Is Ignorance Bliss? Apple, Illusion, and LDS Impact

It was not totally unexpected that we would catch some flack for attending the MTA conference on decentralization and blockchain in Salt Lake City back in March. This past week, Lynn, Dru, Jason and I gathered for an online debrief to reflect on the trip and respond to what I suspect most would understand were intentionally distracting ad hominem attacks. To expand upon our discussion, I prepared a longer presentation exploring the history of the University of Utah’s graphics program and the rise of computer-generated animation at Disney and how these topics intersect with digital property rights and synthetic biology. My storyline attempts to weave together threads relating to Apple computers, ed-tech, the weight of knowing, personal agency, and faith-based impact investing. The backdrop for this is a world that increasingly feels like an outtake from Alice’s journey through the looking glass, a Mad Hatter’s tea party where nothing makes sense until you realize that engineered confusion is the point of it all.

This is our debrief.

If you haven’t watched the video from our site visit to Alta Ski Resort, birthplace of the ARPA-NET and the Human Genome Project, start with this. Full playlist here.

Then dive into the longer presentation. It’s just under four hours. Sorry, you know I’m long form. I hope you love me for it.

You can click on the image below or this link to access the slides from my talk with source references.

Please, dig in and look around for yourself.

I’m exploring a lot of ideas in this presentation.

Not everything has coalesced, and I’m eager to hear your insights in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Is Ignorance Bliss? Apple, Illusion, and LDS Impact

  1. Dorothy says:

    Just spent a rainy afternoon listening through your videos from Utah, fantastic!
    I notice the tone changing from the aware community. We are less and less afraid and more and more empowered.
    I have a certainty within that tells me nothing can conquer Truth or the irresistible force of Love.
    What the devil himself wants more than anything else is salvation, he just refuses to surrender to that which he knows he is powerless.
    You have opened wide a door where the light comes streaming in, at a time where many doors are opening as well as eyes opening and let us all keep our hearts open.
    In this apocalypse, the joy comes when we see each other, all the beautiful souls that have been shouting the truth alone now have a legion of kindred spirits to share the truth with, we are not alone , we never have been.
    Thank you for all your amazing research.
    The tyranny of experts are loosing their credibility, their honor and their voice.
    We must all listen to that small voice from within, there is where the real power lives.

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Regarding minute 55, talking about stories that change brain to allow for consensus reality formation:

    Below is prince Harry, who already positioned himself well into the future as a “chief impact officer”.
    Oh what a humble, philanthropic and altruistic personae he is wearing lately over his formative Afghani drone-stalking high-five-cheering people-as clay-pigeon-shooting explosive-impact-bringing experience:

    Well … if he repeats the line (below) often enough, Harry might even begin to believe his own self-programming rationalization story about him being a well-intentioned good-boy while continuing to behave as badly and naughty as only the excessively spoiled boys do:

    “At Archewell, we unleash the power of compassion to drive systemic cultural change.”

    And then the fat-cat Harry is off to play with mice some more, otherwise his own personae programing could wear off and he might begin to emote like re-(ab-)normalized humans under his granny’s dominion do:

    “Archewell Productions was created by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to produce programming that informs, elevates, and inspires. Through its creative partnership with Netflix — the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with more than 195 million members — Archewell Productions will utilize the power of storytelling to embrace our shared humanity and duty to truth through a compassionate lens.”

    We should not forget that this Trillionaire caste’s call to Audacious Action by the Billionaire propagandist caste to lure the Millionaire investors into the ponzi – build back better – Impact Economy scheme is just another bold-bubble-bursting-building endeavor that is intent on collapsing the digital-prison market, eventually, thus robbing the Millionaire caste of their assets … or … Trillionaire caste is employing the Billionaire caste to rob the Millionaire caste off of this planet. According to the formula:
    Trillionaires employ Billionaires in robbing Millionaires;
    Billionaires employ Millionaires in robbing Masses;
    Millionaires employ Masses in robbing the Planet;
    … it all resulting in the Trillionaires being hailed as the biggest employers on this planet and the Masses being blamed as the biggest robbers of this planet.

    Interesting how the Masters have this urge to constantly share their do-good (schizophrenic) insights with the Masses and act out to convince the Masses to dispense with their disbelief and allow for the Masters’ schizophrenic culture to be periodically internalized as a new-(ab)normality.
    From bubble to bubble we went into oblivion, the cave-carving pictographs will warn future visitors of this planet.

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