Open Education Resources in Texas Part 3 – Learn Capital Comes to Austin

This is the third part of a series with Lynn Davenport in Dallas on educational technology legislation in Texas, which is connected to Amplify and Learn Capital. Learn Capital set up a campus not far from the state house this spring. The firm had a video made of their launch event open house. In this episode Lynn and I examine who attended that gathering and what that says about the direction things are headed with plans to digitally program children for a world without much work. 

Here is our conversation:

Slide deck starts at #67.

This is my site visit to the intentional community for ed-tech investors stared by Learn Capital co-founder Greg Mauro on Powder Mountain outside Salt Lake City. Sorry, the sound isn’t great on this, but it gives you a sense of the setting.

5 thoughts on “Open Education Resources in Texas Part 3 – Learn Capital Comes to Austin

  1. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Next time Lynn should open her testimony with a sobbing story about a small puppy (fill in the name, maybe Bamby, to evoke maximum emotions) that has been put on block-chains against its will.
    The puppy was brought in to its new home and immediately put under constant 24 hour camera live stream surveillance, fed directly to cloud computer system of Domestic Animal Rights Protection Agency (DARPA or something similar in nature). That is what sealed puppy’s fate, which unfolded rapidly, going from happy-go-lucky to morbid in a matter of hours.

    DARPA’s policy is to secure puppy’s owner’s property from unnecessary damage while they are away, so the agency utilizes specially developed algorithms for control of small home-alone puppies – the Maximum Impact, Nudging and Deterrent control program, or in short MIND-control program. DARPA protocol allows for electroshock to be administered remotely through the use of special block-chaining collar to puppies who wet on carpets. Procedure is autonomous, automated and independent from any human intervention which would potentially impede puppy’s domestic training:
    – the first time, when there is a high probability of intention to wet a carpet calculated by the cloud system, a mild electrical shock is administered through the MIND-control collar to home-alone puppy,
    – the second time electroshock to the puppy is administered even earlier, when there is no physical evidence of intention to wet the carpet detected, as such, yet preventively an estimation of high statistical probability for wetting the carpet is chosen autonomously nevertheless from the DARPA’s cloud system database by the MIND-control collar algorithm,
    – step three involves agents of DARPA’s subcontractor, the DAO team (Denial and Antagonist Observance team), entering the house by overriding the house security digital key, removing the offending puppy and replacing it with a new and identical puppy equipped with its own MIND-control. taser collar and 6G camera. The offending puppy is then disposed of by DAO team personnel, observing strict rules of the prescribed SDG procedure (Sudden Dehydration and Gelification protocol, global IEEE compliance standard for biomass disposal).

    Maybe such-a-story would put commissioners into position that forces them to re-act, thus
    wasting their time by forcing them into reactionary mode.
    Just a thought, to ridicule the ridiculous mind farts of our governance ‘authorities’.
    Forgive my clumsy attempt to lighten the load with reflective/reflexive black humor.

    My view of that sculpture with kids on the globe.

    The lying down pair:
    one pair of kids – sorry I have to get rid of this bad habit of mine, calling children kids, which stands for young goats – is presented in horizontal position and at the height of globe’s equator (longitude), symbolizing horizontal rule through the spread of knowledge (written/printed, thus centrally controlled) all around the world. Their book(s) are smaller and thinner, meaning children’s knowledge is corresponding to the inputs. Horizontal (grassroots) children thus represent (sorry again) the masses who are focused on the book(s) content – maybe they are fixated by the fictional make-believe stories in them – and their bodies are in a quite passive position, as if they have been inactivated by the content of their book(s) laying beside them.

    The second (sitting upright, vertical) pair of children on the other hand:
    is portraying pair of children who are both in a very active position, much bigger, indicating their increased power coming out of the book. They are both standing on the book (coming out of it) which is itself standing at the top of the world. That means the knowledge contained in the book(s) is much more important, there is more of it and it represents the axis-mundi. It all revolves around that book’s knowledge and around minority of people (both children are extroverted) preaching down from it. There is not much space up there at the top-of-the-world, but those who are positioned there have very powerful position that allows them to be ‘traveling without moving’.

    So we have horizontal and vertical global rule through the use of knowledge, but knowledge of those two realms (sorry again: elitist and of the masses) is not of the same quality and quantity. And that is by design.

    One realm is consuming mesmerizing but eventually insignificant stories and the other is producing and ‘preaching the biggest stories of them all’, stories that put them at the center of the (whole world of fiction) action.
    And the whole setup is shielding all the children from the nether world, from the instincts rooted in the subconscious, that is, banners and shields are used (think of wars) if and when needed to subdue the usurper of the illusion, the instinct. And that is also by design.

