Celia Farber’s Substack – Is This Part of the Simulation?

Today a friend alerted me that a clip, part of my Greater Reset III deconstruction, had been spotlighted on Celia Farber’s Substack. It’s rather strange, because she tries to make the conversation about the CIA and simulations. I HAVE been talking a lot about simulations lately, but not in this clip. This clip is about RFK Jr.’s position that there was a pandemic, that his people would have managed it (or will manage the next one) better (with early treatment), and my concerns about plans to build new Web3 blockchain / pay for success finance deals around repurposed drugs. That is what billionaire Steve Kirsch is up to these days.

So, who is Celia Farber?

The following are quotes lifted from Farber’s Wikepedia entry:

“Celia Ingrid Farber (born c. 1965) is an American print journalist and author who has covered a range of topics for magazines including SpinRolling StoneEsquireHarper’sInterviewSalonGearNew York PressMedia PostThe New York Post and Sunday Herald, and is best known for her controversial beliefs about HIV and AIDS, and a 1998 report on O. J. Simpson’s post-trial life.”

“In 1999, Farber co-founded the nonprofit organization Rock the Boat. The organization’s mission was to arrange rock music concerts to stimulate independent thinking about subjects which the organization’s proponents believed had been censored by the media.”

In a February 2022 interview with the Weston Price Foundation, Robert K. Kennedy describes her as “my brilliant researcher Celia Farber.”


It wasn’t much of a post, to be honest. The screenshot of it is below.



Please note her wording. In what I consider a sleight of hand move, Farber lifts a comment on the video I made, but the comment was written by someone else, not me. That unidentified person used the term “controlled-op” to describe RFK Jr. Now, I don’t use that term, because I find it shallow and not particulary helpful. It shuts down conversation rather than opening up discussion. I find it strange, because in a prickly exhange I had with CHD staffers Mary Holland and Michael Kane in December of 2021, they tried the same tactic – trying to put words in my mouth.

Unfortunately most of the people who commented, and there were over a hundred, glanced quickly over her post, read it as though I myself had used the term, and then offered up critiques of my character based on their incorrect assumptions.

It seemed to me few people actually watched my clip. Or if they did, they couldn’t think of anything substantive to say about my analysis. At the time that I posted my reply to her, not one comment addressed finance schemes for repurposed drugs, which was the subject of the clip.

When you watch the 11-minute video, you’ll see that I dig into the Fauci book and note Kennendy’s assertion in the title of Chapter One, “Mismanaging A Pandemic,” that there was indeed a pandemic, and that his white coats and the early treatment protocols endorsed by Children’s Health Defense’s stable of doctors would provide better care for the next pandemic. This framing opens to the door to a lot of questions. Do we believe what we experienced was a pandemic? Do we agree that big-pharma treatments, like Merck’s Ivermectin, are the right way to go for a virus based on a simulated model? Do we understand that these drugs are being set up for social impact finance deals by billionaires like Steve Kirsch?

These are all legitimate questions – the kind of “independent thinking” Farber once promoted. Now it appears the resistance has set up its own thought police. If you respectfully hold a different position, you can be cast out, and then the Substackers will throw digital stones at you.

Just as an aside, take note that Farber, RFK Jr.’s brilliant researcher, states that he wrote the Fauci book three years ago. That would be mid-April of 2020…a month after lockdowns started. Well, that would certainly make for an interesting timeline.

I ended up writing a thorough response, longer than Farber’s original post. I need to get back to documenting my research into RFK Jr.’s ties to alternative energy, clean-tech, vaccinomics, and green capitalism. Lots of irons in the fire, but most of the work has already been done. A friend shared this great quote from “Alice in Wonderland” with me: “Why sometimes I believe six impossible things before breakfast.”  I think that’s going to be the frame for my analysis. We live inside stories. They are using digital narrative flows to stigmergically steer us into altered realities that are not of our choosing. They are remaking complex humans into archetypes and avatars, hoping we don’t notice the transition until it is too late. Yes, resistance members, that includes you, too.

Farber’s chosen presidential candidate has morphed from being an anti-carbon crusader corporate environmentalist to an anti-vax poster boy (who isn’t against vaccines and loves select pharmceuticals). To me that would seem to fall under an “impossible thing” one could try and believe before breakfast, that a man whose legal career was funded by Rockefeller Foundation grants and later pivoted to promoting smart energy grids is somehow our the knight in shining armor come to save the world from the global cybernetic program.

That’s why I got so frustrated with the health freeDOM folks. They were kept to the narrow path of injections until their brains were fully entrained.

Me? I came in a different door. The things I was most concerned about, Web3 and impact finance, were never addressed in alt-media circles; and three years later they aren’t. That’s why I left. I’m fine to stand alone, or with a few good friends who “get” me. Everyone has a right to live inside the story they choose, but they should choose it with full knowledge of where the plot line is taking them. I don’t think most people understand the RFK Jr. script yet. When I get around to laying it from my unique lens, I think that will be a public service.


Here is the reply I gave to Celia Farber on the post above.

