Celia Farber’s Non Apology

Very sad state of affairs over on Substack. It’s hard for me to understand what the draw is for being part of a community like that. Choose where you spend your digital minutes wisely. An author who makes accusations and won’t engage in honest dialogue doesn’t seem like such a good bargain.

Thank you Cliff.



Substack takes people through the looking glass into a mad tea party, an absurdist play. Celia keeps stirring the pot for clicks and eyeballs on day four with no sign of confusion abating. I can’t imagine the Camelot campaign is too happy about that. Just to be clear, the comments I made over two days are gone, because I had only created an account to deal with the situation she created. Once I made my point, I deleted the account. Honestly it feels like it is having a bad influence on people. There is a very negative energy in that space. Be mindful of where you put your attention. These networked systems are designed to hypnotize you with sleight of hand and lure you into the ant computer. Don’t lose your humanity. It is a precious gift.

Source Link: https://celiafarber.substack.com/p/addressing-what-i-think-i-am-accused




22 thoughts on “Celia Farber’s Non Apology

  1. Laughing Waters says:

    Whoa. “not part of this community”. Crazy stuff. I’d let it go at this point. Your work speaks for itself.
    “you can lead a horse to water….” and all that.

  2. Cliff says:

    You’re welcome Alison. It was a mistake on my part to have brought her original post to your attention and then not lend a hand as you began to respond to it. I was really happy with how clear and direct you were being, but I failed to see the toll it was taking on you. I didn’t really understand how ugly it had become until you talked with me about it. I’m glad you did, and it gave me an opportunity to apologize to you for not seeing that you didn’t deserve to be in there alone with all that harsh commentary. Friends need to be there for each other, and I missed seeing that you deserved my support with this. Thank you for accepting my apology, and once I went in and started addressing the accusations and behavior in the comments I saw first hand what it was really like. There’s a lot that can be said about how social media platforms like Substack have become what they are, but the bigger revelation for me was about the importance of friendship, and about looking out for those you love. They shouldn’t have to ask for support when it matters, and when you did, because I wasn’t supporting you, I saw right away what a mistake it was on my part. Thank you for telling me, for accepting my apology, and for giving me a chance to correct it. It was only when I began going through the comments and addressing them that I really understood what you’d been wading through alone, and I promise you that going forward, I’ll show up and stand by you in the way you deserve.

    • Laughing Waters says:

      I don’t know who you are, but you’re amazing. I’m honored to be introduced to both Alison and yourself.
      Regarding political races, “and the race is on and here comes pride in the backstretch”

    • margie says:

      i just posted this on farber. we’ll see if she bans me: Alison invited me to watch her video. I didn’t even know she existed until I saw your blog yesterday. So I watched some of her video. A commenter on her video called RFK “controlled op.” NOT Alison. So it is my “contention’ as well that she didn’t say it. Sorry (disappointed) to see you be so nasty to a pretty decent seeming guy. If you want to kick me off for saying so go ahead but give me my money back as I’m a paying sub. I can’t believe you actually CANCELLED that guy! For some reason i didn’t think you were like that.

  3. Rod Knoll, longtimedissident.substack.com says:

    NOTE TO ADMIN: I have already submitted the following comment on another thread. You can feel free to decide if, where and how often you would like the following comment to be posted here on your venue.


    I have been battling Farber and others from our dear old, NOW-DECEASED “AIDS” dissident movement since long before many of you even knew there WAS a dissident perspective on ANYTHING! Farber doesn’t know what she is talking about or writing about! Suffice it to say, she NEVER has! This is not normally an automatic disqualifier, in light of the sometimes extremely technical nature of the material that Farber has been covering- or rather, ATTEMPTING to cover. However, she has been covering -or ATTEMPTING to cover- these issues for **35 YEARS**!!

    As I have often tried to point out to modern-day COVID dissidents who are blissfully unaware of the nasty, Machiavellian skullduggery that took place in our old “AIDS” dissident movement, Farber needs to be IGNORED. She was a part of the CULT that surrounded her hero and “daddy figure” Peter Duesberg in our old “AIDS” dissident movement. Whether she ever acknowledges it or not, Farber helped her hero Duesberg to DERAIL our “AIDS” dissident movement! She has serious psychological issues as well, and I have the private e-mails from her to prove that. In a public display of self-deprecation, Farber has also posted more recently about how all of these male leaders of our old “AIDS” dissident movement whom she regarded as personal HEROES of hers- truly regarded her, revealing how they called her “not smart enough” to understand the material she had already been covering for years!

