Scrappy Moms Against The World Brain Sometimes Stand Alone

Featured photo: Alison McDowell next to Ben Franklin, Craftsman at his printing press, sculpture donated to the City of Philadelphia by the Pennsylvania Freemasons. Masonic Hall and Philadelphia City Hall in the background. We imprint reality through our intentions. 

It’s a few days before Mother’s Day, and I find myself alienated from the two people I have the closest biological connection with – my mother and my young adult child.

My husband is about to cross a border that I cannot cross to see our child, a college student, who issued an ultimatum to me over winter break that I had to forsake my research, or I would be cut out of their life. I would do many things for my child, but that I could not do. What a terrible role model I’d be had I affirmed the legitimacy of conditional love – that a person would only be worthy of affection if they abandoned their calling, their purpose. My child turned and walked away, and since then I’ve sent a postcard with a heart on it across the border once a week. The door to my heart is open when our child wants to come back, no conditions.

In the case of my mother the estrangement grew slowly with the realization that she was not interested in the path my life had taken, indeed it made her very uncomfortable. The same happened with my best friend of many years. I didn’t have ready answers for the serious issues I had uncovered, and it was too hard for her.

“You’ve changed Alison.”

That’s what my husband says gently to make sense of these unexpected holes in my life. Did I choose this? My child thinks so, seeing it as intentional slight undermining their right to happiness and normalcy. Maybe they got the short end of the stick. True, by high school I was no longer the NPR listening liberal mom planning birthday parties and PTA events that I was during their elementary school years. I only hope that one day they will have empathy for my situation. I walked through a door into a story no one wanted to hear.

I tweeted a few weeks ago that it feels like I landed in a “choose your own adventure” book that had an extra page inserted. When a person flips to that page, they’re instantly transported into a different reality. It’s been lonely wandering around in this overlooked plot line, but I’ve found there are a few others in possession of this unusual edition. Gradually, we’re finding one another, comparing notes, and moving forward.

That choice I made, without quite realizing it…when did I turn the page?

Was it that public meeting when I realized the Dell Foundation was funding implementation of new report cards that would be used to close more neighborhood schools? The same Dell, whose corporate arm operated as an extension of the NSA?

Was it that day sitting at the kitchen table watching Unicorn Riot’s live streams from Standing Rock as MRAPs advanced down a snowy embankment towards Navy veteran Regina Brave taking her treaty stand?

Was it the evening I lay down in the street in front of Girard College as the Chamber of Commerce plotted out their plans for Philadelphia’s students – a partnership for 21st skills where AI decides jobs based on tokenized skill badges in learning lockers?

Maybe it was getting arrested trying to stop an out-of-uniform housing officer from choking a friend in a rainy gutter.

In the summer of 2020 as riots filled city streets, I stood on the shore of the Mni Sose in South Dakota asking for guidance as two bald eagles soared overhead. I walked through a gate in the middle of an ocean of prairie grass on a bluff overlooking sparkling waters as glimmers of sunlight cut through a moody cloud bank.

Then came a year of dandelions and pilgrimages to landmarks of domination, past and emergent, where intentions for a change of course were set. Identify pain points and lay down prayers to try and heal a society steered so far off course that synthetic life seems “normal.”

Whether I chose this path, or it chose me is moot at this point. I’ve been walking these seven years through a storied landscape that landed me on the doorstep of the unimaginable.

Here in the city of brotherly love I am coming to terms with the wild notion that since the early 1940s at least, some rather unhinged technicians have imagined that from the ether, the Noosphere of thought forms hovering over the earth, a “World Brain” would emerge as the next stage of human evolution. They imagined America serving as a matrix for “Planetary Democracy,” an idea floated mere months after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – radio-eugenics.

The following quote is found on page 141 Oliver L. Reiser’s The World Sensorium: The Social Embryology of World Federation 1946. Reiser, an advocate of scientific humanism, was a professor of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh from 1924 to 1966 and a close associate of Fritz Kunz and Julius Stulman in the Foundation for Integrated Education.

“To facilitate the cosmic maturation of the World Brain it therefore rests with us to take the fate of biological evolution into our own hands and refashion human nature to meet the needs of the great society. I shall not here venture suggestions on how we may attain a creation control of conscious evolution, but content myself with the observation that only thus will the New Humanity come to inhabit the New Earth.”

