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Unity Advantages Systems of Power, Asymmetrical Engagement Not So Much

Yesterday I did a livestream responding to some comments that had been made on my blog, my youtube channel, and Twitter, plus a recent email exchange about the RFK Jr. candidacy. You can see them (not the email, because it was privately sent) below. I touched on the following topics: Pressure for unity and groupthink […]

Morphogenesis: A Speculative Introduction – Guest Post by Lorraine Davison

I few weeks ago I shared a few clips from Michael Levin’s interview with Lex Fridman on bioelectricity and morphogenesis. The next day, Lorraine, who had previously contributed a two-part analysis of a book on Teilhard de Chardin and the Omega Point, reached out to say that she had a piece of writing that may […]

River Keeping, Water Programming, Upstate New York, and a Camelot Campaign – Some Working Notes

The day before yesterday I broke out the last hour of my livestream on persuasion techniques, which centered a critique of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy. You can watch it here. The post got a lot of comments (for my channel at least). They weren’t inflammatory, and I thank you all for that! Keep it […]

Open Education Resources in Texas Part 2 – Virtual Apprenticeships, the Origins of OER, HP, and OpenStax at Rice

This is the stream from last night. It’s the second installment in a series Lynn Davenport, based in Dallas, and I are working on to explain the true nature of open education resources with respect to extended reality and human capital finance. Click here for part one. Slidedeck here. This part covers slides #30 to […]

Digital Sandboxes, Cognitive Domain Management, and RFK Jr.’s Presidential Run

I ended up doing a livestream today as part of my personal sorting out of this Substack situation. A friend passed along some information about the structure behind managed behavior change – Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion. I then found a paper from BehaviorWorks Australia that provided more detail, and it explained so much about […]

I Think Celia Farber Tried to “Pre-Bunk” Me

I’m thinking now that what happened to me over on Celia Farber’s “The Truth Barrier” Substack was a variant on pre-bunking. If you missed the kerfluffle here’s part one, part two, and part three. Jason talks about this cognitive domain management technique in a recent video. In fact, the more I think about it, I’m […]