Magenta at Dusk and the Royal Beacon of Decarbonization – Synthetic Pretenders Part 10

This is the tenth installment in the Synthetic Pretenders series examining the proposed CaliforniaTrust Framework within the context of synthetic biology, eugenics, and the Spanish tenth system. 

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(Follow-Up Interview with Leo Saraceno, Silicon Icarus’ 53 Degree Podcast)

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Feature Image: Queen Elizabeth’s Sky-scraping Jubilee “Tree” Unveiled

Adam Arkin’s cyber forest from Part Seven of this series was echoed in the Platinum Jubilee beacon lighting on June 2, 2022. The feature image conveys the intent of the new regime. Wild nature must be replaced with a contained, quantifiable version. Trees are not forest elders, but rather biological armatures for sensor networks. Their biochemical data will be mined for carbon credits and ESG impact metrics.

Source: Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood and the Major Oak

Children must be trained that it’s normal to put trees in buckets, tie them up in LED lights, hang them on high, and then replant them for urban greening. Their labor, too, will be incorporated into data-harvest schemes aligned to STEM education standards and citizen science volunteer hours. The picture shows Black and Brown children being groomed to exhibit proper behaviors towards the earth, for the digital eye. Upon verified demonstration of their compliance, Soulbound Tokens can then be issued on blockchain to their digital twins to update the planetary simulation. Everyone who participates gets a badge with life re-rendered for leaderboard culture.

The photo shows it all being so very tidy. To me it feels like a soulless photo-op with innocent students used as pawns in a deceptive game of performative colonial “greening.” This isn’t a ceremonial one-off either. Even the ancient Sherwood Forest has been hooked up to the cloud and remade as an immersive digital experience complete with remote monitoring for real-time portfolio management. We’re meant to believe that by living through digital media we will be kept “safe” and nature kept “safe” from us.

Really, though, it’s about turning life into a series of networked biological assays that will supposedly “teach” the counterfeit about the vitality of biomes. The delightful “surprisingness” of creation my friend Leo talks about will never be fully-computable no matter how many oracles they insert into laminated data layers to capture and quantify our bio-photons in relation to those emanating from the expansive, generous universe we were born to traverse. It’s just not going to happen, as hard as they may try. I wish they’d just drop it and go enjoy an afternoon in the shade of a real oak tree.

Source: Move Over Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest Will Now Be Monitored by Robot Rangers

Source: 5G Bringing Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood to Life

The Queen walked gingerly with her cane and large black handbag around the border of the Windsor Palace lawn until she stood before a garish pink podium in the T-Mobile corporate palette waiting to ignite a “fuse” of stranded LED lights. She laid a gloved hand on the Commonwealth Globe, which rested on a blue tasseled pillow encircled by a crown (corona). Then, a Kundalini serpent energy (h/t Stephers) raced across a precision-trimmed lawn, leaping through time and space from Windsor to Buckingham Palace. On the other side, the fuse of white bulbs crossed a pavement until it ran into an artificial steel tree. Upon impact, hundreds of electric lanterns blinked on, the advent of an age of bio-technological domination of the natural world. Divine awakening through activation of the chakras re-routed through a colonial intercept and stored, like those captured seedlings in aluminum buckets, to power a counterfeit reality.

Source: Queen’s Sparkling Tribute to the UK

One could read the queen’s cane as the caduceus of Hermes, messenger, trickster, and keeper of commerce, boundaries, and ritual. With the rise of synthetic biology and nano-machines, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the Hermetic tradition and the propensity of power to attempt to mask black magic rites with feeble trappings of fraudulent divine intent. In my opinion such a dynamic was at work here, broad-based attempts to propagandize the world into believing synthetic is natural and sacred. It has everything to do with England’s traditions of scientifically managed breeding, including Galton and eugenics.

On Twitter someone suggested this may have been a ceremony invoking Ningishzida, the Sumerian god of the underworld associated with intertwined serpents and lord of “the good tree.” Ningishzida is involved with laws of the earth and the underworld and associated with Hydra, which has a curious synchronicity with Cardano’s Hydra smart contract layer. Interesting food for thought.

And, what to make of that T Mobile pink pedestal?

Source: Platinum Jubilee Jewels: Beacon Lighting Ceremony

T-Mobile is the US offshoot of Deutsche Telekom. It’s headquartered in Bellevue, WA which is a twenty-minute drive north of Renton where Providence Health, which I discussed in Part Eight of this series, is based.

Source: Map T-Mobile / Providence Health Metro-Seattle

T Mobile sponsored an eerie magenta-themed New Year’s Eve laser spectacle consisting of augmented reality compositions projected onto the Seattle Space Needle as the city rang in a socially-distanced 2021. The structure, built as a centerpiece for the 1962 World’s Fair, was financed by the Pentagram Corporation. That fair’s theme was “Century 21” with space, science, and a progressive future as focal points. Click here for a nifty document of facts about this iconic skyline feature.

