Blockchain, The Metaverse, and Nephele, Mother of the Centaurs

In January 2020, I flew into Dallas to meet my good friend and fellow education activist Lynn Davenport. We toured the city and met with folks, unpacking our concerns over developments in adoption of blockchain education transcripts and how they would be used to profile children and catalyze futures markets in human capital. You can read about that trip here.

Over the past year and a half, blockchain identity efforts have begun to scale – medical passports, electronic health records, digital drivers licenses, and education transcripts. On Friday October 8, 2021 the Texas Blockchain Council is hosting a summit at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT Austin campus. The agenda features financial payment innovation, bitcoin mining, digital identity in government, and the strategic value of blockchain to Texas’s economy. Attending from Wyoming is Senator Cynthia Lummis, a promoter of crypto-currency and advocate for limiting government regulation of alternative payment systems. She helped bring Cardano to Wyoming where Charles Hoskinson’s Input Output Hong Kong established a blockchain innovation laboratory last year with a $500,000 gift. I spoke with Zakiya Sankara-Jabar about my concerns regarding Cardano’s projects in Africa this past May. You can watch my three-hour presentation here, slide deck here. In this clip from Cardano’s Africa launch, Hoskinson describes a future where a person’s meta-data is tracked from their earliest years so that the government will be able to determine if they are a good actor and worthy of having a job.

I suspect most people attending the Texas Blockchain Summit know a lot about crypto-currency investing. What remains to be seen is if they understand smart contracts and how those are designed to interface with smart city surveillance. A panopticon is being built where data from the real world is going to be harvested in order to build out a Metaverse controlled by global defense and finance interests. Those who embrace Constitutional rights must recognize that the plan is for layers of smart contracts to separate you from whatever rights you think you have. For this reason, we created a satirical brochure in the spirit of the Yes Men to share with those attending this event. We are people who believe we need to hold tightly to the real; we are keepers of natural life. The name we gave to this fictitious consulting firm is Nephele.

In Greek mythology Nephele was a cloud nymph remade as a “twin” of Hera by Zeus to distract Ixion who was making unwanted advances. Ixion later raped Nephele and from that came the centaurs. Centaurs are what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has planned, a human+ future where life is melded with machine. This is a cautionary tale. It is my deepest hope that those attending this summit realize that blockchain is not liberation, but rather a means of intense social control where the masses will be forced to “live” inside a planetary computer, one that will eventually be run by artificial intelligence. Picture 2001: A Space Oydssey’s HAL 9000 as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Here is the text of the brochure we plan to distribute:

Nephele, LLC: Smart Contracts, Synthetic Life

What happens when growth is limited by material reality? We invent synthetic reality and new empires emerge. Capital is no longer constrained by the inferior natural world or by human experience existing for its own sake free from manipulation and extraction by investors. Welcome to the Metaverse, we have leveled up and proudly accept our role as arbiters and mediators of new and infinitely profitable digital worlds. Blessed by our CIA handlers, we at Nephele LLC aim to help manage Avatar life for the eventual enclosure of all physical, social and psychological life onto blockchained mixed reality. Covid’s state-of-exception is ushering in a new era of conquest and assimilation to fulfill our Manifest Destiny. Texas leads the way.

Defense, finance, and bio-nano technology sectors anxiously await Globalization 4.0. Free markets in digital services, globotics, and synthetic biology are ready to take center stage. First, however, the masses must be tagged. Decentralized “trust” must be established. The peons have to be conditioned for social impact processing and transformation into human+ centaurs

Medical passports, electronic-government IDs, and education transcripts on blockchain will turn bodies and minds into securitized assets for futures trading. Markets in predictive profiling and digital twin optimization have been under development for decades. Central bankers have humanity on the verge of mass indenture. In the bio-surveillance panopticon, you’re either going to be a bond holder or bonded. Get in on the ground floor. ESG portfolio managers are placing bets on Michael Bloomberg’s what works, geo-fenced, smart city game boards now.

Nephele, LLC will help you navigate the terrain of the Spatial Web 3.0, “pay for success” finance, behavioral economics, wearable technologies, neuro-prosthetics, and the Internet of Bodies. As your in-game consultant we identify markets with significant growth potential. Not so keen on having your soul harvested by artificial intelligence, placed in a DAO, and tapped to trigger the Singularity in an attempted coup of g-d? We advise on that, too.

