Esoteric Seals, Futures Trading, and Linguistic Ops

It’s been quite a week putting out fires. I did two livestreams last night. Each is about an hour. The first addresses a language specialist in propaganda who conjectured that dark forces may be using me to manifest their “shenanigans.” In that one I go into financial astrology, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, and chaos magic. The second features an Austin-based futures trader with a rather nihilistic worldview. I took the time to do them, because the gentleman in Austin expressed ideas that are sadly in line with the planned tokenization of life on earth in service to artificial intelligence. I deconstructed the video he’d posted to the language specialist’s Telegram channel. I tried to be compassionate. I was rather more prickly with the quantum language podcaster, since she’d pretended to be friendly to me only to pull out her linguistic knives when she thought no one was paying attention. So forewarned, a bit of colorful language in that first one, lol. Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out that Humble’s profile picture was The Secret Seal of Solomon.

Here’re the diagram with the references if you want to check them out.

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    I watched the two videos yesterday and it amazes me the way you use these unfortunate situations to learn and to teach new things and new angles to see the laberynth from above.
    The Hubris showed by that humble guy is a common trait in Secret Societies and Cults. Their belief of being in possession of “special knowledge” give these people the false sense of being superior, part of an elite above the common man. You can see this attitude in chaos magicians, thelemites or Bitcoin cultists.

    The modern use of Sigils, specially in chaos magick circles, has its roots in the work of artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare, he based his method in the theories of the unconscious of Sigmund Freud. Basically, you write your desire, e. g. “I want a promotion at my job”, then you eliminate the repeated letters and devise a figure with the rest, you must forget about it, that’s why most magicians make a lot of this Sigils, and then you must enter an altered state of consciousness (gnosis) to charge the sigil by looking at it. You must banish with laughter.

    Chaos Magick derives its name from the work of one of the founders of the current, Peter J. Carroll, who has published multiple books trying to give a scientific basis to magic through quantum mechanics and Chaos Theory. A lot of these people, like Vinay Gupta, were part of the Cypherpunk and Cyberpunk movements, there are rumors that transhumanists like Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson were initiated in the Illuminates of Thanateros.
    Joseph Matheny, a chaote close to C. S. Hyatt circle is credited with the creation of the first Alternate Reality Game as an experiment in Memetics and Transmedia Storytelling.'s_Hat
    Chaotes Wes Unruh and Edward Wilson published a book called “The Art of Memetics” that is described as “a guide to Do-It-Yourself memetics for the artist, occultist, entrepreneur and/or marketer seeking to get a handle on how memes grow might and power, and spread as if by magic.”

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Thank you for all of this new information. I’ve been meaning to make a trip to the Pinelands this spring, so maybe Ong’s Hat will be the destination. I appreciate the signpost. : )

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Joseph Matheny claims in his bio that he is/was advisor for the Randonautica Project from where spawned the app Randonautica

    I didn’t find any credits for Joseph Matheny in Randonautica’s site but the app is clearly based on Chaos Magick theories and Robert Anton Wilson ideas, the use of the phrase “reality tunnels” screams aloud “Hail Eris!” (Discordianism)

  3. BTM says:

    Came to speak on the reversal ”magic” in Adam Neumman of Flow given that control of rivers (euphemistically called river keeping) has re-entered the news.

    Adam = a dam which is not a flow at all.

  4. kocotube01 začasni says:

    This humble guy reminded me of that fabian celebrity who fell in love with his creation, his own personae:

    Same humble-elitist hubris in both:

    “[…] There is a considerable class of persons who become criminals because they cannot fend for themselves, but who under tutelage, superintendence, and provided sustenance are self-supporting and even profitable citizens. They make good infantry soldiers and well-behaved prisoners. But throw them out into the streets and they are presently in the dock. They also present no problem. Reorganize their lives for them; and do not prate foolishly about their liberty.

    But it may be asked whether they are to be allowed not only to read the newspapers but also to marry and breed. Yes, decidedly; for human stock needs its fallows as much as wheat or oats; and these feckless creatures may be only fallows: their children may be competent as their ancestors. Humane treatment of them will not deprave their custodians, and may prove very instructive. […]”.

    And, if regarded as the window to the soul, same eyes in both, too.

  5. Gordon McRae says:

    I really enjoyed your breakdown of mr. Humble’s video. I think it is important to acknowledge his position without agreeing with the harsh conclusions he seems to have arrived at. I think a lot of people are really pissed off with the welfare state and he may fall into that group. I think we would have to dig a lot deeper into his philosophy to find out where his attitudes are coming from and where his balance point is regarding questions of collectivism versus individual sovereignty. From the larger social perspective a good place to start would be a close look at the systematic distribution of wealth and power…. Or lack of distribution. Then we can talk about who is garbage and who isn’t. I think you would have to go back in time a long ways to sort out that ledger.
    Meanwhile, we’ve got to deal with these new techno-distribution systems which may skew the ledger even further away from valuing humans and nature above profits and power.

  6. Gordon McRae says:

    Just a clarification: instead of welfare state I would be have been more accurate using the term Nanny state…. Which includes welfare state. That more closely defines the mind set of helplessness or lack of self reliance that i think mr. Humble is angry about and wants to leave behind….. like leaving behind a garbage dump rather than continually banging his head against the wall in hopes that he can salvage something else. It’s complicated stuff and i think it would take days to really understand his viewpoint but your rebuttal of the video seems like a good starting point. I especially appreciated your point that people have truly been under assault by a massive psy-op these past three years. Pointing out exactly who the predators are is a valuable place to begin addressing that ongoing assault. I have friends that i have been arguing with for years about some of these things. Clarifying or better defining the subject matter of the debate is key to lessening our misunderstandings.

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