Dear Celia,

Those who listened to my clip would know that the “mismanaged pandemic” language was taken directly from the first chapter of RFK Jr.’s Fauci book. He calls it that. I make that clear from the outset.

People can choose to believe there was a pandemic, and that CHD’s affiliated white coats and early treatment protocols (which are being set up as pay for success investment markets) will save them the next time around. I would invite people to revisit Liz Mumper’s presentation on vaccinomics for CHD – personalized vaccine therapeutics. This is what people are opening themselves up for. Though they do have the right to make that choice.



People who embrace the bioweapon / lab leak framing are setting up the population for bio-nano sensor technology, rule by electron microscope, and early treatment drugs. I find it hard to believe that someone from the AIDS dissident community would align with those who promote the lab leak hypothesis and alt-pharma medical protocols (Roy Vagelos, Merck), but I don’t know you very well. Maybe you’ve found some way to thread that needle.

The clip of RFK Jr. that you provided in response does not speak to any of the issues I raised. I wasn’t talking about the CIA or simulation modeling, though perhaps your post is part of it. In retrospect I recognize that Event 201 was part of the social physics analytics – tracking and tracing responses and narrative flows through the digital landscape so the system could better steer people into convenient boxes where they can be kept entertained and managed with just the kind of information they want to hear. If the CIA was planning something they really didn’t want the public to see, they wouldn’t film it and have their partners tweet out pictures of virus plushies. https://twitter.com/therealjavalily/status/1238900250598932481

I myself don’t use the term “controlled-op.” It’s too simple. What the CHD alt-media juggernaut seems to be crafting is a heroic storyline that will invite frightened people in and make them feel safe, like someone they trust is in charge. The tactics of these ongoing spectacles are quite sophisticated. The past three years have been a great lesson in how this works. The term “controlled-op” is insufficient for where we find ourselves at the moment.

Maybe data streams from Substack will show how many of your readers clicked through the link to my presentation, watched it in full, and then made an informed comment based on the content of my analysis. Maybe it will show how many didn’t watch it but reacted in an emotional way anyway to a perceived slight of their favored team member without any real understanding of the analysis offered.

I wonder how many of your readers will choose to watch the whole talk RFK Jr. gave at Hillsdale? Early on, at timestamp 9 minutes, he admits that even though he’s considered the poster boy for the anti-vax movement, he’s not anti-vaccines. Maybe that doesn’t bother people.

I’ve held off compiling my research on Mr. Camelot – no not the tawdry stuff, the money stuff, Vantage Point Capital Partners and seed money for militarized ocean drones.

Source Link: https://vpcp.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr/
Source Link: https://vpcp.com/


Liquid Robotics continues its growth by partnering with Boeing

Liquid Robotics Closes $45 Million Series E Funding to Accelerate Growth in Worldwide Sales and Ocean Data Services

I have a large file to pull from having engaged privately with Mary Holland and Michael Kane on the issues of RFK Jr.’s history in cleantech venture capital investing from a few years ago. One of the most interesting links was the list of funders of the Natural Resources Defense Council where RFK Jr. worked as senior attorney for over twenty years. I presume he’d be aware of the source of his salary, which includes many philanthropies I’ve been tracking in the social impact space for years, including large ongoing contributions from the Rockefeller Foundation. https://the-pipeline.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Natural-Resources-Defense-Council-Major-Funders.pdf

I also find it interesting that you’re promoting the Catholic angle for political purposes, since the Vatican is a leader in the impact finance space. Tom Steyer was a major funder of NRDC and seems to follow in the same tracks as RFK Jr. Steyer was a participant in the Vatican’s social impact conferences starting in 2014. I’ll be sure to incorporate your advice to RFK Jr. That’s definitely an important angle to include.  https://wrenchinthegears.com/2019/06/21/doctrine-of-discovery-redux-the-vaticans-plans-for-impact-investing/

This may be just the thing I need to put it all on the record. It could be fun, actually. Thanks for the nudge, lol. I’ll add it to my to-do list.

Nice to “meet” you. : )

Alison McDowell



PS: I just added this comment this morning. It’s an important point.

This link is to a screenshot of the table of contents of the book – Chapter 1 – Mismanaging a Pandemic. Can I assume you were a researcher for said book? RFK Jr. leads with this frame.


1) There was indeed a pandemic.
2) It was mismanaged.

The chapter then goes on to detail at length the pharmaceutical treatments his cohort has endorsed from the beginning.

Do you really mean that we are supposed to set aside the framing of his bestselling book and pretend that didn’t happen, or that it doesn’t matter? I’m not really sure what you mean by “can we agree on what makes a fact a fact?” It is a fact that this was the first chapter, and that it sets the tone for what comes next.

“Can we all agree that this is not RFK Jr.’s position, regardless of what the title of a book chapter was that he wrote three years ago?”

Do you not see how those two ideas are incongruent? What you are proposing sounds rather Orwellian. From the Wikipedia entry on 1984.

