Eugenics, Black Women, and the World Brain Matrix

In 2018, David Roux, founder of Silver Lake Partners and trustee of Jackson Laboratory, delivered a speech at the University of New England in which he predicted a future where managed human breeding would be carried out through the normalized use of genomic medicine at scale. The title of his presentation was “Social Trauma: Technology Tsunamis and Other Dangerous Consequences of Higher Education.”

We are talking a lot about race these days, but we are not talking enough about eugenics. We need to examine the history of eugenics in the United States, and acknowledge how that history continues to reverberate through our social relations as misguided plans advance with the intention of boosting humanity into a new evolutionary trajectory that melds biology with nano-scale devices.

We need to understand this as an imperative of capital market expansion where twenty-first-century techno-imperialists intend to tap Black and Brown communities to build an open air mixed-reality prison that will be branded as inclusive, just, and anti-racist.

Those leading the charge into an imagined Human 2.0 world believe their scientifically efficient digital enclosures will “solve” problems of racism by eliminating race altogether. They hope to transfigure “life” on Earth into a homogenized neural net, the medium through which Oliver Reiser’s long-anticipated “World Brain” can come into being.

I talk about all of these issues with my friend Zakiya Sankara-Jabar on her podcast “Real Talk With ZSJ” based out of Montgomery County, MD. Watch our conversation here.

1 minute clip with former Boris Johnson advisor Dominic Cummings on eugenics.

Additional food for thought:

Dominic Cummings’ 2013 essay (237 pages) on education and politics here.

Cummings reflects on James Heckman and early childhood impact investing in his blog here.

Mark William Johnson, University of Liverpool professor specializing in cybernetics and personalized learning environments, on annotated physiology of learning here.

Professor Johnson’s Google Scholar page, including the paper below. Read “Covid-19 and the Epigentics of Learning” here.

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  1. TheQuieterOne says:

    Tremendous discussion, thanks. I am now well addicted to drinking from the firehose! At around 40 minutes in, Zakiya mentioned an African-American guy in LA who has been talking about this too. Does anyone know who she was referring to? Better still, is there a link to his discussion? Thank you!

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