I Think Celia Farber Tried to “Pre-Bunk” Me

I’m thinking now that what happened to me over on Celia Farber’s “The Truth Barrier” Substack was a variant on pre-bunking. If you missed the kerfluffle here’s part one, part two, and part three. Jason talks about this cognitive domain management technique in a recent video.

In fact, the more I think about it, I’m coming to realize that the “she blocked me” campaign across social media could have been part of this as well. Create an overlay on top of a person that doesn’t actually represent them. A mischaracterization, repeated often enough, eventually sticks. Yes I did block people, that’s allowed. I have work to do, and I maintain my energetic boundaries in a way that makes sense to me. It’s not the role of “the resistance” to limit my choices, especially given the dumpster fire that comprises the majority of anti-social media.

Once that was accomplished most netizens had a pass that allowed them to disregard my research because they didn’t like me, it was too hard, I didn’t give them ready solutions, I pointed out issues with their favored influencers, etc. As with any digital jab, boosters are needed. So every once in awhile someone drags something from my digital footprint out to bash me around a bit in public as a reminder to rank and file resisters that I’m an untouchable; that sharing my work will drop their social credibility; and that they probably won’t understand what I’m talking about anyway. Move on. Seems to have worked like a charm.

The clip from my video that Celia Farber shared by way of “Sandra” could be problematic for the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign. In it I talk about emerging tech finance linked to funding repurposed drugs, including Covid “early treatments.” Steve Kirsch, the tech billionaire with expertise in digital identity, is a leader in this area. Kirsch also created a PAC to back RFK Jr’s run.

Farber put my information out there in a controlled fashion, refused to talk about it, and then framed it as something it wasn’t in the most over-the-top ridiculous way. It was a clear attempt to neutralize my analysis, which was very much over the target a year before the would-be health freeDOM president made his politicial intentions known. It was surreal for me to realize that there were over 600 comments across two of Celia’s posts about me, and not a single person chose to engage with the actual substance of my video.

This is a problem. This is collective mind control. With these digital platforms the system can drive any narrative it wants, and most audiences seem powerless to resist

In addition to Kirsch, think about others who have been annointed to lead this “movement.” I think it’s time people consider just how Robert Malone rose up through the ranks.  Who would be the perfect scientist to legitimize the efforts of Children’s Health Defense-affiliated doctors busily at work on the “safe” personalized jabs Liz Mumper describes below.

Are you following me?

It seems the ant computer has already been built, at least a prototype of one. Substack is hivemind infrastructure. There, queen bees are installed to direct workers as they clean the hive, encapsulating any dirt that might compromise the smooth functioning of the colony. In the case of Ms. Farber this would be the intellectual output of pesky “troublemakers” like me whose research might cast a shadow on her rising star. Many in the resistance community consider Kennedy, the anti-vaxx poster boy who’s all about the “safe” vaccines, to be just the man to usher in a new “Camelot,” a golden era of efficient pandemic management and early treatment protocols. In preparation for his ascension, his worker bees seem to be engaged in a deep spring clean, clearing out cobwebs, which apparently included my video from a year ago. I needed to be neutralized.

Christ Best got Substack going in 2017. Best came out of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. See this post about Jordan Peterson and his Blackberry buddies and this map. Oh, and the people who kicked me off the webinar a few weeks ago – the Tamarack Institute – are also based out of the University of Waterloo. Put the pieces together – an institute of theoretical physics that hosted Eric Weinstein, a quantum computing research center, an innovative governance think tank funded by Soros, and an NGO uplifting digital social collaboration. Yes, we already know about the Sentient World Simulation at Purdue, but maybe Canada needed a testbed, too? Could Substack have been set up for just such a purpose? It’s hard to say, but an interesting idea to entertain.

Interactive Map Link: https://embed.kumu.io/44610552446381df176990d377285c2c#untitled-map?s=bm9kZS1Hb0NMcWlOcQ%3D%3D

Before founding Substack, Best was involved in mobile apps, Kik, and digital tokens, Kin. The company was fined by the SEC in the fall of 2020 for their unregistered securities offering.  Substack next saw a big infusion of cash in 2021 from who else but the leader of Web3 investing Andreessen Horowitz. Marc Andreessen’s wife Laura Arrillaga created the field of social impact investing. If you want to revisit the talk Lynn, Jason, and I did on Marc Andreessen follow this link. For Laura follow this one. If you want information on the tokenization of digital media see this blog post or this site visit to Rokfin’s offices in Austin.