    Yet Farber persists in continuing to cover these matters, alternately returning to them, often after swearing that she is leaving them behind and stomping away from whatever dissident medical movement she may be attempting to cover, only to return to it all once again! Farber has failed to realize many things. Perhaps most important for her is the fact that she has failed to realize just how despicable her heroes in our old “AIDS” dissident movement really were. Not just to those of us in the movement who opposed Duesberg, either, but to Farber herself. Farber is just the most famous and longest-lasting example of how the male leaders of the “AIDS” dissident movement treated women in the movement. In a pattern that I observed quite closely, the male leaders of our “AIDS” dissident movement liked to elevate women like Farber who clearly LACKED the capacity to comprehend the highly technical issues they would often and PUBLICLY discuss, often with disastrous results. At the same time, the men in charge would neglect to enlighten these women while also SUPPRESSING the efforts of other women who WERE capable of understanding the science.

    Not only that but also- and most critical for their success- the men in charge of our “AIDS” dissident movement worked very hard -with Farber’s HELP- to suppress the efforts of one undeniably BRILLIANT woman- the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, the leader of the Perth Group of dissident “AIDS” researchers” ( http://www.theperthgroup.com). Eleni P-E worked long and hard to develop her own truly revolutionary theory not just on “AIDS” but on cellular function overall which just so happened to contradict the worthless theories of Peter Duesberg, the leader of the cabal that included Farber. In a despicable display of greed, they worked very hard to protect their cult leader Duesberg from all attacks from within the “AIDS” dissident movement and they did so TO THE DETRIMENT of our movement itself!

    Those of us who were more scientifically literate tried our best to fight back against the Duesberg cult of which Farber was a KEY member, and all of our struggles are detailed here:


    What we did not fully grasp while we were fighting our “civil war” in our old “AIDS” dissident movement was the fact that apparently those in Duesberg’s cabal were focusing on making money off of Duesberg’s woefully inept theory on CANCER. Apparently, Duesberg, his venture capitalist investor and his closest cronies were scared that the Perth Group’s repeated demands for a debate with their cult leader Duesberg over the existence of so-called “HIV” were bad for business. It’s also possible that they may have even felt specifically threatened by Eleni’s broader theory on cellular function which definitely NEGATES Duesberg’s theory on cancer. Either way, Duesberg and his THUGS all worked hard to protect Duesberg’s credibility with a lot of help from their “not smart enough” mouthpiece, Farber.

    Getting back to Farber: in a self-fulfilling prophecy, Celia has truly PROVEN herself to be “not smart enough” to discern these important distinctions between the scientific theories of her hero Duesberg and those of his main nemesis from within our “AIDS” dissident movement, the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos. In fact, I daresay that Farber will never realize the level of corruption among the cabal that surrounded her hero Duesberg whom she repeatedly defended and still does to this day.

    In light of all of the above, Farber needs to be ignored…

    • Ian Bell says:

      Great link! Didn’t know about it until today. Thank you.

      Everything I once thought was true has since been proven false.

      • Rod Knoll, longtimedissident.substack.com says:

        Thanks for that reply. All of my experiences from our old “AIDS” dissident movement compel me to reiterate that it is simply mind-boggling how RFK Jr. can describe Farber as his “brilliant researcher”!

        Some additional takeaways are:

        1. Based on his adamant refusal to abandon his own sloppy and easily refutable science on so-called “HIV”, Farber’s hero and “daddy figure”, Peter Duesberg really should have been KICKED OUT of our old “AIDS” dissident movement, if not by the end of 1997, then certainly by the end of the 1990s at the latest.

        2. In my experience, people who are inherently bad generally do not announce that fact when they are trying to weasel their way into a new circle of friends or acquaintances. Ditto for anyone who has merely done bad things or said bad things in the past. Who admits to that stuff or reminds new acquaintances of our negative histories when we are getting to know new people???

        3. RFK Jr. seems to feign ignorance in his book on Fauci where he definitely takes a more pro-Duesberg stance on the “AIDS” issue. RFK justifies his stance by claiming that he is too much of a “casual novitiate” who “has little chance of unraveling this baroque controversy in a vacuum”, i.e., all the complex issues that were raised during our old “AIDS” dissident movement by the late, TRULY BRILLIANT Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and the Perth Group of dissident “AIDS” researchers that she led. If all that is true, then perhaps RFK Jr. should start by finding a DIFFERENT “researcher” OTHER THAN the….ahem… “brilliant” Farber to advise him on these issues!

