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Blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity, and Selling Off Humanity

It’s time activists began to develop a working knowledge of Blockchain and self-sovereign digital identity, because these are the mechanisms that will drive the transition to IoT monitoring for the purposes of Pay for Success deal evaluation. I created a slide share about Blockchain as part of a “Smart Cities” post I wrote last year, […]

Fin-tech, Digital Identity and E-Government in Brazil

Brazil initiated outreach around a digital government strategy in 2016 with a national strategy for internet of things deployment prepared by McKinsey was made public in 2019. As is the case with many nations pursuing e-government initiatives Covid lockdowns hastened implementation. In 2020 the United Nations E-Government Development Indexgave Brazil a very high rating, one […]

Digital Colonialism: South Africa Puts Preschoolers on the Blockchain

With the debut of their Blockchain transcript, Southern New Hampshire University’s “College for America” and Learning Machine are in the vanguard of innovative digital credentialing for adults. At the other end of the “lifelong learning” spectrum, Trustlab’s IXO Foundation has staked out the early childhood space with a Blockchain DApp called Amply. Amply, an online […]

Questioning “The Greater Reset III” – Where is this Resistance Headed?

My presentation outlining my concerns regarding Derrick Broze’s support for children as sovereign digital laborers and the play to earn blockchain gaming pilot in Morelia, Mexico. All of the speakers for The Greater Reset III have been notified of his position. Is this what their “freeDOM” movement is built on, child labor? I ask that […]

#LockoutLori – Weaponized Narrative 101

Several years into my education research I came across Arizona State University’s Center for the Future of War, which was largely funded by New America and Eric Schmidt of Google Alphabet. When I first found out about the program, they had three areas of focus: drones, autonomous weapons, and weaponized narrative. That last one is […]

Pay For Success Finance: How the Dorseys of the World Could Use Wearables to Profit from Poor Kids’ Prescribed “Wellness Behaviors”

In 2019 I gave a presentation with Cheri Honkala and The Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign at the Left Forum in Brooklyn on pay for success finance, and how it preys upon the poor. If you don’t have time to read the linked post, the steps below outline how it works. This is how […]

Greater Reset III – Do You Stand With Those Promoting Digital Child Labor and Child Self-Ownership? What direction is “the resistance” taking?

I made a short video tonight, because yesterday I decided to contact all of the people who were listed as speakers for Derrick Broze’s event The Greater Reset III to share with them his views supporting digital child labor, child “sovereignty” and self-ownership, and blockchain “play to earn” gaming targeting vulnerable youth in Mexico – Splinterlands, […]


How you can support this work. While I do this work as a gift and do not ask for donations (other than dandelions and such) there are those who have helped me and whose work I support. In lieu of making a donation to please consider supporting my allies and supporters. Thank you, Alison […]

An Infrastructure Of Faith-Based Data Colonialism In Brazil

Brazil is the sixth-largest country in the world by population size. Its high percentage of residents living in concentrated urban poverty makes it an attractive target for social entrepreneurs, microfinance peddlers, and impact investors. Data surveillance comes with all of that – it’s a package deal. Data is a commodity, and investors under the guise […]