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Mother of Conscience Gets Bumped By Social Innovators For Explaining How Children Will Be Securitized on Blockchain

This happened to me today (three-a-half-minute clip below): So much for meaningful community participation and relationship building. This demonstrates that the P3 / NGO complex is a theater of busywork to misdirect well-meaning people as Web3 sensor networks and extended reality are installed around us. It’s happening right before our eyes, but we cannot see […]

Guest Post – Insights Into Teilhard de Chardin, Part 1

This is the first installment in a series. These notes help summarize Wolfgang Smith’s book, “Theistic Evolution: The Teilhardian Heresy” and were prepared by Lorraine Davison. She has generously agreed to share them with us here given the significance of the geologist/theologian’s work on the Omega Point to our current post-human trajectory. March 19, 2023 […]

Flow Life Part 4 – PropTech and Space Colonies with Cliff Gomes

Last night we streamed part four in our series “Flow Life,” focused on the rental housing venture launched last summer by Adam Neumann (WeWork) and Web3 venture capitalist Marc Andreessen (a16z). Part of the discussion featured a chapter from the 1973 book, “Emergent Man,” written by former NASA researcher Robert Smith, III. Smith described his […]

E-Skooters, Slavery, and Smart Charity – A Letter From the Labyrinth Bristol, UK

A letter from the labyrinth – Bristol, UK. Note the Quaker involvement in the early slave trade as ship owners and financiers.   March 18, 2023 Hi Alison, It’s Sea, from Bristol, UK. I thought I’d write and send a few links concerning developments around 4IR and smart cities from my corner of the labyrinth. […]

Flow Life Part 3 – Health, Re-Skilling and Refuge in Dallas with Lynn Davenport

Last night I streamed the third installment in our “Flow Life” series examining themes related to the new collaborative venture of Adam Neumann (WeWork) and Marc Andreessen (a16z). I was joined by Lynn Davenport, a close friend and diligent advocate for children, who is based in Dallas. In this episode we discuss issues of education […]

Flow Life – Adam Neumann and Marc Andreessen on Smart Housing and the Singularity

Last night we streamed the first in a six-part video series examining the business model of We Work (data analytics) and how Adam Neumann’s new venture in the rental “experience” market is likely to intersect with a16z’s Web3 investment strategy. Future installments will feature discussions with Leo Saraceno, Lynn Davenport, Cliff Gomes, and Brandi Hartley. […]

God’s Eye View Part 7 – Tagged Archetypes Feed AI

Artificial intelligence needs “diversity.” Homogeneity won’t catalyze ecstatic “emergence.” But the diversity must be managed, that darn progressive “social efficiency” again. For that we need diversity dashboards, ostensibly for administering equity standards, but in reality used to to tag, track, and guide agents on the game board and direct the state of play. When I […]

God’s Eye View Part 6 – Every Man Thus Lives By Exchanging

Jeff Yass and his wife Janine, the Club of Growth, the Cato Institute are the ones setting up the mechanics of the “free market” game the masses are expected to play, ostensibly to pursue some imagined evolutionary imperative towards “progress” as a networked super-organism guided by effective altruism and collective self sacrifice. The vast majority […]