Source Link: https://www.reuters.com/article/substack-funding/newsletter-platform-substack-raises-65-mln-in-andreessen-horowitz-led-funding-round-idUSL4N2LS4FY

A reader, Freecus, recently shared as a comment on this blog alerting me to the fact that Substack has set up income sharing agreements to subsidize some writers. “Substack offers ‘advance’ financial incentives to writers, followed up by future income-sharing agreements. It has the potential to become a giant, stigmergic ant computer.”

I understand that what the AI wants next is culture and creativity. Put artists and writers out of work, herd them into walled digital gardens, give then a tokenized UBI, and have them compete in virtual gladiator fights against other creators for eyeballs. Once contained, their souls can be harvested to humanize the machine. Freecus imagines the next step will be tokenized participation credits for the peanut gallery, and I agree.

“Alison’s truth will prevail and be vindicated, but we’re in a marathon here and our energy is a precious gift. We know from one of their own founders that specific Substack writers are receiving large financial incentives for certain narratives, but what happens when comment section ‘writers’ are receiving something similar, presuming they are even real people. The AI ‘writers’ will work for the odd field trip as Alison mentioned to Lynn, who responded with a lovely smile when she heard that brilliant, off-the-cuff observation.”

From my brief two-day experience of the platform, which has quite a dark energy to it, the peanut gallery seems to be running in circles already. Steering them with artificial pheromones shouldn’t be that difficult. Substack offered a convenient home for the burgeoning cadre of lockdown dissenters who opted to “play” in this digital sandbox. Perhaps participants understood in the back of their minds that simulation models were quietly predicting their behaviors and steering emergent thought forms and narrative structures towards the system’s desired end. But perhaps that didn’t really matter as long as readers had a programmed community around them and heroes to worship. At the end of the day, the techno-military industrial complex is really, really good at cognitive domain management. They want us to love our prison.

Since we understand this is all spectacle, and even things that at first glance seem to make no sense are actually well thought out in advance, perhaps Ms. Farber and her 18,000-subscriber Substack “community” were groomed, in part, for the role they could play pre-bunking problematic information and marginalizing problematic people.

There is no way to defend yourself or have a rational conversation once you’ve gone through the looking glass. Substack is a mad, mad world, and I’m glad to have deleted my account. I’m hoping Cliff and I will have time to record a debrief of our reflections on the experience later in the week. Sometimes lessons are unpleasant, but necessary hurdles that can take us to new levels of awareness. Time to make lemonade from lemons. I can thank Celia for providing an excellent case study in how emerging technology can be used to turn humans into social insects and how the creation of personal “realities” in the minds of influencers can be projected onto their audiences yielding surprisingly effective “truth barriers.”

28 thoughts on “I Think Celia Farber Tried to “Pre-Bunk” Me

  1. Eric says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. Everything in those last 3 write-ups, dear Alison, is right on point. Your insights continue to impress upon me that the work is FAR FAR from done (and yet, so many are, yet again, falling for the “savior complex”, with this latest Kennedy reiteration surely not the last).

    Bless you…

  2. Allen says:

    The Clif Notes version of this is that Celia is a maniacal gaslighter and intellectually dishonest in the extreme in my view.

    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, Allen, I would agree with that summary—“maniacal gaslighter and intellectually dishonest” is a good way of putting it.

      I’d also add extremely deceptive and manipulative. It appears she has some kind of on-going working relationship with him (perhaps simply as a propagandist for his campaign) but did not disclose this. Since I did not have that inside information on his working relationship with him, I was writing comments over there (I’m Sandra on substack) with the idea that it was an open forum for people to share their opinions and takes on things (that’s how I have found most substacks: people share opinions, some agree, some disagree and everyone moves on).