“Meanwhile, during the nation’s Hate Week, Oceania’s enemy suddenly changes from Eurasia to Eastasia, which goes mostly unnoticed. Winston is recalled to the Ministry to help make the necessary revisions to the records. Winston and Julia read parts of Goldstein’s book, which explains how the Party maintains power, the true meanings of its slogans, and the concept of perpetual war. It argues that the Party can be overthrown if proles rise up against it. However, Winston never gets the opportunity to read the chapter that explains ‘why’ the Party is motivated to maintain power.”

It would certainly be an option for RFK Jr. to publicly state that he’s had a change of heart and that while his book said there was a pandemic and promoted certain drugs, he’s changed his mind. If that were the case, we could THEN discuss how we feel about it. But that hasn’t happened.

The post you made asks your readers to believe it doesn’t matter or didn’t happen, which contributes to our collective mental discomfort. These are exactly the sort of tactics that dominating systems of behavioral management use on populations. That said, people do give up their agency to influencers and go along. They do, in fact, have a choice when they read things that are cognitively dissonant. We are equal participants in the maya illusion created here in the digital realms.

That’s why I keep hammering home the fact that people need to be grounded in themselves, in their own values, their own discernment. Outsourcing it to others can lead to dangerous confusion. Doing it online only helps to improve the simulation modeling.

48 thoughts on “Celia Farber’s Substack – Is This Part of the Simulation?

  1. Aluicious says:

    Sigh. Unfortunately, everything you’ve posted is sound. It’s unfortunate because it highlights the massive dearth of awareness that the majority of people have when it comes to understanding what we are up against. People just don’t get it because they’ve been conditioned all their lives to think a certain way. We all have. And that’s just how humans are. We are like sheep in so many ways. Some of us can discern, most of us can’t. The good thing is that most of us don’t need to have awareness for things to change. In fact that’s never going to happen. What will happen is that small groups of people who can see will work together and fight for their families and the sleepy masses. A small, serious group can turn the tide.

  2. Martin Godden says:

    thank you for a very clear and to the point article. I hope that people read it and understand what is going on.

  3. sonnny123 says:

    Thank you for this, you speak for my intuition even though I dont have the clarity or the gift you have with communication.
    In my view you are right over the target
    Love your posts
    Love your passion

  4. Joel Turrentine says:

    You are looking at these issues with sophistication and an unmatched level of complexity. Quite honestly, it’s intimidating to recognize how deep you are able to take your analysis. Anybody i share your analysis with, doesn’t get it. My smartest friends really tend to hide behind shallow criticisms of your work and maybe latch on to your fearlessness in calling out certain people e.g., Derek Broze.

    I like Celia Farber, but I think you diagnosed that situation fairly well… from my perspective nobody is really acquainted with your catalog of work; to assess your work honestly would take the effort of a true scholar. Even as much as I admire you, I don’t always have the time to connect with the brilliant multifaceted nuance you deliver.

    I wish you peace, resilience and courage.

  5. Allen says:

    I was recently banned from Farber’s substack for questioning some of her crackpot theories. Interesting in that she also touted a few of my vey long comments a few months ago- so impressed was she with those comments she used them as a “guest piece” on her substack. I won’t post any of the drama here and I asked her to take down those articles as I did not want any affiliation with her.

    I made this comment on a different substack on April 9th in response to someone who was listing off some excellent voices to heed in regards to all things Covid- “Agree with all those you cite except Farber who has become increasingly wishy-washy and reactionary. I have zero doubt that she would fold right into RFK’s tent if she hasn’t already. Lots of money being spread around.”

    Well you didn’t need tea leaves to understand that this would happen and if you go over to Farber’s substack you will see her latest posts- she’s all in.

    I have been highly critical of RFK’s position on fundamental aspects of Covid- I do so only based on evidence and direct statements. This is not tolerated in circles where adulation and emotion replace reasoned analysis.

    Once one establishes their basis for evaluating a situation on the words narrated by their “hero”, or someone they automatically defer to, they uncritically accept these words as truths regardless of the substance of the claims. They are then operating on a level of superficial emotional reaction and are no longer capable of perceiving concepts or evaluating ideas.

    Critical thinking or rational analysis is no longer possible.

    That is a very dangerous position and one of the many things that get IN THE WAY of movements.

    Should anyone be above criticism? Should I be above criticism? Should RFK be above criticism?

    Once we get into these waters we are no longer speaking about a movement we are speaking about a “cult of personality.”

    Critical thinking and ongoing analysis should be first and foremost.

    If that means illustrating that someone, no matter who that someone is, is profoundly wrong on something than so be it.

    If they are worthy they will be able to handle any and all criticisms levied at them.

    Funny how most of these “health freedom celebrities” are intoloerant of criticism on certain things.

    They expect people to remain silent, be censored, even (and especially) if they have evidence that runs counter to the narrative of said “leader.”

    And then they have the audacity to make claims that those bringing up these falsehoods and contradictions are the ones being “divisive.”

