Documenting For The Record – More Outrage Misdirected At Me By Farber’s Ants

This is getting quite tiresome. I am hearing through the grapevine that Ms. Celia Farber, who by her own account is now reliant on the click bait of Substack for her livelihood, is continuing to repackage vague, inaccurate comments as “content” to fuel her digital hive. I have not gone over to her post to see the vitriol directed at me by her commenters. I’m too busy going through Children’s Health Defense’s IRS Filings to give my attention to her ant computer. Since she is apparently threatening “legal action,” I am taking the precaution to document the fact that the entire hubbub was inadvertently initiated by a fawning commenter. You’ll see below that “Cosmos” now regrets the submission, one that triggered Farber’s emotional hysteria followed by a reflexive mob response. I have no idea how I got dragged back into the comment section, as there is no evidence that I’ve discussed the queen bee since she pulled me into her arena a few weeks ago, though my efforts to shine a light on Children’s Health Defense finances and staffing could make me a juicy target. I’m aware of the AIDs dissident history generally, but anyone who follows my work knows that is not my focus. I have no clue about the various personalities involved in this discussion.

Once again bad behavior on all sides rules the day (except for the one grounded, clear-thinking person out there apparently – Ian Bell). Please, get a grip on yourselves folks. Go out and blow on some dandelions.

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13 thoughts on “Documenting For The Record – More Outrage Misdirected At Me By Farber’s Ants

  1. Ian Bell says:

    My sense is Celia is trying to drum up sympathy/business using you as a strawman (strawwoman?) This is going beyond annoying. I posted a comment that Celia was making an unsubstantiated claim. To my surprise, she “hearted” my comment. So I posted a follow-up saying she was making an unsubstantiated claim and this was not right.

    I have been critical of “leaders” in the “freedom/resistance” movement fighting their “petty turf wars” and clamoring for the spotlight. This is exactly what I see Celia doing in starting this petty turf war against you. What she is doing is wrong.

    • margie says:

      i was surprised too. i thought i mis-read your comment, but no. she did. she doesn’t seem able to think things through. you summed it up- sympathy/business using un-named strawmen. they don’t exist, these tormenters of hers except in her own mind, if even there. she’s plying her followers to work up an enemies list. i wish i hadn’t added to her coffers with a paid sub. that whole diatribe is click bait, she’s even got her loyal followers sending her sympathy money. they’re the ones dragging alison through the mud.

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Not surprising at all…

    «While many policymakers turned away from the crypto industry after a series of high-profile failures that wiped out small-time investors and led to federal fraud charges, Kennedy has positioned himself as one of the nation’s most prominent political champions of cryptocurrency.»

    «Cryptocurrencies, led by bitcoin, along with other crypto technologies are a major innovation engine. It is a mistake for the U.S. government to hobble the industry and drive innovation elsewhere. Biden’s proposed 30% tax on cryptocurrency mining is a bad idea.»

  3. Rodrigo says:

    «Just as a biodiverse ecosystem is a resilient ecosystem, so too will our economy be more resilient if it has a diverse ecology of currencies, not just a single, centrally controlled one. We are seeing today how fragile our over-centralized system is.»

    This is exactly the same argument presented by Bernard Lietaerd in his essay «Why Complementary Currencies Are Necessary to Financial Stability: The Scientific Evidence” in the book “From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond” and is exactly the System that is being engineered to “life.”

  4. Rodrigo says:

    Bernard Lietaer co-authored a report from The Club of Rome titled “Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link.”

    «This new Report explains our present monopolistic money system and the flawed thinking that underpins it. Our money system is the ‘Missing Link’. We assume that we must have a single, monopolistic currency, funded through bank debt, enforced by a central bank.»

    We could say that RFK Jr.’s position about the “money issue” is exactly the same as the official position of The Club of Rome.

  5. kocotube01 začasni says:

    Its been a long day, full of action outside my window. Tired by Odie’s jumping around. Hardly keep one eye open.
    Yaaaawnnnn …. mlyats-mlyats …. eyelids drooping … last thoughts about lasagna … mlyats-mlyats … zzzzzzzzz … dreaming about Odie chasing his own tail … so much action exhaust me even more. Hungry again. Ordering lasagna and blaming it on Odie. Again. Hope this time Jon believes me.
    Am I still dreaming or is this for real? Tired and hungry, I just can’t distinguish between the two.

    Waking up while shouting: “Odie! … Jon, it was all Odie’s idea!”
    Oh, there they are. At the table eating … lasagna.
    “What were you saying about Odie, Garfield?”
    Must play it cool now, feigning ignorance, molto leggero while approaching the table:
    “I thought I smelled lasagna.” Tail up … and then some innocuous misdirection while head rubbing Jon’s legs: “The smell reminded me of Odie.”

