Unity Advantages Systems of Power, Asymmetrical Engagement Not So Much

Yesterday I did a livestream responding to some comments that had been made on my blog, my youtube channel, and Twitter, plus a recent email exchange about the RFK Jr. candidacy.

You can see them (not the email, because it was privately sent) below.

I touched on the following topics:

Pressure for unity and groupthink in the health freeDOM “movement.”

Are we really “little people” “at war” with an overwhelming force?

How does the kind of energy we put into  these digital systems through our comments affect us?

A correspondent in South Africa who has passed along numerous helpful resources about cybernetics to me over the past few months offered his perspective and agreed to let me share it with you: 

The cybernetics scientists have been tearing their hair out for almost a century because they can’t get the system to stabilise when humans are involved. We behave in unpredictable ways, and cybernetics only works if people act as a collective with common purpose and collective action. When everyone does their own thing, cybernetics is totally useless..

Think how much every conflict needs the participation of a willing victim. If someone claims that we are at war with overwhelming forces and instead of accepting the narrative people just go about what they were doing the reaction element of the dialectic fails. Here in South Africa they brought in “e-tolls” about 10 years ago and nobody accepted it. The point is, people didn’t support or oppose it, each individual just acted as if the politicians were protesting the authority of the citizens. This year the project was dropped. The act of protest gives legitimacy to the authority proposing the narrative. If enough people treat the ant computer like a joke and openly mock the people pushing the agenda constantly, they have no power over anyone..

The understanding of how voluntary participation plays such a huge role is also one of those things people can actually try in practice to see for themselves that we aren’t helpless at all. It’s amazing how people refer to “El-ites” without realizing they are calling their opponents “God-like.” It’s spelling and casting spells, all of a sudden their opponents become untouchable Gods, arising out of their own words. Talk about a Nam Shub. Enki, the contender, Enki, the “El-ite.”

I hope you’ll find some food for thought in my musings. Before making your next comment online think about what you have in your hand. Is it a hammer or a salve? I talk about the idea of “what are you listening to?” This conceptual framework was given to me by my friend Cliff Gomes. He had a lovely animated short made about this concept. Please check it out!

9 thoughts on “Unity Advantages Systems of Power, Asymmetrical Engagement Not So Much

  1. Quantum Heart Cafe says:

    As I continue to learn more about artificial emergence and how the system wants to place itself between us and the creator, I have been reflecting on my use of language and wondering if certain words I’ve been using and perspectives I have are actually helpful or adding to the polarization. I’ve been thinking about words like ‘sheep’ and how its been used (including by me) to describe people. I realize that if I am serious about doing the inner work and putting loving intentions out there, then maybe I should be aware of how I use those words. Everyone is on their own path, and rather than focusing on reaching as many people as possible, I think I’ve been guided not only to find people who doing similar work, but to participate in doing the work too because maybe something I write about, find, or create will be helpful for people down the road.

    Honestly, ever since starting to participate more with your research and devoting time to read and learning on my own, it has changed as well as confirm some of my perspectives on system and how we can learn to navigate simulation/labyrinth.

    Growing up in my childhood home, we would often be visited by sugar ants in the early spring and part of summer, then they would go somewhere else. Whenever I dropped a small amount of honey or maple syrup on the ground one would usually stop what it was doing and find the honey, then go tell the others that it found something delicious. Maybe leaving little bits of honey, dandelions and thread (Ariadne was the one who gave Theseus the thread to help him navigate the labyrinth) along the path for others to find, and having the FAITH that people will find them, is what I am supposed to do at this time.

    Yes we are in a spiritual struggle, but I disagree that we are in a insurmountable war and that because there is no unified front (whatever that means) that we are losing or things are hopeless. When ever I hear a perspective like that, I think of Madeleine L’Engles time quintet, especially her first book ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and third book ‘Swiftly Tilting Planet’. In ‘A Wrinkle In Time, the children in the story were encouraged to use their gifts to help save Mr. Murphy from the I.T. (literally a world brain on another planet). In Swiftly Tilting Planet, Charles Wallace goes back in time to find a ‘what might have been moment’ to change the course of history from a very troubled one to a peaceful one and it was a loving action that made a difference. I wonder if we are in a ‘what might have been’ moment right now, and our creativity, gifts, choices, actions matter. Maybe by nurturing my own gifts and creativity, I can learn how to see the system’s games and attempts to steer me in a certain direction, and maybe I can learn how to help others see that as well; and by learning to align with my own loving frequency, I can put out vibes that the cybernetic system doesn’t understand and they cause a little bit of a short circuit lol (having a sense of humour is also helpful).