  6. Allen says:

    For the record here is an exchange I had which was censored at CHD. I have kept the entire conversation. I have commented there for years though not a ‘regular’ and never had any problems. After the exchange with me asking the moderator for the reason this comment was censored I let it go. A few days later when I went to comment on another piece I discovered I was banned. No notice and nothing particularly contentious.

    It is also true that Kennedy, Mercola, Malone and many others have pivoted even more strongly to “lab leak”, “viral clone” etc. so all discussion that counters this is off limits and/or strongly discouraged.

    Mercola put a piece up about Ebola being a lab made virus and as comments that were quite benign but counter to that “belief” were made they were ultimately censored. Those comments were providing evidence that illustrated “Ebola” is another fiction and the causes are related to mass pollution, famine, antibiotics, banned pesticides being dumped in Africa and so forth. For that these comments were deleted.

    Here is my comment at CHD which was censored:

    “I hope people will take the time to carefully listen to the RFK’s interview w/Denis Rancourt and go read Denis Rancourt’s paper on all-cause mortality. It blows the lid off of the health freedom narrative that a viral pathogen caused mass death.

    There was no pandemic and no unique viral pathogen. It was public health despotism that killed hundreds of thousands in the US.

    If you listen to the interview with Denis Rancourt you will see multiple examples that illustrate RFK’s inherent contradictions and assorted logical fallacies as he discusses and attempts to defend the notion that there was a viral pandemic. RFK (and JJ Couey) now seem to be pushing some “targeted aersolization spread”- “viral clone” theory of which there is no evidence and plenty of evidence that illustrates this so-called theory to be complete nonsense.

    If you or I made such a ludicrous assertion we would be laughed out of the ballpark.

    Are we suppose to ignore this?

    Look this is THE guy who sits atop the mountain of the “health freedom movement.” Yet on this most basic of questions he hasn’t the capacity to discuss this with any degree of intellectual rigor. He simply doesn’t know much about it- admits he doesn’t- yet not only forms (and has) a firm hypothesis (which defies all logic and biological and medical history) but has the audacity to state that his cock-eyed theory is what EVERYONE should hold to be true.

    And guess what- because he is seen as THE sacred cow virtually everyone who hears the words out of RFK’s mouth will believe this patently absurd theory EVEN AS he openly admits he doesn’t know much about one of the lynchpins of his theory.

    That’s nuts man, and I can guarantee that if it were the other way around people would be skewering Rancourt but I guess RFK is to get a pass here cause it might “hurt the cause” or “create division? What crazy logic is this?

    This snippet is not unique it is indicative.

    BTW Tuscany is in western Italy, west of the Apennines, south and west of the actual region which appeared to be heavily impacted. He couldn’t even get the damn place right and knows zero about what has been happening in N Italy for the last 15 years- hint: it ain’t a virus.

    Listen to the entire interview, RFK was in way over his head. He sidestepped many of Rancourt’s points which illustrated via concrete evidence there was no pandemic.

    Here is a snippet from the transcript. At this point in the interview Kennedy is responding to Rancourt’s evidence that viral transmission could not be possible for excess mortality as it has been stated. Note that RFK postulates a theory as to how the viral spread occurred in N Italy AND presumptuously posits that “most people” would recommend this:


    RFK: “Okay, so let me push back on you. Yeah. You know, I think most people are going to recommend here, which is that the reason that you had these huge number of deaths in Paris and New York and for example, in northern Italy, which you did not mention in Tuscany, the same time as earlier, actually, than the spikes that I was mentioning. I’d love to hear your explanation for that. Because that seemed to be I mean, that’s where we all got the idea that this virus was galloping through and killing lots and lots of people. And they didn’t have remdesivir in Italy at that time, so something was killing people.”

    The conversation returns to Italy and after Rancourt suggests the deaths there were mainly in hospitals RFK says the following:


    RFK: “My impression I don’t know much about Italy either than the news reports and having been over there and people having the impression…”

    Read that again- RFK freely admits he doesn’t know much about what happened in Italy but just 23 minutes earlier he used N Italy as a lynchpin for his “hypothesis.”

    There are multiple other examples in this conversation w/Rancourt of RFK’s lack of coherence. He simply can’t or won’t come to terms with the fact that there was no pandemic it was administrative slaughter by the Bio-Security State used to instill fear, force lockdowns, roll out mRNA’s and smash the economic order for the Going Direct Great Reset as decided upon by the G7 central bankers in 2019 at Jackson Hole.


    My second comment that did go through which was a reply to another:

    “Team Reality” doesn’t seem up to facing what actually happened in the hospitals in Spring 2020 which illustrates that there was no unique viral pathogen and no pandemic.

    People were not being impacted by germs and microbes in any way that was different from every season- they were being murdered. This renders all the absurd talk of ‘bioweapons”, “lab leaks”, “China virus”, “targeted aerosolization” and so forth meaningless.

    That the likes of Robert Malone, Jessica Rose, Ryan Cole and RFK continue with this demonstrably false notion of “spread” is inexcusable at this point and a slap in the face to those who were murdered and then used to create the hysteria that launched the global Covid Operation.