Reiser then goes on to explain on page 188 that the development of this organ of “cephalization” will happen through strategic deployment of “social polarities.” It seems clear that social media was devised to serve as a tool for exactly this purpose, delivering precision content intended to keep people perpetually activated, divided, and in motion.

“What we have urged is this: that society can ‘get ahead’ only if it develops a head. Our appeal for cephalization – that is society must develop a unified action-is based on the general idea of biological dominance and subordination, which in turn is an example of polarity in nature. Many manifestations of the universe are polar in nature: centripetal-centrifugal forces operate universally; attraction and repulsion are twin activities; positive and negative electricity are found everywhere and are equally essential to the development of forms on all levels of evolution. And since society is a natural manifestation, it also must have its basic polarities. Indeed, social evolution itself seems to depend upon our ability to produce a balance, dynamic, spiraling movement in time toward some polarized objective.”

Page 190 features the statement “health must be the foundation of a successful planetary socialism.” On page 192 continues “a program based on health is so practical that any special interest groups would attack it at their peril,” and then on page 203 “health is a public responsibility; no one has a private right to be diseased.” So now the stage has been set for the World Health Organization’s long-anticipated pandemic treaty. A treaty that through the One Health protocol will lock natural life on Earth into a perpetual cybernetic game of behaviorist conditioning and data extraction.

Interactive Map One Health

Reiser describes the World Brain as needing a high-level of coordination to assert the social synthesis that will bring, as described on page 200, “loosely organized cell-colonies of the world – races – nations – religions – peoples” up to the standard of a “high-level organism.” He goes on to say that global guidance is required “we must foster the growth of those existing organizations that give promise of nourishing the world foetus; these planetary agencies must supply the morphological forces for the guidance of the embryo which will ultimately mature into a full-grown World Organism.” Against the backdrop of the strategically dropped Roe Vs. Wade polarizing leak, what is being “birthed” here? What intentions are being manifested? I don’t believe most people understand the narrative arc in which they are living.

The five functions of the World Brain as outlined on page 187 include: a world police force available for mobilization within an hour’s notice; a world program of food distribution; a world health service and system to global planning for basic needs to be met; a universal system of education to protect new social concepts; and a method of introducing changes that would permit effective isolation of any proposal deemed “ill advised” or “anti-humanistic.” The goal was a synthesis of capitalism and socialism with “responsible” use of technology, and I suspect blockchain identity was a central feature of their planned neural network system.

I took Reiser’s book, along with a handful of Nephele flyers, to a meeting with a Philadelphia councilperson this week. He knew me from my days in education activism, that I was well-informed, not a crackpot, and had my heart in the right place. As I sat down in his office a meeting was blaring from his phone with a school district official droning on about apprenticeships for high school students (impact markets). It’s budget time and his days are double-booked with virtual meetings. The World Brain must love that digital Zoom dust. City Hall was a ghost town, super tight security. All the doors at the northeast portal were locked. Evidently you now must have an appointment to get into the largest municipal building in North America.

Ah, the cradle of Planetary Democracy.

I didn’t bring a slide deck or formal presentation. I just spoke from the heart about the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s Moonshot Project, avatar life, digital twins, and electronic “what works” government. For what it’s worth, he believed me and saw how lockdowns put everything on turbo-drive. We commiserated over the fact that young people were being trained to embrace this fake, pixelated evolutionary process. I sent a follow up email with links to supplement our conversation. At least there is one person in City Hall who has an idea of the bigger picture. There’s an information war going on.

My days are very quiet now, though my mind remains busy sifting through clues and finding patterns. I closed the week mapping out RAND’s 2020 white paper on the rise of Noopolitik, where NGOs will deliver storylines around climate and the care of community and the commons that legitimize the Pentagon’s desire for permanent surveillance, the sensor-based neural network that AI needs to box our brains, script our thoughts, and sufficiently narrow our lived experience so that it can finally attempt to embody our humanity. Scattered among the text are references to transcendentalists, the human potential movement, communications theory, consciousness, and alternative economics.

Interactive Map RAND Noopolitik

We are approaching the synthesis phase of the Hegelian dialectic in which the devastating harm to the environment is sold to us as an amazing investment opportunity in which we can begin to self-actualize through strategic micro-investments from our meager UBI allowances into evidence-based solutionism where success is fleeting and only exists as data in motion on a dashboard.

