Labyrinthian Reflections: Healing Verses From Moab, Utah

Guest Post Brought To Us By The Jaxon McKraken Wild West Snake Medicine Show

Emotional Emancipation: A Prayer of Proclamation

This is a vibrational fixer elixir practiced for dispelling co-enslavement in a rhyming series of decoupling couplets.


May we soothe with sooth and feel the truth. We are a part of nature, not apart from it.

Our beliefs of disconnection make us susceptible to infection.

Modern life takes its toll, on the frequency of our soul.

In fact, there is a covert bug amongst us, finding us rather scrumptious;

feeding on our life forces, like a meal of several courses.


It is a pathogen called a McKraken, with a nasty attacken and kickbacken.

It promises the world, but in its wake, only waste and resentment unfurl.


It’s slippery tongue used to enslave, when proximate, Oh! Never engage!

Stay calm, centered and grounded, remember, all of its lies are unfounded.


Truth, grace and value are found within.

So too, peace, beauty and the redemption from sin.


A McKraken’s spine is formed by any ol’ deception,

lie-trauma occludes, causing dysfunctional perception.


Its nervous system is made of attachment and aversion,

therein lies the seeds of eventual perversion.


Dysfunction casts a spell, here’s how we can tell,

believing that which is, is not, twists our light unto a knot.


Release the spell, engage your inner bell, your truthcord is the instrument of pure connection.

With it, feel the sound, be sure to ground, and dispel that dark infection.


There are deep webs in the silent invisible, two distinct circuits quite discrete and divisible.

One made of deceit, like being stuck in concrete.  One of the sacred wild, free like a child.


The web of deceit corrodes, the web of the sacred nourishes.

When we engage in the latter, our body and soul flourishes.


That which corrodes, also enslaves.

That which nourishes, also connects.

The 2nd gives us life. The 1st…just a hex.


Staying stuck makes persistent feelings of suck, where the McKraken icky-sicky gets so high piled,

the web of deceit, our souls does eat, thus choose the circuit wild.


May the veil be lifted, the layers of false sifted;

Feeling the truth with inner eyes, living life without disguise.


Our authority comes from within, there is no need to enforce.

When we follow our inner guidance, all flows in its natural due course.


As it comes to lies, no big surprise, neither a teller nor believer be.

Without lies, you will surmise, a life wholey set free.





Neither selfish nor selfless be.

Living life with internal harmony.


Being centered in the self, alleviates self-centeredness and lack of self-center.

In short, Self-full is so very helpful.


Without selfullness, the McKraken finds us an easy host.

A strong coherent core connection is what protects us most.


Without core protection, the McKraken will encroach,

believing it’s empty promises, your soul, it does poach.


When our souls are in its clutches, we are inclined toward many crutches.

They can take lots of forms, and over time become our norms,


but in the end, my dear friend,

we are simply stricken with addiction.


An uninterrupted core connection to source, liberates and undomesticates our precious life force.

With this, trauma bondage no longer shackles, and we find less need for our prickly hackles.


With others to myself, I shan’t compare, for all are worthy and unique like a pear.

Cultivating perception that’s crystal clear, brings true love both far and near.


Relationships that are based in solely transaction, never lead to actual satisfaction.

When we mutually cooperate, we feel the love that’s truly great.


A right-relationship couple makes feelings rather supple.

When it becomes McKraken, those positive feelings slacken.










When the influence of the McKraken is global,

the results are dark and ignoble.


Zero sum ain’t no fun, in fact it’s rather dumb.

It erodes and wastes what nature gives, until eventually, nothing lives.


Connection to source generates a current. With that current, we can make bonds of love.

Those kinds of bonds bring the peace of a dove.


So engage with source and you will see, the truth is WE are the current-cy.


Externalized value is totally fake, don’t be fooled by the ridiculous take.

Zero sum is only lies, and as we learned, those hypnotize.


So take care not to be seduced into its yucky yolk,

even though this prayer is silly, this is seriously, no f’ing joke.


Take heed and listen, for nothing is done unto us without some form of permission.

To ensnare, to be fair, is always something we share.


May we see occlusion free,

with the understanding of life, sacred be.


The past and the future are not real,

the only way to heal is to feel.


This exact moment is true,

the privilege it affords us is too.


Let’s come to our senses, release all the fences.

Our birthright has always been bliss.


Accept the ultimate nature of reality is this:

Be present to the privilege of the present,

regardless if it is pleasant.


So release all occlusions, the endless intrusions of delusions and illusions.


You’ll find clarity beckons in a matter of seconds.


Just remember:  this moment is to savor, regardless the flavor.


Perpetual presence to life’s sacred privilege,

provides profound and powerful spiritual leverage.


All are equal, and not just the people.

Embrace the joy of being part of creation’s beauty,

doing it with kindness to avoid getting snooty….


Soothing sensations can come through truth revelations.

Allow this juicy flow to glow,

by choosing the feeling of some deep soul healing.




So it be


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  1. Elle says:

    What a delicious vibrational fixer elixir with that preciously playful photo on top to set the tone.
    If I may, I must say, this was like a kiss of bliss!

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Just in case this documentary was missed (I doubt though), below is the link to it.
    🙂 “OVERGAMES: Re-education as a Permanent Revolution | Lutz Dammbeck (2015)”

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