us doing that, each in our own way.

      Common ground is only limited by our awareness and imagination.

  5. Cathy Lewis says:

    Cliff, your words today are both healing and inspiring. Thank you. I have found my strength through saying each day that I will envision the world that I want to live and thus work to make this happen. When we all take one step at a time we can move mountains. God Bless

  6. Cliff Gomes says:

    What a pleasure to know you’re here and willing to reach for such a view, willing to embody something so beautiful in the midst of all this. Thank you.

  7. Media libre says:

    I see this post in a different frame than all these commentators. Cliff writes that you must have wisdom and patience before you enter, or, as you enter, the violence of this global coup. How do you manage that? How did you get there? I think that Cliff should have patience for those who are being attacked on a daily basis for not complying with all the edicts. (Don’t be intolerant of the intolerant.) They are being attacked violently, often. Anyway, as far as convincing others, who knows what works? Sometimes I’ve been more influenced by people who called me stupid as by those who turned away in compassion. Paul at covidmakebelieve,com (which you are not allowed to mention on YouTube._

  8. Skeye says:

    Thank you Cliff for this insightful and resonant sharing of the heart, I am glad I checked my emails today after being offline for a couple days and saw Alison’s notice of it. I have been doing my best for years to convey the need for this sense of compassion and patience, but it has predominantly been met with scorn and ridicule, with an occassional appreciation…but that is understood and not my concern, merely thankful for any that may hear.

    After reading this, I went back to my emails and did some clearing and organizing and happened to review an old email with a dear friend, and it resonates to share here:


    > I hope you are well and have found a new place to settle in for your environment.

    Skeye: A close senior friend that lives in a nice trailer park here is letting me have access to her home during the day (internet, kitchen & bathroom), and a friend of ours who lives here too is letting me sleep in her empty storage shed here in the park. I have gotten my belongings down to a good minimum, they are in one half of my friend’s shed, but feel I may be whittling it down even more soon.

    While I have been more active over the last 10-15 years, being available to family and friends in a more physical way, there is a sense of winding down, another simplifying and quieting in life. The energy or interest in partner relationship feels to be done. There is only so much I can say or relate about life and the world as it appears to be unfolding these days, and I feel I have done the best I can online, but there has been a renewed appreciation for what I express more lately, so we shall see.

    There is not much more I can do physically or financially for my family. My sister and mother are relating well now, my sister and I have talked about my life situation, and I have expressed my appreciation for her being able to take care of mother and my sorrow of not being able to assist financially, and she understands and has expressed appreciation for the help I have provided just by being able to be present with them when I am. My son is living his life now, and will contact or find me if or when he feels to.

    There is much arising in the world consciousness, and for whatever reason, I am being directed to be available for this more intimately now, and to offer what insight and revelation comes through. Ashland facilitates an ease with this. I am no longer using money or going to be utilizing government benefits (food or health care), there are plenty of free community meals here and a couple good food banks. I have not renewed my ID since ’14, and will not be, and am getting rid of my social security card. No more ties on my part with the corrupt and dysfunctional system of exploitation and control. I harbor no illusions of there not being consequences for this, nor are there any delusions of martyrdom. I am called to live as truthfully as I can, and this is what resonates to live. There is no judgment of anyone, all are doing what they feel is best for themselves and their loved ones, I understand…I feel to be living in a physically vulnerable and simplified manner that opens to and invites a potential beyond what the world has come to be immersed with and limited by from having an imbalanced social Hierarchy imposed upon it.

    What will come of it, I do not know, nor am I concerned. I trust in this Heart…this is all there is.

    A friend on fb shared this the other day, which gives a feel of what is transpiring here in this life…

    Please Call Me By My True Names

    Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow
    because even today I still arrive.

    Look deeply: I arrive in every second
    to be a bud on a spring branch,
    to be a tiny bird, with wings still fragile,
    learning to sing in my new nest,
    to be a caterpillar in the heart of a flower,
    to be a jewel hiding itself in a stone.

    I still arrive, in order to laugh and to cry,
    in order to fear and to hope.
    The rhythm of my heart is the birth and
    death of all that are alive.

    I am the mayfly metamorphosing on the surface of the river,
    and I am the bird which, when spring comes, arrives in time
    to eat the mayfly.

    I am the frog swimming happily in the clear pond,
    and I am also the grass-snake who, approaching in silence,
    feeds itself on the frog.

    I am the child in Uganda, all skin and bones,
    my legs as thin as bamboo sticks,
    and I am the arms merchant, selling deadly weapons to

    I am the twelve-year-old girl, refugee on a small boat,
    who throws herself into the ocean after being raped by a sea
    and I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and

    I am a member of the politburo, with plenty of power in my
    and I am the man who has to pay his “debt of blood” to my
    dying slowly in a forced labor camp.

    My joy is like spring, so warm it makes flowers bloom in all
    walks of life.
    My pain is like a river of tears, so full it fills the four oceans.

    Please call me by my true names,
    so I can hear all my cries and laughs at once,
    so I can see that my joy and pain are one.

    Please call me by my true names,
    so I can wake up,
    and so the door of my heart can be left open,
    the door of compassion.

    ~Thich Nhat Hanh


    Thank you and Alison again, and always, for your offerings and potentials of Peace to the world.

  9. Shelly says:

    This (and the comments ) was so very, very supportive. I deeply feel respect for all beings but can find myself getting annoyed at the arrogance of the “highly educated” and their followers who spout “facts” (recycled lies they’ve been told and choose to keep believing) in an effort to “educate” others into choosing their path of following the narrative. But you nailed it and this is simply as it is. I am grateful to marinate in the truth of your words and be reminded that my mission has always been to “dignify” others as you note by empowering them.

  10. Dorothy says:

    Yes quite simply, Love is the answer. We need to remember what Love really is, an irresistible beautiful force available to us all, we just need to remember too look in that direction, it is what we truly all desire.

  11. Hana Roberts says:

    How lovely to wake up to your article here. I remember you from our Portland and Ashland crew days. A nice small world moment for me after losing touch with you for 12 years. Just figuring out how to show up these days seems to be the Work. Glad you are doing it! Xoxo

  12. Joe says:

    Cliff, you should check out Paul Selig if you aren’t aware of his work yet. One of the quotes he uses frequently is, “you can’t be the light and hold another in darkness,” and, “the action of fear is to claim more of itself.” So I really believe it is about turning towards the light within and embodying it. Being the way, or the door way, in which people can walk through to see their truest selves; their highest potential.

    Like attracts like so you get what you focus on regardless of if you actually want it because you become a vibrational match to it by offer that same vibration. You can’t get love by offering fear, you will only get love by offering love. Be the frequency you want to see.

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