      But obviously, that’s not at all how Celia is operating her substack, at least on posts related to RFK Jr. On all of those posts, it is clearly a mind-control operation, where it is expected that everyone echo her framing and endorse her candidate. Any alternative opinions and concerns are basically treated as “wrong think.” It was really a shocking thing to observe. Again, extremely manipulative and deceptive, and someone not in any way loyal to the truth, and not in any way respectful of alternative opinions.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      As someone who has been studying complexity, polarization, and social computation what was more interesting to me was the group dynamic that was playing out on that Substack. I think it’s important to understand that these developments are happening at a population level. If we frame it as something linked to a single person, we will miss the bigger picture. The “community” has a responsibility for what transpired over the past two days as much as the queen bee.

  3. Laughing Waters says:

    I’m beginning to have a feeling that Celia Farber may actually be working for Kennedy. I mean, she speaks of a long time association. I would expect he is more aware of your work than she, and maybe…just maybe…his organization gave her a chore.
    There are many reasons why I refuse to deal with any money making online. Many.
    Yes, it’s somewhat of a worship factory, isn’t it? Affairs in this time seem to so easily become inbred. The blood, the blood, the blood is such a prominent theme. Now it’s the resurrection of the kennedy bloodline. Oi vey. All the scripts and plots are writ by and for sixteen year old males, anyway.
    In any case, counting coups and all, a wounded tiger is best stayed far away from. I know how frightened folks can be of those of us who can see through the masks and walls. Those of us who, though not unafraid, live alone and remain wild. We’re on a mission; we don’t need their permission.
    We have major planets going through the most powerful gandanta/transition region just now. Very very unstable, and some are feeling it more than others. It’s a good time to retreat, let the time pass. Lots of changes coming in the month and a half ahead.
    We must take the grid down, the mordor towers, and it must happen all at once. No ifs, ands, or buts. Do not be distracted.
    Yes, they’ll all keep on running after the money. But if you noticed, when you point out that their pants are down, their response is to set them on fire, to prove they ain’t.
    Hella funny.
    The unforgettable last lines of the film Zardoz: “We’ve been used.” “And abused.” “And amused.”
    And the beat goes on…….

    • amanda4321 says:


      On this: “I’m beginning to have a feeling that Celia Farber may actually be working for Kennedy. I mean, she speaks of a long time association. I would expect he is more aware of your work than she, and maybe…just maybe…his organization gave her a chore.” Well, yes, when I was over there the other day (I’m actually “Sandra” over there, even though here on wordpress I’m “Amanda”–I have no creativity with user names), someone who goes by “dpl” made a comment pointing out that in an intro to a book or something, RFK Jr. refers to her as his “research assistant,” so to me that implies some kind of working relationship.

      And on an earlier post (I can’t remember which and am not about to go back looking), perhaps one on Brett Weinstein and his wife talking about her (Celia’s) book on the HIV/AIDS scam on their podcast and posting about her on their substack, one of the commenters seemed to ask her about a book rollout with RKF/CHD (something like that), and Celia seemed to allude to there being plans in the works, and a deliberate plan to do it slowly. So just reading that exchange kind of gave me a feeling of a ongoing work relationship.

      Also, I’ve been chatting with a guy named “Allen” on substack, and he believes that CHD has lots of money it has been spreading around to people to support RFK, the work of CHD, and/or his Presidential campaign.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Don’t worry, I’m not easily distracted. I’m pretty out there with my assessments, but I am fair about them. People can choose to use my information or adopt my frame as it suits them or not. I’m alrady on the radar of the Camelot crew. Have been for some time. I don’t think this was an accident.

  4. Rodrigo says:

    «To avoid such damage (mind viruses, psychological parasites), we will need to develop precautionary measures similar to the ones Helbing (2013) advocates for systemic risks, but this time including the social and emotional characteristics of people and communities in addition to the dynamics of cascading disturbances. This should allow us to build another “global immune system” that would be able to anticipate, detect, quarantine, and if necessary neutralize psychological parasites. For this, we could rely on the criteria that characterize successful memes (Heylighen &, Chielens 2008) and mobilization systems (Heylighen et al., 2013), coupled with a realistic simulation of how messages spread across the global brain network (Heylighen, Busseniers, Veitas, Vidal, & Weinbaum, 2012). Armed with such knowledge, we may be able to recognize potentially epidemic parasites before they have spread, forecast their path of propagation, and thus prevent their spreading by “inoculating” the people likely to be infected. This can be done by sending them persuasive warnings or refutations about the propagating rumor, terrorist propaganda, or addictive system before they have been exposed to them.»
    Francis Heylighen