Through token-based transacting we can help further “civilize” the world to the point that we shed our physical bodies and exist as substrate independent minds, suitable for space colonization where we can spread extractive systems of domination to such targets as asteroids, the moon, even Mars. At least that is the vision of Trent McConaghy, an engineer with expertise in “creative AI,” who apparently wants to tokenize the world so that it better fits the constraints of his amazing evolutionary algorithms. Not coincidentally, such tokens will also underpin the data economy and fuel his “sustainable” business venture Ocean Protocol.

Interactive Map Ocean Protocol

Social evolution is a precondition for the arrival of the World Brain. The creation of which seems to be the objective of a twisted game that has been programmed without our informed consent or knowledge and is fraudulently being sold to us a saving the environment, when really the opposite is true. If the environment is “saved,” it will be as a replica, a simulation to be experienced in the confines of a VR headset or synthetic hallucination.

Today I asked Twitter, what story do you see in this map? The story I see is one of greed, of digital empire where delusions of Manifest Destiny compel us to cover the planet in nano-sensors so that we can mirror it into a mechanical cloud while pouring our essence into abominations like Sophia DAO, because we keep running from the harm wrought by centuries of domination culture. By chasing “progress” we think we can escape that legacy, but crypts and blocks and chains tell the tale even as we try and look away.

Interactive Map Game Board

I understand why most people do not want to step into this story. It’s overwhelming. To navigate it, you must believe in your heart that there is more than the material world conveyed to us by our senses. The last paragraph Reiser’s book reads as follows:

“When its foundations are planted solidly here on earth to tower upward into the heavens, humanism will then no longer be tied to the flat land of planal thinking: the new argonauts of psycho-social traveling will show us the way into a new dimension of reality, enabling mankind-growing through tensions, trials and suffering-to rise from the ancient biosphere into the upper reaches of a cultural ionosphere where the sweet sad music of humanity is transmuted by the alchemy of spherical harmonics into a refrain such as only the angels of heaven could have heard before.”

He paints a pretty picture, as with many a New Age Pied Piper, leading us away from tension and suffering toward an angelic new plane of existence. But I know that the harmonics of THIS “cultural ionosphere” have been engineered by DARPA and authorized for planetary citizenship use by the United Nations. The Noetic future dangled before us by RAND’s lackeys and renegade economists, and bioengineers is an unredeemable counterfeit.

I’ve entered this story to call a spade and spade. I’ve given up a lot along the way. Once you know, it is impossible to turn around. Had someone warned me of this, I might have slowed down our changed course. But I didn’t. Choices have consequences; that is true. I probably should have expected there wouldn’t be a crowd in the pilgrimage towards some elusive truth.

So, this Mother’s Day I’ll be on my own. Maybe I will buy a flat of pansies and put my hands in the soil. God put us into this biosphere for a reason. Maybe it was even to be a “World Brain Neutralizer.” I will endeavor to enjoy the time I have in this body, in this place. It is a gift. I will continue to do this work as one mom among many in a spirited and spiritual engagement facing off against artificial intelligence. I do it for my child, and all the children. I know they cannot consent to existing as a hologram in some cyberneticist’s evolutionary algorithm. I just pray someday my family will have the strength to step in this story, look around, and understand why I took this stand for natural life.

If you would like to start this conversation in your community, I still have a box of Nephele flyers that I’d like to get into the hands of people across the country. In support of my friend Raul Diego at Silicon Icarus, I will send a box of approximately 100 flyers priority mail to any US address for a donation of $25 or more (FWIW, it costs me about $9.50 to mail, plus the cost of the brochures which is about $5 per batch). Raul is in the process of finishing his documentary and as a truly independent filmmaker and journalist, he really needs our backing. In case you want to know more about the flyer, here’s the back story.

Here’s the link to donate! 

Thanks in advance, from my heart! Alison



27 thoughts on “Scrappy Moms Against The World Brain Sometimes Stand Alone

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Alison for your work and dedication in speaking out and speaking truth. You are a truly amazing woman. I wish the fliers were available in the UK.

    • Eljay says:

      “I probably should have expected there wouldn’t be a crowd in the pilgrimage towards some elusive truth.“ yes, but expect that for people like me, much needed discourse such as you have provided is a life line. A raft in the sea of insane lemmings who’ve pushed and dragged everyone in the wake of their mad dash toward this worst case scenario surging toward a place that they won’t like either but don’t yet know that.