    Too much for people to come to terms with? Too bad- it’s what happened. And it happened primarily to the nameless, faceless poor and many who came from institutionalized settings.

    They don’t seem to count for much even amongst the top tier ‘Covid skeptics’ who fly around to fancy conferences perpetuating the lie that there was a pandemic that was “just handled poorly.”

    • Tyura says:

      Not so fast… In Brazil we actually saw a lot of people getting seriouly ill (needing hospitalization for serious respiratory distress…) within a period of weeks, in March/April 2020.

      Whatever it was, it indeed HAS spread amidst the population.

      I was providing services to a public health institution at the time, and I saw with my own eyes…

      Many of my collegues also got seriously ill.

      So, what do you think it was the cause, if it wasn’t some kind of ‘virus’..?

    • Tyura says:

      Not so fast… In Brazil (São Paulo) we actually saw a lot of people getting seriously ill (needing hospitalization for acute respiratory distress…) within a period of weeks in March/April 2020.

      Whatever it was, it indeed HAS spread amidst the population.

      I was providing services to a public health institution at the time, and I saw it with my own eyes…

      Many of my collegues also got seriously ill.

      So, what do you think was the cause, if it was not some kind of ‘virus’..?

      • Allen says:

        The cause of what?

        First off I’m stating there was no unique viral pathogen that caused some pandemic. The evidence is crystal clear. On this point it is up to those who propose that theory to prove it which they can’t hence all the esoteric quackery.

        As for “what caused it” there can be and are multiple explanations ranging from experimental vaccines (which were being used throughout the world in 2019) to increased radiation, to food poisoning, to increased glyphostae expoure and on and on.

  7. Paul Jackson says:

    I left a couple of comments for Celia, but no one engaged with me. I asked why Kennedy hadn’t corrected the record, easy as that would have been. Celia wants you to infer that, because Kennedy said that he found 20 simulations, he no longer accepts that there was a pandemic. So, why didn’t he just say that? All of the comments I saw were about personalities. “Kennedy is a hero, so anyone who criticizes him is my enemy” kind of stuff. It’s pretty sad.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Thank you Paul. I saw that. The past few years have been eye-opening in terms of see on the ground examples of tactics used in narrative shaping and how the system is able to contain people through segmentation and reinforced (often problematic) story lines – even people who believe they are following the unapproved narrative. I can’t seem to get people to understand that they don’t mind these divergent narratives as long as all of them can be fed into the model. The question of whether there was or was not a “pandemic” seems like a pretty basic question. Crazy that the RFK Jr. resistance has such a hard time with that one.

    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, I posted what I thought to be a thorough response to Celia’s topic of discussion on Sat. which was basically along the lines of “how dare you criticize RFK’s stance on the pandemic–here he is on video talking about the simulations.” Yet within that clip, he still promotes the notion that there was a pandemic and that the virus was in fact circulating in Wuhan even before the simulation. So, I pointed out how nothing he says in that video refutes all of the points mentioned in Allison’s video. I also said that I don’t follow everything that he or others have said, so please, if he has corrected what he presented in his book and acknowledged the fraud of the PCR test, the fraudulent case count, the fraudulent death count and changed his belief that asymptomatic people (i.e. healthy people) who test positive on the bogus PCR test should be treated, please let me know. Well she completely IGNORED my post, which told me all I needed to know–she was not in anyway interested in a fair and serious discussion of the actually issues and concerns about his stance. And of course, her lemming-like followers simply followed her lead, ignoring the genuine and serious concerns about his positions, and modeling group think and hopium. You would think that with the enslavement of humanity hanging in the balance people would actually get a bit more serious and start scrutinizing candidates.

      • wrenchinthegears says:

        This line of thinking is being covered over. The Camelot team is going to have to do a lot of housekeeping if they want to continue to push RFK Jr. as the knight in shining armor. This 20 plus year career as a corporate environmental lawyer backed by some of the biggest impact investing is going to be hard to ignore – yet somehow they do seem to have brainwashed a lot of people.

  8. BigTrouble says:

    I think part of the difficulty in bridging the gap over there is they just don’t have the language yet. “Controlled Opposition” didn’t even exist in my vocabulary until 7 years ago or so, and it really helped describe a new phenomena (to me) that I didn’t have a way of describing before that. But as you’ve mentioned, it’s very limiting and closes conversations rather than opening them. One reason why I think your work is particularly effective is it reframes narratives and provides an expanded vocabulary to consider the topic.

    Part of the problem with your work is the level of assumed knowledge and the expectation that someone stumbling upon your videos knows what the heck you’re talking about. I created the glossary as a way to take notes for myself (I understand things better when I take notes), but hopefully newcomers who want to get caught up can find it useful.

    I added a definition for ‘stigmergy’ here: https://www.dystopiaglossary.com/definitions/stigmergy

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Well, I will point out that what happened to me was actually a direct attack on my character by someone I don’t know and do not engage with who misreprented my work intentionally for political purposes.

      • BigTrouble says:

        Yeah, I suppose there can’t be an expectation that her followers understand your work immediately. Fortunately you had a very short video for them to watch, but most didn’t seem to do that.