      • Laughing Waters says:

        Meme Lords!! We have “funny” weapons they can’t come close to matching.
        We’ll ridicule them off the planet. It’ll be fun. “On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It’s a silly place. ” Monty Python

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    I came across your very detail information in 2020, dealing with chaos within education. I am glad you still run this blog so I can continue to follow. I was stupid to think that taking my experience to Substack would help others. After reading your post and well she is a waste of words for me to type. I will be deleting my account there as well and more than likely moving back to WordPress for future writings. Your knowledge is amazing. I only hope you can continue to share your experiences, knowledge and nature/dandelion adventures with your readers. Thank you for all you do.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Don’t feel stupid. It’s taken me a long time to wrap my mind around what social media really and what where it is headed. The past few days on Substack was an amazing case study in human behavior that helped to pull a lot of my research the past six months together in a vivid, if uncomfortable experience.

  6. Amy Harlib says:

    THANK YOU Alison for enlightenment about Substack – I am very grateful to follow you here on WordPress and to continue to get and share your emails.

  7. amanda4321 says:

    I’m actually “Sandra” on substack and wanted to thank you for this outstanding post – I think you nailed it again!!

    I’m actually a clinical psychologist and I have to say, I completely agree with you on referring to Celia’s way of operating (at least on the RFK Jr. posts) as a “mind-control operation.” It was quite clear that on the posts on RFK Jr., there was an expectation that all support the narrative of RFK Jr. as the savior and any opinions counter to that narrative were not to be tolerated, were actually highlighted as “wrong think,” and criticized as being from people who were deceived, working for someone, or expecting too much. It had such a sick group think, mind-control feeling to it–it was disgusting to witness that this is how Celia operated and how the others followed along.

    Now, I have to say I was shocked because I had not seen that from Celia before. I’m not that much of a regular follower or commenter on her substack. If she happens to post a topic of interest, I might drop a comment and some links and move on. But these posts of hers are RFK Jr. had an altogether different feeling, basically like propaganda, framing the savior candidate and all were expected to echo her sentiments. On these RFK Jr. posts, alternative viewpoints and opinions were simply not acceptable.

    As for Kirsch, I’ve had concerns about him all along–and although he’s done some good work in terms of speaking out about the dangers of the covid vaccines, I’m very suspicious of him given his background in all things digital. So, to the degree that he’s joined with RFK, that just leaves me doubly suspicious.

    As for Malone, I also have major concerns about him–Diana West does a good write up here: https://dianawest.net/Home/tabid/36/EntryId/4421/Dr-Robert-Malone-A-Risk-Analysis.aspx And I thought what she said here was something to take note of, in terms of what has happened to the medical freedom movement (it feels very subverted):
    “What kind of Opposition is that? If Malone’s ideas hold sway, the answer is a subverted opposition. This is exactly how influence operations work. Groups are subverted from within; operators subtly shift the agenda of one side to match or complement or get out of the way of the agenda of the other side. Are we not watching this process in real time? To be sure, we have seen an internationally active vaccine-developer and mRNA vaccine originator, find his way, Johnny-come-lately, to the fore of the anti-covid-vaccine movement to help “broaden” it into a “we’re not anti-vaccine/we’re anti-mandate” movement. At the very least, Malone is successfully shaping the narrative to suit his professional and personal legacy.”

    I unsubscribed from Children’s Health Defense a long time ago, so I wasn’t up-to-date on what they have been promoting. But I’ve been hearing people supposedly in the medical freedom movement shift the narrative–so instead of focusing on the dangers of all of these vaccines, I’ve been hearing a new narrative, that the problem is with “one size fits all” vaccines, which immediately set off alarm bells for me, because I recall you mentioning precision medicine and what that’s really about. So, of course, I’m not at all shocked or surprised to see that coming from CHD.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Yes. This is a long-term campaign and very few people have long attentions spans or the ability to pay close attention to what is around them. I was talking with Cliff today about the psychological experiment where a person is supposed to cout the passes made by a basketball team in a set amount of time and during the exercise a man in a gorilla suit walks through. Most of the people when asked about it didn’t even notice, they were paying attentio to what they were told to pay attention to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQmdoK_ZfY

