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How Privately Funded Recreation Centers Could Harm Children – Human Capital Finance In Brazil, Part One

In a December 2 tweet, Glenn Greenwald questions how a donation for the construction of a recreation center for poor children in Brazil could possibly enrich the donor. With that door left wide open, how could I resist? This is going to take a while to unpack, but if I were to try and boil […]

Orb Weaver, Crayfish, and Myths of Texas

You may have noticed it’s been quiet on the blog since the summer. I prepared a couple of in-depth presentations, one on gamified smart cities for a conference in Tucson in June and another on nanotechnology, defense contracting, and programmable matter the following month in Utica. Then I hit a wall. I’m in the process […]

Culture Jamming A Blockchain Summit In Texas

This is a short (20-minute) video introducing the fieldwork we did a few weeks back in Austin and Houston, Texas. Lynn Davenport and I spoke with Jason Bosch outside the Texas Blockchain Summit at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT Austin campus. We undertook several dozen site visits, and Jason will be releasing footage […]

Blockchain Keys To A Murky Metaverse – Interview With Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter WBAI

Hello everyone! I recently got back from spending a week in Texas with my friends Lynn Davenport and Jason Bosch doing fieldwork around blockchain, artificial intelligence, predatory finance, and human capital futures. We filmed at several dozen locations and are working on that editing now. Along the way I was fortunate to soak my feet […]

Translated Post On Pay For Success Finance – Betal for resultat finansiering er rovdrift på fattige mennesker.

The following is a translation into Norwegian by my friend Hege of a post I made on June 26, 2019 in preparation for a presentation I gave with the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign at the Left Forum in Brooklyn, New York. You can read the original English here. En presentasjon på Left Forum […]

Blockchain, The Metaverse, and Nephele, Mother of the Centaurs

In January 2020, I flew into Dallas to meet my good friend and fellow education activist Lynn Davenport. We toured the city and met with folks, unpacking our concerns over developments in adoption of blockchain education transcripts and how they would be used to profile children and catalyze futures markets in human capital. You can […]

Building Brains For The Metaverse – Executive Function, Augmented Cognition, and Soul Theft

This past week someone sent me a paper on augmented cognition. As I read it, a number of pieces clicked for me about earlier research I’d done into executive function. I wanted to preserve the thread, so I captured it in the screen shots below. Follow along to see how grit and resiliency intersect with […]

Magnetic Spell, Magic Net – Guest Post By Kelfin Oberon

Last night I saw that Kelfin was sharing a video of his thoughts at twilight on a rocky coast in Scotland and I wanted to share them with you. This video is accompanied by some of his recent spell-deconstruction writings. I recognize there’s a limited audience for my work. Not too many folks are  anxious […]

Washed Clean In A Palace Of Love – Guest Post by Cliff Gomes, Mentor and Friend

This is a guest post prepared my friend Cliff Gomes who has been a light for me since last spring. I hold his teachings close to my heart. Whenever things get too overwhelming, I remember Cliff says there’s a gathering in the valley of love for everyone. We may have to walk through the zombie […]