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Digital Sandboxes, Cognitive Domain Management, and RFK Jr.’s Presidential Run

I ended up doing a livestream today as part of my personal sorting out of this Substack situation. A friend passed along some information about the structure behind managed behavior change – Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion. I then found a paper from BehaviorWorks Australia that provided more detail, and it explained so much about […]

I Think Celia Farber Tried to “Pre-Bunk” Me

I’m thinking now that what happened to me over on Celia Farber’s “The Truth Barrier” Substack was a variant on pre-bunking. If you missed the kerfluffle here’s part one, part two, and part three. Jason talks about this cognitive domain management technique in a recent video. In fact, the more I think about it, I’m […]

Celia Farber’s Substack – Is This Part of the Simulation?

Today a friend alerted me that a clip, part of my Greater Reset III deconstruction, had been spotlighted on Celia Farber’s Substack. It’s rather strange, because she tries to make the conversation about the CIA and simulations. I HAVE been talking a lot about simulations lately, but not in this clip. This clip is about […]

Texas Open Education Resources – Personalized Programming for Extended Reality and Social Impact Markets

Last night I streamed a pre-recorded conversation with Lynn Davenport, based in Dallas, about legislation that has been introduced to adopt and fund Open Education Resources in Texas. While the bill sponsor tried to frame the effort as a way to offer printable worksheets to save money, OER has much more complex history dating back […]

Electric Philadelphia Politics With A Side of Alchemy and Astrology

I stayed up late Monday night editing a video recording I’d done with Lynn Davenport on Open Education Resources earlier in the day. First thing Tuesday morning was a forum on education for candidates running to become Philadelphia’s 100th mayor. Even though I’d reserved a spot a few weeks earlier, I was sorely tempted to […]

One Thought Can Produce Millions of Vibrations and They All Go Back to God – A Love Supreme

I just returned from an afternoon jaunt through a rapidly gentrifying Brewerytown and Fairmount Park inspired by two friends – David who sent the lovely feature photo of dandelions looking so perky nestled alongside a UK curb (“in the gutter but looking to the stars”) and Luke who shared a new Ben Goertzel video with […]

How I’ve Been Thinking About Things – A Framework for Alison’s Investigations and an Invitation

The following is a livestream I did late last night after struggling in the comments of a Youtube video I posted with a short, five-minute talk by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands on financial inclusion (fin-clusion) presented as part of the recent Bank for International Settlement Innovation Summit.   Her speech, which I will share […]