Is Terrain An “Artificial Society?” – A Response to Jeff Strahl Re Psy-ops

As you all are probably aware, Jason created a digital space with Discourse software and private data storage to run a research group focused on blockchain, debt finance, synthetic-bio and how it is fueling a cybernetic mixed-reality future. This is his project, not mine. It is a small group of members, though anyone is welcome to poke around and see what we’re looking at. You can find it here.

Until last week Jeffrey Strahl, a retired statistics lecturer who lives in the Bay Area and is active in the terrain space on social media, was a member of Jason’s group. Jeff had shared some materials from outside writers to the site, but had not actively pursued his own investigations, which was the point of the space.

After a recent post about Russia that referenced Pavel Lushka and Ervin Laszlo, systems theorists who have been pursuing digital evolution for decades, I asked Jeff to do some independent research into the two men and how their work relates to re-skilling, digital credentials, blockchain permissions, and ultimately stackable badge mind-files of Soulbound tokens that will be used for human capital derivatives trading and to train machine learning towards the Singularity.

My concern is that the social media organization of “terrain” interests could be a key “artificial society” set up for monitoring and management by AI nudges. In light of my exploration of game theory and evolutionary algorithms, I became concerned after I was tagged as part of a #TeamNoVirus by Bill Huston, a person with whom I have no acquaintance. He was very, very unpleasant to me when I asked pointed to have my name removed from his site. The tagging is central to the game. Everyone is in the game whether we want to admit it or not.

Jeff was not inclined to take up the task of researching Luksha or blockchain credentials or possible implications for the Poornima spectacle. He was not open to the possibility that “terrain,” which is central focus of Voronoi pattern simulation modeling, could be being used to manage and model resistance sub-groups. I never said people were doing this knowingly. We don’t yet understand the degree to which AI and frequencies are subtly directing actions and outcomes. That is the whole point of the simulation. We many not know the degree to which the twinned world is influencing our material reality and emotional states.

As a career statistician who is familiar with emerging technology, including nano-tech way back in 2013, you might think Jeff would be interested in incorporating these ideas into his analysis. That, however, was not the case. I respect that people have different areas of focus, and if his is health, so be it. I will say, however, that the inability of Bay Area residents in particular to come to terms with Berkeley’s history of radio-isotopes, computational biology, track and trace tech, smart cities, predatory finance, and digital ID will likely back them into a corner over time. But each of us gets to choose, and then we live with the choices we’ve made. That is what makes up human, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jason was very clear about the intention of the board. Jeff was not up to meeting the group’s expectations about digging deeper, doing original research, and “lifting the bar” (a term Jason coined as a way to getting us all to step up in a bigger way). At that point Jason removed him from the group. It was not the right fit. In removing Jeff’s account, his posts were also taken down, but I am sharing images from the post in question so you can evaluate what happened for yourself. Jeff misrepresented me in an email group he is an active member of, and that is not ok. This is why I am pulling together this post and sharing key parts of the story that he left out. I went over it in a livestream I did this morning, including some introductory material around social identity and agent-based modeling from the Swarm Intelligence text book.

I will point out that there was a second person in the thread who did use the term psy-op. I never use that term, and people who follow me know that. It was factually incorrect for Jeff to characterize ME as having used that term, and he knows that. You will see in my comments, which surely can be characterized as direct or even blunt, that I was asking Jeff to step up and reflect on his experience professionally and as sometime who spends a lot of time in social media to consider game theory, tagging, and contrived spectacle. I asked him to learn something about blockchain credentials and their connections to transhumanism. I understand that to do this might put him in a difficult position in his chosen digital society. Maybe now is the time to ask if such constructed societies are actually helping or hurting the cause of preserving natural life on earth.

I trust you to look at the facts and sort it out for yourself, but be advised that sometimes really looking means getting uncomfortable. The sections in red are my comments and Jeff’s. The other comments belong to a different person whom Jeff neglected to mention at all. He acted as if what the other person on the thread said was what I had said – a miscalculation on his part. Hard to say if it was about self preservation in his social circles or something else. I’d still like for him to consider doing that homework assignment. It could be informative for all of us.

PS: If any readers out there are interested in doing the assignment I gave to Jeff, email me at timpsila at protonmail dot com. I’d be happy to feature it as a guest post.


17 thoughts on “Is Terrain An “Artificial Society?” – A Response to Jeff Strahl Re Psy-ops

  1. Jeffrey Strahl says:

    Amazingly, Alison, you left out a comment you made, right after the response regarding Ervin Laszlo, and before the response from the third person, who starts with “You’re good, Alison.” He is responding to this. It’s the first time Poornima Wagh is mentioned in this exchange.


      • Jeffrey Strahl says:

        Interesting, that comment is now in, it wasn’t there a few minutes ago, I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of typing it out below if it was there. YOU are the one who first brought up Poornima. Why? And my original image shows “… your taken….” vs . ” your take…” as is shown above. Interesting. Typos aside, that comment shows a very strong implication that the entire event was a PsyOp, something Gino picked up on very easily, you let him make that statement rather than do it yourself.