The Space Needle has some notable neighbors. Walk five minutes northeast from it and you’ll hit the Gates Foundation. Walk another six minutes and you’ll arrive at PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health), an NGO dating to 1977 with a $300 million budget and sixteen-hundred employees in seventy countries researching immunization technologies and food supplements (Ultra-Rice). The 2021 kick-off in Seattle used a “needle” as the anchor and opened with larger-than-life projections of DNA and cellular division. What memorable way to wrap up a first year of lockdowns.

The wide-ranging imagery of Terry Morgan’s eleven-minute production, which was titled “The Dream,” incorporated biology, mechanistic lotus plants, jellyfish, planetary alignments, Platonic solids, space craft, clock works, dancers, and giant twinned heads. I won’t go into a whole analysis here, but if you haven’t seen it there’s a lot to chew on.

Source: T Mobile New Year’s at the Needle 2021

T Mobile is a major player in Seattle, and the company has a lot of peers in the region who are also banking on public acceptance of Web 3.0 mixed-reality: Amazon, Microsoft, and firms in the IT, bio-tech, health-tech, gaming, and food innovation sectors. If collectively these companies implement their planned internet of everything panopticon and successfully acculturate, through perpetual campaigns of carrots and sticks, residents to Metaverse life, dissidents will likely experience this magenta phone company as more of a digital jailor (T Im-Mobile) than a communication service provider.

As I think we are increasingly recognizing, QR-code governed life is not some far-off possibility, but a near and present danger. Deutsche Telekom, T Mobile’s parent company, was tapped by the World Health Organization in February to develop a COVID health credential for the EU. Deutsche Telekom is active in both the blockchain and the social impact finance space via a partnership with Celo. It’s also active in IoT and quantum computing efforts through a collaboration with the French Aerospace firm Thales.

Source: Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile Map

T-Mobile took on the identity of “Un-carrier” (Un = United Nations?) in a 2013 advertising campaign developed by Jesse Purwal’s marketing firm Prophet. The company made a big splash in late March 2022 promoting a “New Magenta” color that celebrated expanded 5G services across the United States following its 2020 acquisition of Sprint.

According to the press release, T-Mobile wanted to redefine “the very idea of color” by investigating “molecular level of light wave propagation. Mike Katz, marketing director, says the “New Magenta” ad was designed to engage the emotions and even shock viewers. This it accomplishes with an atomic bomb evoking sunset, a draw knife cutting into an oversize flesh-like crayon, a trowel digging into glowing radioactive soil, and an optical scientist who “cries” a crystalline magenta tear at the end. This has the feel of a carefully-choreographed tongue-in-cheek parody. My take is that it uses humor to mask crumbs of clues laid down for the enjoyment of a select audience in possession of certain rose-colored glasses.

Source: The New Magenta

The campaign’s supporting materials make a point of saying magenta is not found on the visible spectrum of light but is rather an extra-spectral color created in the brain. Amelia Settembre explains it in “Magenta, The Color That Doesn’t Exist and Why:”

“Usually, when trying to determine color, the brain simply averages the colors to come up with an outcome. If you mix green and red light, you’ll end up with yellow light, because the brain has averaged it. When you mix red and purple light, your brain averages them. Ultimately, this would reasonably come out to green – that’s the average wavelength – but because your brain wants the outcome to make logical sense, it mixes the colors, and you get magenta.

This is how we view most colors: as averages of the three main colors. So, which three? As it turns out, the brain only has three photoreceptors, and because of this, the three colors we can technically see are as follows: red, blue, and green. That is why when you see colors labeled, you’ll often have a number that looks something like (r,g,b) (255, 0, 255) – this is actually the number for magenta – which defines what amounts of each of the main colors go into the making of the end color.”

T-Mobile trademarked Magenta, Pantone Rhodamine Red U, in 2019. The color was created in the mid nineteenth century when chemists developed an aniline dye to represent the shade of the flower fuchsia. In 2016, India’s Reserve Bank chose magenta for their 2,000-rupee banknote, the largest denomination in circulation in that country. Interestingly, because of its fluorescent properties, Rhodamine is used as a dye for biotechnology purposes to show the rate and flow of water and can also be used to inhibit mitochondrion function.

Source: T Mobile Parent Loses Exclusive Rights Over Color Magenta in France, 2020

In attempting to hold on to exclusive use rights for Rhodamine Red U, T-Mobile was following in the footsteps of Owens Corning, fiberglass pink, and Tiffany’s later claim on that iconic shade of blue. Deutsche Telekom filed cease and desist orders against at least three companies for using their shade of pink, most recently in 2019 against Lemonade, an insurance firm. MAGENTA, Multi-functional Algorithm for General-purpose Encryption and Network Telecommunications Applications was developed for Deutsche Telekom in 1998, but it was withdrawn after vulnerabilities were discovered in the code.

“New Magenta” may seem like a prank, since the color isn’t obviously different from “Old Magenta,” a fact that’s voiced by a young artist twice in the commercial. But if you understand that this may be alluding to a twinning process, the parody makes more sense. I think it’s also worth pointing out the “T” in the T-Mobile logo echoes the Tau, or Franciscan Tau cross. It was the Franciscans that established the missions in California. For me, the dots on either side evoke twinned bits of information. In Platonic solids, the cube represents the earth.

