The Once and Future Thing: A Poem Featuring Camelot, Labyrinths, Alice, and Unanswered Questions about CHD’s Funding

The following was posted as a comment on the blog yesterday, and I am sharing it here with permission. I was tickled by the way the author, who goes by the pen name Meandering Myrmidon, wove hours of my dry content into a charmingly cutting analysis of what is unfolding before our eyes as the Camelot 2.0 campaign gathers steam.

Yesterday, and again this morning, Children’s Health Defense, wrote me that they do not share any information about their donors. As someone who worked at a small nonprofit for seventeen years, I know it is standard practice to prepare an annual report with a list of major donors – even if it is only digital and posted to the website. The IRS 990 filing for Children’s Health Defense indicates a budget of $16,000,000 in 2021. They have a huge online media presence and spin-off publishing and video subsidiaries. There is no excuse for them to have not devoted some of those resources to making their funding available for public review.

With their former chairman, now on leave, running for president, I think we can all expect more transparency than that. I’ll be unpacking this in one or more discussions as soon as I’ve finished pouring over the spreadsheets I’m putting together of CHD’s publicly available financial information and board lists. There are several interesting findings that merit scrutiny from those inclined to support the Camelot campaign with their time or treasure.

In the meantime, enjoy this witty missive. I’m a workhorse researcher whose prose is functional, but rarely sparkles with wit. I keep saying we need artistry to translate this information in a more palatable form. Myrmidon’s poem delivers in spades. One clarification, if this poem is intended to reflect my work, I want to make it clear that no knights have arrived to make me any offers. For that I am glad, as it would be unseemly, and unchivalrous, for any entity to make such an offer, nor would I ever accept.



-The Once and Future Thing-

Just before cock crow,
in a darkling hotel lobby,
the spectral father cries:
“The hour’s come, avenge me, Bobby!”

And from his crystal palace,
the dynastic chosen son,
doles oxytocin tokens,
to the wronged and innocent ones.

Nobly wounded, audibly shaken,
from scores of giants that he’s felled,
he whispers to the multitude,
what his father’s ghost did tell:

“The salmon will be hooked,
the well of wisdom will be plumbed,
naught will remain unknown,
if we blockchain everyone.”

“Let us now praise famous men,
may their interest forever accrue,
we’ll accept all colors and proclivities,
we can tokenize them too.”

“In our liberated markets,
everyone will have a share,
on this side we’ll make solutions,
and we’ll make problems over there.”

“With tokenized revolutions,
we’ll spin them round and round,
and the energy they generate,
will power the cities and towns.” 

“Join us, the Impedance,
all free agents and entrepreneurs,
just donate your extra electrons,
oh, mega machine, we’re yours!”

“Come now, let’s reforge,
the pact that was broken,
and pay for this succession,
with this non-fungible token”

Meanwhile, in his tower,
high above the broad Potomac,
Merlyn gazes in his Palantir,
muttering spells alchemical, gnomic.

Director of the spectacle,
playwright extraordinaire,
Merlyn moves his players about,
charging waves hidden in air.

But Little Alice, scrappy mom,
from the City of the Broken Bell,
raised her voice among the throng,
warning all was not so well:

“They say I’m nuts”, said Alice
“they say I’m not quite sane,
for thinking people are not pawns,
and that life is not a game.”

“I’ve been into the labyrinth,
and gathered many threads,
I’ve woven them together,
and this is what they said.”

She then unrolled a tapestry,
showing the lords of every land,
hunting for a quarry,
that they could not understand.

In the center was a unicorn,
the quested after game,
in magenta script thereon was stitched:

Merlyn, in his tower,
quickly consulted his chart,
of every outcome and income,
to find Little Alice’s part.

He directed a trusted knight,
of the Children’s Health Crusade,
to entice Little Alice,
with the sums she could be paid.

Alas, to no avail,
the crusader wooed in vain,
stubborn and immovable,
Alice’s tale remained the same.

Merlyn, in his wrath, demands:
“who let this thistle grow?,
this pissabed that’s sprouted from,
my neatly tended row”.

So the master of illusion,
broadcasts more at which to stare,
he invokes his spell most tried and true:
“Hey, you, look over there!”

Spectacular scenes emerge,
like toadstools after rain,
hairy men in queenly drag,
war, disease, exploding trains.

All the tricks long utilized,
to hypnotize the peasants,
and I don’t know what happened next,
this hasn’t passed, it’s present.

Poem by Meandering Myrmidon

Children’s Health Defense’s CA Charity Filing for 2021 here
Text sent by Alison McDowell the afternoon of May 7, 2023.
Text response received by Alison McDowell the morning of May 9, 2023



9 thoughts on “The Once and Future Thing: A Poem Featuring Camelot, Labyrinths, Alice, and Unanswered Questions about CHD’s Funding

  1. Randall Bettencourt says:

    RFK, Jr. is openly calling out the CIA for the Deep State Assassination of JFK.. For the first time, your average American will hear this. The other day, he called out openly for the closing down of the 800+ military bases of the US Empire, ringing the globe – staging grounds for US special ops – essentially private armies with no oversight – that we have roaming, as this is written, in over 100 countries. He has already called-out the setting-up of Russia in the Ukraine debacle and the slaughter daily of thousands upon thousands of poor Ukrainians, all in our name.