          • wrenchinthegears says:

            “you let him make that statement rather than do it yourself”

            Are you implying this was some sort of “sting” Jeff. Or that we cannot think for ourselves? Are you thinking for yourself, or acting on behalf of others? Again, you lied. You are a liar. You twisted facts to suit your purpose, and the evidence is out there for all to see now.

  2. Jeffrey Strahl says:

    And apparently, i cannot post the image. You make it seem as if the other person (Gino) just brought up Poornima Wagh out of nowhere, when in fact he responded to this comment by you. I will just type it out, i do have the image but as i said i apparently am unable (technically) to post it here and you have chosen to skip over it, the one comment on the entire threat which you left out.

    “Personally I would be interested in your taken [sic] on the entire Poornima Wagh spectacle. It is obvioous to me the whole charade was a set up to advance a need for blockchain credentialing-“trust.” Your name was mentioned on at least one of her videos. How the heck did the “terrain” community land in this arena? Or was it meant to b e Vorronia pattern imprinting all along?
    Blockchain credentials is what Luksha has always been about — stackable badges (on blockchain)for digital twin mindfiles framed as World Skills Atlas. People who throw out terms like cyborg and transhumanist without digging into the particulars are doing us all a disservice at this point.”
    Followed by two URLS.
    This was how Poornima Wagh’s name came up. YOU brought it up, and are now trying to make it seem as if her name just came out of nowhere. People who know me can get in touch with me and i can send them the image.
    And by the way, “retired statistics lecturer” is hilarious, i did a lot more in math, especially second year calculus, than statistics. Not one of your better research projects.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      I brought it up and I asked you to do related research. You lied about me to your group and attempted to smear me. Well, we’ll see how it goes Jeff. You make your choices and have to live with the consequences.

        • Jeffrey Strahl says:

          Oh, so you now admit you accidentally overlooked that one? And you edited it too? You are the one who needs to apologize, Alison, making it seem as if Gino was the one who brought up Poornima out of nowhere, and your first “overlooked” post all but screams “PsyOp” not only regarding me but the entire group of people who vetted and outed Wagh, without using any Blockchain, just checking up background and analyzing the “science” presented. You didn’t mind that crew at all in Summer ’21, appearing at their event in Utica. And now, they are a PsyOps? There is nothing to settle here. You made it seem as if i was hallucinating stuff and then “corrected” everything to try to make me look like a liar. I’ve disagreed with you before, but never questioned your integrity.

      • Jeffrey Strahl says:

        Now you are saying you brought it up. Again, interesting that a typo somehow got corrected. Thus, you brought up Poornima, leaving very little to the imagination, making it clear you thought the whole matter was an Op staged by all parties involved in order to push Blockchain, and that i was a part of it. You said the same thing in your video of 9/6/22 posted at Discourse about Sugarscape and Artificial Societies, bringing up Wagh without mentioning her name, at around 30:00. And Stephers made a post there about the “Truther Community…” which subsequently got deleted. Mark Tokarski, who manages the Piece of Mindful blog where Stephers posts her blog, made the same allegation a few days ago. Anyone seeing patterns?!! You have called a whole bunch of people Ops. Bill Huston by the way never said you were part of an organization. His “team no virus” was simply a list of people who have stated there is no scientific proof for the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not remotely an organization. He made that quite clear.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      “i did a lot more in math, especially second year calculus, than statistics”

      Ok then – so why not take your expertise and do the work Jeff? Are you unwilling to acknowledge the role of mathematical modeling in what is unfolding? Is that why you stay in your terrain bubble? Yes, it is hard to look at our life trajectory and consider where it fits into this larger unfolding, but that is at the core of the healing work that needs to be done.

  3. Guido says:

    Alison, …. when they say your “Interpersonal skills are trash”, … and knowing the usual type that this is said about, couldn’t it be taken as a compliment ? I mean even if it was not meant that way. Are they saying you are a big brainiac and they are ill equipped to relate ?? I believe the way they meant that remark, is what I remember from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as being called “A Total Cop-Out, Man !!!”

      • Guido says:

        I also do not think it was meant as a compliment, but since I do not see any validity to that claim, there must be some other explanation. lol Like a deficiency on their part. 😉
        Perhaps they need a session down in the garden to eat worms. lmao

  4. chi says:

    I won’t address the squabbles in the digital gated community/ies.

    Came to say I first heard about Poornima couple of weeks ago from commenters in a FB group called ”Died Suddenly News” where people post their tragic experiences with the jabs. The group exploded to 300K+/- followers despite direct accusations against various harmaceuticals as well as posts offering medical remedies. I don’t recall seeing FB flag any of the comments/posts as “covid disinfo” – which is standard on FB. Then Poornima videos started to appear in this and other ”alt health” FB groups. I could smell a rat.

    Turns out the Died Suddenly group is run by a ”man” named Tiago Fernando Henriques who lists the following in his bio: “Deep Learning; Python; Tensorflow; Pytorch; C; Machine Learning; Computer vision”. Intution tells me the site is a geo-fence. So many moths to the flame….

    • chi says:

      Tiago’s bio also reads ”Forex Trader- Fx Capital Advisors Inc.Python-PyTorch–Artificial Intelligence Forex Solutions” He’s gathering health data voluntarily shared for current/future trading???

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