  8. Quantum Heart Cafe says:

    Hi Alison,

    About a month ago, I went to the used bookstore and came across a book called Emergence by Steven Johnson. I didn’t know what it was about, but I just finished Oliver L Reiser’s book World Sensorium and he spoke about emergence a lot, so I bought it. A couple of days ago, I started reading the book and right way Steven starts talking about the slime mold. I have read a few of your articles on slime mold and I am learning a bit more about complexity theory and agents reading this book.

    I know you made a connection with the ant computer, and what happened with Celia and the Substack also reminds me of slime mold. In Emergence, Steven Johnson talks about how individual slime mold cells trigger a formation of an organism by emitting something called Cyclic AMP (like a pheromone). Those with the most cyclic AMP (I wonder if would be equivalent to influencers attracting an audience) could attract enough slime cells that then forms the organism. Then I think about Oliver L Reiser’s polarization and I think he also talked about a substrate that the polarized cells live in. I think about how social media platforms are like a sort of substrate where more polarization can occur.

    It seems like Celia is like an individual (agent/cell) that sent out a signal/pheromone on behalf of some larger system (which the individual agents in the system aren’t aware of), and gathered individual people to a group and steer them to where the system wants them to go.

    I think this is one of the reasons why your research, and taking the time to do my own reading and research is so important. Without it I wouldn’t be able to take a step back, see how easy it is to manipulated into being steered in a certain direction. I am glad I got off most social media platforms as well, but if the dominator mindset gets its way, our whole environment will become the substrate to polarize us in certain directions.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Wow – this is so relevant. Thank you so much for sharing. If you don’t mind. Cliff and I are doing a debrief discussion on what happened – not to further the harm, but to try and deconstruct what was happening in that space with respect to the research we have been doing around complexity theory. Would you mind if I shared your insights? We recorded some today, but we are going to do a bit more in a few days. He was having some internet issues.

      • Quantum Heart Cafe says:

        I had some more thoughts about the substack and some of the language Celia uses, most notably the reference to pills. When she wrote that, I started thinking about that sense from the Matrix and Morpheus offers Neo the pills, and I know references to pills are used in the resistance community all the time, those references are also used in the culture wars being pushed as well.

        I couldn’t stop thinking about sanatoriums and how Morpheus reminded me of a doctor in one of these places offering his patients pills (I think he is sitting in a big leather chair as well), and wondering about how that relates to the simulation and steering people in a certain direction. I know people make reference to the Matrix all the time, and I wonder if the imagery has a different meaning, then what we think it is, especially in light of learning how token economics came out of experiments conducted at Sanatoriums. I am also wondering about the colours red and blue (I am not sure about black) and wonder how those colours relate to psychological manipulation.

    • Rodrigo says:

      Very good book. Another expert in CASs that dedicates a whole chapter of his book “A crude look at the whole” to the famous Slime Mold is John H. Miller.

  9. tasykes says:

    Jeez, what a whirl with Farber. I left off freely reading her jibberish mostly due to her hive brained notions of communism which are low hanging fruit (and are beside the point). In the end too many people are desperate for an income, and I suspect that’s Farber’s weakness. I’d rather bag groceries at the local grocery and earn my pay with a clear conscience.
    Of course this behavior is the result of a social structure that has been deliberately dismantled and reconfigured for centuries; that’s why a class based (Marxist) analysis is an important element in illustrating what’s occurred and what’s planned by the elites. But the Ukraine proxy war, primed by Russiagate, has fried folks’ minds. Fascism and communism become conflated under the term authoritarianism, nicely netting both the boutique left and the Fox news watchers as well as increasing the misery quotient globally. I would be as terrified as Farber et. al. if I hadn’t protected myself from the allure of social acceptance all these many decades. You are fortunate that your encounter was so illuminating and relatively brief. Blessings.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      It might be useful to consider these ideologies and economic constructs were given to prior generations to create the social polarity to get us to this point of token engineered synthesis. If you focus on the queen bee without taking into account the behavior of the hive, the larger lesson that that experience is lost.

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