        RFK Jr. has failed to realize that his “brilliant researcher” Farber on whom he has been relying is apparently not “brilliant” enough to clarify these issues for her newbie dissident crony RFK Jr. In fact, Farber herself has repeatedly conceded that she is not “fluent” (her word) in these issues surrounding the scientific doubts about the existence of so-called “HIV”. These are issues which Farber has also labelled “too esoteric” for her to understand. Of course, in Farber’s mind, that must mean that, since she was incapable of understanding these issues, then no one else ever understood them, either.

        The reality is that those of us from our old “AIDS” dissident movement who DID understand these issues and who did NOT find them “too esoteric” were constantly being THWARTED by Farber and her heroes from the Duesberg faction. Sadly, this is, again, perhaps Farber’s most meaningful legacy from her “work” on “AIDS”:

        Farber continuously helped her hero Duesberg DERAIL our “AIDS” dissident movement!

        Rod Knoll

  4. Freecus says:

    Alison’s truth will prevail & be vindicated, but we’re in a marathon here & our energy is a precious gift.
    We know from one of their own founders that specific Substack writers are receiving large financial incentives for certain narratives, but what happens when comment section ‘writers’ are receiving something similar, presuming they are even real people.
    The AI-‘writers’ will work for the odd field trip as Alison mentioned to Lynn, who responded with a lovely smile when she heard that brilliant, off-the-cuff observation.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Very good point. Totally logical, but I hadn’t extended your information from yesterday that far. Total stigmergic steering. Sadly the people in that space have lost the capacity to engage in ideas beyond the prescribed limits of the platform. It was incredible to witness actually. Very sad, very sad.

      • margie says:

        Why did you take down your substack page? Did you delete all your comments or did Farber ban you? I went back to read them but they were gone! Thanks for inviting me to see your video. Turns out Farber is nothing but a shill for a politician. Same for Tessa.

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          I only created it to address the issues on Celia’s Substack. I am realzing these platforms have negative energetic holds on people and I wanted to break that and move on. I think I made my point over there.

  5. jacquelyn sauriol says:

    Over the course of the last 3 years, one thing that has become apparent to me is that there are a number of people who have ‘achieved’ fame to some degree, and who then endeavor to keep it, to stay in the same mindset, the same story. The words ‘nostalgia’ and ‘cling’ come to mind, or ‘unfinished business’. A lack of the ability to think new thoughts, which is quite a daily challenge for all of us I suppose but especially these days. For me the purpose of Substack has been completed, as I am now aware of how VERY many people are aware of the scamdemic, and the sorts of things one can do to circumvent or stop the genocide. That is valueable, but like writing letters with your uncle looking over your shoulder all the time. To continue to contribute to the value of a platform (without all of us, it has absolutely no value, right?) is like putting your thought pennies into someone elses piggybank, and the sucking sound I now hear on Substack has become a bit deafening. As the old saying goes, ‘soilent green IS people’ and I don’t like helping the machine consume me anymore, or attempt to herd me into its digital spaces, then close the gate, all for it’s own monetization. Thanks for your work exposing the machine.

  6. amanda4321 says:

    Okay, I’m actually “Sandra” who posted over there, but Amanda on wordpress.

    Anyway, I’m just completely blown away by all of this. And yes, this is a non-apology, and I’m extremely thankful to Cliff for his outstanding comment that called out her non-apology. And I completely agree–it was disingenuous and was for her tribe, and it tells you all you need to know about her and how she operates (maniacal gaslighter and intellectually dishonest).

    I haven’t been over there since Saturday (or maybe early Sunday). I saw that she wrote another post on Sun–I think that one was still harping on the same issue, basically something must be wrong with people who don’t support her savior, RFK. Jr. I just saw the title and that was the end of it for me. I wasted a day of my life over there on Sat. I took time to respond to her accusations (basically her saying “look RFK’s talking about the simulations, so how dare you talk about the book he wrote 3 years ago”–just a lot of manipulative crap) and wrote a response that addressed all of her points and I attempted to explain why I have problems with him. Well she completely ignored it. And that’s when I realized this was not about hearing anyone else’s legitimate concerns–it was just Celia running a mind control/propaganda operation for RFK Jr, and trying to bully people into submission.

    I’m actually a clinical psychologist and I have to say I’m beyond stunned by her behavior–it’s quite revealing about who she truly is (deceptive, dishonest, manipulative, etc).

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Thank you for weighing in to the first day. What a petri dish that place is. It was a good learning opportunity for me – a chance to see the research in living color so to speak.

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