Source: Franciscan Seculars: The History of the Tau Cross

The spiraling counterfeit “tree” was made for the Queen from 80 steel branches interwoven with LED lanterns holding aloft 350 aluminum pots with trees to be planted later for “sustainability.” The whole effect reeked of control and contortion, electro-magnetic, disconnected, inorganic, and set up for carbon offsets and citizen participation metrics. It struck me as a ritual energetic imprint, an attempt to manifest a future of “life” as engineered photonics working in man-made circuits, full spectrum dominance of the natural world by an aging monarch whose mint green coat dress stood out disconcertingly against the Windsor red carpet. Remember in the RGB system, Magenta has no “green.”

Source: Tree of Trees, Prince William and Michael Bloomberg

Source: London Map

Source: Bloomberg London Mithraeum

Prince William, stationed in London by the “tree,” was flanked by “what works” e-government, WHO and UN climate liaison, social impact solutions peddler Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s European headquarters is located 2.5 miles away from Buckingham Palace at 12 Walbrook, around the corner from the Bank of England in the City of London. The building was completed in 2017 and sits on top of excavated Roman ruins, a temple to Mithras.

To be honest, Elizabeth didn’t appear all that happy to be there.


6 thoughts on “Magenta at Dusk and the Royal Beacon of Decarbonization – Synthetic Pretenders Part 10

  1. Koen van Baal says:

    Gosh Alison, what a series!! So good to have everything ‘spelled out’, especially for non-native tongue’s! Ofcourse the queen is not happy. That’s what you get from being a living digital twin ‘avant la lettre’ from birth on. And it must be very uninspiring having all that wealth and still being just an order taker. I suppose mini-Mike is one of the order givers😬

  2. Amy Harlib says:


  3. Iqlia Hungerford says:

    Hi Alison, at the beginning you mentioned Cardano’s Hydra smart contract layer. Did you know that NanoTech Engineers have been working with Hydra Vulgaris because of its indestructible properties? Apparently, there is a Recombinant Genome of Hydra Vulgaris in the Vaccines. Another creature that has similar indestructible properties is the Tardigrade creature. This is also being used in a recombinant form in the drugs and vaccines. Just speculating here, but could it be that both creatures are inorganic hybrids of an invading race? I come from the angle of “internal medicine” so I am more concerned with the biological takeover than the financial takeover. I practice Oriental Medicine and have a clinic.

    The Hydra Vulgaris also resembles Yaldabaoth, an evil deity of Gnostic sects. Some new age cults talk about the “Founders” from the Ursa Major – Bear constellation. The Tardigrade resembles a bear. My point is that we may be dealing with very ancient groups that are in the final stages of trying to seize the planet and our humanity. I think true human history has been suppressed so that we won’t know our roots and are blind to the the warnings of our ancestors about these formidable enemies. I think “Evolution” is a ruse to make us despise ourselves and give the TRanshumanists free play with our genome.

  4. Leo says:

    Its funny that they sued Lemonade. Lemonade’s an Israeli tied company and main partner in then new “Lemonade Crypto Collective”, a insurance DAO targeting farmers for smart contract based automated weather insurance. Hannover Re is a founding partner as well. Gotta protect their ritual colors I guess…

  5. Shannon Patrick Ramos (@shannonpatrick) says:

    The Colour of Magic?

    1.(In the tantric system the ‘crown chakra’ is ascribed the colour purple. It marks a liminal point. The threshold between the individual and the cosmos.)

    2.(The writer, Philip K Dick, had a strange encounter with an ‘information rich’, pink beam of light that he claims mesmerized him. He came to believe that the beam was intelligent and that it imparted wisdom and clairvoyance. This event heralded a phase of creative disturbance and strange hallucinations.

    “I experienced an invasion of my mind by a transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life and suddenly I had become sane,” Dick told Charles Platt.)

    3.(Jimi Hendrix was an avid sci-fi reader. One of his favourite books was ‘Night of Light’ by Philip Jose Farmer.)

    4.(In his autobiographical “Confessions”, Aleister Crowley wrote about a night he spent in the Great Pyramid.

    “Looking about me, I saw that the King’s Chamber was glowing with a soft light which I immediately recognized as the astral light. I have been accustomed to describe the colour as ultra-violet, from its resemblance to those rays in the spectrum — — which I happen to be able to distinguish. The range varies, but it is quite noticeably beyond that visible to the normal human eye. The colour is not unlike that of an arc lamp; it is definitely less coloured than the light of a mercury lamp. If I had to affix a conventional label, I should probably say pale lilac. But the quality of the light is much more striking than the colour. Here the word phosphorescence occurs to the mind.”)

    5.(The Brittish occultist Kenneth Grant based a lot of his magical workings on an area he called ‘the Mauve zone’

    He saw it as the source of all human creativity, imagination, fascination, and obsession. In us, it is represented by a zone that exists between the dream state and deeper, dreamless sleep.),creative%20disturbance%20and%20strange%20hallucinations.

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