Deconstructing Biden’s Philadelphia “Soul” Speech In The Context of the Ethereum Merge

Jason, Lynn, and I unpack the speech Biden’s gave at Independence Hall against the backdrop of tokenized “democracy,” the Open Metaverse, Soulbound Tokens, the Ethereum Merge, Philadelphia history, and Oliver Reiser’s musings on the emergent World Brain.

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Bonus 45-minute radio segment with David Tulis in Chattanooga. I particularly liked the middle segment where I was able to touch on the history of Oak Ridge National Lab and how radio-isotope tracers for ecological metabolism investigations relate to cybernetic social impact smart cities.

4 thoughts on “Deconstructing Biden’s Philadelphia “Soul” Speech In The Context of the Ethereum Merge

  1. kocotube01 začasni says:

    The latest two Star Trek series, Picard 1 and 2, have the iconic captain’s body and mind (whole package) transformed into embodied replica made out of nanobots indistinguishable from original after his death in a major battle while protecting artificial life’s right to be and remain part of our Milky Way.

    And even more odd – or given what we know about Hollywood and its social policy programming role actually expected to happen – is to see the change of perspective by producers of the show towards portrayal of the Borg hive. Change of attitude towards The Borg has done 180° turn. The Borg ask for permission to join the Federation of Planets at the end of series 2.

    It feels like the Ferengi have taken over the production of this show in expectation of future profits. Or maybe Hollwood’s Ferengi (knock off) cloak developed serious malfunction and my anti-cloak (bull shit buster) is matching their cloaking frequency faster then they are able to change it and are failing to effortlessly market me future’s crappy business model veiled as enter-tain-ment.

    Maybe one way of making a dent to this digital World Machine juggernaut’s facade is to make it too expensive for those (Ferenghis) who are heavily invested its marketing, in all fronts they have opened against us. Spoiling their carefully crafted propaganda peaces makes them bleed money. Death by a thousand cuts.

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Regarding that red/blue and green (CNN) coloring at about hour 2:02:30 dilemma.
    I recently watched Vivarium (2020) movie:

    “- -”

    My take on the movie:
    Synthesized smart green dream suburban living for yonder fathers just yonder ahead, tempered and perfected by the red and blue faux dialectics of the dream-marketing past.

    For lives lived as mere filings off of work of art, only to be done away with, filed in a cabinet only to be forgotten about and promptly replaced.

    By continuing to follow the yonder synthetic dream one would eventually end there, in yonder-land. Living in one’s sustainable home under new-standardization of living. In Quality Family setting.

    The movie is portrayal of a “quite-quite lost” young couple (a teacher and a tree huger) out there who still remain asleep and unaware of lock-stepping top-down cultural changes that have us all surrounded and slowly squeezing our souls overboard. Walls are closing in. Many are already overboard in free-fall, some have hit the fan (bottom of the hole). The rest, those who still cling to their positions inside the nest, don’t care.

    The ‘red and blue’ references to movie’s beginning of its end, when we are shown, as part of catharsis, how the green color was arrived at as a color of standardized (nest) choice. The movie shows in rapid succession the past where the reds wept and kept praying in despair, the blues gave up by suicide and the (brainwashed) greens are the only ones who are still willing to have wild sex (even under the all seeing eye) and at the same time have no moral dilemmas because they simply don’t care (or to use the last words spoken in the movie … “whatever”).
    Thus it was decided – through dialectical process – that the “new-nest” color of choice is to become uniformly (smart) “green”.

    That is why Jason saw a green halo over Biden’s face in that CNN feed as a subliminal. In/organic (brain) washed-out “je m’en fous” fake “green” is a result of two fake opposites fighting out in the open, the reds and the blues.

  3. psychoNWO says:

    DNA is a fundamental component of the EMF holosphere. It receives and amplifies the holographic signal that animates our universe. It also projects the images we see which in turn animate the experiences we call life. DNA cannot be altered on the molecular level because it is projected along scalar waves. Scalar waves cannot be changed using physical pathogens like mRNA – they can only be altered on the quantum/atomic level. We live in an electric/magnetic universe where DNA adjustments can only take place on the atomic level – see the quote from the book titled ‘Stalking the Wild Pendulum’ by Itzhak Bentov I posted here… …for insights into how energetic/atomic level adjustments are possible.

