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Epic Health and Omega Point – Huxley’s Eugenics Manifests In Madison, Wisconsin

I spent a few days this week doing a close read of Julian Huxley’s 1946 “UNESCO Its Purpose and Philosophy.” It leans heavily on scientific eugenics, social efficiency, and charting individual characteristics as potential contributions to convergent consciousness, Teilhard De Chardin’s Noetic Christogenesis. I’m not sure about you, but I’m pretty skeptical of an “ascension” […]

The Economics of Crystalline Emotion – Neuroeconomics Part 2

I excitedly read the lively responses to my previous post soliciting input around clips pulled from the Philoctetes Center’s 2007 panel discussion on the field of neuroeconomics. Thank you everyone and please keep them coming. The comments definitely opened up new, related avenues of inquiry; so if you haven’t popped over to have a look, […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts On Neuroeconomics – Part 1

A few weeks ago a person shared a link in a comment on one of my videos. It was a 2007 roundtable discussion on neuroeconomics hosted by the Philoctetes Center for the Multi-Disciplinary Study of the Imagination, formerly housed in the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. The organization, named after the mythological wounded Argonaut and holder […]

Looking Around The Labyrinth – A Chat With Cliff About the “Outside-In Robot”

Hello everyone. I’m popping in to let you know that Jason and I have decided to postpone our trip until March. We had good intentions, but sometimes life throws you curveballs. We’re both feeling a bit tender, not at the top of our game, and California demands we come fully engaged. We’ve been touched by […]

What Stage Are We On? Immersive Storytelling, Hegelian Dialectic, and Crypto-Spectacle

For the past seven years, a dear friend who’s been in the trenches with me fighting the securitization of vulnerable populations as human data commodities on blockchain got drawn into a two-day webinar with well-known influencers in the crypto-skeptic space. She’d been excited about the opportunity to connect with an international network of people working […]

IEEE Blockchain Chair Urges Speedy, Collaborative Open Metaverse Deployment (Before Mass Dissent Erupts)

This afternoon I logged into the end of the IEEE’s Third Metaverse Congress Webinar. I missed the morning session and keynote by Philip Rosedale, formerly of Second Life and Linden Labs. I was, however, able to watch a lunch-hour session promoting the decentralized, open Metaverse, an effort spearheaded, at least in part, by Cesium based […]

Is Terrain An “Artificial Society?” – A Response to Jeff Strahl Re Psy-ops

As you all are probably aware, Jason created a digital space with Discourse software and private data storage to run a research group focused on blockchain, debt finance, synthetic-bio and how it is fueling a cybernetic mixed-reality future. This is his project, not mine. It is a small group of members, though anyone is welcome […]

Deconstructing Biden’s Philadelphia “Soul” Speech In The Context of the Ethereum Merge

Jason, Lynn, and I unpack the speech Biden’s gave at Independence Hall against the backdrop of tokenized “democracy,” the Open Metaverse, Soulbound Tokens, the Ethereum Merge, Philadelphia history, and Oliver Reiser’s musings on the emergent World Brain. Slide Deck Here Bonus 45-minute radio segment with David Tulis in Chattanooga. I particularly liked the middle segment […]