        Relating to stigmergy, I think in this particular case, it would be Celia finding a contradicting source of information and leaving a negative trace, like “this info is bad, don’t go here”.

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          I believe that is true. Most of her audience couldn’t handle 11 minutes, and yet they still felt qualified to make prouncements about me. Follow the leader, whisper down the lane. It’s tragic really, what humans have been reduced to.

      • wrenchinthegears says:

        Gordon, was that you on Celia’s post? If it was, I noticed you did not respond to my reply to you. I do notice when people who otherwise say they value my analysis allow cyber bullying to proceed unimpeded. That was a very ugly scene over there and I think we all need to consider the parts we played through our participation.

  9. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Saturate it-all in nano-scale sensors, hook it all up onto the Wireless Sensor Network so that we can finally have the past anchored in the future and updated continuously.
    Once it-all becomes a single-minded entity, then try asking a simple question: “Who am I?” ….
    … a giant planet-wide sensor sucking sunrays and humming: “Want to feel more, gimme more sensations, I want to reach to the Sun and to penetrate insides of all the planets, I want to sense them all, to feel the whole Galaxy.” …
    … sorry to interrupt the Big Thought highness, but what about me, “who am I in all of this?”

    Here is a direct pdf link to a 2007 book by Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz, titled “Wireless Sensor Networks”:

    “Let me just administer this blue injection that was developed specially for your needs … and then drink this red pill to remedy any potential unwanted side effects.”
    … “What’s in it?”
    … “Nervemind. It works wondrously. Changes your whole perspective.”
    … “And it’s good for me?”
    … “Perfectly fitting. Match made in heaven. So far not a single person came forward to complain.”

  10. Brek says:

    I’ve read only two of Celia’s substack posts, to date, and both included this (or similarly worded) out-of-the-blue non sequitur somewhere in the middle:
    “I support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President.”


    Where in the heck did that nonsense come from?

    I mean the question seriously. What she wrote just then fit with neither what had come before or after that stand-alone silliness. It had no evident rational connection to the subject at hand.

    Am I just not picking up on the collective stupefaction and brain-deadery that’s supposed to have me swayed by any of this clumsy version of political stumping? It’s not working on me so far.

      • Brek says:

        Thanks for that, Alison.

        First I’m hearing the term (“cognitive domain mngmt.”)…gives me something to chew on and explore further.

        Because, really, whether a writer like Celia does or does not know what she’s writing about, there’s certainly a “why” somewhere in there as a set of motivations and intertwining factors involving other people (and most probably also “funders”.) Many of her readers seem inclined to accept the logical disconnect without question, and this is what worries me.

        • washington sean says:

          Cognitive Domain Management seems fitting for a “commissioned Journalist” Title in article below denotes her as an ‘anarchist’ or some sort of disruptor.

          “Around 2001, Tina Brown commissioned her to write a story about gene therapy for Talk. The piece was killed. She said that she has been broke, and has given up on journalism, ever since.”

          also described as a “consultant and writer” while working for who she called her “secret benefactor” Dov Charney in 2004.

          Put this together with the “my brilliant researcher” comment (MY = paid/owned/hired) by RFK in the Weston Price interview… clearly she is creating content with specific motivations.

          SOURCE article: https://observer.com/2006/07/aids-anarchist-farber-hops-back-in-whirlwind/

          • wrenchinthegears says:

            The thing we have to keep in mind is that substack situation was a collaboration among influencer and audience. We need to look at the structure that is being put in place. This dynamic is likely happening across digital platforms.

  11. Rod Knoll, longtimedissident.substack.com says:

    I have been battling Farber and others from our dear old, NOW-DECEASED “AIDS” dissident movement since long before many of you even knew there WAS a dissident perspective on ANYTHING! Farber doesn’t know what she is talking about or writing about! Suffice it to say, she NEVER has! This is not normally an automatic disqualifier, in light of the sometimes extremely technical nature of the material that Farber has been covering- or rather, ATTEMPTING to cover. However, she has been covering -or ATTEMPTING to cover- these issues for **35 YEARS**!!

    As I have often tried to point out to modern-day COVID dissidents who are blissfully unaware of the nasty, Machiavellian skullduggery that took place in our old “AIDS” dissident movement, Farber needs to be IGNORED. She was a part of the CULT that surrounded her hero and “daddy figure” Peter Duesberg in our old “AIDS” dissident movement. Whether she ever acknowledges it or not, Farber helped her hero Duesberg to DERAIL our “AIDS” dissident movement! She has serious psychological issues as well, and I have the private e-mails from her to prove that. In a public display of self-deprecation, Farber has also posted more recently about how all of these male leaders of our old “AIDS” dissident movement whom she regarded as personal HEROES of hers- truly regarded her, revealing how they called her “not smart enough” to understand the material she had already been covering for years!