It is possible people wish to live in the REAL world and engage with friends, family, colleagues, and service providers in a space not mediated by military technology. Today’s adults may find the Internet of Bio-Nano Things and Cyborg Avatar Capitalism unsettling. Augmented cognition may repel them. Parents may not appreciate schools training children to place their consciousness into robots to compete for digital piecework. Bodies may be less tolerant of nano-electronics than we hoped. People may realize we’re remaking their lives as Non-Playable Characters in a global game of “sustainability” and “poverty management” before we achieve full spectrum dominance.

We do know this business model is a terrible idea.
Choosing blockchain identity… the spatial web… synthetic life will take us down a road where non-engineered beings are erased from the planet.
For children, plants, animals, microbes, and all those not yet born, we say no.

#Don’t Blockchain Texas

Texas Dandelions by Zella, age 5

11 thoughts on “Blockchain, The Metaverse, and Nephele, Mother of the Centaurs

  1. Kata List Productions says:

    Not sure you ever read any of Joan Veon’s books.. I had sent my copies to Rosa Koire years ago.. she had never heard of her either. . . found a podcast not long ago by Joan from 2009 one of the last one’s she did before she died of cancer in 2010… she referenced something she had been looking into called the Pilgrim Society .. so here’s some more reading for the curious

  2. Anon says:

    Alison, please share all of your work with Africans. You must please sit down with Pastor Dr. John Mosepele of South Africa. He will share it with his congregation and the roots of the grass will ignite and spread all over the continent. Dr. Mosepele needs to hear about the blockchain/v connection immediately so he can inform our mothers. We can’t wait. I have not verified this but there is also Ricardo Maarman of South Africa and the case against the gov/banks. Find it on double u double u double u dot showusthevirus dot info. Dr. Mosepele can be found on YT giving an interview with Reiner Fuellmich’s investigative committe.

    You, my friend, are a God send. No matter how hard it gets, know that you are divinely led.

  3. poul says:

    Thanks Alison I’ve been pushing the dandylions for a few years now in Australia, things are not good here, the op-ulation sleeps W H.O. is the enemy they wonder.
    This system will be up and running here by 2025. Life on the digital plantation will be difficult for them to accept. A world without money us beyond the imagination for most. .
    Im also impressed by your comprehension of history, A rare thing in the USA.
    If I get an opportunity to contact you I can help with some legal and historical matters regarding our countries.

  4. Grace says:

    Alison, Thank you for everything that you do to expose he truth that is so much crazier than fiction .
    Interestingly, interbreeding of pre-ancient races /beings and this includes earth-animal interbreeding not necessarily sexual but genetic experimentation /contamination, goes way back to millions of YA. Myths seem to be regarded only as myths because truth of our real history as Celestial Humans have been hidden/distorted resulting to disinformation . I am no expert but part of my DNA imprint reminded me of The Nephilim when I saw the word Nephele. In my Eternal Education understanding, the Anunnaki created a race of human-Atlantan-Anunnaki children who became known as the Nephilim, who entered the earth system approximately 950,000 YA. The Nephilim had more advanced genetic codes via their Anunnaki fathers , who easily raped the human-Atlantan females due to their sheer size and strength. (Average Anunnaki male Stoos 12-36 feet tall. The Nephilim quickly dominated the less-developed humans, creating a Highly advanced, materialistic culture built upon manipulation and exploitation of leas evolved life forms. Many genetic experiments were carried out producing various animal-human species (I.e the minotaurs: half-bull, half-human, and the centaurs: half-human, half-horse) massively distorting the human genetic code . Sounds like everything that we have been openly exposed to experience in the last couple of years are just but an extension of not observing the Law of One .

    Source bless. Just sharing

  5. galacticusX says:

    I feel like I’m tumbling into a bottomless rabbit-hole discovering information like this. I work for a small PR firm that disseminates the gospel of the wonderful Industry 4.0 and digital transformation paradise. I’m feeling incredibly confused, paranoid, disillusioned, and all sorts of other things, very little of it, positive…

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