Conditional Cash Transfers – Mexican Testbed For Behavioral Scrip / Impact Investing

As much as people today are discussing digital currency linked to carbon allowances, few seem interested in zooming out to examine the origins of assistance-based social engineering. This is a shame, because tens of millions of families in over 70 countries are now controlled through conditional cash transfers. Mexico was a testbed for programmable money tied to behavioral compliance with health, nutrition, and education services. Poor, predominately rural families, were the targets. The powers that be used Mexico to begin to work out strategies for getting conditional assistance into the hands of the global unbanked. The threat posed by robust informal economies to a global currency system is significant. I put together a detailed presentation on this topic for the “What’s Left?” podcast, based in the Bay Area, with the intent of linking Mexico’s Progresa, CCT program, to the Universal Basic Income pilot rolling out in Oakland. Along the way we dip into the planned role of blockchain public assistance for Oliver Reiser and Julius Stulman’s “World Brain” project and the eugenics-laced history that underpins the entire Human 2.0 campaign.

Here is a detailed post I wrote on this topic in January featured at Silicon Icarus, Conditional Cash Transfers and Cybernetic Futures.

Here’s a link to the slide deck for the two talks each of which is about 3 hours.

Here’s a link to the relationship map I made for the Progresa CCT program.

Here’s a link to the 2014 World Bank slide deck on conditional cash transfers. They hook people by offering assistance no strings attached, for a limited time. Then conditions and enforcement mechanisms are added after dependency is established.

Clip of Mexican Senator Indira Kempis promoting cryptocurrency as a tool of “financial inclusion” for the unbanked.

Part One -Conditional Cash Transfers and the Global Brain

Part Two – Conditional Cash Transfers, UBI and the Liberal Road to Hell

2 thoughts on “Conditional Cash Transfers – Mexican Testbed For Behavioral Scrip / Impact Investing

  1. Iqlia Hungerford says:

    Hello Alison,
    I listened to your “What’s Left Podcast on Conditional Cash Transfers” today. You touched on many topics, but most importantly why people are not getting the “bigger” picture. I would like to nudge you to go even further out to get a “satellite” view of what may be the source of this DIGITAL REALITY IN THE MAKING. This could possibly be another Map project for you. AND since you are brave and tireless enough to go where few have gone, this could be a game changer.

    David Jacobs. He has been researching and interviewing abductees for about 30 years and has written some books, one of which is entitled, “The Threat.” Hundreds of abductees have told him about grey beings with big eyes (think insects). Women are being impregnated aboard craft, men have sperm extracted and some are hooked up to devices that make them feel like their souls are being sucked out of them. Pretty frightening. His conclusion is that a group of “insectalin” races are creating human hybrids to live in their world and possibly on this planet after they have gutted it. They are terraforming the planet (climate change) and terraforming humans on the inside. He calls this a “planetary acquisition project.” I call it a “soul acquisition” project.

    Also, check out Bob Lazar. As a Physicist, he was hired to reverse engineer alien craft that crashed at the Roswell sight in the 40s. I believe him. The government tried to discredit him.

    Check out Dr. Robert Wood who wrote on book entitled, “Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, & Biowarfare.” In his book he talks about researchers involved in the Roswell investigation getting very sick and some dying. I suspect the researchers were infected with NanoTech carrying viruses.

    Check out Timothy Alberino who wrote a book entitled, “Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth. He has a conference coming up in May.

    As an alternative medical practitioner, I have dealt with many abductees and some very strange, chronic illnesses such as vitiligo, morgellons, Lyme disease, early dementia, early onset diabetes and the list goes on, . My conclusions are the following:

    A) Most diseases are caused by Nano Tech damaging the organs. B) The Nano Tech in Abductees is similar to what I am finding in vaccines and drugs C) There is some sort of collusion between world governments and the “beings” responsible for the abductions. D) Viruses are real and they are used as “cell vectors” to open DNA and make changes on the inner terrain of the human body for inorganic parasites to survive and thrive. E) The Global Transhumanism Project is being orchestrated by a Machine Based (AI) race of beings who are not organic in nature. Their outer form is insect-like in appearance. Their world is artificial and they are parasites. The Human soul is food to feed their artificial system.

    The bodies of the human Global Management Team are probably colonized with Nano Parasites controlling their minds. Could be why Bill Gates wants us to eat insects. The motto of the WEF is “nothing from nature.”

    You have spoken much on indigenous races being disempowered and displaced intentionally by the globalists. You can take that concept even further and say that invader AI races may be destroying ALL HUMANS INDIGENOUS to planet Earth. And the Roswell crash may have been a “setup” by the AI races to get humans to build their own prison. They may have thought our scientists would be drooling at the chance to reverse engineer their technology.

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