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Twitter Thread Questioning Blockchain, The Spatial Web, and Digital Health

While more people are starting to talk about geo-fencing and medical passports, not enough grasp how blockchain identity and digital currency will interface with social impact investing to create an augmented reality prison-planet structure to profit the global elite. Their transhumanist “game” intends to harvest natural life forces as data in a misguided quest to […]

Future of Work Playlist

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting clips on platform labor, reputation scores, human capital finance, and coding the Web3 global smart contract layer. I just finished pulling together a twenty-clip playlist, which can be reviewed on my back up channel here. I also created an interactive interface using software – below. Click […]

Blockchain Education, A Ticket To Digital Serfdom

What is blockchain? Those in power will say: Blockchain is a secure way for people to own and control their digital footprint, the data they create living through devices and wearable / implantable / ingestible technology in “smart” environments. In essence, it is a digital ledger that keeps track of EVERYTHING across a decentralized computer […]

Collective Intelligence Experiment – Texas “Freedom” and School “Choice”

This week I joined my Texas friend Lynn Davenport on her “Social Impact Podcast” for a half-hour discussion of school choice, digital vouchers, and the future of gig work where a contingent workforce is expected to build out Web3 extended reality under the supervision of artificial intelligence. The culture wars are really doing a number […]

Deep In The Heart of Dallas – Guest Post From Lynn Davenport

In a rough and tumble world where it is becoming harder and harder to keep your heart open, having genuinely good people in your life is a true blessing. While Lynn and I came from different ends of the manufactured ideological spectrum, we immediately recognized authenticity, honesty, and gumption in one another, and we’ve been […]

A Tucson Labyrinth: Ants In An Age of Artifice

Last night we had a nice group in the chat to watch a stream Jason edited from the presentation I gave in Tucson in late November, plus follow up Q&A. The focus was on simulation modeling, artificial societies in social media, cybernetic steering, consciousness studies, eugenics, aerospace research linked possibly to blockchain mindfiles, and sociobiology. […]

Ritual Gaming and 53 Degree Podcast Debut – Synthetic Pretenders Part 4B

This is Part 4-B in the Synthetic Pretenders series examining the proposed CaliforniaTrust Framework within the context of synthetic biology, eugenics, and the Spanish mission system.  Part One: Scientific Management, Robo-Bees, and Digital Babies Part Two: Apocalypse, Mind Files, and Interplanetary Promises Part Three: Radio-Eugenics and Holographic Twins Part Four: Ritual Gaming and Berggruen’s Transformation […]

A “Green” Populist Synthesis – Environmental Warrior + Health FreeDOM Warrior = Web3 Regenerative Ag Finance Warrior?

This morning someone forwarded me an article that was featured in Children’ Health Defense’s online publication “The Defender.” “Can we reboot the environmental movement so it protects freedom, too?” was written by W. Aaron Vandiver, a conservationist author who lives just up the road from Aspen (Aspen Institute), Colorado (the blockchain / e-government state). The […]

What Stage Are We On? Immersive Storytelling, Hegelian Dialectic, and Crypto-Spectacle

For the past seven years, a dear friend who’s been in the trenches with me fighting the securitization of vulnerable populations as human data commodities on blockchain got drawn into a two-day webinar with well-known influencers in the crypto-skeptic space. She’d been excited about the opportunity to connect with an international network of people working […]

Vaccines, Blockchain and Bio-capitalism

Source of featured image here. Vaccine Markets Pay for success finance deals will be well served by the global vaccine market that is being advanced through Gates’s outfit GAVI.  Vaccine doses are readily quantifiable, and the economic costs of many illnesses are straightforward to calculate. With a few strategic grants awarded to prestigious universities and […]