    Yet Farber persists in continuing to cover these matters, alternately returning to them, often after swearing that she is leaving them behind and stomping away from whatever dissident medical movement she may be attempting to cover, only to return to it all once again! Farber has failed to realize many things. Perhaps most important for her is the fact that she has failed to realize just how despicable her heroes in our old “AIDS” dissident movement really were. Not just to those of us in the movement who opposed Duesberg, either, but to Farber herself. Farber is just the most famous and longest-lasting example of how the male leaders of the “AIDS” dissident movement treated women in the movement. In a pattern that I observed quite closely, the male leaders of our “AIDS” dissident movement liked to elevate women like Farber who clearly LACKED the capacity to comprehend the highly technical issues they would often and PUBLICLY discuss, often with disastrous results. At the same time, the men in charge would neglect to enlighten these women while also SUPPRESSING the efforts of other women who WERE capable of understanding the science.

    Not only that but also- and most critical for their success- the men in charge of our “AIDS” dissident movement worked very hard -with Farber’s HELP- to suppress the efforts of one undeniably BRILLIANT woman- the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, the leader of the Perth Group of dissident “AIDS” researchers” ( http://www.theperthgroup.com). Eleni P-E worked long and hard to develop her own truly revolutionary theory not just on “AIDS” but on cellular function overall which just so happened to contradict the worthless theories of Peter Duesberg, the leader of the cabal that included Farber. In a despicable display of greed, they worked very hard to protect their cult leader Duesberg from all attacks from within the “AIDS” dissident movement and they did so TO THE DETRIMENT of our movement itself!

    Those of us who were more scientifically literate tried our best to fight back against the Duesberg cult of which Farber was a KEY member, and all of our struggles are detailed here:


    What we did not fully grasp while we were fighting our “civil war” in our old “AIDS” dissident movement was the fact that apparently those in Duesberg’s cabal were focusing on making money off of Duesberg’s woefully inept theory on CANCER. Apparently, Duesberg, his venture capitalist investor and his closest cronies were scared that the Perth Group’s repeated demands for a debate with their cult leader Duesberg over the existence of so-called “HIV” were bad for business. It’s also possible that they may have even felt specifically threatened by Eleni’s broader theory on cellular function which definitely NEGATES Duesberg’s theory on cancer. Either way, Duesberg and his THUGS all worked hard to protect Duesberg’s credibility with a lot of help from their “not smart enough” mouthpiece, Farber.

    Getting back to Farber: in a self-fulfilling prophecy, Celia has truly PROVEN herself to be “not smart enough” to discern these important distinctions between the scientific theories of her hero Duesberg and those of his main nemesis from within our “AIDS” dissident movement, the late Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos. In fact, I daresay that Farber will never realize the level of corruption among the cabal that surrounded her hero Duesberg whom she repeatedly defended and still does to this day.

    In light of all of the above, Farber needs to be ignored…

  12. Amy Harlib says:

    Dear Allison,

    Every new post you make increases my admiration for your work and the detail and clarity you bring to exposing the evil and existential threat of the globalist predator technocrat psychopathic megalomaniac control freak TOTAL SLAVERY AGENDA. And it is astounding how effective their propaganda is in getting people to go along, sheep literally lead to the slaughter.

    You are and always will be my primary source for understanding the horrors we must fight to be human. I will DIE before I become a robotized slave of technocratic overlords.

    There is a fate worse than death.

    Bless you Allison McDowell!

  13. Light Em Up says:

    Please do prioritize a deep dive into RFK Jr. People are getting so excited about his run for presidency and can’t imagine he’s part of the same system they’re hoping to tear down. Thank you for all you do Alison!

  14. Laughing Waters says:

    I entered substack specifically to read Sasha Latipova’s important work. It didn’t take me long to state on my own substack that there was a huge personality cult going on there. TV/movies generation style, “who’s your favorite actor”?
    There’s so much to address in all your posts. Being in the crosshairs of CHD must be interesting. I like to lay low. Seems you’ve done so many video interviews, you might have more readers. But, many aren’t extensive readers, and many are overwhelmed with the amount of content.
    I did notice two things about Ms. Farber. She’s coming from a fear/worship axis regarding men. This is not unique, and the reasons are personal to her, I’m not looking to dig into that. We all know, everybody knows. I also noticed that perhaps she is not so intelligent.
    A lot of focused topic, specialized, partial perspectives going on. Anyone being vaccinated/shot up regularly from 1990 on is at a disadvantage to begin with. It’s very evident lately.
    Even in the most erudite and well researched offerings, one encounters the cloaking power of fear at work. Enculturated fears, historically imposed. Unconsciously limiting.
    Glad to know Mary Holland assisted you. The disappearance of Suzanne Humphries holds some kind of …I don’t know what…seems the place has been artificially calm and secure since then. CHD seemed to attempt to take some kind of role in investigating Brandy Vaughn’s murder, which has also vanished from all consideration.
    Just saying. Smells fishy. You’ve stirred the pot. Let’s see what arises.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Just to be clear, Mary Holland is someone I have had serious issues with based on personal experience. She was the one who kept trying to tell me RFK Jr. wasn’t a partner at Vantage Point, or if he was he only advised them on a surfboard (which turned out to be a militarized ocean drone). She gaslighted me. It’s not good to do that. I’m no pushover.