    One could view the globe as two opposing pyramids sharing the same axis, one pyramid pointing up and ruled by the knowledge (stories wielded by the hands of a few spelling illusionists), and the other upside-down pyramid rooted in subconscious (emotions welling up from uncontrollable instincts, impeding rationality).
    It has been an unimaginably long fight that is still being battled for supremacy over the axis-mundi between the story-tellers and subconsciousness, the illusionists and the nature. And the masses (at equator, thus all around the world) are caught in between, at the base of both opposing pyramids, their lives oscillating (waving up and down) between the two poles of influence. The rational (the story-telling book is the message) bunch of powerful illusionists sporadically convinces itself – and then tries to convince all around the globe – that it has achieved ability to emulate subconscious, that it can control instincts of the masses, only to be repeatedly disappointed with the uncooperative masses falling pray to unbelievers in their magical powers, consequentially resulting in unbridled rage among the priestly class, expressed by punishing practices against the whole volume of the social pyramid. Problem is very simple: the Grand Mage of rational thought, the biggest magician of them all, using the biggest spell-book of them all, who knows how the tricks in the book work, himself can’t ‘t succumb to the hypnotizing powers of the book’s magic, which prevents him from achieving the ultimate goal thus total control of the world-rod (ferula/augur/staff of Moses/crosier/beadle/scepter/wand/baton) is doomed to failure. Best outcome the Grand Mage can hope for in the long run is to be able to wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep by bossing over the global ‘democratic’ majority, while wielding fire-winged twin-serpented caduceus of wrangling merchants, medium inducing messengers and silver tongued doctors.

    Too long? And I am only 2o minutes into the Lynn-Alison OER-3 video.

  2. kocotube01 začasni says:

    About flowering:
    all that is needed, is to keep people in permanent flowering stage so that compliant programmable stakeholder busy wanna-bees can suck all the available nectar all the time. To prevent any unwanted cross-pollinations and unsanctioned reproduction of our sweet-sweet flowers, people are rendered infertile by environmental pollutants. Such is the modern business of flowering GURT people (terminator) hybrids, continuously kept in mint condition: young, healthy and succulent … until they keel over and self combust, leaving behind their digital twin, their image of eternally smiling Dorian Grey, which will flourish and offer digital honey to digital bees for eons to come.

    About the image 74 (UBI pilot):
    I always look for a Masonic circle (for compasses=3) in combination with a cube (square=4). The first hint that there must be a Masonic circle hiding somewhere is given by the number of rows of floating cubes =3×3. Next clue are the 3 extra small whitish cubes floating nearby (left, right and below the cube constallation) and then your mind suddenly sees it all in perspective, the circle hiding behind cubes, just hinted, but quite enough to confirm it is there. The dark-orange circle is actually connecting all orange (4 in paralel) lines spreading in all directions (north south, east and west). So we are dealing with a Masonic project here, run by the hidden circle that separates all those within from being put on the block (chaining ledger) spreading in all directions of the world. The inner circle in not meant to be squared, it is actually the source of all the squaring activities, always well hidden behind the myriad of hexagons,which are actually cleverly obscured cubes deprived of perspective, just as people succumbing to the squaring process of their mind are robbed of their own world-view perspective. At least that is Masonic (4×3) plan.
    And if you remove all the floating cubes in your mind, you will be left with a cross hairs aimed at the city behind. It is getting scorchingly hot down below on the ground, with all those flowering business opportunities walking around, and all those honey traps luring unsuspecting citizens into the main frame, only to be delivered into digital freeDOM beehive and sucked dry.

    Still too long winded? I’m trying, Ringo, I’m trying real hard.

    • kocotube01 začasni says:

      … and to me both are forming a single unit, two wings of the same bird, representing Tathāgata.

      Therefore I borrowed the saying above from the Dune movie (1984 version): ‘traveling without moving’. Always offered any opportunity when desired and supported in any endeavor undertaken. Like a child in a sandbox. Think of the sitting Buddha, before he was known as such.
      What would the ‘wheel of dharma’ represent if it was centered on the axis-mundi at the top?
      What would the power over the wheel bring to those in its possession?

      Lynn wandered about the ‘three noble treasures’ (jewels) that are found at the center of the ‘wheel of dharma’. Well those are the three ‘virtues’ that proved necessary to the vertical ruling realm to exert its power over horizontal realms below and are different in different cultures and religions. Those three jewels (virtues) are the very central spot where axis-mundi meets the steering (cybernetic) wheel which allow for the power and the will behind it, concentrated at the top, to be exerted and distributed globally. He who comports himself worthy of holding and turning the steering wheel, turns the world around. Yet although expressions of those three virtues are just performative illusory undertakings, the world’s speed and direction of rotation is nevertheless very much affected.

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