Collective Intelligence Experiment – Texas “Freedom” and School “Choice”

This week I joined my Texas friend Lynn Davenport on her “Social Impact Podcast” for a half-hour discussion of school choice, digital vouchers, and the future of gig work where a contingent workforce is expected to build out Web3 extended reality under the supervision of artificial intelligence.

The culture wars are really doing a number on people – both sides. There is some irony in the fact that many proponents of school choice who may believe they’re getting one over on the government by securing a backpack of digital credits for independent education are actually taking poisoned bait back to the nest. It doesn’t make me happy, because I want all children to have opportunities that will allow them become thoughtful, curious, confident explorers of all that life has to offer and to have the supports they need to develop their gifts.

Unfortunately, what multi-national corporations have in store is a future of low-wage, on-demand work and a life slogging through code to try and stay one step ahead of an infernal machine. Yes, it’s sad state of affairs, which is why they system is implementing so many mental health initiatives – that and they also want the data sets to train their golem. Imagine, Oliver Reiser’s “World Brain” birthed from copious, well-ordered, collective trauma. So much to look forward to, right?

After the podcast I revisited the Institute for the Future’s Blockchain Decade Map for 2017-2027. Having spent quite a bit of time learning more about the organizations involved with Ethereum smart contracts and “public goods,” I’m able to glean much more of their intent now. I’m mapping and thinking and preparing a few future livestreams on cybernetic governance tokens to “save” the commons. If you want to poke around my newest map (still in process), here’s the link.

Interactive Map Link:
Source Link:

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Below is this week’s podcast:

Lynn and I talk about planned workforce education outside the Texas State Capitol in Austin in October 2021.

Lynn and I discuss Stemuli’s hybrid “school in a video game” with the What’s Left Podcast.


2 thoughts on “Collective Intelligence Experiment – Texas “Freedom” and School “Choice”

  1. Jack Carney says:

    Thank you for your persistent, thorough, fieldwork on…what to call it?…the Internet of Humans as Things? “Primitive man mistakenly treats things as if they were persons: but modern man treats persons as if they were things; and that is perhaps an even more dangerous superstition.” Lewis Mumford
    Yes, apt metaphor: poison bait. The freedom to choose your own style of enslavement: “No child left behind” indeed. No child left, period. Just drones. Yeowoman work, Alison, keep safe and free.

  2. Guido says:

    So the IEEE-eeeesh went about the way I figured it might? Reach out for contact, only to pinpoint exactly who to scrub off future invite lists ?? It appears they went one further and scrubbed you completely from public evidence. You surely touched a nerve, … perhaps even gave a few of them a squishy feeling in their chonies !! lol
    Adult diapers anyone ??

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