  15. amanda4321 says:

    @LaughingWaters- You know, I’ve noticed the same thing. Some of the substacks are totally fine–just a bunch of people sharing opinions/links, etc. No drama, no weirdness, just a bunch of individually minded people sharing info, trying to figure out what’s going on and what we can do about it. But on other substacks, there’s an altogether different feeling, where a cult-following/fan club feeling seems to have developed. It’s kind of sickening to observe. It seems like whatever the substack operator posts, they get instant praise and agreement, and there isn’t much dissent (again, it feels like a fan club). It’s very strange.

  16. ian bell says:

    This exchange between you and Celia finally gave me the push I needed to start reading RFK’s book about Fauci. I just finished the intro and chapter 1. I come from things very differently than you and Celia. Here is the gist.

    We are the little people. A war of Technocracy and Transhumanism (T&T) is being waged against us. As is with all wars, there are no rules and might is right.

    We, the little people, are out-gunned, out-resourced and out-classed in every way except possibly one; our numbers. We can only win this war if we play to our only strength which is our numbers. If we do not unite ourselves, across every country of the world, then we lose this war. We unite or we die. This is where you and Celia come in.

    We can only win this war if we set aside our differences and learn to work together with a common vision and direction. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. We don’t have to like each other. But there is only one way to get this job done. This is the theme of my own simple blog posts.

    We are supposedly “freedom fighters”. Unfortunately, we are fighting our petty turf wars and each of us is clamoring for a sliver of the spotlight. We are heavily fragmented and completely disorganized. After three years of this fake virus, fake disease and fake pandemic, nothing we have done has slowed the onslaught of T&T. We are losing this war. Indeed, I believe we have already lost it because we refuse to unite ourselves. That is the message I take away in this exchange between you and Celia. It is the message I get from the so called “freedom movement”.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Interesting. Does that feel like a good story to you Ian? Because, we all choose the stories we inhabit. To me it feels profoundly disempowering and suggests that the only way through is health freeDOM authoritarianism and right think. Why do you think people should be expected to be unified when they hold very different opinions? Celia Farber and I do not share the same analysis of what has transpired. That much is very clear to me. It is also clear to me that the majority of her “community” is so wedded to the story she has woven that they are not open to consider other viewpoints. Do you see that as a fate to which we should all aspire – neutered compliance?

      • Ian Bell says:

        I have been reading/watching you for several years. You are not an easy read, but I think you are a should/must read. Having said that, which of your articles/videos “feel like a good story to you” Allison? My views are based to an extent on trying to see things from the perspective of your research.

        Yes, you and Celia clearly do not share the same analysis and I would suggest you too are not open to considering other viewpoints.

        I am frustrated by what I have observed in the “freedom movement”; petty turf wars, chasing the spotlight and stroking egos. We fight in small, disorganized numbers.
        We accomplish little to nothing because we are fighting alone.

        Why is uniting us, the little people, against this tyranny “neutered compliance”? “Neutered compliance” seems to have the same intent as “conspiracy theorist”. It is an age old axiom that that we must band together when confronted by an overwhelming enemy. You seem to understand what we are up against. If we do not unite, with a common vision and direction, then how else do we fight and defeat this tyranny? In my opinion, the real value of information is when it leads to effective action.


        Ian Bell
        Montreal, Canada

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          To be clear, if this engagement is in the material realm only – the odds are not in our favor. I suggest that this may be an engagement that extends into spiritual realms, and in that story we have more opportunities. That said, if we compromise our values and join the ant computer, those opportunities may not be so available to us. If you look back at military strategy small forces can wear down a stronger force, but not by unifying and fighting on the battlefield provided, but by engaging in asymmetrical tactics – small, nimble, unexpected. All your talk of turf wars, ego stroking, etc. seems to fundamentally miss the point, unless your comment is directed at Ms. Faber’s attempts to create a disruption and generate clicks for her Substack. I don’t know the woman, nor had I ever engaged her until she dragged me into her drama. I don’t go looking for a fight, but I don’t shrink when people smear me. Mostly when that happens they run away. That’s how you have to deal with bullies. Are you insinuating that I need to join in with the bullies for my “safety?” Nope, I’m not doing that.

          • Ian Bell says:

            Hello Allison,

            Our engagement is primarily in the material realm. The covid fraud of the past 3 years has made this painfully clear.

            I see no evidence our side is even thinking of asymmetrical tactics, let alone how and where to implement them. If I may be frank, this is wishful thinking.

            My comment was not specifically directed at Farber but was a general statement about all our “freedom groups”.

            We are in a predator/prey relationship with those that are ramming this tyranny of the 4IR down our throats, they are the predators, we are the prey.
            If we want to lose this war then all we need do is exactly what we are doing now. In my opinion, we have already lost this war because we fight alone.

            We can pretend to hide and say we will only live in our own stories. But to be frank again, we are only deluding ourselves with this illusion.

            I have nothing more to say on this topic. Thank you for this exchange.


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