  6. Rod Knoll says:

    Hi again Allison,

    Sorry about this! I am the “gentleman” to whom Celia Farber’s IDIOT “ant” “Cosmos Agent Roger” is REFERRING! ALL of this drama is pretty much “Cosmos Roger’s” fault.

    I posted material referencing the “civil war” that occurred in our old, now-destroyed “AIDS” dissident movement, and “Roger”- much like his favorite heroine Farber- was persistently confused by the things I was writing. I never claimed that Farber was part of any official level “PSYOP”. I just wrote the truth which is that Farber sure has been a die-hard CHEERLEADER for her “Daddy figure” Peter Duesberg, “star” and “hero” of our old “AIDS” dissident movement. I don’t think I ever even claimed that Duesberg was a PSYOP or that any of his closest cronies (not including Farber) were part of any official PSYOP.

    I just claimed -with supporting evidence- that they-this “Duesberg cabal” may have conspired amongst themselves to suppress the efforts of another researcher whose own theory on cancer- and cellular function at large- sure seems like it might NEGATE Duesberg’s theory on cancer. Duesberg and several partners tried to launch a biotech company that was based on his theory on cancer and simultaneously they also perpetrated acts of suppression that I personally observed coming from the “Duesberg faction” of our old “AIDS” dissident movement directed against this other researcher and her group of “dissident” AIDS researchers. At any rate, if anything, it was a SMALL-scale and “private sector” PSYOP, if that’s not too much of an oxymoron!!

    I cannot speak from experience because I never owned my own business, but I can only imagine that these types of things occur regularly in the business world among eager entrepreneurs, no? (especially those like Duesberg who have venture capitalist investors…??). Farber was just her usual self throughout all of these events: an incessant cheerleader and useful idiot for the WRONG side who was often confused by what was being said, who was saying what and who it was about. (Much like all the present-day confusion that persists among Celia’s “ants” on her substack like “Cosmos Roger”!)

    Farber’s name got dragged into my comments that “Cosmos Roger” was reading because a newbie to the COVID dissident movement revealed to me that Celia had unleashed her “emotional outrage” on him. This is a very COMMON occurrence nowadays in the COVID dissident movement: Farber unleashes her “emotional outrage” on people (usually us members of the “no-virus” faction) in the COVID dissident movement who question her heroes. What was this newbie’s crime, his big offense that outraged Farber? He dared to question Jon Rappoport and, presumably Rappoport’s endorsement and support of RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign.

    Sorry again for the fact that you got dragged into this!

  7. KenshoHomestead says:

    As far financial transparency goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Kennedys have never offered that in the past, why would they start now? When I got to thinking further on it, I remembered this old NYT bestseller, The Dark Side of Camelot, speaking of JFK and his father, “As those who worked in politics with him came to understand, the seemingly straightforward Kennedy was, at best, extremely secretive and, at worst, an incessant liar on all matters involving his financial interests. Just how much money he made and how he made it always remained a secret, even from his wife and other members of the family, who learned never to ask questions. What is known, one biographer wrote, is that money began to ‘flood into the family’ in the early 1920s, at the same time that federal agents, who knew nothing of Joe Kennedy, began to track huge shipments of illicit liquor into the United States . . .” (P. 48) Seymour Hersh 1997

  8. T Cell says:

    Dear Alison,
    The UK ’77 Brigade’ have many equivalents in other countries now. Their intention, Purpose, and Design is to splinter the Freedom Movement at all costs. They must not succeed. All victims of this attack need to take a deep breath and remember why they fought for Freedom in the first place. They’ve allowed themselves to be classically ‘Behaviour Modified’ by the hidden Tavistock Battalions. This IS a war and we must not commit ‘Friendly Fire’ whilst the Monsters laugh.
    Thank you for all you do……..

      • T Cell says:

        ……Freedom is a fundamental naturally heartfelt Human ‘Movement of the soul’ away from the opposite. No-one ‘Belongs’ to it, it just ‘is’. It’s something that’s heartfelt and ‘known’. It’s not making you ‘part’ of anything to espouse it. Collective recognition of right and wrong in humanity
        isn’t ‘Groupthink’ either. Blurring out our Hearts with ‘weapon’ and ‘narrative’ seems to call for everyone to separate from one another when under similar attacks. It’s not a smart move I feel. I am an individual just as you are ‘Freedom Movement’ isn’t an ‘Organisation’ it’s organically felt.

        • wrenchinthegears says:

          Can you explained why you shared this comment here? It doesn’t seem relevant to the topic. Also I’ve stated repeatedly I am not and do not seek to be part of any “movement.”

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