  2. David AJ says:

    Hi Alison. Thanks for your Mothers Day gift to to all of us. How ironic they talk about the need to “isolate” alternative narratives. Your individual deep truth, and your courage to voice it, makes you a lonely leader. Thank you for being brave, and for all you have done in your life to build the strength of character you have. I’m praying for more of that in my life, too. Dave.

  3. Amy Harlib says:

    Just donated $25 for more of your excellent Nephele flyers. I so admire and support the work you do! You are a true heroine in my eyes.

  4. Arlette says:

    Dear Alison – you either want to learn or you don’t – this was the essence of what I took away from the „Course in Miracles“, a book written in the 80ies. Sadly, most people prefer to stay „unlearned“. Personally I have now chosen to deepen my connection with my soul and with nature. If people want to join – fine. After years of integrating my own traumas, I want to enjoy the time left as I am not sure how much there will be without being electronically fenced in. Thank you for your work and please remember: it is the soul connection that counts in the end – not the blood.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Standing alone is the only way it can be done, think Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, even Jesus.
    It always takes the courage of one who is pure of heart to light the way.
    Conditioned to the group mind of media think, to tells us what and how to think and feel, it can be frightening when someone breaks out and shows us the oppressive box we inhabit.
    We are there behind you and we do not consent to this tyranny.
    It takes great courage and fortitude to stand firm against this level of darkness, all of us have felt the alienation and ostracism but few have the talent to gather it into a comprehensive package.
    For all the peoples of the World and especially the Mothers, Thank You, we stand with you, heart, body, and soul.

  6. krista says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Alison! I understand what you’re experiencing to some degree. My work with the medicine show alienated many of my closest human companions. It’s disheartening to say the least. Yet, the frequency and vibration of truth is it’s own force. Like Gandhi‘s concept of Satyagraha, being in truth emits a tone which gives permission to others to stand in their own truth as well. Being an emitter and mirror which demonstrates attuned right relationship to the (nature-based) truth of what is, is integral to restoration. Re-storey-a(c)tion. Thank you for the extraordinarily challenging, precise and thorough work you are doing. You activate and magnetize the circuit of healing (amidst a deep global soul infection of deception) which invites inclusively for all to become a part. Much like a lighthouse sparing our ships from crashing at the shore of synthesized self-destruction. Your courage is exquisite and I love your beautiful heart! Your friend, Krista in the Wild West of Zion. You are not alone. Nature is with you, I am with you. We are with you❣️

  7. nikkilancy says:

    “What a terrible role model I’d be had I affirmed the legitimacy of conditional love – that a person would only be worthy of affection if they abandoned their calling, their purpose.” This really resonated with me and as a mom as well I applaud your strength to uphold your values even when it costs so much. Happy Mother’s Day Alison and thank you for your work and your voice.

  8. Michael Brownstein says:

    Oh God, Alison, I’m sorry to read what you’re going through with your son and your mother. On this Mother’s Day know the crucial work you’re doing is for the benefit of the mother of us all — the Goddess, planet Earth and the sanity and health of her creatures threatened by technocratic madness. I recommend Carol K Anthony’s A Guide to the I Ching which I’ve consulted for years to understand the message of allowing the Sage and the Cosmos to work through us by when necessary retreating, having patience and understanding
    we can’t force things. As the I Ching says, “Time is not of the essence, time is the essence.” love, Michael

  9. Iqlia Hungerford says:

    West Virginia has a motto, “Mountaineers are always free.” This applies to those like you who have the courage and fortitude to do what needs to be done to stand for FREEDOM!!! Certainly, not everyone is cut out to climb that mountain. I identify with you in many ways because I have had to go “against the grain” in my medical practice. My goal is to keep my patients Safe and on Track for quality of life longevity. Your intentions are the same….. keeping Humanity safe, healthy and happy. You are a Mother to the Planet.

    Raul Diego has some of the best material out there. Kudos to him. I definitely purchase some flyers.

    Thanks again. Iqlia

  10. Traci says:

    I love you Alison. Thank you, I think I understand what you courage & integrity have cost you. May you & yours & all of ours be blessed. I hope for reunion & reconciliation sooner, rather than later as a balm for your heart. So much love here. Happy Mothers Day.

  11. Elle says:

    The scope of your fortitude, determination and inspiration continue to encourage us deep in our souls.
    Great idea to let nature compost that familial pain into delightful growth and beauty, inside and out.
    Be kind to yourself and keep shining your light, beautiful Alison. You are so loved by so many.