    Thank you for your work Alison.

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Mom and a kilter, spreading her insights in asymmetric fashion.
    That just can’t be tolerated to continue, if we want to protect our world of super-actors.
    What’s next, are we to allow her to become a self-effacing … Bicycle Repariwoman?


    The nerve!
    To come in and expose our leading-actors to draught and upswells of individuated thought.
    To rock our boat when it is obviously sailing so calmly and in the correct direction.


  3. TT says:

    I was thinking about the double L’s shown in an image on one of your earlier videos this week and how, visually, L’s are levers –as in directives to the subconscious mind– and in this way similar to the double X or double cross. Thus, I was stunned to see Kennedy flashing the double cross of ‘Exxon’ in the tweet you featured today. Even without reading the context, the sigil ( xx ) is there. The pictorial nature of the alpha bet is powerful and helps with spell casting.

    Exxon’s double cross resembles the Cross of Lorraine used interchangeably with the Patriarchal Cross. The original Knights Templar wore it into the Crusades. From wiki: “French Jesuit missionaries and settlers to the New World carried the Cross of Lorraine c. 1750–1810. The symbol was said to have helped the missionaries to convert the native peoples they encountered, because the two-armed cross resembled existing local imagery.”

    Since the first day of corona 2020, I knew we were witnessing a Knight’s Templar, holy gr-Ale, chalice ritual. The letters, sounds and pictures all said so. Kinda cheesy -or wonder full?- that we’re being steered toward the concept of Kamelot.

    Using this site as a tool only and seeing what, if anything aligns with my intuition, I’ll post some interesting links as it gives its overview of morphogenesis, consciousness, memory, language, water, history and light.





    intriguing given the VR strap-ons they’ve designed with nodes place strategically at the forehead and base of the spine:

    intriguing given current state of Sudan, Nile Valley:



    I know this site may be a turn off bc of it’s way out there and looks like New Age but it has a lot of very interesting concepts I no longer think are far fetched.

    • TT says:

      “How A Not-Yet-Commissioned Frigate Played A Key Role In Sudan Evacuation Operations
      In what is rather unusual (but not a first), French frigate Lorraine, which is yet to be commissioned, took part in the evacuation operations in Sudan.”

      Xavier Vavasseur 27 Apr 2023

      “French Frigate Lorraine was conducting a long duration shakedown cruise prior to her commissioning when she evacuated 400 people out of Sudan. Lorraine is the eighth and final Aquitaine-class frigate for the French Navy (Marine Nationale). She was delivered to the French Navy in November 2022. She departed her homeport of Toulon (Southern France) on April 8 to conduct her “long duration deployment”…..

      Lorraine trained with the Egyptian Navy in mid-April before transiting through the Suez Canal on April 19. That’s when the situation in Sudan worsened: Two opposing forces started fighting for power and causing deadly shooting and shelling in capital city Khartoum. A couple days later, France started “Operation SAGITTAIRE” to evacuate stranded French (and allied) nationals from the war thorn African country. Lorraine was ordered to take part in the operation.”

      The Nile Valley is being strategically ”evacuated” (euphemism).

  4. Sarah says:

    I posted a link with no comment. The link was from onepeterfive, and it is about being a light in the darkness. When you wrote about being a salve this is what came to my mind. You wrote several months ago about a very dry time, and you moved through it. Thank you for your work and God bless.

  5. meandering myrmidon says:

    The following graffito was found scrawled amongst the dried bubble gum on a back row desk after one of Prof. McDowell’s lectures:

    -Initial Public Offering-

    This box directs,
    your pigeon pecks,
    welcome polyp, to your reef.

    In vestments of,
    conditioned love,
    doling sweets to you bubbling yeasts.

    Intelligent dorms,
    for the savviest swarms,
    never to be re-leased.

    An in-geni-ous device,
    dominion’s dice,
    emerge, ant, do your piece!

  6. Emily says:

    “we need everyone under the same tent!” wasn’t that the ravitch rallying call? remember how angry people were with us for daring to step outside the tent? such a deliberate strategy used against us at that time. I wonder if it would be helpful for you to tell that story now, as an analogy to what’s happening with RFK and health freedom.

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