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Looking Around the Labyrinth in Utah – A Guest Post About Primary Promise And The Transformation of Children’s Healthcare

Primary Promise and the “Transformation” of Children’s Healthcare By Julene Humes As a mother, grandmother, and Waldorf teacher of young children, an article on entitled “3 ways the Primary Promise Initiative will create the nation’s model health system for children” caught my attention. Intermountain Healthcare (IHC), the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West, […]

Practicing Play In A Logic Layer That Incentivizes Sword Fights

I’ve been gifted quite a few insights from James Carse’s “Finite and Infinite Games” over the past month. Thank you Paul for recommending it to me a few years back. In yesterday’s livestream I reflect on Carse’s ideas of “winning,” “invisibility” before a perceived audience, and the power of “touch” as a language in contrast […]

Introducing Letters From Around the Labyrinth – Maria in Mexico

The feature image is taken from a 2017 report, Impact Bonds in Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges, sponsored by Brookings Institution, incubator for the Center for Universal Education, and Ethos, a sustainability think tank based in Mexico City that advances policy innovation. For awhile now I’ve been encouraging those who follow my work to try out […]

Epic Health and Omega Point – Huxley’s Eugenics Manifests In Madison, Wisconsin

I spent a few days this week doing a close read of Julian Huxley’s 1946 “UNESCO Its Purpose and Philosophy.” It leans heavily on scientific eugenics, social efficiency, and charting individual characteristics as potential contributions to convergent consciousness, Teilhard De Chardin’s Noetic Christogenesis. I’m not sure about you, but I’m pretty skeptical of an “ascension” […]

The Economics of Crystalline Emotion – Neuroeconomics Part 2

I excitedly read the lively responses to my previous post soliciting input around clips pulled from the Philoctetes Center’s 2007 panel discussion on the field of neuroeconomics. Thank you everyone and please keep them coming. The comments definitely opened up new, related avenues of inquiry; so if you haven’t popped over to have a look, […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts On Neuroeconomics – Part 1

A few weeks ago a person shared a link in a comment on one of my videos. It was a 2007 roundtable discussion on neuroeconomics hosted by the Philoctetes Center for the Multi-Disciplinary Study of the Imagination, formerly housed in the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. The organization, named after the mythological wounded Argonaut and holder […]