  12. anita says:

    It makes me very sad to hear about your relationship with your daughter and mother. I hope they come around because you are simply spreading the truth and teaching the public about all the business and governmental connections and actions, that have a substantial bearing on the future of humanity, and people are charging forth unchallenged, without any ethical considerations whatsoever. I’m so glad I found your work and I’m slowly spreading your research.

  13. Jennifer S Livingston says:

    We support you Alison. Without you we would be walking blind. Thank you again for all your research and knowledge. Please hang in there because we all need you. Sending you all our love from S.C.💗

  14. Lumpina says:

    I am alone too this Mother’s Day, choosing to fulfill my husband’s request for me to leave our home. He has been overwhelmed by my unwillingness to stop sharing information about the dangers of the officially approved “therapeutics” for you-know-what. He is a pediatrician. We have five children. All of my four adult children want to censor me in my own home, even on non-vaccine related topics. Most challenging though is to not be there for the youngest who is autistic. I cannot persuade anyone to support alternative modes of treatment for him. I cannot persuade them to see the dangers of the public school system. And yet he is big enough now and so challenging that it would be hazardous to try to bring him with me. It’s an unbearable heartache to not know how to help your child who is suffering and has the ability to inflict a lot of suffering as well. I feel blessed that I can still communicate with my children. Two will almost always respond, the other two not so much. And my mother who submitted to the jab against my wishes is still very sweet and loving though having memory issues. We got to be together yesterday. She lets me talk about whatever I want! I just have to do it away from my stepdad who only believes what he is told by his television.

    I think about you, Alison every time I see a dandelion now. I struggle to know where to focus my waning energy and really only have an intuitive grasp that what you’re saying and teaching is profoundly important. I try to share it with other people whom I think might be holding puzzle pieces.

    Years ago we might have perceived each other as the enemy, I a diehard conservative who fell for divisionary tactics, you a liberal.

    Truly I think we are in a great awakening, and I am grateful that you are honoring your life’s calling and helping others to do the same.

  15. josephine says:

    Thank you Alison. I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while and really appreciate your insights and admire your intellect, though some information is way beyond my understanding or experience. You are amazing!

  16. Beca says:

    Blessings and thanks, Allison, for giving your Earth Mother self in full. There is more support for you in the morphic field than any of us know at this time.

  17. Koen van Baal says:

    Gosh Alison, You must love the truth so much… This message to me personally is very inspirational, the way you’re transcending the love for your own child into the love for all children… Thank you❤️

  18. Terry says:

    I can understand why someone wouldn’t want their mom believing in unfounded conspiracy theories like Qanon, but why would anyone want their mom to stop doing first-rate primary source research?

  19. Terry says:

    Also, I think you’re doing the right thing by showing unconditional love and making clear that the door is always open when your kid is ready. You’re a good mom.

  20. Penny Goertzen says:

    I can feel your pain Alison, and hope and pray your family realizes who they have in you. One day your son will come around, and realize you’re doing this primarily for him. I miss your posts on F.B. but I know why you’re not there. I’m looking for your twitter handle, lol. (still completely useless at techy stuff) Thankyou for everything you’re doing. Much love.

  21. DianeCA says:

    Your post really resonated with me. My son hasn’t spoken to me in 8 years over political differences. Mind you this wasn’t an issue until he met his current wife. We realized quickly that our views were different than hers so we never discussed issues we knew that would upset her. Think 1960s Berkley hippy. I guess our views made us so repugnant to her that our son was forced to make a choice between us and her. Mind you, his values were more aligned along ours than hers when he met her. He also banished his sister and her family. Her two young daughters adored him and were devastated. A few after being banished from their lives, I get an email telling us that they are now married and have had a child.

    Just before the banishment started I received a lengthy letter describing in detail every sin we’ve committed against him, her and them as a couple. To say I was devastated doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I was absolutely heartbroken. It was cruel, mean, spiteful, and full of childish accusations. Then he concluded that if we didn’t change our ways he would cut us out of his life. He never gave us the chance to sit down with him face to face to talk about any of this because we never heard another word from him. Calls, texts, and emails went unanswered.

    I went into a spiraling depression that I am just now coming out of. Up until the moment it become serious with this woman, we had an extremely close and healthy relationship with him as did his sister. Now I have a 6 year old granddaughter that I have never met.

    All that being said, I just found your page and I’m excited to delve into it more. What little I’ve read I agree with whole heartily.

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