    Every day in this broken and divided land comes a new ritual slaughter euphemistically termed, “mass shootings.”

    My point: Blockchain issues, Social Impact Investing, and the like, are all extremely important issues and, of the highest order to tackle for the future of Humanity. But, let’s not fool ourselves: these are long-term end game topological puzzles thrown-out by the darker forces, that still go way over the heads of the pinhead academics at the most elite universities. It is going to take some time, as my father used to say.

    And all of this is to say: for God’s Sake, the Cybernetic creature is NOW raping and pillaging us and our beautiful planet while we like cloistered elites expect folks ‘to get’ the subtleties of hedge funds and social impact investing?

    Meanwhile, the spiritual battle between heaven and earth must be fought on many different levels, across many different time lines of prioritization, if we are to SURVIVE.

    I am campaigning for RFK, Jr.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Randall, are you willing to contact them and ask them to release a list of CHD’s major donors since 2019? Don’t you think the public deserves to understand whose $16,000,000 they’re spending.

  2. Randall Bettencourt says:

    Alison – First, let me say I think your work is extremely valuable and I thank you for your courage and fortitude. It I’m sure is a labor of Love.

    I’m going to try not to make any further comments on RFK, Jr. in the comments section (key word: ‘try’).

    As far as donors, PAC’s, lists, and the like, CHD is just a small fry fighting to stay alive and to further its mission. As you well know, it is a non-starter of a question as, while their attorneys likely don’t know what you are talking about when you get into larger cybernetic futures scenarios, they do know that money in this age is lifeblood and, they are being paid (like the lawyers for other entities) to protect their sources.

    So, I wouldn’t want to call them on these matters – just yet…..I want to see if we can keep Bobby Kennedy alive long enough so he can blurt out some truth into the microphone to Joe Six-Pack.

    For after all, I think you realize we are the most censored, locked-down, propagandized folks in the world. Any truth edgewise would be revolutionary in this Panopticon.

    In closing, I guess what I’m trying to say is: let’s see where this Dandelion will go and to not snip it in its youth.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Randall, $16,000,000 is not small fry. What are they hiding? This is not ok for any non-profit, let alone an organization affiliated with a presidential candidate.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      To be honest, I scanned over it, but I don’t find the investigation particularly compelling – it seems like part of the outrage machine meant to keep things superficial.

  3. washington sean says:

    Bravo Meandering Myrmidon! Bravo! Printing this out for future theatrical readings and putting in my folder alongside John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’

    Alison — so true we need more artistry to communicate the message(s) to the people. And to Randall’s point — what is politics but dumbed down political theater (artistry for the less informed) adorned with colorful messages and stock slogans? The messages of RFK Jr. and his campaign similarly offer the opportunity to improve upon the message of how we deliver (and what we deliver) whether we are “campaigning” or “performing” or “writing” or “blogging,” all such paths provide a well rounded palette of revoked consents that promises to tickle the taste buds of any well thinking or slightly curious person.

    We all need to continue our work in earnest, and each of can bring to the table a different dish… some will hit the savory notes and others gently excite the sweet and salty parts of our palette. Still others are bitter or sour but rest assured — so long as we are all continuously experimenting with new flavors and ingredients, the Leviathan cannot swallow all of us without some discontent, heartburn or indigestion.

    But let us never settle for cheap imitation or chemicals that mimic quality ingredients. Those that are fooled by the irresistible sprinkling of MSG-Ultra or a dash of Natural Flavors know not the dangers of such ingredients.

    “If we always do what we’ve always done we’ll always get what we always got”

  4. Kristy Trione says:

    Dear Allison,
    I am a fan. Thank you for your curiosity, diligent research, and generosity in freely sharing.
    I was surprised to hear about RFK Jr’s former(?) connections and possible ulterior motives.
    Having worked in nonprofit development, I get your question about donor transparency.
    I donated to CHD, happy to support legal actions fighting medical tyranny. A good reason for privacy in this case may be to protect donors from being targeted as “antivaxers.”
    I would love to see you sit down with him for an interview. Seems like he should too.

    • wrenchinthegears says:

      Unfortunately CHD is not being transparent with anyone. Not sure if you watched my assessment about the hire and subsequent scrubbing of Andrew Pek as COO, former head of global innovation for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. I’m asking you as a donor, don’t you think you should know where the rest of the $16,000,000 is coming from? The donors shape the organizations mission, which seems to be rapidly expanding to totally unreasonable parameters. Whose money is that? Surely most of it is not $50-$100 donations. He is keynoting the Bitcoin conference later this month – distributed ledger technology IS the open air prison. It would make me feel better if as a donor you emailed them to ask for the list.

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