    Graphene oxide is being used to build a secondary nervous system in humans. The Graphene Oxide artificial nervous system acts as a receiver that picks up the atomic signal from quantum computers – this enables Quantum A.I. algorithms to alter the spin velocity of the DNA thus synchronising and tuning it to the atomic frequency of the Beast system.

    This is actually being done to everything organic on the planet via the ubiquitous chemtrail spraying of graphene oxide. Plants, tree’s, animals, vegetable, cotton, etc… All of nature is being co-opted into the beast system…

    Our DNA is Being Changed on the Quantum Level…

    The D-Wave Quantum Computer… …@4m16s… university paper describing every human on the planet as a real-time node in the digital Sentient World Simulation. It is real-time because there is no time delay in the teleportation of information between electrons in a holographic universe. Every fragment of a hologram contains whole views of the entire holographic image -­- even a tiny fragment will still contain the whole picture. Every human is a whole fragment of the hologram and we each project our own interference pattern which interacts with other interference patterns,, ie, other humans.

    The transhumanist’s have found a way to hack into the creation hologram. They don’t need a 5G EMF network to hook us up to their mainframe quantum computers. Once they have the resonant frequency of our DNA they can connect directly to our brain and central nervous system using the existing quantum framework of the holographic field.

    The Sentient World Simulation is a mirror world wherein each whole fragment of the hologram,, ie, each human, becomes a node in the Beast system. They will be connected to the Beast system 24/7 from cradle to grave and every transaction they make will be recorded on blockchain ledgers and permissioned via a global system of algorithmic social credit scoring.

    Transhumanist scientists can now convert biological code into digital genetic code, then deconvolute it back into biological code, this means digital ‘viruses’ can be dispersed via EMF networks that are capable of infecting biological organs. Laboratory created synthetic so called ‘viruses’ turn blood cells into molecular EMF Transmitters. Commentary starts @ 7m56s…—Molecular-EMF-Transmitters.:2?r=GHBM5vePehvivDbgyGcgGJ6drCThcmjD

    They are hitting us with electro-magnetic frequency weapons that are capable of inflicting the same specific ailments over and over again and they are telling us that these ailments are being caused by viruses. The EMF emissions from satellites and cellphone towers are causing specific ailments too, as is graphene oxide.

    The same ailments that are being digitised then transmitted via EMF networks can also be transmitted from person to person. Brain to brain. The vaxxed are not shedding – they are transmitting. Biohacking Linking Someone’s Brain to Another’s Brain – Dr Charles Morgan Lecture on Nanotechnology at West Point Military Academy…

    Brain to Computer Interface Links Human DNA to A.I. Quantum Computer Cloud. ..

    Dr. Irene Caesar at has many of the scientific documents written by the Russian Jewish scientists who developed the technology that has been used to electronically harass and murder Targeted Individuals for more than 40 years. She acquired these documents after the collapse of the USSR in 1990. This is the same technology that is in the COVID vaccines. Her company now offers a service that reverses the nanotech effects that are harming TI’s, such as V2K, using the same holographic principles described by the scientists in the documents. Around 40% of the material discussed in the documents focuses on altering holograms – a big clue about the world we live in.

    Long story short, the psycho transhumanists are hacking the holographic signal that animates our world, I suppose you could call it the God signal, and Wave Genome are then hacking the transhumanist signal and changing it back to the God signal.

    Dr Irene Caesar. Regenerative Holographics. Digitized Genetic Optics of the Human Bio-hologram – the holistic medical alternative to the poisons of Big Pharma…

    Our local leaders are all COVID vaxxed so they are now all hackable humans – A.I. is building communities that will support its expansion, not the other way around.

    We live in a hologram. DMT disrupts the holographic signal that animates our universe…

    God, holograms and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)…

    Terence McKenna being a menace…

    @1h45m30s… They’re still sticking all kinds of things into it, including humans. The Holographic World Brain,, ie, The Sentient World Simulation…

    • LJ says:

      Thank you for this. The socalled African American conscious community has been on to this for decades but is largely ignored, belittled, infiltrated, made prostrate, But there are still some gems. What is your take on the role of the ”new” wavelengths coming from the Sun?

      No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

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